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Aaheim, Asbjørn. and Aasen, Marianne. (2008) What do we know about the economics of adaptation? CEPS Policy Brief, No. 150, 1 February 2008. [Policy Paper]

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Ayadi, Rym. (2006) The game’s not over yet for the Capital Requirements Directive… CEPS Policy Briefs No. 91, 1 February 2006. [Policy Paper]

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Briani, Valerio (2013) Armanents duplication in Europe: a quantitative assessment. CEPS Policy Brief No. 297, 16 July 2013 [is another Brief with no. 297]. [Policy Paper]

Broin, Peadar o. (2010) How to change the EU treaties. An overview of revision procedures under the Treaty of Lisbon. CEPS Policy Brief No. 215/October 2010. [Policy Paper]

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