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March 2003

Davignon, Etienne and Dehousse, Franklin (2003) België moet wat gas terugnemen = Belgium has to take back some gas. Egmont Commentary, 30 March 2003. [Policy Paper]

Dehousse, Franklin (2003) L’hyperpuissance face à l’hyperimpuissance = Hyperpower in the face of hyperimpotence. Egmont Commentary, 14 March 2003. [Policy Paper]

October 2003

Dehousse, Franklin (2003) D-day voor Europese grondwet. = D-day for European constitution. Egmont Commentary, 6 October 2003. [Policy Paper]


Biscop, Sven (2005) De verantwoordelijkheid tot bescherming: een argument voor humanitaire interventie. = The responsibility for protection: an argument for humanitarian intervention. Egmont Commentary, 30 September 2005. [Policy Paper]

May 2006

de Schoutheete, Philippe (2006) The Fate of constitutional Treaty. Egmont Commentary, 24 May 2006. [Policy Paper]

April 2007

Biscop, Sven (2007) Europa moet meer leiderschap tonen. = Europe must show more leadership. Egmont Commentary, 3 April 2007. [Policy Paper]


Coolsaet, Rik (2008) In de voetsporen van de tsaren… of van Bismarck? Rik Coolsaet over Georgië, Rusland en het negentiende-eeuwse Pruisen. = In the footsteps of the Tsars ... or van Bismarck? Rik Coolsaet about Georgia, Russia and nineteenth-century Prussia. Egmont Commentary, 23 August 2008. [Policy Paper]

April 2008

Biscop, Sven (2008) De oranje knipperlichten van ons leger. = The orange flashing lights of our army. Egmont Commentary, 15 April 2008. [Policy Paper]

July 2008

Hoebeke, Hans (2008) Het lag nu tenminste niet aan België. EU-troepenmacht was geen wondermiddel geweest. = At least it was not Belgium's fault. EU force had not been a panacea. Egmont Commentary, 4 December 2008. [Policy Paper]

August 2008

Biscop, Sven (2008) Navo moet missie in Afghanistan herbekijken = NATO must review the mission in Afghanistan. Egmont Commentary, 21 August 2008. [Policy Paper]

September 2008

Biscop, Sven (2008) WRONG PDF-Quel est le but de notre engagement en Afghanistan? = What is the goal of engagement in Afghanistan? Egmont Commentary, 2 September 2008. [Policy Paper]


Renard, Thomas and Biscop, Sven (2009) EU’s strategic partnerships lack content. Egmont Commentary, 27 August 2009. [Policy Paper]

January 2009

Coolsaet, Rik (2009) Obama moet bescheiden zijn. = Obama must be modest. Egmont Commentary, 19 January 2009. [Policy Paper]

February 2009

Biscop, Sven (2009) Preparing for the NATO Summit: From Allies to Partners. Egmont Commentary, 2 February 2009. [Policy Paper]

March 2009

Biscop, Sven (2009) Hoog tijd voor meer Europa in de Navo. = High time for more Europe in NATO. Egmont Commentary, 5 March 2009. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2009) l’OTAN: d’alliés à partenaires = NATO: from allies to partners. Egmont Commentary, 30 March 2009. [Policy Paper]

June 2009

Struye, Tanguy and Renard, Thomas (2009) Oui, l’Afghanistan est important. Yes, Afghanistan is important. Egmont Commentary, 26 June 2009. [Policy Paper]

de Schoutheete, Philippe (2009) Beaucoup de présidents en Europe = Many presidents in Europe. Egmont Commentary, 25 June 2009. [Policy Paper]

July 2009

Van Puijenbroeck, Joost and Vlassenroot, Koen and Titeca, Kristof (2009) Don’t forget the forgotten conflict. Egmont Commentary, 30 July 2009. [Policy Paper]

August 2009

Biscop, Sven (2009) Time for a European Union grand strategy. Egmont Commentary, 18 August 2009. [Policy Paper]

September 2009

Renard, Thomas (2009) Afghanistan: Strategic war for Europeans, existential conflict for NATO. Egmont Commentary, 8 September 2009. [Policy Paper]

October 2009

Coolsaet, Rik (2009) Als een bom in Afghanistan. = Like a bomb in Afghanistan. Egmont Commentary, 31 October 2009. [Policy Paper]

November 2009

Biscop, Sven (2009) A High Representative needs a grand strategy. Egmont Commentary, 12 November 2009. [Policy Paper]

January 2010

Biscop, Sven (2010) From ESDP to CSDP: Time for some Strategy. Egmont Commentary, 16 January 2010. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2010) Un Haut Représentant a besoin d’une Grande Stratégie = The High Representative in need of a Grand Strategy. Egmont Commentary, 6 January 2010. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2010) From the new G20 to a new multilateral order. Egmont Commentary, 12 January 2010. [Policy Paper]

February 2010

Coolsaet, Rik (2010) Terroristen zijn amateurs. = Terrorists are amateurs. Egmont Commentary, 17 February 2010. [Policy Paper]

March 2010

Biscop, Sven (2010) Key partners and shared interests. The European convoy needs strategic guidance for fleet action. Egmont Commentary, 3 March 2010. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2010) Du G2 au G20. Egmont Commentary, 10 March 2010. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2010) Time to end the ‘Copenhagen Syndrome’. Egmont Commentary, 21 March 2010. [Policy Paper]

June 2010

Biscop, Sven and Renard, Thomas (2010) NSS Review: Europe given short shrift. Egmont Commentary, 3 June 2010. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo and Biscop, Sven (2010) Permanent structured cooperation. In defence of the obvious. Egmont Commentary, 29 June 2010. [Policy Paper]

July 2010

Biscop, Sven (2010) European studies discovers strategy. Egmont Commentary, 19 July 2010. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven and Renard, Thomas (2010) The Old World’s importance to the new world order. Egmont Commentary, 3 July 2010. [Policy Paper]

August 2010

Hoebeke, Hans and Vlassenroot, Koen (2010) Why the violence in Eastern Congo does’t stop. Egmont Commentary, 30 August 2010. [Policy Paper]

September 2010

Coolsaet, Rik (2010) De patstelling in het Afghaanse ‘oorlogje’. = The stalemate in the Afghan "war". Egmont Commentary, 15 September 2010. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2010) EU seeks truly strategic partners. Egmont Commentary, 16 September 2010. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2010) Searching for a Brussels Machiavelli. Egmont Commentary, 9 September 2010. [Policy Paper]

October 2010

Biscop, Sven (2010) The strategic effect of European Union operations. Egmont Commentary, 4 October 2010. [Policy Paper]


Biscop, Sven (2011) A long term-strategy for Libya and the Mediterranean: over to the European Union. Egmont Commentary, 29 March 2011. [Policy Paper]

January 2011

Wouters, Jan and Emerson, Michael and Kaczyński, Piotr Maciej (2011) Upgrading the EU’s role as global actor. Egmont Commentary, 25 January 2011. [Policy Paper]

March 2011

Coelmont, Jo (2011) Improvisatie enkel goed voor sensatie: eerst lessen na een week Libië. = Improvisation only good for sensation: first lessons after a week in Libya. Egmont Commentary, 29 March 2011. [Policy Paper]

April 2011

Renard, Thomas (2011) The treachery of strategies. Egmont Commentary, 12 April 2011. [Policy Paper]

July 2011

de Schoutheete, Philippe (2011) What’s in a Plan ? An answer to George Soros’ Plan B to the Eurocrisis. Egmont Commentary, 12 July 2011. [Policy Paper]

August 2011

Renard, Thomas (2011) EU foreign ministers should look to a grand strategy. Egmont Commentary, 30 August 2011. [Policy Paper]

October 2011

Biscop, Sven (2011) Ends, Means, and Meaning. Egmont Commentary, 3 October 2011. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2011) La retraite stratégique de l’Union européenne = The strategic retreat of the European Union. Egmont Commentary, 14 October 2011. [Policy Paper]

November 2011

Vlassenroot, Koen and Schomerus, Mareike and Allen, Tim (2011) Obama takes on the LRA. Why Washington sent troops to Central Africa. Egmont Commentary, 15 November 2011. [Policy Paper]

January 2012

Biscop, Sven (2012) The Euro crisis and foreign Policy: Europe has an idea. Egmont Commentary, 31 January 2012. [Policy Paper]

February 2012

Biscop, Sven (2012) On to Chicago: Enter the European Union. Egmont Commentary, 27 February 2012. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2012) Why America needs European Strategy. Egmont Commentary, 23 February 2012. [Policy Paper]

March 2012

Vlassenroot, Koen (2012) The Lubanga verdict: a milestone in the fight against impunity? Egmont Commentary, 22 March 2012. [Policy Paper]

June 2012

Renard, Thomas (2012) A strategic Union to cope with the multipolar challenge. Egmont Commentary, 5 June 2012. [Policy Paper]

August 2012

Rogers, James (2012) Interview with Sven Biscop on EU grand strategy. Egmont Commentary, 26 August 2012. [Policy Paper]

February 2013

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2013) Revoir la trajectoire budgétaire ne signifie pas relâcher l’effort = Revisiting the budget path does not mean relaxing the effort. Egmont Commentary, 21 February 2013. [Policy Paper]

de Schoutheete, Philippe (2013) Le pari de Monsieur Cameron = The bet of Mr. Cameron. Egmont Commentary, 16 February 2013. [Policy Paper]

March 2013

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2013) L’Italie est désormais seule face au marché = Italy is now alone in the market. Egmont Commentary, 1 March 2013. [Policy Paper]

May 2013

Biscop, Sven (2013) Defense: and what will Europe do? Egmont Commentary, 10 May 2013. [Policy Paper]

June 2013

Biscop, Sven (2013) Europe and the Arab Spring: four seasons in one day. Egmont Commentary, 20 June 2013. [Policy Paper]

August 2013

Biscop, Sven (2013) The ‘Arab Spring’: winter of our discontent? Egmont Commentary, 13 August 2013. [Policy Paper]

September 2013

Coelmont, Jo and de Langlois, Maurice (2013) Coelmont & De Langlois: Recalibrating CSDP-NATO relations. A strategic pivot in the making? Egmont Commentary, 11 September 2013. [Policy Paper]

October 2013

Coelmont, Jo and de Langlois, Maurice (2013) Mehr Verantwortung in der Sicherheits- und Verteidigungspolitik. Wie sich GSVP und NATO besser ergänzen können. DGAP Analyse Oktober 2013 N° 10 = More responsibility in the security and defense policy. How Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and NATO can complement each other better. DGAP Analysis October 2013 N° 10. Egmont Commentary, 15 October 2013. [Policy Paper]

November 2013

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2013) La vente de BNPP Fortis : l’Europe ou le symbolisme les chiffres? = The sale of BNPP Fortis: Europe and the symbolism of figures? Egmont Commentary, 20 November 2013. [Policy Paper]

December 2013

Coelmont, Jo (2013) Coelmont: A memorandum for the European Council on Security and Defence. Egmont Commentary, 6 December 2013. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2013) Coelmont: the desired strategic outcome of the EU Council on defence. Egmont Commentary, 16 December 2013. [Policy Paper]


BIscop, Sven (2014) Ukraine: the charge of the diplomatic brigade. Egmont Commentary, 6 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Grevi, Giovanni and Renard, Thomas (2014) Troubleshooting partnerships for troubled times. Egmont Commentary, 12 November 2014. [Policy Paper]

January 2014

Hoebeke, Hans (2014) The EU has a role to play, but Africans must lead. Egmont Commentary, 15 January 2014. [Policy Paper]

February 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) Strategy and social security. Egmont Commentary, 20 February 2014. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2014) We are all Ukrainians. Egmont Commentary, 26 February 2014. [Policy Paper]

March 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) A way out of the Ukraine crisis: Munich or Algeciras? Egmont Commentary, 18 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2014) A new ‘special relationship’ between Washington and Paris: undermining or underpinning the CSDP? Egmont Commentary, 23 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2014) Sanctioning Russia through energy? Think twice. Egmont Commentary, 26 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2014) An ambivalent transatlantic partnership. Egmont Commentary, 21 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

April 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) No more schisms in the holy alliance. Egmont Commentary, 14 April 2014. [Policy Paper]

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2014) A flavour of indirect elections to the European parliament. Egmont Commentary, 1 April 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) EU Dependence on Russian gas: There is no short-term alternative. Egmont Commentary, 7 April 2014. [Policy Paper]

May 2014

Secondat, Charles (2014) Ukraine putinised: the greatest external challenge to the European Union since 1989. Egmont Commentary, 7 May 2014. [Policy Paper]

Verhelst, Stijn (2014) Hopefully Eurosceptics will work hard. Egmont Commentary, 28 May 2014. [Policy Paper]

June 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) Big manoeuvres in eastern Europe. Egmont Commentary, 21 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2014) Iraq: Europe’s problem too. Egmont Commentary, 23 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2014) Social Europe, a strategic matter. Egmont Commentary, 16 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Secondat, Charles (2014) Must Juncker be appointed as the next President of the European commission? Egmont Commentary, 16 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Verhelst, Stijn (2014) All monetary policy has become ‘unconventional’. Egmont Commentary, 4 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) Can the European Union survive without importing Russian energy sources? Egmont Commentary, 13 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

July 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) Am I an academic? Egmont Commentary, 6 July 2014. [Policy Paper]

August 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) Replacing the Belgian F16s is but a logical decision. Egmont Commentary, 27 August 2014. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2014) Save us from Ashton-bis. Egmont Commentary, 28 August 2014. [Policy Paper]

September 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) Winter is coming – will spring follow? Ukraine and the future of EU-Russia relations. Egmont Commentary, 3 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2014) The prima donnas of EU foreign policy. Egmont Commentary, 9 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Cuvelier, Jeroen and Diemel, Jose and Vlassenroot, Koen (2014) Congolese conflict minerals make unexpected victims. Egmont Commentary, 11 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Verhelst, Stijn (2014) Cameron’s logic calls for eurozone democracy. Egmont Commentary, 24 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) Does the European Union need a new target for renewables? Egmont Commentary, 19 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

October 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) Mogherini in the European Parliament: a strategic moment. Egmont Commentary, 2 October 2014. [Policy Paper]

Secondat, Charles (2014) The European Union confronted with the end of the end of history. Egmont Commentary, 3 October 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) The EU must seriously rethink its approach to climate and energy. Egmont Commentary, 20 October 2014. [Policy Paper]

November 2014

Adebahr, Cornelius and Otte, Marc and Tocci, Nathalie (2014) For Europe, Iran is more than the nuclear problem. Egmont Commentary, 20 November 2014. [Policy Paper]

Arnould, Valerie (2014) Burkina Faso after Compaoré: Continuity through change? Egmont Commentary, 7 November 2014. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2014) Remember the revolution: an agenda for EU foreign policy. Egmont Commentary, 12 November 2014. [Policy Paper]

Nopens, Patrick (2014) Time to counter Russian disinformation. Egmont Commentary, 19 November 2014. [Policy Paper]

Secondat, Charles (2014) The Age of Cameron: The end of British pragmatism in Europe. Egmont Commentary, 7 November 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2014) The European Union launches a new, risky 2030 strategy for climate and energy. Egmont Commentary, 26 November 2014. [Policy Paper]

December 2014

Biscop, Sven (2014) Belgium and the miracle of European defence. Egmont Commentary, 9 December 2014. [Policy Paper]

Willermain, Fabian (2014) The Juncker Commission Investment Plan – a communication campaign? Egmont Commentary, 23 December 2014. [Policy Paper]

January 2015

Arnould, Valerie (2015) The limits of international criminal justice: Lessons from the Ongwen case. Egmont Commentary, 27 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) The Belgian army: soon to be a gendarmerie? Egmont Commentary, 22 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Get rid of reassurance. Egmont Commentary, 15 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

Fiott, Daniel (2015) The future of European Geostrategy. Egmont Commentary, 23 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

Heine, Sophie (2015) Syriza’s call for sovereignty: hopes and illusions. Egmont Commentary, 29 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

Klein, Axel and Hoste, Jean-Christophe and Arnould, Valerie (2015) Is Big Brother in trouble? Regionalisation of the Boko Haram crises challenges Nigeria’s leadership position. Egmont Commentary, 23 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

Secondat, Charles (2015) Beware Grexit 2: In finance, as in movies, sequels get bloodier, faster. Egmont Commentary, 27 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

February 2015

Biscop, Sven (2015) Bad theatre. Egmont Commentary, 26 February 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Thou shalt not arm those who cannot win. Egmont Commentary, 16 February 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) Ukraine, another ‘Iraq moment’ for Europe? Egmont Commentary, 19 February 2015. [Policy Paper]

March 2015

Biscop, Sven (2015) CSDP: what is it good for? Egmont Commentary, 31 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2015) CSDP: there is something there that was not there before. Egmont Commentary, 26 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Eriksson Baaz, Maria and Gondola, Didier and Marijnen, Esther and Verweijen, Judith (2015) Virunga’s White Savior complex. Egmont Commentary, 13 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) In the (EU) army now. Egmont Commentary, 18 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Secondat, Charles (2015) How the Syriza government sank the Greek’s interests in four weeks. Egmont Commentary, 10 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2015) The European energy union: Behind the hype, where is the beef? Egmont Commentary, 23 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

April 2015

Arnould, Valerie (2015) Burkina Faso’s popular revolution fraying at the edges. Egmont Commentary, 17 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) A Belgian army for European defence. Egmont Commentary, 8 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Half a grand strategy is not enough. Egmont Commentary, 15 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Letter from Brussels. Egmont Commentary, 10 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Rather no government of technocrats. Egmont Commentary, 17 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Strategy: what is it good for? Egmont Commentary, 9 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2015) Bluff poker of the Belgian Defense Staff? Egmont Commentary, 2 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2015) Judy Asks: Will Hybrid Warfare Defeat Europe? Egmont Commentary, 29 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik (2015) Will the foreign fighters issue ever end? Egmont Commentary, 20 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) To join or not to join: The AIIB and the EU’s dilemma. Egmont Commentary, 10 April 2015. [Policy Paper]

May 2015

Heine, Sophie (2015) Identity and euroscepticism as a substitute for political agency: A few lessons from the British elections. Egmont Commentary, 12 May 2015. [Policy Paper]

Klose, Stephan (2015) The EU–Japan Summit considered in light of the renewed US–Japan defence guidelines: new momentum for the strategic partnership? Egmont Commentary, 28 May 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) Brexit: How Europe is becoming ever smaller… Egmont Commentary, 22 May 2015. [Policy Paper]

Scholten, Daniel and Ydersbond, Inga and Alloisio, Isabella and Sattich, Thomas and Håkon Inderberg, Tor (2015) The EU’s 2030 agenda and the Energy Union: Member States’ bargaining positions and the way forward. Egmont Commentary, 13 May 2015. [Policy Paper]

Secondat, Charles (2015) TTIP or TTTF? Why the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will most likely become a trade treaty too far. Egmont Commentary, 5 May 2015. [Policy Paper]

Willermain, Fabian (2015) The European Agenda on Migration, or, the timid beginning of a genuine common European migration policy. Egmont Commentary, 21 May 2015. [Policy Paper]

June 2015

Arnould, Valerie (2015) Transitional justice’s uneven path in the DRC. Egmont Commentary, 22 June 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) A 21st century Waterloo? Lessons and parallels between now and then. Egmont Commentary, 18 June 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) The EU’s strategic partnership agreements: balancing geo-economics and geopolitics. Egmont Commentary, 9 June 2015. [Policy Paper]

Wacker, Gudrun and Boisseau du Rocher, Sophie and Biscop, Sven (2015) Shangri La Dialogue 2015: Europe was there. Egmont Commentary, 9 June 2015. [Policy Paper]

July 2015

Cioriciu, Anca and Willermain, Fabian (2015) ‘A Union for the citizens’ – The Luxembourg Presidency’s promise vs. realistic EU deliverables. Egmont Commentary, 23 July 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) BRICS: An alternative order in construction (Summit takeaways). Egmont Commentary, 15 July 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) Strategic partnerships: a new toolkit for business and statecraft. Egmont Commentary, 24 July 2015. [Policy Paper]

August 2015

Gray, Andre (2015) EMSS: new and approaching ‘hot-buttons’ for maritime security. Egmont Commentary, 26 August 2015. [Policy Paper]

Otte, Marc (2015) The EU at a crossroad. Egmont Commentary, 27 August 2015. [Policy Paper]

September 2015

Biscop, Sven (2015) Putin is not such a brillant strategist. Egmont Commentary, 30 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) An eventful summer (Syria and the teething of Europe). Egmont Commentary, 4 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

Willermain, Fabian (2015) Towards a European Commission with fewer competencies for more political power? Egmont Commentary, 2 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2015) According to the International Energy Agency’s climate projections, the EU 2030 Energy Strategy will be insufficient. Egmont Commentary, 22 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

October 2015

Biscop, Sven (2015) Defence: Belgium is not a small country. Egmont Commentary, 5 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2015) An EU global strategy for foreign and security policy… and even defence. Egmont Commentary, 12 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2015) No prevention without defence. Egmont Commentary, 3 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Heine, Sophie (2015) The Belgian view on the UK’s renegotiation is that European challenges can only be tackled through deepening European integration. Egmont Commentary, 18 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Otte, Marc (2015) The Greater Middle East and the Mediterranean five years from now. Egmont Commentary, 29 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) US-China cybersecurity agreement: a good case of cyber diplomacy. Egmont Commentary, 1 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) What Putin wants (in Syria). Egmont Commentary, 26 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Secondat, Charles (2015) A horror movie: Euro Jurassic Park. Egmont Commentary, 9 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

November 2015

Biscop, Sven (2015) EU mutual assistance is more than defence. Egmont Commentary, 19 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Escalate the diplomatic offensive in the war against Islamic State. Egmont Commentary, 16 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Out of the blue: a white book. Egmont Commentary, 24 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Heine, Sophie (2015) European sovereignty and federalism: a necessary alliance to rescue political agency. Egmont Commentary, 12 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Rehrl, Jochen (2015) Invoking the EU’s Mutual Assistance Clause. What it says, what it means. Egmont Commentary, 20 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) Aggressive, assertive and approximative: how Russia, China and Europe adapt to the changing global order. Egmont Commentary, 12 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) Terror alert in Europe: A comprehensive response to a comprehended threat. Egmont Commentary, 24 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

December 2015

Biscop, Sven (2015) Can European strategy cope? Egmont Commentary, 17 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) Defence does not get that much more. Egmont Commentary, 24 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2015) An anchor for the EU maritime security strategy. Egmont Commentary, 2 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2015) After Paris: five questions on (counter-)terrorism in Europe. Egmont Commentary, 4 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zgajewski, Tania (2015) Is China–Russia energy cooperation a pipe dream? Egmont Commentary, 2 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

January 2016

Biscop, Sven (2016) Brexit and defence: where is the strategy? Egmont Commentary, 6 January 2016. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2016) EU Global Strategy – Expert Opinion No. 4. Egmont Commentary, 22 January 2016. [Policy Paper]

February 2016

Biscop, Sven (2016) A Belgian contribution to an operation in Libya? Egmont Commentary, 29 February 2016. [Policy Paper]

Siachamis, Georgios (2016) Germany’s new Ostpolitik finds ways to engage with Russia. Egmont Commentary, 25 February 2016. [Policy Paper]

Ujvari, Balazs (2016) Green Diplomacy Network – what is in a name? Egmont Commentary, 29 February 2016. [Policy Paper]

Ujvari, Balazs (2016) New Development Bank in the making. Egmont Commentary, 17 February 2016. [Policy Paper]

March 2016

Biscop, Sven (2016) Staying Belgian, investing in Europe. Egmont Commentary, 23 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2016) An act of war against Belgium calls for national unity. Egmont Commentary, 31 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2016) Judy Asks: Is a European Security Policy Finally Possible? Egmont Commentary, 31 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Giegerich, Bastian (2016) European military capabilities and future conflict. Egmont Commentary, 8 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Howorth, Jolyon (2016) For a big picture strategic review: simplicity and realism. Egmont Commentary, 4 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Mattelaer, Alexander (2016) Three plus one: a military level of ambition for Europeans. Egmont Commentary, 13 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2016) Why Belgium is not Europe’s jihadi base. Egmont Commentary, 31 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Secondat, Charles (2016) To be binding or not to be binding? The delicious Cameron/Gove legal controversy about the EU–UK deal. Egmont Commentary, 9 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Simón, Luis (2016) Securing the ‘middle spaces’: geography, strategy and the future of European power. Egmont Commentary, 21 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Willermain, Fabian and Genard, Quentin (2016) The UK Referendum: the EU at the Crossroads. Egmont Commentary, 16 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

April 2016

Renard, Thomas (2016) After Paris and Brussels: reassessing ISIS’s strategy in Europe. Egmont Commentary, 8 April 2016. [Policy Paper]

June 2016

Hoste, Jean-Christophe (2016) Uhuru for Kenya? Egmont Commentary, 17 June 2016. [Policy Paper]

Nopens, Patrick (2016) Time to restore conventional deterrence-by-denial. Egmont Commentary, 17 June 2016. [Policy Paper]

July 2016

Biscop, Sven (2016) Writings on NATO: One for the Fiction Department. Egmont Commentary, 11 July 2016. [Policy Paper]

August 2016

Renard, Thomas (2016) Is terrorism contagious? Egmont Commentary, 9 August 2016. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2016) Understanding the current wave of terrorism. Egmont Commentary, 4 August 2016. [Policy Paper]

Ujvari, Balazs (2016) Brexit and future of Europe – A new multilateral agenda? Egmont Commentary, 17 August 2016. [Policy Paper]

Ujvari, Balazs (2016) The Hangzhou G20 summit – what is at stake? Egmont Commentary, 29 August 2016. [Policy Paper]

d'Oultremont, Clémentine and Nikoleishvili, Iakob (2016) Ensuring short and long-term future of Russian oil output. Egmont Commentary, 24 August 2016. [Policy Paper]

September 2016

Arnould, Valerie (2016) Rethinking what ICC success means at the Bemba Trial. Egmont Commentary, 14 September 2016. [Policy Paper]

Cioriciu, Anca and Willermain, Fabian (2016) September 2016: Back-to-school politics – the EU’s new commitments. Egmont Commentary, 28 September 2016. [Policy Paper]

November 2016

Biscop, Sven (2016) Construct European Defence in Brussels. Egmont Commentary, 4 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Dehousse, Franklin (2016) The mounting dislocation of EU law. Egmont Commentary, 4 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Deubner, Christian (2016) Uncertain reform call meets structural rigidities: The EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy in 2016. Egmont Commentary, 18 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

December 2016

Biscop, Sven (2016) IS-held territory will be reconquered – and then? Egmont Commentary, 15 December 2016. [Policy Paper]

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January 2017

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February 2017

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March 2017

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April 2017

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May 2017

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June 2017

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July 2017

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September 2017

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January 2018

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February 2018

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March 2018

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April 2018

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May 2018

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June 2018

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July 2018

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August 2018

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September 2018

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October 2018

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November 2018

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January 2019

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March 2019

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May 2019

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