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Reynolds, Christopher. (2006) All together now? The governance of military capability reform in the ESDP. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 1, 10/2006. [Policy Paper]

February 2007

Pollack, Mark. (2007) Principal-Agent Analysis and International Delegation: Red Herrings, Theoretical Clarifications, and Empirical Disputes. Bruges Political Research Papers No. 2, February 2007. [Policy Paper] (Unpublished)

March 2007

van Veen, Erwin. (2007) The Valuable Tool of Sovereignty: Its Use in Situations of Competition and Interdependence. Bruges Political Research Papers No. 3. 03/2007. [Policy Paper]

June 2007

Chang, Michele and De Souza, Eric and Gstohl, Sieglinde and Hanf, Dominik. (2007) Papers prepared for the Colloquium "Working for Europe: Perspectives on the EU 50 Years after the Treaties of Rome." Chambre belge des representants Belgische Kamer van Volksvertegenwoordigers 9 March 2007. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 4, June 2007. [Working Paper]

November 2007

Engel, Filip. (2007) Analyzing Policy Learning in European Union Policy Formulation: The Advocacy Coalition Framework Meets New-Institutional Theory. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 5. November 2007. [Working Paper]

January 2008

Rousselin, Mathieu (2008) Le Multilatéralisme en Question: Le Programme de Doha pour le Développement et la Crise du Système Commercial Mulitlatéral = The question of multilateralism: the Doha program for development and the crisis of the Multilateral Trade System. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 6, January, 2007. [Working Paper]

May 2008

Kostera, Thomas. (2008) Europeanizing Healthcare: Cross-border Patient Mobility and Its Consequences for the German and Danish Healthcare Systems. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 7, May 2008. [Working Paper]

September 2008

Dreger, Jonas. (2008) The Influence of Environmental NGOs on the Design of the Emissions Trading Scheme of the EU: An Application of the Advocacy Coalition Framework. Bruges Political Research Papers No. 8. 09/2008. [Policy Paper]

October 2008

Crisan, Adina. (2008) La Russie dans le nouveau Grand Jeu energetique en Mer Noire: Nabucco et South Stream ou "Tart du Kuzushi". = Russia in the new great energy game in the Black Sea: Nabucco and the South Stream or "Tart du Kuzushi". Bruges Political Research Papers No. 9. 10/2008. [Policy Paper]

December 2009

Bradanini, Davide. (2009) The Rise of the Competitiveness Discourse- A Neo-Gramscian Analysis. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 19, December 2009. [Working Paper]

February 2010

Caudron, Martin. (2010) Galileo: Le Partenariat Public-Prive a l'Epreuve du "Juste Retour". = The public-private partnership (PPP) put to the test of "fair return". Bruges Political Research Papers No. 11, February 2010. [Working Paper]

March 2010

Salines, Marion. (2010) Success Factors of Macro-Regional Cooperation: the Example of the Baltic Sea Region. Bruges Political Research Papers No. 12, March 2010. [Working Paper]

May 2010

Didier, Anne-Celine (2010) The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): A New Way for Promoting Innovation in Europe? Bruges Political Research Papers No. 13, May 2010. [Working Paper]

Missiroli, Antonio. (2010) Implementing the Lisbon Treaty: The External Policy Dimension. Bruges Political Research Paper No.14, May 2010. [Working Paper]

September 2010

Biscop, Sven and Coelmont, Jo. (2010) Permanent structured cooperation in defence: building effective European armed forces. Bruges Political Research Papers No. 15, September 2010. [Working Paper]

Sefcovic, Maros. (2010) From institutional consolidation to policy delivery. Speech delivered on the occasion of the 40th annual meeting of the University Association of Contemporary European Studies, hosted by the College of Europe. Bruges Political Research Papers No. 16, September 2010. [Working Paper]

December 2010

Podagelyte, Violeta (2010) Democracy beyond the Rhetoric and the Emergence of the "EU Prince": The Case of EU-Ukrainian Relations. Bruges Political Research Papers No. 17, December 2010. [Working Paper]

April 2011

Reynders, Didier. (2011) Vers une nouvelle "gouvernance economique"? Bruge Political Research Paper No. 18, 2011/04, April 2011. [Working Paper]

June 2011

Cruce, Fredrika (2011) How did we end up with this deal? Examining the role of environmental NGOs in EU climate policymaking. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 19, June 2011. [Working Paper]

December 2011

Buonanno, Laurie and Nugent, Neill (2011) Explaining the EU's Policy Portfolio: Applying a Federal Integration Approach to EU Cohesion Policy. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 20, December 2011. [Working Paper]

Koush, Alesia (2011) Fight against the Illegal Antiquities' Traffic in the EU: Bridging the Legislative Gaps. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 21, December 2011. [Working Paper]


Baffert, Claire (2012) Participatory approaches in the management of Natura 2000: when EU biodiversity policy gets closer to its citizens. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 26/May 2012. [Working Paper]

January 2012

Brattberg, Erik and Rhinard, Mark (2012) The EU and US as International Actors in Disaster Relief. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 22, January 2012. [Working Paper]

de Lichtervelde, Isabelle (2012) La défense des droits de l‟homme en Chine: Le parlement européen est-il la voix normative de l‟union européenne? = Defense of human rights in China: is the European Parliament the normative voice for the European Union? Bruges Political Research Papers No. 23, January 2012. [Working Paper]

February 2012

Cuesta-López, Víctor and Garcia, Louis Bouza and Szeligowska, Dorota and Mincheva, Elitsa (2012) Papers prepared for the European Citizens' Initiative - a first assessment organised by the European General Studies' Programme of the College of Europe, Bruges, 25 January 2011. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 24, February 2012. [Working Paper]

May 2012

Garelli, Serena (2012) The European Union's promotion of regional economic integration in Southeast Asia: Norms, markets or both? Bruges Political Research Paper No. 25/May 2012. [Working Paper]

November 2012

Adam, Laura Batalla (2012) The significance of EU topics in national media. Has there been an Europeanization of reporting in the national media? Bruges Political Research Papers No. 27/November 2012. [Working Paper]


Osteikoetxea, Eguzki (2013) EU Trade Actors after Lisbon: Enhanced Negotiations or Business as Usual? Brugges Political Research Paper No. 32, November 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

Zalewska, Marta and Gstrein, Oskar (2013) National Parliaments and their Role in European Integration: The EU’s Democratic Deficit in Times of Economic Hardship and Political Insecurity. Bruges Political Research Paper 28/2013. [Working Paper]

May 2013

Pouliquen, Carole (2013) Le cadre européen de protection des données personnelles en matière pénale. Dimensions interne et externe = The European framework for the protection of personal data in criminal matters. Internal and external dimensions. Bruges Political Research Paper No. 29, May 2013. [Working Paper]

September 2013

Dehestru, Camille (2013) Industries and Citizens’ Groups Networks in EU Food Policy: The Emergence of ‘Unholy Alliances’ in Multilevel Governance? Brugges Political Research Paper No. 30, September 2013. [Policy Paper]

October 2013

Freed, David (2013) Do Institutional Changes Make a Difference? A veto player analysis of how institutional changes in the Council of the EU influence legislative efficiency and outputs. Brugges Political Research Paper No. 31, October 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2014

Perier, Alexis (2014) Le quatrième paquet ferroviaire: l’impossible libéralisation? = The fourth railway package: the impossible liberalization? Brugges Political Research Paper No. 33, January 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

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