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Archive Policies

Submission Policy

  • The AEI accepts papers in any language. However, titles must be in English. The AEI reserves the right to refuse to post papers it deems to lie outside the set boundaries. Because of the volume of material posted, the AEI cannot enter into correspondence concerning submissions that have been refused. Allow up to two business days after deposit for a paper to appear on the AEI.
  • No representation is made by the sponsors of the AEI about the accuracy of materials in the archives the views and opinions expressed are those of the author s. With respect to the documents available from this server, the AEI sponsors make no warranty, expressed or implied, including warrants of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement, and the sponsors do not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or material.
  • The AEI takes the act of posting a paper as a representation by the person posting that the paper does not contain libelous or defamatory material, that the person posting the paper has the permission of the owner of the copyright, and that the owner of the copyright grants users of the archive permission to make a copy of the paper for their private use.

Preservation Policy

  • Items will be retained indefinitely.
  • The Archive of European Integration regularly backs up its files according to current best practice.
  • Items may not normally be removed from the Archive of European Integration. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include:
    • Proven copyright violation or plagiarism
    • Legal requirements and proven violations
    • National security
    • Falsified research
    • Withdrawn items are not deleted but are removed from public view.
    • Withdrawn item identifiers and URLs are retained indefinitely.
    • URLs will continue to point to tombstone citations, to avoid broken links and to retain item histories.
    • The metadata of withdrawn items will not be searchable.
    • Errata and corrigenda lists may be included with the original record if required.
    • If necessary, an updated version may be deposited.
    • No closure policy defined.

Data Policy

  • Anyone may access most full items free of charge.
  • Full items may be protected under US or foreign copyright law.
  • License terms for individual items may vary from all rights reserved to Creative Commons licenses.
  • Assume no reuse rights at all have been granted for the full item unless a statement appears in the metadata record that grants reuse rights.
  • Check the license terms associated with each individual item before reusing the full content.

Metadata Policy

  • The Archive of European Integration metadata is made available under the Open Database License.
    • Anyone may access the metadata free of charge
    • The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for not-for-profit purposes and re-sold commercially provided the OAI Identifier or a link to the original metadata record are given.
    • All rights to individual contents of the database are licensed separately.

Privacy Policy

The Archive of European Integration (AEI) does not rent, lend, sell or otherwise distribute any personal information entered onto the AEI by depositors. The AEI will use such information only for official AEI business purposes. With the exception of attributing authorship of an article to a depositor’s personal name, the editors of the AEI will not, under any circumstances or for any reason, release personal information which AEI depositors enter about themselves into the AEI during the AEI registration process to any outside person, party, organization, institution, or other entity, without the permission of the AEI depositor to do so. Policy adopted February 2003.