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Coolsaet, Rik, and Arnould, Valerie. (2004) Global Governance: The Next Frontier. Egmont Paper, no. 2, April 2004. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik, and Biscop, Sven. (2004) A European Security Concept for the 21st Century. Egmont Paper, No. 1, April 2004. [Policy Paper]


Coolsaet, Rik. (2005) Between al-Andalus and a failing integration Europe’s pursuit of a long-term counterterrorism strategy in the post-al-Qaeda era. Egmont Paper, no.5, April 2005. [Policy Paper]

Graham, Kennedy, and Felicio, Tania. (2005) Regional Security and Global Governance: A Proposal for a 'Regional-Global Security Mechanism' in Light of the UN High-Level Panel's Report. Egmont Paper, no. 4, January 2005. [Policy Paper]

Heusgen, Christoph, and Gowan, Richard, and Haine, Jean-Yves, and Biscop, Sven, and Homan, Kees. (2005) Audit of European Strategy. Egmont Paper, no. 3, January 2005. [Policy Paper]

Leurdijk, Dick A. (2005) UN reform and NATO transformation: the missing link. Egmont Paper, no. 10, November 2005. [Policy Paper]

Menendez Gonzalez, Irene. (2005) Arab Reform: what role for the EU?. Egmont Paper, no. 8, May 2005. [Policy Paper]

Radek, Khol, and Gowan, Richard, and Van Camp, Serge, and Biscop, Sven, and Lindley-French, Julian, and Heise, Volker. (2005) E Pluribus Unum? Military Integration in the European Union. Egmont Paper, no. 7, May 2005. [Policy Paper]

Wouters, Jan, and Ruys, Tom. (2005) Security Council reform: a new veto for a new century? Egmont Paper, no. 9, August 2005. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania, and Hajjar, Kalila. (2005) The Lisbon Strategy: Which failure? Whose failure? And why?. Egmont Paper, no. 6, May 2005. [Policy Paper]


Biscop, Sven. (2006) NATO, ESDP and the Riga Summit: No Transformation without re-equilibration. Egmont Paper, no. 11, May 2006. [Policy Paper]


Biscop, Sven. (2007) The ABC of European Union Strategy: Ambition, Benchmark, Culture. Egmont Paper, no. 16, October 2007. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven. (2007) For a ‘More Active’ EU in the Middle East: Transatlantic Relations and the Strategic Implications of Europe’s Engagement with Iran, Lebanon and Israel-Palestine. Egmont Paper, no. 13, March 2007. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven. (2007) La contribution militaire belge à la Politique Européenne de Sécurité et de Défense = The Belgian Military Contribution to the European Security and Defence Policy. Egmont Paper, no. 14, June 2007. [Policy Paper]

Brenner, Michael. (2007) Toward a More Independent Europe. Egmont Paper, no. 12, March 2007. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik, and Struye de Swielande, Tanguy. (2007) Belgium and Counterterrorism Policy in the Jihadi Era (1986-2007). Egmont Paper, no. 15, September 2007. [Policy Paper]


Angelet, Bruno, and Vrailas, Ioannis. (2008) European Defence in the wake of the Lisbon Treaty. Egmont paper, no. 21, May 2008. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven, and Algieri, Franco. (2008) The Lisbon Treaty and ESDP: Transformation and integration. Egmont Papers No. 24, June 2008. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven. (2008) Permanent Structured Cooperation and the Future of ESDP. Egmont Paper, No. 20, April 2008. [Policy Paper]

Dehousse, Franklin, and Timmerman, Peter. (2008) The New Context of the Agricultural Debate in Europe. Egmont Paper, no. 22, June 2008. [Policy Paper]

Dehousse, Franklin. (2008) The Coming Energy Crash and its Impact on the European Union. Egmont Paper, no. 17, February 2008. [Policy Paper]

Van Hecke, Karel, and Zgajewski, Tania. (2008) The Kyoto Policy of Belgium. Egmont Paper No. 18, February 2008. [Policy Paper]

Wouters, Patrick. (2008) Balancing defence and security efforts with a permanently structured scorecard. Egmont Paper, no. 23, June 2008. [Policy Paper]

November 2008

Champenois, Pierre-Etienne. (2008) De la maitrise des armements a la non-proliferation: les nouveaux de la securite cooperative. = From arms control to non-proliferation: the new cooperative security. Egmont Paper No. 26, November 2008. [Policy Paper]

January 2009

Biscop, Sven and Howorth, Jolyon and Giegerich, Bastian. (2009) Europe: A Time for Strategy. Egmont Paper No. 27, Jan. 2009. [Policy Paper]

March 2009

Coelmont, Jo. (2009) End-State Afghanistan. Egmont Paper No. 29, March 2009. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rick. (2009) Atlantic Loyalty, European Autonomy. Belgium and the Atlantic Alliance 1949-2009. Egmont Paper No. 28, March 2009. [Policy Paper]

June 2009

Dehousse, Franklin and Zgajewski, Tania. (2009) RFID: New killer application in the ICT world, new big brother, or both? Egmont Paper, No. 30, June 2009. [Policy Paper]

October 2009

Biscop, Sven. (2009) The value of power and the power of values: a call for an EU grand strategy. Egmont Paper No. 33, October 2009. [Policy Paper]

Mattelaer, Alexander. (2009) Europe rediscovers peacekeeping? Political and military logics in the 2006 UNIFIL enhancement. Egmont Paper No. 34, October 2009. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas. (2009) A BRIC in the world: Emerging powers, Europe and the coming order. Egmont Paper No. 31, October 2009. [Policy Paper]

Timmerman, Peter. (2009) Legislating amidst public controversy: the Services Directive. Egmont Paper No. 32, October 2009. [Policy Paper]

January 2010

Puelings, Jelle. (2010) Fearing a 'Shiite Octopus'. Sunni – Shi'a relations and the implications for Belgium and Europe. Egmont Paper No. 35, January 2010. [Policy Paper]

March 2010

Van Langenhove, Luk. (2010) The EU as a Global Actor in a Multipolar World and Multilateral 2.0 Environment. Egmont Paper No. 36, March 2010. [Policy Paper]

September 2010

Dehousse, Franklin and Zgajewski, Tania and with the collaboration of Van Hecke, Karel. (2010) The EU Climate Policy after the Climate Package and Copenhagen - Promises and Limits. Egmont Paper No. 38, September 2010. [Policy Paper]

October 2010

Biscop, Sven and Coelmont, Jo. (2010) A strategy for CSDP - Europe's ambitions as a global security provider. Egmont paper NO. 37, October 2010. [Policy Paper]

December 2010

Verhelst, Stijn. (2010) Addressing the Financial Crisis: The EU’s Incomplete Regulatory Response. Egmont Paper No. 39, December 2010. [Policy Paper]

d'Oultremont, Clémentine. (2010) The EU's Emissions Trading Scheme: Achievements, Key Lessons, and Future Prospects. Egmont Paper No. 40, December 2010. [Policy Paper]

January 2011

Rogers., James (2011) A new geography of European power? Egmont Paper 42, January 2011. [Policy Paper]

Simon, Luis and Mattelaer, Alexander. (2011) EUnity of Command – The Planning and Conduct of CSDP Operations. Egmont Paper No. 41, January 2011. [Policy Paper]

February 2011

Heremans, Tinne. (2011) The Single Market in need of a strategic relaunch. Egmont Paper No. 43, February 2011. [Policy Paper]

March 2011

Verhelst, Stijn. (2011) Renewed financial supervision in Europe - final or transitory? Egmont Paper No. 44, March 2011. [Policy Paper]

April 2011

Renard, Thomas. (2011) The treachery of strategies: a call for true EU strategic partnerships. Egmont Paper No. 45, April 2011. [Policy Paper]

May 2011

Bailes, Alyson JK and Messervy-Whiting, Graham (2011) Death of an institution: the end for Western European Union, a future for European defence? Egmont Paper No. 46, May 2011. [Policy Paper]

June 2011

Biscop, Sven. and Coelmont, Jo. (2011) Europe deploys towards a civil-military strategy for CSDP. Egmont Paper No. 49, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

Brante, John and De Franco, Chiara and Meyer, Christoph O. and Otto, Florian (2011) Worse, not better? Reinvigorating early warning for conflict prevention in the post Lisbon European Union. Egmont Paper No. 48, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

Verhelst, Stijn. (2011) The reform of European economic governance: towards a sustainable monetary union? Egmont Paper No. 47, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

September 2011

D’Oultremont, Clémentine (2011) Financing the Answer to Climate Change: Challenging but Feasible. Egmont Paper No. 51, September 2011. [Policy Paper]

Heremans, Tinne. (2011) Public Access to Documents: Jurisprudence between Principle and Practice (between jurisprudence and recast). Egmont Paper No. 50, September 2011. [Policy Paper]

December 2011

Dehousse, Franklin (2011) The Reform of the EU Courts: The Need of a Management Approach. Egmont Paper No. 53, December 2011. [Policy Paper]

Zanders, Jean Pascal (2011) Setting a Standard for Stakeholdership: Industry Contribution To a Strengthened Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. Egmont Paper No. 52, December 2011. [Policy Paper]

January 2012

Biscop, Sven and Balfour, Rosa and Emerson, Michael (2012) An Arab Springboard for EU Foreign Policy? Egmont Paper No. 54, January 2012. [Policy Paper]

June 2012

D'Oultrement, Clementine (2012) Introducing more equity in the CAP: a difficult challenge. Egmont Paper #55, June 2012. [Policy Paper]

November 2012

Vanden Bosch, Xavier (2012) Preventing the rise of sovereign borrowing costs in the Eurozone: what can the ESM and the ECB achieve? Egmont Paper No. 56, November 2012. [Policy Paper]

May 2013

Vanden Bosch, Xavier (2013) Money for structural reforms in the eurozone: making sense of contractual arrangements. Egmont Paper 57, May 2013. [Policy Paper]

June 2013

Verhelst, Stijn (2013) Assessing the Single Supervisory Mechanism: passing the point of no return for Europe's banking union. Egmont Paper No. 58, June 2013. [Policy Paper]

July 2013

Delhousse, Franklin (2013) The European Citizen's Initiative: next big thing or new false good idea? Egmont Paper No. 59, July 2013. [Policy Paper]

October 2013

Biscop, Sven (2013) Europe and the World or Snow White and the Seven Fallacies. Egmont Paper No. 61, October 2013. [Policy Paper]

Dehousse, Franklin (2013) The Unified Court on Patents: The New Oxymoron of European Law. Egmont Paper No. 60, October 2013. [Policy Paper]

November 2013

Biscop, Sven and Major, Claudia and Mölling, Christian and Simón, Luis and Shea, Jamie and Mattelaer, Alexander and Coelmont, Jo and Šešelgytė, Margarita and Holslag, Jonathan and Rogers, James and Fiott, Daniel and Drent, Margriet (2013) The State of Defence in Europe: State of Emergency? Egmont Paper No. 62, November 2013. [Policy Paper]

January 2014

Kating, Philippe-Alexandre Sondji Mulanza (2014) Le projet de révision du Code minier de la RDC: de l'incitation à la dissuasion? = The draft revision of the Mining Code of the DRC: the incentive to deterrence? Egmont Paper No. 63, January 2014. [Policy Paper]

March 2014

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) Shale gas in Europe: much ado about little? Egmont Paper No. 64, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

May 2014

Koranyi, David and Andoura, Sami (2014) Energy in the Eastern Mediterranean: promise or peril? Egmont Paper No. 65, May 2014. [Policy Paper]

June 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) Game of zones. The quest for influence in Europe’s neighbourhood. Egmont Paper No. 67, June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) Energy efficiency: the ever neglected priority of the European energy strategy. Egmont Paper No. 66, June 2014. [Policy Paper]

July 2014

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) The EU regime on biofuels in transport: Still in search of sustainability. Egmont Paper No. 68, July 2014. [Policy Paper]

September 2014

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2014) Industrial policy in the EU: A guide to an elusive concept. Egmont Paper No. 69, September 2014. [Policy Paper]

October 2014

Verhelst, Stijn (2014) The sense and nonsense of Eurozone level Democracy. Egmont Paper No. 70, October 2014. [Policy Paper]

November 2014

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) Renewables: The great uncertainty of the EU energy strategy. Egmont Paper No. 71, November 2014. [Policy Paper]

December 2014

Dehousse, Franklin (2014) The nuclear safety framework in the European Union after Fukushima. Egmont Paper No. 73, December 2014. [Policy Paper]

Michaels, Jeffrey H. (2014) America's global defence predicament-Why the Asia 'rebalancing' has little significance for European security. Egmont Paper No. 72, December 2014. [Policy Paper]

Michaels, Jeffrey H. (2014) America’s global defence predicament – Why the Asia ‘rebalancing’ has little significance for European security. Egmont Paper No. 72, December 2014. [Policy Paper]

February 2015

Zgajewski, Tania (2015) Smart electricity grids: A very slow deployment in the EU. Egmont Paper No. 74, February 2015. [Policy Paper]

March 2015

Coolsaet, Rik (2015) What drives Europeans to Syria, and to IS? Insights from the Belgian case. Egmont Paper No. 75, March 2015. [Policy Paper]

April 2015

DeHousse, Franklin and Marsicola, Benedetta (2015) The EU's fourth railway package: a new stop in a long regulatory journey. Egmont Paper 76, April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Heine, Sophie (2015) The Dangers and Inanity of (Euro-) Nationalism: From Communitarianism to Cosmopolitanism. Egmont Paper No. 77, April 2015. [Policy Paper]

May 2015

Fott, Daniel (2015) The Common Security and Defence Policy: National Perspectives. Egmont Paper No. 79, May 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2015) The Energy Performance of Buildings: Promises Still Unfulfilled. Egmont Paper No. 78, May 2015. [Policy Paper]

September 2015

Zgajewski, Tania (2015) The rise of capacity mechanisms: are they inevitable in the European Union? Egmont Paper 80, September 2015. [Policy Paper]

March 2016

Biscop, Sven. (2016) Geopolitics with European characteristics: An essay on pragmatic idealism, equality, and strategy. Egmont Paper 82, March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik, (2016) Facing the fourth foreign fighters wave. What drives Europeans to Syria, and to Islamic state? Insights from the Belgian case. Egmont Paper 81, March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Dehousse, Franklin (2016) The reform of the EU courts (II). Abandoning the management approach by doubling the General Court. Egmont Paper 83, March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Dehousse, Franklin (2016) The reform of the EU courts (II). The Brilliant Alternative Approach of the European Court of Human Rights. Egmont Paper 86, September 2016. [Policy Paper]

June 2016

Coolsaet, Rik, (2016) ‘ALL RADICALISATION IS LOCAL’. The genesis and drawbacks of an elusive concept. Egmont Paper 84. [Policy Paper]

September 2016

Dehousse, Franklin (2016) The reform of the EU courts (IV). The Need for a Better Focus on the European Court of Justice’s Core Mission. Egmont Paper 96, September 2017. [Policy Paper]

d'Oultremont, Clémentine and Genard, Quentin (2016) Putting the Paris Agreement at the centre of Europe’s climate and energy map. Egmont Paper 88 ,. [Policy Paper]

April 2017

André, Sophie and Devroe, Elke and Duquet , Nils and Lemeunier, France and Ponsaers, Paul and Renard, Thomas and Seron, Vincent (2017) Counterterrorism in Belgium: Key challenges and policy options. Egmont Paper 89, October 2016. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven. (2017) All or nothing? European and British strategic autonomy after the Brexit. Egmont Paper 87. September 2016. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven. (2017) Oratio pro PESCO. Egmont Paper 91. [Policy Paper]

Ujvari, Balazs (2017) EU-China co-operation in global governance: going beyond the conceptual gap. Egmont Paper 92, April 2017. [Policy Paper]

Ujvari, Balazs (2017) The European Union and the China-led transformation of global economic governance. Egmont Paper 85, June 2016. [Policy Paper]

Verhelst, Stijn (2017) ‘I wouldn’t start from here’: the making of European Banking Supervision, and the road ahead. Egmont Paper 90, November 2016. [Policy Paper]

May 2017

Arnould, Valerie (2017) A Court in Crisis? The ICC in Africa, and Beyond. Egmont Paper 93, May 2017. [Policy Paper]

June 2017

Ujvari, Balazs (2017) The European Investment Bank: an overlooked (f)actor in EU external action? Egmont Paper 94, June 2017. [Policy Paper]

July 2017

Struys, Wally (2017) The blurring of Belgium’s security: deliberate or unintended? Egmont Paper 95 June 2017. [Policy Paper]

October 2017

Coolsaet, Rik, (2017) Anticipating the post-Daesh landscape. Egmont Paper 97 October 2017. [Policy Paper]

Roque, Paula Christina (2017) Angols's Africa policy. Egmont Paper 98, October 2017. [Policy Paper]

November 2017

Mattelaer, Alexander (2017) Towards a Belgian position on Brexit: Actively reconciling national and European interests. Egmont Paper 99, November 2017. [Policy Paper]


Ujvari, Balazs (2018) ASEAN UNDER SINGAPORE'S CHAIRMANSHIP. Egmont Report, 9 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

February 2018

Biscop, Sven (2018) BREXIT, STRATEGY, AND THE EU: BRITAIN TAKES LEAVE. Egmont Paper 100, February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Heinke, Daniel H. and Malet, David and Minks, Simon and Raudszus, Jan and van Ginkel, Bibi and Renard, Thomas and Coolsaet, Rik, (2018) RETURNEES: WHO ARE THEY, WHY ARE THEY (NOT) COMING BACK AND HOW SHOULD WE DEAL WITH THEM? Assessing Policies on Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Egmont Paper 101, February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2018) EU cyber partnerships: Assessing the EU strategic partnerships with third countries in the cyber domain. Egmont Paper, 20 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

June 2018


January 2019

Biscop, Sven (2019) FIGHTING FOR EUROPE European Strategic Autonomy and the Use of Force. Egmont Paper 103, January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Mattelaer , Alexander (2019) The resurgence of bilateral diplomacy in Europe. Egmont Paper 104, January 2019. [Policy Paper]

March 2019

Hoon, Louise (2019) SUPRANATIONAL DEMOCRACY ADRIFT? The 2019 Elections and the Future of Europe. Egmont Paper 105. [Policy Paper]

April 2019

Hellendorff, Bruno (2019) Europe in a multipolar missile world – Why the EU and NATO should not try to salvage the INF Treaty. Egmont Paper 106, April 2019. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2019) Returnees in the Maghreb: Comparing policies on returning foreign terrorist fighters in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Egmont Paper 107, April 2019. [Policy Paper]

September 2019


May 2020

Knoope, Peter and Buchanan - Clarke, Stephen and Arnould, Valérie (2020) Going the Extra Mile for the 2020 Elections in the Central African Republic. Egmont Africa Policy Brief No. 32 May 2020. [Policy Paper]

December 2020

Audenaert , Didier (2020) Belgium should not change strategy on her contribution to NATO’s nuclear role sharing. Egmont Paper No. 110 15 December 2020. [Policy Paper]

Mattelaer, Alexander and Vansina, Laura (2020) Dealing with Russia: Towards a coherent Belgian policy. Egmont Paper No. 109 3 December 2020. [Policy Paper]

January 2021

Cobut, Loïc (2021) Renewable energy communities in the European energy policy: an evidence of clean energy for all Europeans, not by all. Egmont Paper 111 28 January 2021. [Policy Paper]

March 2021

Hoebeke, Hans (2021) Rumble in the DR CONGO: President Tshisekedi is taking control. Egmont Paper 112 11 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

April 2021

Arnould, Valérie (2021) Reflections on a Decentralised Approach to Transitional Justice in the DR Congo. Egmont Africa Policy Brief No. 33 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Mubiala, Mutoy (2021) Towards a renewed transitional justice in the D.R. Congo. Egmont Africa Policy Brief No. 34 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

September 2021

Aktoudianakis, Andreas and Van der Loo, Guillaume and Vandenbussche, Thijs (2021) The EU-US Trade and Technology Council : mapping the challenges and opportunities for transatlantic cooperation on trade, climate and digital. Egmont Paper 113 13 September 2021. [Policy Paper]

Franco, Marc (2021) How to reverse in a one-way street. Egmont Paper 114 7 September 2021. [Policy Paper]

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