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Alcidi, Cinzia. and Gros, Daniel. (2019) EU Mobile Workers: A challenge to public finances?1 Contribution for informal ECOFIN, Bucharest, 5-6 April, 2019. CEPS Special Report. [Policy Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Vosyliūtė, Lina and Smialowski, Stephanie and Allsopp, Jennifer and Sanchez, Gabrielle (2019) Fit for purpose? The Facilitation Directive and the criminalisation of humanitarian assistance to irregular migrants: 2018 Update. Study Requested by the PETI committee. CEPS Special Report, Decenber 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Schoenmaker, Dirk (2019) Greening monetary policy. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 02 February 2019. [Working Paper]


UNSPECIFIED (2019) Think Tank Review Issue 63 January 2019. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (2019) Think Tank Review Issue 64 February 2019. [EU Other]

Mehtap Akgüç , Mehtap Akgüç and Jorge Núñez Ferrer, Jorge Núñez Ferrer and Cinzia Alcidi , Cinzia Alcidi and Daniel Gros, Daniel Gros and Sara Baiocco , Sara Baiocco and Weinian Hu, Weinian Hu and Miroslav Beblavý, Miroslav Beblavý and Zachary Kilhoffer, Zachary Kilhoffer and Steven Blockmans , Steven Blockmans and Karel Lannoo, Karel Lannoo and Sergio Carrera , Sergio Carrera and Jacques Pelkmans, Jacques Pelkmans and Willem Pieter De Groen , Willem Pieter De Groen and Andrea Renda, Andrea Renda and Christian Egenhofer , Christian Egenhofer and Sophia Russack, Sophia Russack and Milan Elkerbout , Milan Elkerbout and Guillaume Van der Loo, Guillaume Van der Loo (2019) What Comes After the Last Chance Commission? CEPS Policy Priorities for 2019-2024. [Policy Paper]

Bechev, Dimitar and Brunner, Larissa and Butcher, Paul and Calliess, Christian and Christoffersen, Poul Skytte and De Somer, Marie and Dhéret, Claire and Duff, Andrew and Emmanouilidis, Janis A. and Grevi, Giovanni and Hedberg, Annika and Heumann, Stefan and Ivan, Paul and Kmezić, Marko and Majstorović, Srdjan and Okatz, Julia and Pagoulatos, George and Pauli, Gunter and Pilati, Marta and Porter, Martin. and Potočnik, Janez and Rappold, Julian and Shea, Jamie and Stratulat, Corina and Tsourdi, Evangelia (Lilian) and Van Rompuy, Herman and Zuleeg, Fabian (2019) Yes, we should! EU priorities for 2019-2024. EPC Challenge Europe Issue 24, April 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2019

Carrera, Sergio (2019) An Appraisal of the European Commission of Crisis. Has the Juncker Commission delivered a new start for EU Justice and Home Affairs? CEPS Paperbacks, 21 January 2019. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED.

Baltensperger, Michael (2019) The Belt and Road turns five. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚1 | January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2019) Brexit: How the Political Declaration can rescue the Withdrawal Agreement. EPC Discussion Paper, 3 January 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Marcus, J. Scott and Petropoulos, Georgios and Yeung, Timothy (2019) Contribution to Growth: The European Digital Single Market Delivering economic benefits for citizens and businesses. Study requested by the IMCO Committee. CEPS Special Report, January 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Butcher, Paul (2019) Disinformation and democracy: The home front in the information war. EPC Discussion Paper, 30 January 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Fouéré, Erwan (2019) The EU’s re-engagement with the Western Balkans: A new chapter long overdue. CEPS Policy Briefs No 2019/01, 10 January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Goncalves Raposo, Inês and Lehmann, Alexander (2019) Equity finance and capital market integration in Europe. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚3 | January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Eichengreen, Barry (2019) The Euro's global dreams and nightmares. CEPS Commentary, 8 January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Fouéré, Erwan (2019) The Greek-Macedonian name agreement - Promoting Reconciliation in the Western Balkans. CEPS Commentaries, 29 January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Nieczypor, Krzysztof (2019) In the shadow of war. Ukraine’s policy towards internally displaced persons. OSW Commentary NUMBER 290 | 16.01.2019. [Policy Paper]

Ringe, Wolf-Georg and Ruof, Christopher (2019) Keeping up with Innovation: Designing a European Sandbox for Fintech. CEPS ECMI Commentary no 58 | January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2019) One step forward, two steps back: Towards no deal by default or design. EPC Discussion Paper, 28 January 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Rodkiewicz, Witold (2019) Russia vis-à-vis Iran. OSW commentary NUMBER 292 | 30.01.2019. [Policy Paper]

Elkerbout, Milan and Bryhn, Julie (2019) Sinking to Zero: the role of carbon capture and negative emissions in EU climate policy. CEPS Policy Insight No. 2019-01 / January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Hübner, Danuta (2019) Solidarity for Adamowicz, Poland, and Europe. CEPS Commentary, 24 January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Gros, Daniel. and Alcidi, Cinzia. (2019) Twenty years of the euro - Resilience in the face of unexpected challenges. Monetary Dialogue. CEPS Special Report, January 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Eichengreen, Barry (2019) The euro’s global dreams and nightmares. CEPS Commentary, 8 January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Wolff, Guntram B. (2019) The implications of no-deal Brexit: is the European Union prepared? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚2 | January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Kardaś, Szymon and Łoskot-Strachota, Agata and Matuszak, Sławomir (2019) A ‘last-minute’ transit contract? Russia-Ukraine-EU gas talks. OSW Commentary NUMBER 291 | 25.01.2019. [Policy Paper]

Westlake, Martin (2019) The more (European integration) there is, the more (Euroscepticism) there is: Euroscepticism as reactive identity formation and the importance of opposition. Where might the EU institutions go from here? Bruges Political Research Papers 73/2019. [Policy Paper]

Mattelaer , Alexander (2019) The resurgence of bilateral diplomacy in Europe. Egmont Paper 104, January 2019. [Policy Paper]

February 2019

Renda, Andrea. (2019) Artificial Intelligence Ethics, governance and policy challenges. Report of a CEPS Task Force, February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2019) Brexit: The Compromise. EPC Discussion Paper, 14 February 2019. [Discussion Paper]

García-Herrero, Alicia and Xu, Jianwei (2019) Countries' perceptions of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A big data analysis. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 01, 6 February 2019. [Working Paper]

Bayer, Judit and Bitiukova, Natalija and Bárd, Petra and Szakscs, Judit and Alemanno, Alberto and Uszkiewicz, Erik (2019) Disinformation and propaganda – impact on the functioning of the rule of law in the EU and its Member States. Study Requested by the LIBE committee. CEPS Special Report, February 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Moran, James (2019) The EU-Arab Summit: A chance to reset relations with the Arab world? CEPS Commentary, 14 February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Rosas, Allan (2019) The European Court of Justice: Do all roads lead to Luxembourg? CEPS Policy Insights No 2019/03, February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Hasa, Taulant (2019) From normative to tangible governance: Time to change strategy of the EU enlargement process towards Western Balkans. Bruges Political Research Papers 74/2019. [Policy Paper]

Guagliardo, Simona and Dhéret, Claire (2019) Integrating is caring: A paradigm shift in health. EPC Policy Brief, 19 February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Dhéret, Claire and Diez, Olivia Sundberg (2019) Integrating refugees into the labour market: How can the EU better support employers? EPC Discussion Paper, 21 February 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2019) MiFID II is working. CEPS ECMI Commentaries no 59 | February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Strzelecki, Jan (2019) Russia behind bars: the peculiarities of the Russian prison system. OSW Commentary NUMBER 293 | 06.02.2019. [Policy Paper]

Dabrowski, Marek and Collin, Antoine Mathieu (2019) Russia’s growth problem. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚4 | February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Emerson, Michael (2019) Scenarios for a wider Europe. CEPS Policy Insights No 2019/02, February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Nieczypor, Krzysztof (2019) Serving politics. Television’s role in Ukraine’s presidential election. OSW Commentary NUMBER 295 | 27.02.2019. [Policy Paper]

Nemitz, Paul and Ehm, Frithjof (2019) Strengthening Democracy in Europe and its Resilience against Autocracy: Daring more Democracy and a European Democracy Charter. Research Paper in Law 01/2019. [Policy Paper]

Ait Ali, Abdelaaziz and Dadush, Uri and Msadfa, Yassine and Myachenkova, Yana and Tagliapietra, Simone (2019) Towards EU-MENA shared prosperity. Bruegel Policy Report, 3rd ed. February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Gotkowska, Justyna (2019) US-German clash over international order and security. The consequences for NATO’s Eastern flank. OSW Commentary NUMBER 294 | 22.02.2019. [Policy Paper]

March 2019

Kłysiński, Kamil (2019) Are reforms unavoidable? Belarus’s economy facing a reduction of subsidies from Russia. OSW Commentary NUMBER 296 | 06.03.2019. [Policy Paper]

Núñez Ferrer, Jorge and Musmeci, Roberto (2019) Beyond public debt. The Hidden Rapid Erosion of EU Government Balance Sheets is a Financial Threat to Society How to stop it. CEPS Commentary, March 2019. [Policy Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Vosyliūtė, Lina and Vankova, Zvezda and Laurentsyeva, Nadzeya and Fernandes, Meena and Dennison, James and Guerin, Julia (2019) The Cost of Non-Europe in the Area of Legal Migration. CEPS Papers in Liberty and Security in Europe No. 2019-01, March 2019. [Policy Paper]

Rogoża, Jadwiga (2019) Cracks in the marble. Russians’ trust in Putin on the decline. OSW Commentary NUMBER 297 | 13.03.2019. [Policy Paper]

Gerards, Carsten and Wessels, Wolfgang (2019) Enhancing ‘Enhanced Cooperation’: constraints and opportunities of an inflexible flexibility clause. College of Europe Policy Brief #1.19, March 2019. [Policy Paper]

Dadush, Uri and Wolff, Guntram B. (2019) The European Union’s response to the trade crisis. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚5 | March 2019. [Policy Paper]

De Groen, Willem Pieter (2019) Finance for sustainable growth. CEPS Policy Priorities for 2019-2024, 5 March 2019. [Policy Paper]

Chervyakov, Dmitry and Rocholl, Jörg (2019) How to make crowdfunding work in Europe. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚6 | March 2019. [Policy Paper]

Núñez Ferrer, Jorge (2019) Leveraging funding for energy efficiency in buildings in South East Europe. CEPS Policy Insights No 2019-05/28 March 2019. [Policy Paper]

Belke, Ansgar and Gros, Daniel. (2019) QE in the euro area: has the PSPP benefited peripheral bonds? CEPS Working Document, March 2019. [Working Paper]

Ivan, Paul (2019) Responding to cyberattacks: Prospects for the EU Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox. EPC Discussion paper, 18 March 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Vosyliūtė, Lina and Rostas, Iulius and Danova-Roussinova, Savelina and Guerin, Julia and Smialowski, Brenda (2019) Scaling up Roma Inclusion Strategies Truth, reconciliation and justice for addressing antigypsyism. Study. Study requested by the LIBE committee. CEPS Special Report, February 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Lannoo, Karel. (2019) Stock take of the SRB’s activities over the past years: What to improve and focus on? Banking Union Scrutiny. In-depth analysis requested by the ECON Commission. CEPS Special Report, March 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Blockmans, Steven. and Hu, Weinian (2019) Systemic rivalry and balancing interests: Chinese investment meets EU law on the Belt and Road. CEPS Policy Insights No 2019-04 /21 March 2019. [Policy Paper]

Véron, Nicolas (2019) Taking stock of the Single Resolution Board. Banking Union Scrutiny. In-depth analysis requested by the ECON Commmittee. CEPS Special Report, March 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Paul, Amanda and Virgili, Tommaso (2019) Three years after the Brussels attacks: No quick fix to counter terrorism and radicalisation. EPC Policy Brief, 20 March 2019. [Policy Paper]

Szymański, Piotr (2019) The northern tandem. The Swedish-Finnish defence cooperation. OSW Commentary NUMBER 298 | 20.03.2019. [Policy Paper]

April 2019

Debuysere, Loes (2019) Bouteflexit: Leave means leave in the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood. CEPS Commentary, 23 April 2019. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2019) Brexit: Losing control. EPC Discussion Paper, 24 April 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Bamberg, Katharina and van Brouwershaven, Ilene and Neidhardt, Alberto (2019) EPIM Policy Update April 2019. [Policy Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Cortinovis, Roberto (2019) The EU’s Role in Implementing the UN Global Compact on Refugees Contained Mobility vs. International Protection. CEPS Paper in Liberty and Security in Europe No. 2018-04, April 2019. [Policy Paper]

García-Herrero, Alicia (2019) Europe in the midst of China-US strategic competition: What are the European Union’s options? Bruegel Working Paper Issue 03, April 2019. [Working Paper]

Renda, Andrea. (2019) Europe's big tech contradiction. CEPS Commentary, 2 April 2019. [Policy Paper]

Marié, Awenig (2019) European Parliament: Is the grand coalition really a thing of the past? Bruges Political Research Papers 75/2019. [Policy Paper]

Chelyadina, Inga (2019) Harmonization of Corporate Tax Base in the EU: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Bruges Political Research Papers 76/2019. [Policy Paper]

Shattuck, John (2019) The Populist-Nationalist Rebellion: Challenge to Transatlantic Democracy. College of Europe Policy Brief #2.19, April 2019. [Policy Paper]

Demertzis, Maria and Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2019) Promoting sustainable and inclusive growth and convergence in the European Union. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚7 | April 2019. [Policy Paper]

Author, No (2019) Revue GRASPE/GRASPE Review. Groupe de Réflexion sur l’avenir du Service Public Européen. Reflection Group on the Future of the European Civil Service Cahier n° 34 October 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Author, No (2019) Revue GRASPE/GRASPE Review. Groupe de Réflexion sur l’avenir du Service Public Européen. Reflection Group on the Future of the European Civil Service Cahier n° 35 Avril 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Efstathiou, Konstantinos and Wolff, Guntram B. (2019) What drives national implementation of EU policy recommendations? Bruegel Working Paper Issue 4, April 2019. [Working Paper]

Iwański, Tadeusz (2019) Zelenskiy: Anatomy of a success. OSW Commentary NUMBER 300 | 03.04.2019. [Policy Paper]

Szymański, Piotr (2019) The consequences of Brexit for the UK’s security policy and NATO’s eastern flank. OSW Commentary NUMBER 299 | 03.04.2019. [Policy Paper]

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