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Working Paper

Aghion, Philippe and Howitt, Peter and Murtin, Fabrice. (2010) The relationship between health and growth: when Lucas meets nelson-Phelps. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/04, September 2010. [Working Paper]

Agur, Itai and Demertzis, Maria (2018) Will macroprudential policy counteract monetary policy’s effects on financial stability? Bruegel Working Paper Issue 01 / 2018. [Working Paper]

Ahearne, Alan and Brücker, Herbert and Darvas, Zsolt and von Weizsacker, Jakob. (2009) Cyclical dimensions of labour mobility after EU enlargement. Bruegel Working Paper 2009/03, May 2009. [Working Paper]

Ahearne, Alan and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre and Veron, Nicolas. (2006) The EU and the Governance of Globalisation. Bruegel Working Papers, 2006/02, September 2006. [Working Paper]

Ahearne, Alan and Wolff, Guntram B. (2012) The debt challenge in Europe. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/02, January 2012. [Working Paper]

Ahearne, Alan and von Hagen, Jurgen. (2006) European Perspectives on Global Imbalances. Bruegel Working Papers, 2006/01, July 2006. [Working Paper]

Altomonte, Carlo (2012) The EU-EFIGE/Bruegel-unicredit dataset. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/13, October 2012. [Working Paper]

Amstad, Marlene and Huan, Ye and Ma, Guonan (2014) Developing an underlying inflation gauge for China. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/11, 9 October 2014. [Working Paper]

Angeloni, Chiarra and Wolff, Guntram B. (2012) Are banks affected by their holdings of government debt? Bruegel Working Paper 2012/07, 26 March 2012. [Working Paper]

Angeloni, Ignazio (2011) The Group of G20: trials of global governance in times of crisis. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/12, December 2011. [Working Paper]

Angeloni, Ignazio and Faia, Ester and Lo Duca, Marco (2010) Monetary policy and risk taking. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/00, February 2010. [Working Paper]

Angeloni, Ignazio and Pisani-Ferry, Jean (2012) The G20: characters in search of an author. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/04, March 2012. [Working Paper]

Angeloni, Ignazio and Sapir , André (2011) The international monetary system is changing: What opportunities and risks for the euro? Bruegel Working Paper 2011/11, 2 November 2011. [Working Paper]

Antonelli, Marco and Mariniello, Mario (2014) Antitrust risk in EU manufacturing: A sector-level ranking. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/07, July 2014. [Working Paper]

Ben-Haim, Yakov and Demertzis, Maria and Van Den End, Jan Willem (2017) Fundamental uncertainty and unconventional monetary policy: an info-gap approach. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 1 / 2017. [Working Paper]

Benassy-Quere, Agnes and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Coeure, Benoit and Jacquet, Pierre. (2009) The Crisis: Policy Lessons and Policy Challenges. Bruegel Working Paper 2009/06, 2 December 2009. [Working Paper]

Bijlsma, Michiel and Vallée., Shahin (2012) The creation of euro area financial safety nets. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/09, July 2012. [Working Paper]

Brekelmans, Sybrand and Petropoulos, Georgios (2020) Occupational change, artificial intelligence and the geography of EU labour markets. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 03 | 15 June 2020. [Working Paper]

Bénassy-Quéré, Agnès and Pisani-Ferry, Jean. (2011) What international monetary system for a fast-changing world economy? Bruegel Working Paper 2011/06, April 2011. [Working Paper]

Chiacchio, Franchesco and Petropoulos, Georgios and Pichler, David (2018) The impact of industrial robots on EU employment and wages: A local labour market approach. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 02/18 April 2018. [Working Paper]

Coeure, Benoit and Pisani-Ferry, Jean. (2005) Fiscal Policy in EMU: Towards a Sustainability and Growth Pact? Bruegel Working Papers, 2005/01, December 2005. [Working Paper]

Dadush, Uri and Domínguez-Jiménez, Marta (2019) THE STATE OF CHINA-EUROPEAN UNION ECONOMIC RELATIONS. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 09 20 November 2019. [Working Paper]

Dalia Marin, Dalia Marin and Jan Schymik, Jan Schymik and Jan Tscheke, Jan Tscheke (2015) Europe's exports superstar - it's the organisation! Bruegel Working Paper 2015/05, 15 July 2015. [Working Paper]

Danguy, Jérôme and van Pottelsberghe, Bruno. (2014) The policy dilemma of the unitary patent. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/13, 27 November 2014. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2014) Does Money Matter in the Euro area? Evidence from a new Divisia Index. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/12, 6 November 2014. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2020) The Economic growth and income distribution implications of public spending and tax decisions. Bruegel Working Paper October 2020. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2012) Monetary transmission in three central European economies: evidence from time-varying coefficient vector autoregressions. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/08, May 2012. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2019) A NEW LOOK AT NET BALANCES IN THE EUROPEAN UNION’S NEXT MULTIANNUAL BUDGET. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 10 12 December 2019. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2012) Productivity, labour cost and export adjustment: Detailed results for 24 EU countries. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/11, 12 July 2012. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2020) RESISTING DEGLOBALISATION: THE CASE OF EUROPE. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 1 3 February 2020. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2012) Real effective exchange rates for 178 countries: a new database. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/06, 15 March 2012. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2017) Regional and global financial safety nets: the recent European experience and its implications for regional cooperation in Asia. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 06 / 2017. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2016) Some are more equal than others: new estimates of global and regional inequality. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 8, 8 November 2016. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2015) The grand divergence: global and European current account surpluses. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/08, 13 August 2015. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Efstathiou, Konstantinos and Raposo, Inês Goncalves (2017) Divorce settlement or leaving the club? A breakdown of the Brexit bill. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 03 / 2017. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Gouardo, Christophe and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre. (2011) A comprehensive approach to the Euro-area debt crisis: background calculations. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/05, February 2011. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Huttl, Pia (2014) The long haul: debt sustainability analysis. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/06, June 2014. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Hüttl, Pia (2017) Returns on foreign assets and liabilities: exorbitant privileges and stabilising adjustments. Bruegel Working Paper ISSUE 07 | 29 NOVEMBER 2017. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Hüttl, Pia and Merler, Silvia and Walsh, Thomas (2015) Analysis of developments in EU capital flows in the global context. Bruegel Final study Bruegel N° 2015.2574, November 2015. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Kostyleva, Valentina. (2011) The fiscal and monetary institutions of CESEE countries. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/02, February 2011. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Schepp, Zoltán (2020) Forecasting exchange rates of major currencies with long maturity forward rates. Bruegel Working Paper | Issue 02 April 2020. Plus Annex in separate pdf. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Schoenmaker, Dirk (2017) Institutional investors and home bias in Europe’s Capital Markets Union. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 2 / 2017. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Schoenmaker, Dirk and Véron, Nicolas (2016) Reform of the European Union financial supervisory and regulatory architecture and its implications for Asia. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 9, November 2016. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Simon, András (2015) Filling the gap: open economy considerations for more reliable potential output estimates. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/11, October 2015. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Varga, Balázs (2013) Inflation persistence in Central and Eastern European countries. Bruegel Working Paper 2013/04, 22 July 2013. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt. (2010) Beyond the crisis: prospects for emerging Europe. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/06, December 2010. [Working Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt. (2009) The impact of the crisis on budget policy in Central and Eastern Europe. Bruegel Working Paper 2009/05, 31 July 2009. [Working Paper]

Debrun, Xavier and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre. (2008) Government Size and Output Volatility: Should we foresake automatic Stabilisation? Bruegel Working Papers, 2008/01, April 2008. [Working Paper]

Debrun, Xavier. (2007) Tying Hands Is Not Commitment: Can Fiscal Rules and Institutions Really Enhance Fiscal Discipline? Bruegel Working Papers, 2007/01, January 2007. [Working Paper]

Demertzis, Maria and Zenios, Stavros (2018) State contingent debt as insurance for euro-area sovereigns. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 03/26 April 2018. [Working Paper]

Duruflé, Gilles and Hellman, Thomas and Wilson, Karen (2017) From start-up to scale-up: examining public policies for the financing of high-growth ventures. Bruegel Working Paper 04 / 2017. [Working Paper]

Efstathiou, Konstantinos and Wolff, Guntram B. (2019) What drives national implementation of EU policy recommendations? Bruegel Working Paper Issue 4, April 2019. [Working Paper]

Egawa, Akio (2013) Will income inequality cause a middle-income trap in Asia? Bruegel Working Paper 2013/06, 10 October 2013. [Working Paper]

Egert, Balazs. (2007) Real Convergence, Price Level Convergence and Inflation in Europe. Bruegel Working Papers, 2007/02, April 2007. [Working Paper]

Fenge, Robert and von Weizsacker, Jakob. (2008) Public Pensions and Intra-EU Mobility: An Unfinished Agenda. Bruegel Working Papers 2008/02, May 2008. [Working Paper]

Garcia Herroro, Alicia and Xu, Jianwei (2016) China’s Belt and Road initiative: can Europe expect trade gains? Bruegel Working Paper ISSUE 5/2016. [Working Paper]

Garcia Herroro, Alicia and Xu, Jianwei (2019) HOW DOES CHINA FARE ON THE RUSSIAN MARKET? IMPLICATIONS FOR THE EUROPEAN UNION. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 08 November 2019. [Working Paper]

García-Herrero, Alicia (2019) Europe in the midst of China-US strategic competition: What are the European Union’s options? Bruegel Working Paper Issue 03, April 2019. [Working Paper]

García-Herrero, Alicia and Xu, Jianwei (2016) The China-Russia trade relationship and its impact on Europe. Breugel Working Paper Issue 4, 2016. [Working Paper]

García-Herrero, Alicia and Xu, Jianwei (2019) Countries' perceptions of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A big data analysis. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 01, 6 February 2019. [Working Paper]

García-Herrero, Alicia and Xu, Jianwei (2018) How big is China’s digital economy? Bruegel Working Paper issue 04 / 17 May 2018. [Working Paper]

García-Herrero, Alicia and Xu, Jianwei and Marbach, Thibault (2018) European and Chinese trade competition in third markets: the case of Latin America. Bruegel Working Paper/Issue 06/7 June 2018. [Working Paper]

Goldstein, Morris and Veron, Nicholas. (2011) Too big to fail: the Transatlantic debate. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/03, February 2011. [Working Paper]


Hallerberg, Mark. and Marzinotto, Benedicta. and Wolff, Guntram B. (2011) How effective and legitimate is the European semester? Increasing the role of the European parliament. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/09, September 2011. [Working Paper]

Herrero, Alicia Garcia (2015) Internationalising the currency while leveraging massively: the case of China. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/12, October 2015. [Working Paper]

Huberty, Mark and Serwaah, Amma and Zachmann, Georg. (2014) A flexible, scaleable approach to the international patent 'name game'. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/10i, September 2014. [Working Paper]

Huberty, Mark and Zachmann, Georg. (2011) Green exports and the global product space: Prospects for EU industrial policy. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/07, May 2011. [Working Paper]

Karmakar , Suparna (2014) Rulemaking in Super-RTAs: Implications for China and India. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/03, March 2014. [Working Paper]

Lerner, Josh and Schoar, Antoinette and Sokolinski, Stanislav and Wilson, Karen E. (2015) The globalization of angel investments. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/09, 1 September 2015. [Working Paper]

Ma, Guonan and McCauley, Robert N. (2014) Financial openness of China and India: Implications for capital account liberalisation. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/05, May 15 2014. [Working Paper]

Marin, Dalia. (2009) The battle for talent: globalization and the rise of executive pay. Bruegel Working Paper No. 2009/01 [02?], February 2009. [Working Paper]

Marin, Dalia. (2010) The opening up of Eastern Europe at 20-jobs, skills, and 'reverse maquiladoras' in Austria and Germany. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/02, July 2010. [Working Paper]

Mariniello, Mario (2013) European antitrust control and standard setting. Bruegel Working Paper 2013/01, February 2012. [Working Paper]

Mariniello, Mario and Sapir, André and Terzi, Alessio (2015) The long road towards the European single market. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/01, March 2015. [Working Paper]

Marzinotto, Benedicta. (2012) The growth effects of EU cohesion policy: a meta-analysis. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/14, October 2012. [Working Paper]

Matsubayashi, Yoichi (2015) The effort to stabilise the financial system in Japan: an outline and the characteristics of the programme for financial revival. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/02, 18 March 2015. [Working Paper]

Matsuyama, Yukihiro (2014) Aging and the governance of the healthcare system in Japan. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/14, December 2014. [Working Paper]

Mavroidis, Petros C. and Sapir, André (2019) CHINA AND THE WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION: TOWARDS A BETTER FIT. WORKING PAPER | ISSUE 06 | 11 JUNE 2019. Bruegel. [Working Paper]

Merler, Silvia (2016) Income convergence during the crisis: did EU funds provide a buffer? Bruegel Working Paper Issue 6 2016. [Working Paper]

Merler, Silvia (2015) Squaring the cycle: capital flows, financial cycles, and macro-prudential policy in the euro area. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/14, November 2015. [Working Paper]

Michiel Bijlsma , Michiel Bijlsma and Gijsbert T. J. Zwart, Gijsbert T. J. Zwart (2013) The changing landscape of financial markets in Europe, the United States and Japan. Bruegel Working Paper 2013/02, 18 March 2013. [Working Paper]

Mody, Ashoka (2014) Did the German court do Europe a favor? Bruegel Working Paper 2014/09, July 2014. [Working Paper]

Mody, Ashoka (2015) Living (dangerously) without a fiscal union. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/03. [Working Paper]

Mody, Ashoka (2013) Sovereign debt and its restructuring framework in the Euro area. Bruegel Working Paper 2013/05, August 2013. [Working Paper]

Mody, Ashoka and Claessens , Stijn and Vallée, Shahin (2012) Path to eurobonds. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/10, July 2012. [Working Paper]

Mody, Ashoka and Saravia, Diego (2013) The response speed of the International Monetary Fund. Bruegel Working Paper 2013/03, 16 July 2013. [Working Paper]

Mody, Ashoka and Wolff, Guntram B. (2015) The Vulnerability of Europe's Small and Medium-Sized Banks. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/07, 16 July 2015. [Working Paper]

Monnet, Eric and Pagliari, Stefano and Vallée, Shahin (2014) Europe between financial repression and regulatory capture. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/08, July 2014. [Working Paper]

O'Keeffe, Micheal and Tierzi, Alessio (2015) The Political Economy of Financial Crisis Policy. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/06, July 2015. [Working Paper]

O'Neill, Jim and Terzi, Allessio (2014) Changing trade patterns, unchanging European and global governance. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/02, February 2014. [Working Paper]

Petropoulos, Georgios and Marcus, J. Scott (2016) Challenging prospects for roam like at home. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 3 2016. [Working Paper]

Petropoulos, Georgios and Willemsz, Bert (2016) Providing efficient network access to green power generators: A long-term property rights perspective. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 7, November 2016. [Working Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Cohen Setton, Jeremie. (2008) Asia-Europe: the third link. Bruegel Working Paper 2008/04, October 2008. [Working Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Merler, Silvia (2012) The simple macroeconomics of North and South in EMU. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/12, 30 July 2012. [Working Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Posen., Adam S. (2011) From convoy to parting ways? Post-crisis divergence between European and US macroeconomic policies. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/04, February 2011. [Working Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre. (2009) Banking crisis management in the EU: an interim assessment. Bruegel Working Paper 2009/07, 9 December 2009. [Working Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean. (2005) The Accidental Player: The EU and the Global Economy. Bruegel Working Papers, November 2005. [Working Paper]

Posen, Adam and Véron, Nicolas (2015) Enhancing financial stability in developing Asia. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/10, October 2015. [Working Paper]

Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno van and Mejer, Malwina. (2009) Economic incongruities in the European patent system. Bruegel Working Paper No. 2009/01, January 2009. [Working Paper]

Rhee, Changyong and Sumulong, Lea and Vallée, Shahin (2013) Global and regional financial safety nets: lessons from Europe and Asia. Bruegel Working Paper 2013/06 [07?], November 2013. [Working Paper]

Santos, Indhira and Neheider, Susanne. (2009) Reframing the EU budget decision-making process. Bruegel Working Paper 2009/03, May 2009. [Working Paper]

Schinasi, Garry J. and Truman, Edwin M. (2010) Reform of the Global Financial Architecture. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/05, October 2010. [Working Paper]

Schoenmaker, Dirk (2015) Firmer foundations for a stronger European Banking Union. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/13, November 2015. [Working Paper]

Schoenmaker, Dirk (2019) Greening monetary policy. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 02 February 2019. [Working Paper]

Schoenmaker, Dirk (2020) The impact economy: balancing profit and impact. Bruegel Working Paper July 2020. [Working Paper]

Schoenmaker, Dirk and Wierts, Peter (2015) Macroprudential supervision: from theory to policy. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/15, November 2015. [Working Paper]

Tagliapietra, Simone (2017) The political economy of Middle East and North Africa oil exporters in times of global decarbonisation. Bruegel Working Paper 05/2017. [Working Paper]

Tagliapietra, Simone and Zachmann, Georg and Fredriksson, Gustav (2019) ESTIMATING THE COST OF CAPITAL FOR WIND ENERGY INVESTMENTS IN TURKEY. WORKING PAPER | ISSUE 05 | 07 MAY 2019. Bruegel. [Working Paper]

Vallée., Shahin (2012) The internationalisation path of the renminbi. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/05, 13 March 2012. [Working Paper]

Van Damme, Eric and Zhou, Jun (2016) The dynamics of leniency application and the knock-on effect of cartel enforcement. Bruegel Working Paper 2016/02, February 2016. [Working Paper]

Veron, Nicolas. (2008) The Demographics of Global Corporate Champions. Bruegel Working Papers 2008/03, July 2008. [Working Paper]

Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2010) Assessing the potential for knowledge-based development in transition countries. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/01, May 2010. [Working Paper]

Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2016) Getting the most from public R&D spending in times of budgetary austerity. Bruegel Working Paper 2016/01, February 2016. [Working Paper]

Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2015) Matching research and innovation policies in EU countries. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/16, December 2015. [Working Paper]

Véron, Nicolas. (2018) EU financial services policy since 2007: crisis, responses and prospects. Bruegel Working Paper/Issue 06/21 June 2018. [Working Paper]

Véron, Nicolas. (2012) Financial reform after the crisis: an early assessment. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/01, January 2012. [Working Paper]

Wolff, Guntram B. and Iara, Anna (2011) Rules and risks in the euro area. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/10, 4 October 2011. [Working Paper]

Wolff, Guntram B. and Ruscher, Eric (2012) Corporate balance sheet adjustment: stylized facts, causes and consequences. Bruegel Working Paper 2012/03, February 2012. [Working Paper]

Zachmann, Georg and Faye, Anta Ndoye and Abrell., Jan (2011) Assessing the impact of the EU ETS using firm level data. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/08, July 2011. [Working Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. and Peruzzi, Michele and Serwaah, Amma (2014) When and how to support renewables? Letting the data speak. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/01, February 2014. [Working Paper]

van Beers, Nancy and Bijlsma , Michiel and Zwart, Gijsbert T. J. (2014) Cross-country insurance mechanisms in currency unions. Bruegel Working Paper 2014/04, 27 March 2014. [Working Paper]

van Pottelsberghe, Bruno and Danguy, Jerome. (2009) Cost Benefit Analysis of the Community Patent. Bruegel Working Paper, 2009/08, December 2009. [Working Paper]

van Pottelsberghe, Bruno and Honore, Florence and Munari, Federico. (2011) Corporate governance practices and companies' R&D orientation: Evidence from European countries. Bruegel Working Paper 2011/01, 24 January 2011. [Working Paper]

van Pottelsberghe, Bruno. (2010) The quality factor in patent systems. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/03, 13 July 2010. [Working Paper]

van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno and Mejer, Malwina. (2008) The London Agreement and the cost of patenting in Europe. Bruegel Working Paper No. 2008/05, October 2008. [Working Paper]

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