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Gros, Daniel. (1995) Towards a Credible Excessive Deficits Procedure. CEPS Working Document No. 95, July 1995. [Working Paper]

January 2000

Ludlow, Peter and Martins, Vitor and Nunez Ferrer, Jorge. (2000) Establishing Suitable Strategies to Improve Sustainable Development in the Portuguese Ultraperipheral Regions of Madeira and the Azores. CEPS Working Document No. 139, January 2000. [Working Paper]

February 2000

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April 2000

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June 2000

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July 2000

Gros, Daniel and Hefeker, Carsten. (2000) One Size Must Fit All: National Divergences in a Monetary Union. CEPS Working Documents No. 149, July 2000. [Working Paper]

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September 2000

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October 2000

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November 2000

Belke, Ansgar and Fehn, Rainer. (2000) Institutions and Structural Unemployment: Do Capital Market Imperfections Matter? CEPS Working Document No. 158, November 2000. [Working Paper]

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January 2001

Rute Cardoso, Ana. (2001) Trade and Jobs in Portugal: A Microeconomic Approach. CEPS Working Document No. 160, January 2001. [Working Paper]

March 2001

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April 2001

Di Mauro, Francesca. (2001) Economic Integration between the EU and the CEECs: A Sectoral Study. CEPS Working Document No. 165, April 2001. [Working Paper]

Emerson, Michael. (2001) Some Paradigms from the Evolving Map of Europe. CEPS Working Document No. 164, April 2001. [Working Paper]

June 2001

Alcidi, Cinzia and Manzocchi, Stefano. (2001) Transition without Accession Effects of Differential Integration on Trade and Welfare in Europe. CEPS Working Document No. 169, June 2001. [Working Paper]

Bini-Smaghi, Lorenzo and Gros, Daniel. (2001) Is the ECB sufficiently accountable and transparent? CEPS Working Document No. 169, July 2001. [Working Paper]

August 2001

Brenton, Paul and Vancauteren, Marc. (2001) The Extent of Economic Integration in Europe: Border Effects, Technical Barriers to Trade & Home Bias in Consumption. CEPS Working Document No. 171, August 2001. [Working Paper]

September 2001

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Swinnen, Johan F.M. (2001) A Fischler Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy? CEPS Working Document No. 173, September 2001. [Working Paper]

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October 2001

Apap, Joanna. (2001) Extending Citizenship Rights to Third Country Nationals: The Correlation between Migration and Integration: A Sample from South Europe. CEPS Working Document No. 175, October 2001. [Working Paper]

Schobert, Franziska. (2001) Seigniorage: An Argument for a National Currency?. CEPS Working Document No. 174, October 2001. [Working Paper]

November 2001

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December 2001

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January 2002

Apap, Joanna. (2002) The Development of European Citizenship and Its Relevance to the Integration of Refugees. CEPS Working Document No. 180, January 2002. [Working Paper]

February 2002

Janssen, Josef. (2002) Kyoto Flexible Mechanisms: Opportunities and Barriers for Industry and Financial Institutions. CEPS Working Document No. 181, March 2002. [Working Paper]

March 2002

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Santiso, Carlo. (2002) The Reform of European Union Development Policy: Improving Strategies for Conflict Prevention, Democracy Promotion & Governance Conditionality. CEPS Working Document No. 182, March 2002. [Working Paper]

August 2002

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September 2002

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October 2002

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March 2003

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June 2003

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July 2003

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November 2003

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December 2003

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Belke, Ansgar and Fehn, Rainer and Foster, Neil. (2003) Does venture capital investment spur employment growth? CEPS Working Document No. 197, December 2003. [Working Paper]

January 2004

Guerrieri, Paolo and Jona-Lasinio, Cecilia and Manzocchi, Stefano. (2004) Searching for the Determinants of IT Investment: Panel Data Evidence on European Countries. CEPS Working Documents No. 199, 1 January 2004. [Working Paper]

March 2004

Darvas, Zsolt and Szapáry, György. (2004) Business Cycle Synchronisation in the Enlarged EU: Co-Movements in the New and Old Members. CEPS Working Documents No. 200, 1 March 2004. [Working Paper]

June 2004

Meyer, Christoph O. (2004) Theorising European Strategic Culture: Between Convergence and the Persistence of National Diversity. CEPS Working Documents No.204, 1 June 2004. [Working Paper]

Mortensen, Jorgen. (2004) Economic Policy Coordination in EMU: What Role for the SGP?. CEPS Working Documents No. 202, 1 June 2004. [Working Paper]

Vinokurov, Evgeny (2004) Economic Prospects for Kaliningrad: Between EU Enlargement and Russia’s Integration into the World Economy. CEPS Working Documents No. 201, 1 June 2004. [Working Paper]

July 2004

Daveri, Francesco. (2004) Why is there a Productivity Problem in the EU? CEPS Working Documents No. 205, 1 July 2004. [Working Paper]

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October 2004

Apap, Joanna (2004) Problems and Solutions for New Member States in Implementing the JHA Acquis. CEPS Working Documents No. 212, 1 October 2004. [Working Paper]

Apap, Joanna (2004) Towards Closer Relationships: Requirements for More Effective JHA Cooperation in an Enlarged EU. CEPS Working Documents No. 211, 1 October 2004. [Working Paper]

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Steinherr, Alfred. (2004) Russian Banking since the Crisis of 1998. CEPS Working Document No. 209, October 2004. [Working Paper]

November 2004

Emerson, Michael (2004) European Neighbourhood Policy:Strategy or Placebo?. CEPS Working Documents, No. 215, 1 November 2004. [Working Paper]

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December 2004

Youngs, Richard. (2004) Europe and Iraq: From Stand-off to Engagement?. CEPS Working Documents No. 216, 1 December 2004. [Working Paper]

January 2005

Tocci, Nathalie. (2005) The Widening Gap between Rhetoric and Reality in EU Policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. CEPS Working Documents No. 217, 1 January 2005. [Working Paper]

February 2005

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March 2005

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May 2005

Buelens, Christian. (2005) Trade Adjustments following the Removal of Textile and Clothing Quotas. CEPS Working Documents No. 222, 1 May 2005. [Working Paper]

July 2005

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Tassinari, Fabrizio (2005) Security and Integration in the EU Neighborhood: the Case for Regionalism. CEPS Working Documents No. 226, 1 July 2005. [Working Paper]

August 2005

Groenleer, Martijn L.P. and van Schaik, Louise G. (2005) The EU as an ‘Intergovernmental’ Actor in Foreign Affairs: Case Studies of the International Criminal Court and the Kyoto Protocol. CEPS Working Documents No. 228, 1 August 2005. [Working Paper]

Hobbing, Peter. (2005) Integrated Border Management at the EU Level. CEPS Working Documents No. 227, 1 August 2005. [Working Paper]

September 2005

Emerson, Michael and Jones, Stephen. (2005) European Neighbourhood Policy in the Mashreq Countries: Enhancing Prospects for Reform. CEPS Working Documents No. 229, 1 September 2005. [Working Paper]

October 2005

Carrera, Sergio and Formisano, Marco. (2005) An EU Approach to Labour Migration: What is the Added Value and the Way Ahead? CEPS Working Documents No. 232, 1 October 2005. [Working Paper]

Guild, Elpeth and Carrera, Sergio. (2005) No Constitutional Treaty? Implications for the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. CEPS Working Documents No. 231, 1 October 2005. [Working Paper]

Kernohan, David and Núñez Ferrer, Jorge and Schneider, Andreas (2005) The EU Budget Process and International Trade Liberalisation. CEPS Working Documents No. 230, 1 October 2005. [Working Paper]

December 2005

Noutcheva, Gergana and Emerson, Michael. (2005) Economic Regimes for Export: Extending the EU’s Norms of Economic Governance into the Neighbourhood. CEPS Working Documents No. 233, 1 December 2005. [Working Paper]


Gros, Daniel. (2006) Foreign Investment in the US (II):Being taken to the cleaners? CEPS Working Document No. 243, April 2006. [Working Paper]

January 2006

Balzacq, Thierry and Bigo, Didier and Carrera, Sergio and Guild, Elspeth (2006) Security and the Two-Level Game: The Treaty of Prüm, the EU and the Management of Threats. CEPS Working Documents No. 234, 1 January 2006. [Working Paper]

Ferrer, Jorge Nunez and Kernohan, David. (2006) Enlargement and Industrial Competitiveness: Policy Implications for New and Old Member States of the EU. CEPS Working Document No. 235, January 2006. [Working Paper]

February 2006

Cuthbert, JIm and Cuthbert, Margaret. (2006) The Wrong Sort of Rebate: The Need to Reform the UK Budget Adjustment. CEPS Working Documents No. 236, 1 February 2006. [Working Paper]

Gros, Daniel. (2006) Bubbles in Real Estate, A Longer-Term Comparative Analysis of Housing Prices in Europe and the US. CEPS Working Documents No. 239, 1 February 2006. [Working Paper]

Raik, Kristi. (2006) Promoting Democracy through Civil Society: How to Step up the EU’s Policy towards the Eastern Neighbourhood. CEPS Working Documents No. 237, 1 February 2006. [Working Paper]

March 2006

Gutu, Oxana. (2006) Moldova’s Convergence with the Acquis - A Pro-Growth and Pro-Integration Strategy. CEPS Working Documents No. 238, 1 March 2006. [Working Paper]

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Shumylo, Olga (2006) Ukraine and the European Neighbourhood Policy: Ensuring the Free Movement of Goods and Services. CEPS Working Documents No. 240, 1 March 2006. [Working Paper]

April 2006

Gros, Daniel. (2006) Foreign Investment in the US (I): Disappearing in a black hole?, CEPS Working Document No. 242, April 2006. [Working Paper]

June 2006

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July 2006

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August 2006

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September 2006

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October 2006

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November 2006

Tassinari, Fabrizio. (2006) Variable Geometries: Mapping Ideas, Institutions and Power in the Wider Europe. CEPS Working Document, No. 254, 30 November 2006. [Working Paper]

December 2006

Penksa, Susan E. (2006) Policing Bosnia and Herzegovina 2003-05: Issues of Mandates and Management in ESDP Missions. CEPS Working Document, No. 255, 22 December 2006. [Working Paper]

February 2007

Bertozzi, Stefano. (2007) Integration: An Ever-Closer Challenge. CEPS Working Document, No. 258, 9 February 2007. [Working Paper]

Bertozzi, Stefano. (2007) Legal Immigration: Time for Europe to Play its Hand. CEPS Working Document, No. 257, 8 February 2007. [Working Paper]

Carrera, Sergio. (2007) Building a Common Policy on Labour Immigration: Towards a Comprehensive and Global Approach in the EU? CEPS Working Document, No. 256, 7 February 2007. [Working Paper]

Trauner, Florian. (2007) EU Justice and Home Affairs Strategy in the Western Balkans: Conflicting Objectives in the Pre-Accession Strategy. CEPS Working Document, No. 259, 15 February 2007. [Working Paper]

March 2007

Carrera, Sergio. (2007) The EU Border Management Strategy: FRONTEX and the Challenges of Irregular Immigration in the Canary Islands. CEPS Working Document, No. 261, 22 March 2007. [Working Paper]

Pesic, Vesna. (2007) State Capture and Widespread Corruption in Serbia. CEPS Working Document No. 262, March 2007. [Working Paper]

Popescu, Nicu. (2007) Europe's unrecognised Neighbours: The EU in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. CEPS Working Document, No. 260, 15 March 2007. [Working Paper]

April 2007

Aydin, Senem and Cakır, Rusen. (2007) Political Islam in Turkey. CEPS Working Document No. 265, April 2007. [Working Paper]

Geyer, Florian. (2007) Fruit of the Poisonous Tree - Member States' Indirect Use of Extraordinary Rendition and the EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy. CEPS Working Document, No. 263, 3 April 2007. [Working Paper]

Springborg, Robert. (2007) Political Islam and Europe - Views from the Arab Mediterranean states and Turkey. CEPS Working Document, No. 264, 10 April 2007. [Working Paper]

May 2007

Boubekeur, Amel. (2007) Political Islam in Algeria. CEPS Working Document No. 268, May 2007. [Working Paper]

El-Din Shahin, Emad (2007) Political Islam in Egypt. CEPS Working Document No. 266, May 2007. [Working Paper]

Freire, Maria Raquel and Simão, Licínia. (2007) The Armenian road to democracy - Dimensions of a tortuous process. CEPS Working Document No. 267, May 2007. [Working Paper]

June 2007

Amghar, Samir. (2007) Political Islam in Morocco, CEPS Working Document No. 269, June 2007. [Working Paper]

Kawakibi, Salam. (2007) Political Islam in Syria. CEPS Working Document No. 270, June 2007. [Working Paper]

Tassinari, Fabrizio. (2007) Whole, free and integrated? A Transatlantic Perspective on the European Neighbourhood. CEPS Working Documents, No. 271, 25 June 2007. [Working Paper]

July 2007

Kurpas, Sebastien, and Riecke, Henning. (2007) "Is Europe Back on Track? Impetus from the German EU Presidency." CEPS Working Document No. 273, July 2007. [Working Paper]

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Nuriyev, Elkhan. (2007) EU Policy in the South Causasus: A View from Azerbaijan. CEPS Working Document No. 272, 2 July 2007. [Working Paper]

October 2007

Wichmann, Nicole. (2007) “The Intersection between Justice and Home Affairs and the European Neighbourhood Policy: Taking Stock of the Logic, Objectives and Practices.” CEPS Working Document No. 275, October 2007. [Working Paper]

Youngs, Richard. (2007) “Fusing Security and Development: Just another Euro-platitude?” CEPS Working Document No. 277, October 2007. [Working Paper]

November 2007

Youngs, Richard. (2007) "Europe's External Energy Policy: Between Geopolitics and the Market." CEPS Working Document No. 278, November 2007. [Working Paper]

December 2007

Tocci, Nathalie. (2007) "Profiling Normative Foreign Policy: The European Union and its Global Partners." CEPS Working Document No. 279, December 2007. [Working Paper]

January 2008

Gros, Daniel. (2008) "China and India: Implications for the EU Economy." CEPS Working Document No. 280, January 2008. [Working Paper]

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February 2008

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April 2008

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May 2008

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