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Callan, Tim (2021) Microsimulation modelling of the National Childcare Scheme: Updated cost estimates using SWITCH. ESRI Working Paper 695 January 2021. [Working Paper]

January 2021

Cabras, Stefano (2021) American LNG and the EU-Russia Relationship: The End of Moscow’s Energy Weapon? College of Europe EU Diplomacy Paper 2/2021. [Working Paper]

Lannoo, Karel and Parlour, Richard (2021) Anti-Money Laundering in the EU: Time to get serious. CEPS Task Force Report 28 Jan 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Lannoo, Karel and Hansen, Jesper Lau and Thomadakis, Apostolos (2021) Are European listed corporations short-termist? ECMI Commentary No. 71 07 Jan 2021. [Policy Paper]

OSW, Team (2021) Belarusians on Poland, Russia and themselves. OSW Commentary Number 373 29.01.2021. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2021) The Capitol and the Reichstag. Egmont Commentary 11 January 2021. [Policy Paper]

Mihut, Georgiana (2021) Does university prestige lead to discrimination in the labour market? Evidence from a labour market field experiment in three countries. ESRI Research Bulletin 202103 January 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Biscop, Sven (2021) EU-China: Drop the Masks, Back to Real Diplomacy. Egmont Commentary 8 January 2021. [Policy Paper]

Daly, Luke and Lawless, Martina (2021) EU-US trade structure and risks. ESRI Working Paper 694 January 2021. [Working Paper]

Kalff, Donald (2021) Enterprise Models and the EU agenda. CEPS Policy Contribution 28 Jan 2021. [Policy Paper]

Blockmans, Steven (2021) Extraterritorial sanctions with a Chinese trademark European responses to long-arm legal tactics. CEPS Policy Contribution 26 Jan 2021. [Policy Paper]

Latici, Tania (2021) From one master of survival to another: a tardigrade’s plea for NATO2030. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 134 January 2021. [Policy Paper]

Blockmans, Steven and Hillion, Christophe and Vimont, Pierre (2021) From self-doubt to self-assurance: The European External Action Service as the indispensable support for a geopolitical EU. CEPS Task Force Report 29 Jan 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Pâris, Constant (2021) Guardian of the Galaxy? Assessing the European Union’s International Actorness in Cyberspace. College of Europe EU Diplomacy Paper 1/2021. [Working Paper]

Cobut, Loïc (2021) Renewable energy communities in the European energy policy: an evidence of clean energy for all Europeans, not by all. Egmont Paper 111 28 January 2021. [Policy Paper]

Franco, Marc (2021) Russian Grand Strategy and how to handle it. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 133 January 2021. [Policy Paper]

Gotkowska, Justyna (2021) Sweden’s security: The long way towards total defence. OSW Point of View Number 81 Warsaw January 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Henry, Edward and Brick, Aoife and Keegan, Conor (2021) Utilisation of publicly financed dental and optical services in Ireland – Baseline analysis for the Hippocrates Model. ESRI Survey and Statistical Report Series 99. UNSPECIFIED.

Matuszak, Sławomir (2021) Zelensky’s Ukraine: the mechanisms of power are failing. OSW Commentary Number 372 22.01.2021. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2021) The caliphate’s legacy and fringe extremists. Egmont Commentary 18 January 2021. [Policy Paper]

Jakóbowski, Jakub and Kłysiński, Kamil (2021) The non-strategic partnership: Belarus-China relations. OSW Studies Number 81 Warsaw January 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2021

Emerson, Michael and Blockmans, Steven and Cenusa, Denis and Kovziridze, Tamara and Movchan, Veronika (2021) Balkan and Eastern European Comparisons: Building a New Momentum for the European integration of the Balkan and Eastern European associated states. CEPS Policy Contribution 25 Feb 2021. [Policy Paper]

Debiec, Krysztof (2021) The Bohemianisation of the media. The acquisition of the Czech media sector by local billionaires. OSW Commentary Number 378 11.02.2021. [Policy Paper]

Keegan, Conor and Lyons, Seán (2021) COVID-19 hospital utilisation planning model: Description and parameters. ESRI Technical Paper February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Miadzvetskaya, Yuliya (2021) Cyber sanctions: towards a European Union cyber intelligence service? College of Europe Policy Brief February 2021. [Policy Paper]

Otte, Marc (2021) The EU-MENA partnership: time for a reset. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 135 February 2021. [Policy Paper]

McQuinn, Kieran (2021) Economic Assessment of the Euro Area, Winter 2020/2021. ESRI Survey and Statistical Report Series 104 February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Wilén, Nina (2021) Expanding the Reach of the Special Forces with a Gender-Mixed Deep Development Capability (DDC): Identifying Challenges and Lessons Learned. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 137 February 2021. [Policy Paper]

Tardy, Thierry (2021) For a New NATO-EU Bargain. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 138 February 2021. [Policy Paper]

Keegan, Conor and Lyons, Seán (2021) Hospital admission probability and length of stay among Covid-19 confirmed cases. ESRI Report February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

McQuinn, Kieran (2021) House prices and mortgage credit: Empirical evidence for Ireland – An update. QEC Research Note 20210101 February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Cernat, Lucian and Boucher, David (2021) Multilateral cooperation behind the trade war headlines. CEPS Policy Contribution 08 Feb 2021. [Policy Paper]

Corruble, Clarisse (2021) Overtourism and the Policy Agenda: From Destinations to the European Union - Balancing Growth and Sustainability. Bruges Political Research Papers 83/2021. [Policy Paper]

Kłysiński, Kamil (2021) Pressure being stepped up cautiously: the EU’s and US’s sanctions against Belarus. OSW Commentary Number 381 19.02.2021. [Policy Paper]

Koecklin, Manuel Tong and Longoria, Genaro and Fitiwi, Desta and DeCarolisc, Joseph and Curtis, John (2021) Public acceptance of new renewable electricity generation and transmission lines. ESRI Research Bulletin 202105 February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Cortinovis, Roberto (2021) Pushbacks and lack of accountability at the Greek-Turkish borders. CEPS Policy Contribution 12 Feb 2021. [Policy Paper]

Lopriore, Marco and Vlachodimitropoulou, Marina (2021) Recovery and Resilience Plans for the Next Generation EU: a unique opportunity that must be taken quickly, and carefully. EIPA paper February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Connolly, Sheelah and Russell, Helen and Henry, Edward (2021) Returning to employment following a diagnosis of cancer: An Irish survey. ESRI Survey and Statistical Report Series 103. UNSPECIFIED.

Akgüç, Mehtap and Kahancová , Marta and Westhoff, Leonie and Kostolný, Jakub (2021) Shaping return to work policy: Current involvement and future potential of EU social dialogue. CEPS Project Report 04 Feb 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Lopez-Uroz, Nina and Westhoff, Leonie and Akgüç, Mehtap (2021) Shaping return to work policy: The role of industrial relations at national and company level - Country report for Belgium. CEPS Project Report 08 Feb 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Lunn, Pete (2021) Social Activity Measure - Wave 2. ESRI Report February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Lunn, Pete (2021) Social Activity Measure – Wave 1. ESRI Report February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Rogoza, Jadwiga and Wiśniewska, Iwona (2021) Sputnik V: research, production, vaccination campaign and export. OSW Commentary Number 377 10.02.2021. [Policy Paper]

Franco, Marc (2021) TINA for Putin – Or is there an alternative? Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 136 February 2021. [Policy Paper]

Domańska, Maria (2021) Tightening the screws. Putin’s repressive laws. OSW Commentary Number 380 18.02.2021. [Policy Paper]

Doorley, Karina (2021) What drove income inequality during the Great Recession? ESRI Research Bulletin 202102 February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

McGinnity, Frances (2021) Work-life conflict in Europe. ESRI Research Bulletin 202101 February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Redmond, Paul and Doorley, Karina and McGuinness, Seamus (2021) The impact of a minimum wage change on wages and household income. ESRI Research Bulletin 202104 February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Redmond, Paul and McGuinness, Seamus (2021) The impact of the 2016 minimum wage increase on average labour costs, hours worked and employment in Irish firms. ESRI Research Series 118 February 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Górecki, Wojciech and Chudziak, Mateusz (2021) The (pan-)Turkic Caucasus. The Baku-Ankara alliance and its regional importance. OSW Commentary Number 374 1.02.2021. [Policy Paper]

March 2021

Biscop, Sven (2021) Biden, NATO and the EU: Who Deals With China, and Who With Russia? Egmont Commentary 29 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Romanyshyn, Iulian (2021) Breaking the law of opposite effects: Europe’s Strategic Autonomy and the revived Transatlantic Partnership. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 140 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Walsh, Brendan and Lyons, Seán (2021) Demand for the Statutory Home Care Scheme. ESRI Research Series 122 March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Biscop, Sven (2021) EU and NATO Strategy: A Compass, a Concept, and a Concordat. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 141 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Franco, Marc (2021) The EU and Russia: A New Foreign Policy for the “Carcass”? Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 139 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Van der Loo, Guillaume and Chamon, Merjin (2021) The European Parliament flexes its muscles on the EU–UK trade deal. Egmont Commentary 5 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Siedschlag, Iulia and Yan, Weijie and Wain, Martin and Rosemberg , Cristina and Halbeisen , Pascal and Schlich, Billie-Louise and Seth, Vivek and Tiriduzzi, Costanza and Vinnik, Aaron (2021) Evaluation of Enterprise Ireland Research, Development and Innovation Programme. ESRI General Papers March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Siedschlag, Iulia and Yan, Weijie and Meneto, Stefano (2021) Ex-post analysis of the impact of national landfill policy for greenhouse gas emissions in the waste sector. ESRI Report March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Murray, Aisling and McNamara, Eoin and O'Mahony, Desmond and Smyth, Emer and Watson, Dorothy (2021) Growing Up in Ireland: Key findings from the special COVID-19 survey of Cohorts ’98 and ‘08. ESRI Growing Up in Ireland March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Nixon , Elizabeth (2021) Growing Up in Ireland: Social-emotional and behavioural outcomes in early adolescence. ESRI Report March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Debiec, Krysztof and Kędzierski, Michał (2021) Lignite in the Czech Republic and Germany: controversies and prospects. OSW Commentary Number 386 31.03.2021. [Policy Paper]

Mohan, Gretta (2021) Migrant background and children’s use of healthcare services in Ireland. ESRI Research Bulletin 202107 March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Julienne, Roland and Barjaková, Martina and Robertson, Deirdre and Lunn, Pete (2021) Online disclosures fail to make consumers aware of personalised pricing. ESRI Research Bulletin 202106 March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Cloos, Jim (2021) Open letter to British friends from a bemused European. Egmont Commentary 18 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

De Bruin, Kelly C. and Krishnamurthy, Chandra Kiran (2021) Optimal climate policy with fat-tailed uncertainty: What the models can tell us. ESRI Working Paper 697 March 2021. [Working Paper]

McQuinn, Kieran and O'Toole, Conor and Kostarakos, Ilias and Coffey, Cathal (2021) Quarterly Economic Commentary, Spring 2021. ESRI Forecasting Series March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

O'Toole, Conor and Coffey, Cathal and Slaymaker, Rachel (2021) The RTB Rent Index, Quarter 4 2020. ESRI Indices Report March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Grilli, Gianluca and Curtis, John and Hynes, Stephen (2021) Recreational salmon angling logbook returns. ESRI Research Bulletin 202108 March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Hoebeke, Hans (2021) Rumble in the DR CONGO: President Tshisekedi is taking control. Egmont Paper 112 11 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Wilk, Andrzej (2021) Russia's Belarusian army: The practical aspects of Belarus and Russia's military integration. OSW Report 2021-03-03. UNSPECIFIED.

Lunn, Pete (2021) Social Activity Measure - Wave 3. ESRI Report March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Lunn, Pete (2021) Social Activity Measure - Wave 4. ESRI Gneral Papers March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Menkiszak, Marek (2021) Tell me more: Russia on Macron’s détente initiatives. OSW Point of View Number 83 Warsaw March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Schuette, Leonard August (2021) Toward a meaningful metric: replacing NATO’s 2% defence spending target. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 142 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

De Brouwer, Jean-Louis and Rodiere, Edouard (2021) Towards cutting-edge European humanitarian leadership. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 67 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Valenza, Domenico (2021) The Trap of Geopolitics: Rethinking EU Strategic Communication. College of Europe Policy Brief March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Brick, Aoife and Connolly, Sheelah (2021) Waiting times for publicly funded hospital treatment: How does Ireland measure up? ESRI Research Bulletin 202109 March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Szymański, Piotr (2021) Wrestling in Greenland. Denmark, the United States and China in the land of ice. OSW Commentary Number 382 2.03.2021. [Policy Paper]

Formuszewicz, Ryszarda and Kardaś, Szymon and Łoskot-Strachota, Agata (2021) The dispute over Nord Stream 2: the stances and the outlook. OSW Commentary Number 385 10.03.2021. [Policy Paper]

Grilli, Gianluca and Curtis, John (2021) An evaluation of public initiatives to change behaviours that affect water quality. ESRI Working Paper 696 March 2021. [Working Paper]

Kardaś, Szymon and Kędzierski, Michał (2021) A hydrogen alliance? The potential for German-Russian cooperation in hydrogen energy. OSW Commentary Number 383 3.03.2021. [Policy Paper]

Didier, Brice (2021) A more balanced US-EU strategic equation: reshaping the transatlantic relationship. College of Europe Policy Brief March 2021. [Policy Paper]

Carcy, Loïc (2021) The new EU screening mechanism for foreign direct investments - When the EU takes back control. Bruges Political Research Papers 84/2021. [Policy Paper]

April 2021

Keegan, Conor and Lyons, Seán (2021) COVID-19 hospital utilisation planning model: updated description and parameters. ESRI Report April 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Mollet, Frederico (2021) China’s grand industrial strategy and what it means for Europe. EPC Policy Paper April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian and Wachowiak, Jannike (2021) Could the Brexit domino effect come back to haunt us? EPC Commentary April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2021) The Cyprus problem: Has time run out for reunification? EPC Commentary April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Bobotsi, Constance (2021) EU Education Diplomacy: Embeddedness of Erasmus+ in the EU’s Neighbourhood and Enlargement Policies. College of Europe EU Diplomacy Paper 3/2021. [Working Paper]

Kłysiński, Kamil (2021) Eradicating Polishness. Lukashenka on the Polish national minority schools in Belarus. OSW Commentary Number 391 22.04.2021. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Maisuradze, Iana (2021) Georgia’s road ahead: Time for the EU to show some tough love. EPC Commentary April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Mohan, Gretta and Nolan, Anne (2021) Impacts of co‐payments for prescribed medicines on publicly‐insured children and older people in Ireland. ESRI Research Bulletin 202111 April 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Koeth, Wolfgang (2021) Member States and EU agreements: Is it really national parliaments that are standing in the way of EU strategic autonomy? EIPA Paper April 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Van der Loo, Guillaume (2021) ‘Mixed’ feelings about the EU–Mercosur deal: How to leverage it for sustainable development. Egmont Commentary 14 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Curtis, John and Grilli, Gianluca (2021) Moving home and switching heating fuels. ESRI Research Bulletin 202110 April 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Pilati, Marta (2021) National Recovery and Resilience Plans: Empowering the green and digital transitions? EPC Discussion Paper April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Kren, Janez and Lawless, Martina and O'Toole, Conor and McCann, Fergal and McQuinn, John (2021) New survey evidence on COVID-19 and Irish SMEs: Measuring the impact and policy response. ESRI Working Paper 698 April 2021. [Working Paper]

Arnould, Valérie (2021) Reflections on a Decentralised Approach to Transitional Justice in the DR Congo. Egmont Africa Policy Brief No. 33 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Whelan, Adele and McGuinness, Seamus and Barrett, Alan (2021) Review of international approaches to evaluating rural and community development investment and supports. ESRI Research Series 124 April 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Martinez-Cillero, Maria and Lawless, Martina and O'Toole, Conor (2021) SME investment determinants and financing constraints: A stochastic frontier approach. ESRI Working Paper 699 April 2021. [Working Paper]

Lunn, Pete (2021) Social Activity Measure - Wave 5. ESRI Report April 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Wiśniewska, Iwona (2021) Sputnik over Europe. OSW Commentary Number 387 2.04.2021. [Policy Paper]

Mubiala, Mutoy (2021) Towards a renewed transitional justice in the D.R. Congo. Egmont Africa Policy Brief No. 34 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Łoskot-Strachota, Agata and Seroka, Mateusz and Szpala, Marta (2021) TurkStream on the diversifying south-eastern European gas market. OSW Commentary Number 388 8.04.2021. [Policy Paper]

Goxho, Delina (2021) Unpacking the EU’s New Sahel Strategy. Egmont Commentary 22 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven and Wilén, Nina (2021) What Belgium Can Do: Proposals for the National Security Strategy. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 143 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Redmond, Paul and Maitre, Bertrand and McGuinness, Seamus (2021) A comparative assessment of minimum wage employment in Europe. ESRI Research Series 123 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Roux, François (2021) The external representation of the EU: A simple matter of protocol? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 69 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Panchulidze, Elene and Bergmann, Julian (2021) The new ‘Concept on EU Peace Mediation’: boosting EU capacities in crisis response and conflict resolution? College of Europe Policy Brief April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Colli, Francesca (2021) A transition for the citizens? Ensuring public participation in the European Green Deal. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 68 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Riekeles, Georg (2021) The von der Leyen Commission: On trial again. EPC Commentary April 2021. [Policy Paper]

May 2021

Borges de Castro, Ricardo (2021) Anticipatory democracy: Harnessing the power of people and strategic foresight. EPC Commentary May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Stratulat, Corina and Butcher, Paul (2021) Balkan youth speaks up about digital issues: Lessons for the Conference on the Future of Europe. EPC Discussion Paper May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Muraille, Marcel (2021) The Belgian Recovery and Resilience Plan: A fresh impetus to prepare the skills of tomorrow’s workforce? Egmont Commentary 17 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Wilén, Nina (2021) Civil-Military Imbalance in the Sahel. Egmont Commentary 27 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Kren, Janez and Lawless, Martina and O'Toole, Conor (2021) Cost of doing business during COVID-19: SME investment in public health compliance. ESRI Working Paper No. 701 May 2021. [Working Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2021) Crying wolf will not help Taiwan. Egmont Commentary 7 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2021) The EU and China: sanctions, signals, and interests. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 145 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

di Carlo, Ivano and Islam, Shada (2021) EU–South Asia relations in the 21st century: Rethink, reimagine, reshape. EPC Commentary 2021. [Policy Paper]

Klika, Christoph (2021) Enforcing EU chemicals policy: the multi-level pursuit of zero tolerance. EIPA paper May 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Schunz, Simon (2021) The European Union’s Strategic Turn in Climate Diplomacy: ‘Multiple Bilateralism’ with Major Emitters. College of Europe EU Diplomacy Paper 4/2021. [Working Paper]

Lynch, Muireann and Longoria, Genaro and Curtis, John (2021) Future market design options for electricity markets with high RES-E: Lessons from the Irish Single Electricity Market. ESRI Working Paper No. 702 May 2021. [Working Paper]

Kardaś, Szymon (2021) Great ambitions: Russia expands on the LNG market. OSW Commentary Number 394 17.05.2021. [Policy Paper]

Szymański, Piotr (2021) High North, high priority – Norway and the defence of NATO’s northern flank. OSW Commentary Number 393 12.05.2021. [Policy Paper]

Latici, Tania (2021) How the Strategic Compass can incubate a European prototype for burden sharing. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 146 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Maisuradze, Iana (2021) NATO and Georgia 13 years on: So close, yet so far. EPC Commentary May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Kakoulidou, Theoni and Roantree, Barra (2021) Options for raising tax revenue in Ireland. Budget Perspectives 2022 Paper 1 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Roantree, Barra and Maître, Bertrand and McTague, Alyvia and Privalko, Ivan (2021) Poverty, income inequality and living standards in Ireland. ESRI Report May 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Smyth, Emer and Darmody, Merike (2021) Risk and protective factors in adolescent behaviour: The role of family, school and neighbourhood characteristics in (mis)behaviour among young people. ESRI Research Series 119 May 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Bergin, Adele and Brick, Aoife and Connolly, Sheelah and Lawless, Martina and McGuinness, Seamus and O'Neill, Ciarán and Siedschlag, Iulia and Smyth, Emer and Wren, Maev-Ann (2021) Scoping papers for research on 'The economic and social opportunities from increased cooperation on the shared island'. ESRI Survey and Statistical Report Series 106 May 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

De Ruyt, Jean (2021) Secondary sanctions and multilateralism – the way ahead. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 70 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Dejonghe, Marie (2021) Will only a Green Power remain a Great Power? Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 144 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

Kłysiński, Kamil (2021) The cost of a police state: Belarus’s economic problems. OSW Commentary Number 392 11.05.2021. [Policy Paper]

Maitre, Bertrand and Russell, Helen and Smyth, Emer (2021) The dynamics of child poverty in Ireland: Evidence from the Growing Up in Ireland survey. ESRI Research Series 121 May 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Pillai, Arya and Reaños, Miguel Tovar and Curtis, John (2021) An examination of energy effciency retrofit scheme applications by low-income households in Ireland. ESRI Working Paper 700 May 2021. [Working Paper]

Doorley, Karina and O'Donoghue, Cathal and Sologon, Denisa (2021) The gender gap in income and the COVID-19 pandemic. ESRI DISCUSSION PAPER SERIES IZA DP No. 14360 May 2021. [Discussion Paper]

Viitanen, Sara (2021) The youth climate movement: Out of sight, out of mind? EPC Commentary May 2021. [Policy Paper]

June 2021

Biscop, Sven (2021) Biden and Europe, values and interests. Egmont Commentary 18 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and di Carlo, Ivano (2021) Biden and Putin on a tightrope, Europe on the sidelines. EPC Commentary June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2021) Biden’s Visit: Five Must-Do’s in Brussels. Egmont Commentary 11 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Kwiatkowska, Anna (2021) Cinderella became the Empress: How Merkel has changed Germany. OSW Point of View Number 85 June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Mattelaer, Alexander (2021) De kanarie in de koolmijn van onze nationale veiligheid. Egmont Commentary 1 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Wachowiak, Jannike (2021) EU–UK climate cooperation post-Brexit: A case for optimism? EPC Policy Brief June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Best, Edward (2021) The European Parliament and the Right of Initiative: Change Practice, Not Powers. EIPA paper June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Siedschlag, Iulia and Yan, Weijie (2021) Factors driving firms’ green investments. ESRI Research Bulletin June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Vara Arribas, Gracia (2021) Getting Fit for Public Procurement: The Push for Professionalism. EIPA Briefing June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Kononenko, Vadim (2021) ‘Greening’ EU’s cultural diplomacy: Uncovering the potential of the culture-climate nexus. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 147 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

McNamara, Eoin and Murray, Aisling and O'Mahony, Desmond and O'Reilly, Caoimhe and Smyth, Emer and Watson, Dorothy (2021) Growing Up in Ireland: The lives of 9-year-olds of cohort '08. ESRI Growing up in Ireland June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Klika, Christoph (2021) Health Crises and the Growth of EU Agencies: The Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. EIPA Briefing June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Vandenbussche , Thijs (2021) Is the EU's building renovation wave 'fit for 55'? EPC Policy Brief June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Chihaia, Mihai Sebastian (2021) The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Can the EU break the cycle of violence? EPC Commentary June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Ciolan, Ionela (2021) Kremlin’s quest for mare nostrum: Enhancing Black Sea security to stop Russian encroachment. EPS Commentary June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Van der Loo, Guillaume (2021) Lost in translation? The Comprehensive Agreement on Investment and EU–China trade relations. EPC Discussion Paper June 2021. [Policy Paper]

McGinnity, Frances and Russell, Helen and Privalko, Ivan and Enright, Shannen (2021) Monitoring decent work in Ireland. ESRI Research Series June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Gotkowska, Justyna (2021) NATO 2030: towards a new strategy. OSW Commentary Number 398 23.06.2021. [Policy Paper]

Goxho, Delina (2021) Pivoting Stabilisation in the Sahel: competing visions and implementation checkpoints. Egmont Commentary 2 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Hunter, Alison and Pilati, Marta (2021) Recovery and reform in the EU’s most vulnerable regions. EPC Policy Paper June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Matusiak, Marek (2021) The ‘Russian street’: The place and significance of immigrants from the former USSR in Israel. OSW Point of View Number 84 June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Palimariciuc, Mihai (2021) Solving misclassification will not be enough to improve working conditions in the platform economy. EPC Commentary June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Holslag, Jonathan and Wilén, Nina and Biscop, Sven (2021) The Strategic Committee on Belgian Defence: How to Read the Report. Egmont Commentary 28 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Renard, Thomas (2021) Strengthening rather than merging Belgian intelligence services. Egmont Commentary 2 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Curtisa, John (2021) Submission on EirGrid's consultation on `Shaping Our Electricity Future'. ESRI Submission May 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Szymański, Piotr (2021) The UK’s Integrated Review and NATO’s north-eastern flank. OSW Commentary Number 396 10.06.2021. [Policy Paper]

Jakóbowski, Jakub and Nieczypor, Krzysztof (2021) Under the radar of big politics: cooperation between China and Ukraine. OSW Commentary Number 395 2.06.2021. [Policy Paper]

Bendel , Petra and Stürner, Janina and Heimann, Christiane and Schammann, Hannes (2021) ‘When Mayors Make Migration Policy’: The future of city diplomacy. EPC Policy Brief June 2021. [Policy Paper]

McQuinn, Kieran (2021) With ‘g’ greater than ‘r’, should we be borrowing to increase Irish housing supply? ESRI Special Article June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Biscop, Sven (2021) World politics in 2021: Infected by rivalry. Egmont Commentary 14 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

Cloos, Jim (2021) A new start for EU-US relations? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 71 1 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

July 2021

Greubel, Johannes and Pornschlegel, Sophie (2021) After Merkel: Where will Germany stand in Europe? EPC Commentary 22/07/2021. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2021) Belgian Defence: Put your trust in people. Egmont Commentary 20 July 2021. [Policy Paper]

Debiec, Krysztof (2021) Drought in the Czech Republic: The political, economic and social consequences. OSW Report 2021-07-09. UNSPECIFIED.

Jeney, Petra (2021) The EU Conditionality Regulation – Variations on Procrastination. EIPA Briefing July 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Cameron, Fraser and Islam, Shada (2021) History matters for the EU’s geopolitical ambitions. EPC Commentary July 2021. [Policy Paper]

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