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Press Releases of the Council of the European Communities

1975-October 1993

November 1993-1994

Prior to the adoption of Regulation 1049/2001 on transparency and access to documents, most Council documents were not available to the public.The press release issued after each meeting is the official record of discussions, along with information published in the Bulletin of the European Communities.The content ranges from brief notes on topics and more detailed outlines of decisions to formal conclusions.

The sheer volume of the releases covered by AEI-EU precluded recording each individually.It was decided to compile them into documents covering set time periods. The cover sheet on each compilation lists the meeting numbers and topics. Each compilation contains bookmarks for the individual meetings.

Only European Community legislation printed in the paper edition of the Official Journal of the European Union is deemed authentic.

The following is a list of the Presidencies and the meetings held, with links [additional press releases can be found at GENERAL:Council Press Release: Council Meetings

Ireland, April-June 1975
336th-349th, April-June

Italy, July-December 1975
350th-365th, July-October
366th-378th, November-December

Luxembourg, January-June 1976
379th-388th, January-March
389th-400th, April-June

Netherlands, July-December 1976
400th-414th, July-October
415th-423rd, November
424th-432nd, December

United Kingdom, January-June 1977
433rd -446th, January-March
447th-462nd, April-June

Belgium, July-December 1977
463rd-479th, July-October
480th-495th, November-December

Denmark, January-June 1978
496th-506th, January-March
507th-514th, April
515th-519th, May
520th-526th, June

Germany, July-December 1978
527th-536th, July-September
537th-542nd, October
543rd-551st, November
552nd-559th, December

France, January-June 1979
560th-573rd, January-March
574th-582nd, April-May
583rd-588th, June

Ireland, July-December 1979
589th-605th, July-October
606th-619th, November-December

Italy, January-June 1980
620th-632nd, January-April
633rd-650th, May-June

Luxembourg, July-December 1980
651st-665th, July-October
666th-673rd, November
674th-683rd, December

The Netherlands, January-June 1981
684th-701st, January-March
702nd-718th, April-June

United Kingdom, July-December 1981
719th-734th, July-October
735th-749th, November-December

Belgium, January-June 1982
750th-761st, January-March
762nd-774th, April-May
775th-785th, June

Denmark, July-December 1982
786th-798th, July-October
799th-809th, November
810th-817th, December

Germany, January-June 1983
818th-829th, January-February
830th-841st, March-April
842nd-847th, May
848th-862nd, June

Greece, July-December 1983
863rd-879th, July-October
880th-901st, November-December

France, January-June 1984
902nd-911th, January-February
912th-924th, March-April
925th-930th, May
931st-942nd, June

Ireland, July-December 1984
943rd-959th, July-October
960th-970th, November
971st-982nd, December

Italy, January-June 1985
983rd-989th, January-February
990th-999th, March-April
1000th-1008th, May
1009th-1020th, June

Luxembourg, July-December 1985
1021st-1036th, July-October
1037th-1046th, November
1047th-1057th, December

Netherlands, January-June 1986
1058th-1063rd, January-February
1064th1077th, March-April
1078th-1093rd, May-June

United Kingdom, July-December 1986
1094th-1101st, July
1102nd-1112th, September-October
1113th-1125th, November
1126th-1136th, December

Belgium, January-June 1987
1137th-1146th, January-February
1147th-1157th, March-April
1158th-1169th, May
1170th-1182nd, June

Denmark, July-December 1987
1183rd-1193rd, July-September
1194th-1203rd, October-November
1204th-1216th, December

Germany, January-December 1988
1217th-1224th, January-February
1225th-1226th, March-April
1237th-1244th, May
1245th-1257th, June

Greece, July-December 1988
1258th-1269th, July-October
1270th-1281st, November
1282nd-1293rd, December

Spain, January-Juen 1989
1294th-1300th, January-February
1301st-1315th, March-April
1316th-1323rd, May
1324th-1336th, June

France, July-December 1989
1337th-1348th, July-September
1349th-1357th, October
1358th-1374th, November
1375th-1382nd, December

Ireland, January-June 1990
1383rd-1388th, January-February
1389th-1395th, March
1396th-1399th, April
1400th-1405th, 7-22 May
1406th-1409th, 28-31 May
1410th-1419th, June

Italy, July-December 1990
1420th-1426th, July-September
1427th-1437th, October
1438th-1452nd, November
1453rd-1460th, 3-13 December
1461st-1468th, 14-21 December

Luxembourg, January-June 1991
1469th-1480th, January-March
1481st-1491st, April-May
1492nd-1505th, June

Netherlands, July-December 1991
1506th-1515th, July-September
1516th-1526th, October
1527th-1538th, November
1539th-1551st, December

Portugal, January-June 1992
1552nd-1557th, January-February
1558th-1564th, March
1565th-1570th, April
1571st-1582nd, May
1583rd-1590th, 1-17 June
1591st-1596th, 18-30 June

United Kingdom, July-December 1992
1597th-1601st, July
1602nd-1604th, September
1605th-1611th, October
1612th-1625th, November
1626th-1636th, December

Denmark, January-June 1993
1637th-1643rd, January-February
1644th-1650th, March
1651st-1665th, April-May
1666th-1677th, June

Belgium, July-December 1993
1678th-1687th, July-September
1688th-1696th, October
1697th-1711th, November
1712th-1719th, 3-10 December
1720th-1728th, 13-21 December

Greece, January-June 1994
1729th-1744th, January-March
1745th-1753rd, April
1754th-1761st, May
1762nd-1776th, June

Germany, July-December 1994
1777th-1781st, July
1782nd-1789th, September
1790th-1796th, October
1797th-1809th, November
1810th-1815th, 1-8 December
1816th-1823rd, 12-22 December