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Akgüç, Mehtap (2018) Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue in the Age of Collaborative Economy (IRSDACE). National Report France. 21 December 2018. [Policy Paper]


Andguladze, Ana and Paul, Amanda (2018) 10 years after Bucharest: Why NATO should double-down on Georgian membership. EPC Policy Brief 3 July 2018. [Policy Paper]

Angelescu, Irina and Trauner, Florian (2018) 10,000 border guards for Frontex: Why the EU risks conflated expectations. EPC Policy Brief, 21 September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Alcidi, Cinzia. and Bodewig, Christian and Preissl, Brigitte (2018) Economic Convergence or Divergence in the EU? CEPS Commentary 4 October 2018. [Policy Paper]

Amariei, Cosmina (2018) Fostering Institutional Investment in Europe’s Capital Markets Reality vs. Expectations. 2nd Interim Report of the CEPS-ECMI Task Force on Asset Allocation in Europe. ECMI Research Reports April 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Aumaitre, Ariane (2018) From the SGP to the TSCG through the lenses of European integration theories. Bruges Political Research Papers 67/2018. [Policy Paper]

Alcidi, Cinzia. and Núñez Ferrer, Jorge and Di Salvo, Mattia and Pilati, Marta and Musmeci, Roberto (2018) Income Convergence in the EU: A tale of two speeds. CEPS Commentary, 9 January 2018. [Policy Paper]

Alcidi, Cinzia. and Musmeci, Roberto and Di Salvo, Mattia and Pilati, Marta and Núñez Ferrer, Jorge. (2018) Income Convergence in the EU: Within-country regional patterns. CEPS Commentary, 5 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Akgüç, Mehtap and Beblavý, Miroslav and Simonelli, Felice (2018) Low-Cost Airlines: Bringing the EU closer together. CEPS Research Report, 15 May 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Abibok, Julia (2018) On the way to creating the ‘Donbas people’. Identity policy in the self-proclaimed republics in east Ukraine. OSW Commentary NUMBER 270 | 05.06.2018. [Policy Paper]

Askitas, Nikos and Bosc, Romain and de Groen, Willem Pieter and Eichhorst, Werner and Kilhoffer, Zachary and Lenaerts, Karolien and Meys, Nicolas and Ody, Margard and Salez, Nicolas (2018) Online Talent Platforms, Labour Market Intermediaries and the Changing World of Work. Independent study prepared by CEPS and IZA for the World Employment Confederation-Europe and UNI Europa May 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Author, No (2018) Revue GRASPE/GRASPE Review. Groupe de Réflexion sur l’avenir du Service Public Européen. Reflection Group on the Future of the European Civil Service Cahier n° 33 Juin 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Alcidi, Cinzia. (2018) Smart strategies to increase prosperity and limit brain drain in Central Europe. CEPS Special Report, 6 November 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Alessi, Monica and Núñez Ferrer, Jorge (2018) Suspended in legal limbo: Protecting investment in renewable energy in the EU. CEPS Policy Insights No 2018/03, January 2018. [Policy Paper]

Andritzky , Jochen and Beetsma , Roel and Dolls, Mathias and Feld , Lars P. and Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús and Gros , Daniel and Hallerberg, Mark and Landier, Augustin and Langfield, Sam and Leandro , Álvaro and Martin, Philippe and Matthes, Dietrich and Perotti, Roberto and Peydró, José-Luis and Reichlin, Pietro and Reis, Ricardo and Rocholl, Jörg and Schnabel, Isabel and Schoenmaker, Dirk and Thesmar, David and Valiante, Diego. and Véron , Nicolas and di Mauro, Beatrice Weder and Wolff , Guntram and Zettelmeyer, Jeromin (2018) Towards a More Resilient Euro Area. Ideas from the 'Future Europe' Forum. CEPS Paperback, 18 June 2018. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-94-6138-690-8

Agur, Itai and Demertzis, Maria (2018) Will macroprudential policy counteract monetary policy’s effects on financial stability? Bruegel Working Paper Issue 01 / 2018. [Working Paper]

Arnould, Valérie (2018) The pitfalls of an overreliance on the International Criminal Court. Egmont Commentary, 21 August 2018. [Policy Paper]

Acocella, Nicola and Pasimeni, Paolo (2018) The political trilemma of the economic and monetary union. IES Policy Brief No. 1, November 2018. [Policy Paper]


Brender, Anton and Pisani, Florence (2018) The American Economy: A European view. CEPS Paperback, 23 March 2018. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED.

Biscop, Sven (2018) BREXIT, STRATEGY, AND THE EU: BRITAIN TAKES LEAVE. Egmont Paper 100, February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Binnendijk, Hans (2018) Between continuity and erosion: three scenarios for the future of transatlantic relations. College of European Policy Brief #7.18. [Policy Paper]

Bamberg, Katharina and Fabbri, Francesca and McNamara, Frank (2018) Competing priorities at the EU’s external border. EPC Issue Paper, November 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Bouyon, Sylvain and Ayoub, Janna (2018) Consumer Credit, Digitalisation and Behavioural Economics: Are new protection rules needed? ECRI Policy Brief No. 9 – September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bouyon, Sylvain (2018) Cost and Value in Banks: A model fit for the digital era? ECRI Research Report No. 20 April 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Biscop, Sven (2018) The Dangerous Geopolitics of Populism, and What NATO and the EU Can Do About It. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 97 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Blockmans, Steven. and Bialozyt , Wojciech and Bilčík , Vladimír and Brandes , Erik and Breinschmid , Christoph and Bukovskis , Kārlis and Chatzistavrou , Filippa and Fuksiewicz , Aleksander and Geks , Rasmuss Filips and Gostyńska-Jakubowska , Agata and Gutiérrez-Peris , Dídac and Iso-Markku , Tuomas and Jokela , Juha and Kovář , Jan and Kratochvíl , Petr Kratochvíl and Kucharczyk , Jacek and Legieć , Arkadiusz and Lorente , Javier and Mavrov , Borislav and Morillas , Pol and Oppenheim , Beth and Poli , Eleonora and Primatarova , Antoinette and Russack , Sophia and Sánchez Margalef , Héctor and Schenuit , Felix and Schmidt , Paul and Sebe , Mihai and Smilov , Daniel and Sørensen , Catharina and Sychra , Zdeněk and Vaș , Eliza and Vasileva , Nikoleta and Vizgunova , Elizabete and von Ondarza , Nicolai and Youngs, Richard. and Schaller, Stephan (2018) Direct Democracy in the EU –The Myth of a Citizens’ Union. CEPS Paperback, November 2018. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-1-78660-999-1

Biscop, Sven (2018) Don’t be too shy about PESCO. Egmont Commentary, 6 September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bouyon, Sylvain and Krause, Simon (2018) Dynamic Currency Conversion and Consumer Protection: Finding the right rules. ECRI Commentary No. 22, 19 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bamberg, Katharina and van Brouwershaven, Ilene and De Somer, Marie (2018) EPIM Policy Update February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Bamberg, Katharina and De Somer, Marie and Mc Namara, Frank and Diez, Olivia Sundberg (2018) EPIM Policy Update July 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bamberg, Katharina and De Somer, Marie and Valsells, Marta Llonch (2018) EPIM Policy Update. European Policy Center, 20 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bjerkem, Johan and Harbour, Malcolm (2018) An EU New Year’s resolution: Keep boosting the Single Market. EPC Commentary, 7 December 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bamberg, Katharina (2018) The EU Resettlement Framework: From a humanitarian pathway to a migration management tool? EPC Discussion Paper 26 June 2018. [Policy Paper]

Batsaikhan, Uuriintuya (2018) Financial literacy and inclusive growth in the European Union. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚08 | May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bery, Suman (2018) The G20 turns ten: what’s past is prologue. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚20 | November 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bergant, Katharina and Fidora, Michael and Schmitz, Martin (2018) International capital flows at the security level – evidence from the ECB’s asset purchase programme. CEPS ECMI Working Paper no 7 | October 2018. [Working Paper]

Balfauff, Nanae (2018) Japan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy: What does it mean for the European Union? Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 100, November 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bajczuk, Rafał and Kardaś, Szymon (2018) Nord Stream 2 divides the West. OSW Commentary NUMBER 276 | 28.06.2018. [Policy Paper]

Baas, Timo and Belke, Ansgar (2018) Oil price shocks, monetary policy and current account imbalances within a currency union. CEPS Working Document No 2018/01, January 2018. [Policy Paper]

Barslund, Mikkel and Laurentsyeva, Nadzeya (2018) On International Women’s Day: More focus needed on integrating migrant women. CEPS Commentary, 8 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2018) PESCO: Good News for NATO from the EU. Egmont Commentary, 14 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Batsaikhan, Uuriintuya and Darvas, Zsolt and Raposo, Inês Goncalves (2018) People on the move: migration and mobility in the European Union. Bruegel Blueprint Series 28, 22 January 2018. [Policy Paper]

Bonnici Bennett, Melanie (2018) The Refugee Crisis and the EU’s Externalisation of Integrated Border Management to Libya and Turkey. EU Diplomacy Paper 06/2018. [Working Paper]

Bárd, Petra (2018) Saving EU Criminal Justice: Proposal for EU-wide supervision of the rule of law and fundamental rights. CEPS Paper in Liberty and Security in Europe No. 2018-01, April 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Biscop, Sven (2018) “Stand firm and hold the handrail”: A Traveller’s impressions of a summer of summitry. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 99 September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Blockmans , Steven and Cenușă , Denis and Emerson , Michael and Hriptievchi, Nadejda and Kakachia , Kornely and Kalitenko, Olexandr and Konończuk, Wojciech and Kovziridze , Tamara and Makarychev, Andrey and Minakov , Mikhail and Movchan , Veronika and Nodia, Ghia and Noutcheva , Gergana and Panasiuk , Viacheslav and Prohnitchi, Elena and Romano, Serena and Wolczuk , Kataryna and Zguladze , Ekaterine (2018) The Struggle for Good Governance in Eastern Europe. CEPS Paperback, 27 September 2018. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-1-78660-790-4

Biscop, Sven (2018) Trump and the triumph of unreason. Egmont Commentary, 1 June 2018. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2018) Will Trump’s decision on Iran end Europe’s servility? Egmont Commentary, 9 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Barslund, Mikkel and Di Salvo, Mattia and Laurentsyeva , Nadzeya (2018) The impact of refugees on the labour market: a big splash in a small pond? CEPS Working Document No 2018/07, October 2018. [Working Paper]


Claeys, Grégory and Demertzis, Maria and Efstathiou, Konstantinos and Raposo, Gonçalves and Hüttl, Pia and Lehmann, Alexander (2018) Analysis of development in EU capital flows in the global context. Bruegel Report, 15 January 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Corman, Mihai-Răzvan and Băluțel, Adrian (2018) Between a rock and a hard place: the EU and the Eastern Partnership after the 2017 Brussels Summit. College of European Policy Brief #5.18, April 2018. [Policy Paper]

Chudziak, Mateusz (2018) Cadres decide everything – Turkey’s reform of its military. OSW Commentary NUMBER 274 | 26.06.2018. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik and Renard , Thomas (2018) Ce que l’attentat contre Léopold II nous enseigne sur le terrorisme moderne = What the attack against Leopold II teaches us about modern terrorism. Egmont Commentary, 12 November 2018. [Policy Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Stefan, Marco (2018) Complaint Mechanisms in Border Management and Expulsion Operations in Europe: Effective remedies for victims of human rights violations? CEPS Paperback, 26 March 2018. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-94-6138-677-9

Carrera, Sergio and Mitsilegas , Valsamis and Stefan, Marco and Giuffrida, Fabio (2018) Criminal Justice and Police Cooperation between the EU and the UK after Brexit: Towards a principled and trust-based partnership. CEPS Task Force Reports. UNSPECIFIED.

Claeys, Grégory and Demertzis, Maria and Efstathiou, Konstantinos (2018) Cryptocurrencies and monetary policy. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚10 | June 2018. [Policy Paper]

Claeys, Grégory and Fredriksson, Gustav and Zachmann, Georg. (2018) Distributional effects of climate policies. Bruegel Blueprint Series 29, November 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Collins, Neil and Bekenova, Kristina and Kagarmanova, Ainur (2018) EL-CSID Policy Brief 5: Health diplomacy of the European Union and its member states in Central Asia. Institute for European Studies Issue 2018/5. [Policy Paper]

Collins, Neil and Bekenova, Kristina (2018) EL-CSID Policy Brief 9: Diaspora and its role in the European cultural diplomacy with Kazakhstan. Institute for European Studies Issue 2018/09, September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Chiacchio, Franchesco and Darvas, Zsolt and Efstathiou, Konstantinos and Raposo, Inês Goncalves and Wolff, Guntram B. (2018) EU funds for migration, asylum and integration policies. Budgetary Affairs. Bruegel Special Report, May 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Chowdhry, Sonali and Sapir, André and Terzi, Alessio (2018) The EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. Bruegel Special Report, September 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Cuny, Elise (2018) The EU’s New Migration Partnership with Mali: Shifting towards a Risky Security-Migration-Development Nexus. EU Diplomacy Paper 01/2018. [Working Paper]

Claeys, Grégory and Sapir, André (2018) The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: Easing the pain from trade? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚05 | March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Bárd, Petra (2018) The European Parliament Vote on Article 7 TEU against the Hungarian government: Too Late, Too Little, Too Political? CEPS Commentaries, 14 September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Stefan, Marco (2018) The Future of the Schengen Area: Latest Developments and Challenges in the Schengen Governance Framework since 2016. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik and Renard, Thomas (2018) The Homecoming of Foreign Fighters in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium: Policies and Challenges. Egmont Commentary, 12 April 2018. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik (2018) How Belgium overcame the threat from returning foreign terrorist fighters. Egmont Commentary, 22 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Cuny, Elise (2018) 'La Ruée vers l’Europe' de Stephen Smith, ou comment comprendre la jeunesse africaine = 'The Rush to Europe' by Stephen Smith, or how to understand African youth. Egmont Commentary, 19 April 2018. [Policy Paper]

Całus, Kamil (2018) Moldova’s political theatre. The balance of forces in an election year. OSW Commentary NUMBER 258 | 31.01.2018. [Policy Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and El Qadim , Nora and Fullerton , Maryellen and Garcés-Mascareñas , Blanca and Kneebone , Susan York and López Sala , Ana and Luk , Ngo Chun and Vosyliūtė, Lina (2018) Offshoring Asylum and Migration in Australia, Spain, Tunisia and the US: Lessons learned and feasibility for the EU. CEPS Research Reports, September 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Carrera, Sergio and Den, Hertog and Núñez Ferrer, Jorge (2018) Oversight and Management of the EU Trust Funds: Democratic Accountability Challenges and Promising Practices. CEPS Special Report, March 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Carlsson, Ulrika (2018) The Perennial Thirty Years’ War. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 129/2018 February 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Constant, Sophie (2018) Permettre les synergies entre les Fonds structurels et d’investissement européens et Horizon 2020 Le positionnement des régions françaises = Allow synergies between the European Structural and Investment Funds and Horizon 2020 The positioning of French regions. Bruges Political Research Papers 68/2018. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik and Renard, Thomas (2018) Reassessing Belgium’s “Failed” Counterterrorism Policy. Egmont Commentary, 22 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Chiacchio, Francesco and Claeys, Grégory and Papadia, Francesco (2018) Should we care about central bank profits? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚13 | September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Lannoo, Karel. and Stefan, Marco and Vosyliūtė, Lina (2018) Some EU governments leaving the UN Global Compact on Migration: A contradiction in terms? CEPS Policy Insights No 2018/15, November 2018. [Policy Paper]

Campos, Nauro F. and Macchiarelli, Corrado (2018) Symmetry and Convergence in Monetary Unions. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 131/2018 March 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Canali, Sara (2018) The Thin Veil of Change: The EU’s Promotion of Gender Equality in Egypt and Tunisia. EU Diplomacy Paper 02/2018. [Working Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Mitsilegas, Valsamis (2018) Upholding the Rule of Law by Scrutinising Judicial Independence: The Irish Court’s request for a preliminary ruling on the European Arrest Warrant. CEPS Commentary 11 April 2018. [Policy Paper]

Costa-Font, Joan and Perdikis, Laurie (2018) Varieties of Health Care Devolution: “Systems or Federacies”? LEQS Discussion Paper No. 130/2018 February 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Carrera, Sergio and Lannoo, Karel. (2018) We’re in this boat together: Time for a Migration Union. CEPS Policy Insights No 2018/09, June 2018. [Policy Paper]

Chiacchio, Franchesco and Petropoulos, Georgios and Pichler, David (2018) The impact of industrial robots on EU employment and wages: A local labour market approach. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 02/18 April 2018. [Working Paper]

Claeys, Grégory and Demertzis, Maria and Mazza, Jan (2018) A monetary policy framework for the European Central Bank to deal with uncertainty. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚21 | November 2018. [Policy Paper]


De Botselier, Bram and López Piqueres, Sofía and Schunz, Simon (2018) Addressing the ‘Arctic Paradox’: Environmental Policy Integration in the European Union’s Emerging Arctic Policy. EU Diplomacy Paper 03/2018. [Working Paper]

Dadush, Uri and Myachenkova, Yana (2018) Assessing the European Union’s North Africa trade agreements. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚22 | November 2018. [Policy Paper]

Delhomme, Vincent (2018) Between Market Integration and Public Health: The Paradoxical EU Competence to Regulate Tobacco Consumption. Research Paper in Law 01/2018. [Policy Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: Beyond the transition. EPC Discussion Paper, 21 August 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: From revelation to re-accession. EPC Discussion Paper, 4 December 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: Half In, Half Out or Right Out? EPC Discussion Paper, 6 March 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: Last call. EPC Discussion Paper, 4 July 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: What Theresa May's White Paper must do. EPC Discussion Paper, 16 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: What if Britain changes its mind? EPC Discussion Paper, 18 January 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: When the music has to stop. EPC Discussion Paper, 9 October 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Darczewska, Jolanta (2018) Defenders of the besieged fortress. Notes on the historical legitimization of Russia’s special service. OSW Point of View 70, August 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

De Groen, Willem Pieter and Kilhoffer, Zachary and Lenaerts, Karolien and Felten, Elias (2018) Digital Age. Employment and working conditions of selected types of platform work. National context analysis: Austria. CEPS Special Report, 2 July 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

De Somer, Marie (2018) Dublin and Schengen: A tale of two cities. EPC Discussion Paper, 15 June 2018. [Discussion Paper]

de Esperanza Picardo, Christina (2018) EU-Japan: A Partnership of Renewed Importance. EU Centre Background, Brief 20th July 2018. [Policy Paper]

Dhéret, Claire (2018) European Pillar of Social Rights: Member states must shoulder the responsibility of delivery. EPC Commentary, 16 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

De Groen, Willem Pieter and Zielińska, Klaudia (2018) European Supervisory Authorities still playing second fiddle to national financial regulators. CEPS Commentary, 14 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Martin, Philippe and Ragot, Xavier (2018) European fiscal rules require a major overhaul. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚18 | October 2018. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Pichler, David (2018) Excess liquidity and bank lending risks in the euro area. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚16 | September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2018) Forecast errors and monetary policy normalisation in the euro area. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚24 | December 2018. [Policy Paper]

Desmaele, Linde (2018) From nuclear threats to nuclear talks: A big win for President Donald Trump? IES Policy Brief No. 4, April 2018. [Policy Paper]

de Groen , Willem Pieter and Kilhoffer , Zachary and Musmeci , Roberto (2018) The Future of EU ATM Markets. Impacts of digitalisation and pricing policies on business models. CEPS Research Report, October 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

De Grauwe, Paul. and Ji, Yuemei (2018) How safe is a safe asset? CEPS Policy Insights No 2018-08/February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2018) How to govern Europe better: Reflections on reform of the European Parliament, Commission and Council. EPC Discussion Paper, 13 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

De Ruyt, Jean (2018) Is there an escape from ‘Ever Closer Union’? European Policy Brief No. 49 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Demarigny, Fabrice and Lannoo, Karel (2018) Navigating the minefield of the ESA review. ECMI Commentary No. 49 / 27 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Demertzis, Maria and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, André and Wieser, Thomas and Wolff, Guntram B. (2018) One size does not fit all: European integration by differentiation. Bruegel POLICY BRIEF ISSUE 3 | SEPTEMBER 2018. [Policy Paper]

De Bièvre, Dirk and Gstöhl, Sieglinde and Van Ommeren, Emile (2018) Overcoming ‘Frankenfoods’ and ‘secret courts’: the resilience of EU trade policy. College of Europe Policy Brief #9.18. [Policy Paper]

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Delhomme, Vincent (2018) Smoke-free environments: the missing link in EU antitobacco policy. College of European Policy Brief #8.18. [Policy Paper]

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De Botselier, Bram (2018) US climate politics in the Trump era: Options for EU engagement. College of European Policy Brief #1.18, January 2018. [Policy Paper]

de Groen, Willem Pieter (2018) Valuation reports in the context of banking resolution: What are the challenges? Banking Union Scrutiny. CEPS Special Report, July 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Dabrowski, Marek and Myachenkova, Yana (2018) The Western Balkans on the road to the European Union. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚04 | February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Debuysere, Loes (2018) What Egypt’s El-Sisi and the EU have in common when it comes to women’s rights. CEPS Commentary, 30 October 2018. [Policy Paper]

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Emerson, Michael (2018) The Brexit 'Future Relationship': not a deal, but a half-blind date. CEPS Commentary, 26 November 2018. [Policy Paper]

Emerson, Michael (2018) Brexit’s hot rentrée – The spectre of collapse or a reasoned outcome? CEPS Commentary, 6 September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Echikson, William (2018) Europe’s Surprising Economic Success Story. CEPS Commentary, 27 July 2018. [Policy Paper]

Evita Armouti, Evita Armouti and Marie De Somer, Marie De Somer and Femke Gremmelprez , Femke Gremmelprez and Phedon Nicolaides, Phedon Nicolaides and Basile Ridard, Basile Ridard and Peter Van Elsuwege, Peter Van Elsuwege and Johan Verbeke, Johan Verbeke and Jan Wouters , Jan Wouters (2018) Exploring the Boundaries of Conditionality in the EU. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 51 June 2018. [Policy Paper]

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Emerson, Michael (2018) The Strategic Potential of the Emerging Wider European Economic Area. CEPS Policy Insights No 2018/05, February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Emerson, Michael (2018) Theresa May’s Brexit model: many questions, not least ‘why Leave?’ CEPS Commentary, 16 July 2018. [Policy Paper]

Emerson, Michael (2018) Theresa May’s Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement. CEPS Commentary, 6 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Emmanouilidis, Janis A. (2018) Time to move up a gear: the results of an insufficient summit | Post-Summit Analysis. EPC Post-Summit Analysis 2 July 2018. [Policy Paper]

Echikson, William (2018) What Europe needs to create more Spotifys. CEPS Commentary, 16 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Efstathiou, Konstantinos and Papadia, Francesco (2018) The euro as an international currency. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚25 | December 2018. [Policy Paper]


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Fabbri, Francesca (2018) Lebanon on the edge. EPC Policy Brief 26 April 2018. [Policy Paper]

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