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Aghion, Philippe and Veugelers, Reinhilde and Serre, Clement. (2009) Cold start for the green innovation machine. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2009/12, November 23, 2009. [Policy Paper]

Altomonte, Carlo and Buzzoli, Patrizia (2014) Asset-backed securities: The key to unlocking Europe's credit markets? Bruegel Policy Contribution 2014/07, 24 July 2014. [Policy Paper]

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Angeloni, Ignazio. (2009) The Pittsburgh G20 Checklist. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2009/09, September 2009. [Policy Paper]

Aussilloux, Vincent and Bénassy-Quéré, Agnès and Fuest, Clemens and Wolff, Guntram B. (2017) Making the best of the European single market. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue No. 3 / 2017. [Policy Paper]


Barbiero, Francesca and Darvas, Zsolt (2014) In sickness and in health: protecting and supporting public investment in Europe. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2014/02, February 2014. [Policy Paper]

Batsaikhan, Uuriintuya and Kalcik, Robert and Schoenmaker, Dirk (2017) Brexit and the European financial system: mapping markets, players and jobs. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚4 | 2017. [Policy Paper]

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Berger, Bennet and Hüttl, Pia and Merler, Silvia (2016) Total assets versus risk weighted assets: does it matter for Mrel? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2016/12. [Policy Paper]

Bordignon, Massimo and Moriconi, Simone (2017) The case for a common European refugee policy. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚8 | 2017. [Policy Paper]

Bénassy-Quéré, Agnès and Ragot, Xavier and Wolff, Guntram B. (2016) Which fiscal union for the euro area? Bruegel Policy Contribution ISSUE 2016/05, February 2016. [Policy Paper]


Cambini, Carlo and Briglauer, Wolfgang and Grajek, Michal (2015) Why is Europe lagging on next generation access networks? Bruegel Policy Contribution ISSUE 2015/14, September 2015. [Policy Paper]

Claeys, Grégory (2016) Low long-term rates: bond bubble or symptom of secular stagnation? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚15 | 2016. [Policy Paper]

Claeys, Grégory and Darvas, Zsolt (2015) The financial stability risks of ultra-loose monetary policy. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2015/03. [Policy Paper]

Claeys, Grégory and Darvas, Zsolt and Leandro, Alvaro (2016) A proposal to revive the European Fiscal Framework. Bruegel Policy Contribution ISSUE 2016/07 MARCH 2016. [Policy Paper]

Claeys, Grégory and Darvas, Zsolt and Leandro, Alvaro and Walsh, Thomas (2015) The Effects of Ultra-Loose Monetary Policies on Inequality. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2015/09, June 2015. [Policy Paper]

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Claeys, Grégory and Leandro, Alvaro (2016) The European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programme: limits and risks. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2016/04, February 2016. [Policy Paper]

Claeys, Grégory and Leandro, Alvaro and Mandra, Allison (2015) European Central Bank quantitative easing: the detailed manual. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2015/02, March 2015. [Policy Paper]


Dabrowski, Marek (2016) Are advanced economies at risk of falling into debt traps? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue No. 1, 10 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Dabrowski, Marek (2016) Belarus at a crossroads. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2016/02 January 2016. [Policy Paper]

Dabrowski, Marek (2015) It’s not just Russia: Currency crisis in the Commonwealth of independent states. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2015/01, February 2015. [Policy Paper]

Dabrowski, Marek (2014) Ukraine: Can meaningful reform come out of conflict? Bruegel Policy Contribution 2014/08, August 2014. [Policy Paper]

Dabrowski, Marek (2015) The harsh reality of Ukraine's fiscal arithmetic. Bruegel Policy Contribution ISSUE 2015/07, June 2015. [Policy Paper]

Dabrowski, Marek (2015) The systemic roots of Russia’s recession. Bruegel Policy Contribution ISSUE 2015/15, OCTOBER 2015. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zolt (2012) Compositional effects on productivity, labour cost and export adjustments. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/11, June 2012. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2013) Banking system soundness is the key to more SME financing. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/10, July 2013. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2013) Can Europe recover without credit? Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/03, 15 February 2013. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2012) The Greek debt trap: an escape plan. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/19, 7 November 2012. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2012) Intra-Euro rebalancing is inevitable, but insufficient. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/15, August 2012. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2017) Why is it so hard to reach the EU’s ‘poverty’ target? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue No. 1 2017. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2013) The euro area's tightrope walk: debt and competitiveness in Italy and Spain. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/11, September 2013. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2012) The euro crisis: ten roots, but fewer solutions. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/17, October 2012. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt (2011) A tale of three countries: recovery after banking crises. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2011/19, December 2011. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Leandro, Alvaro (2015) The limitations of policy coordination in the euro area under the European Semester. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2015/19, November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Merler, Silvia (2013) The European Central Bank in the age of banking union. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/13, 1 October 2013. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Pisani-Ferry, Jean (2011) Europe's growth emergency. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2011/13, October 2011. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Pisani-Ferry, Jean. (2010) The threat of currency wars: a European perspective. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2010/12, December 2010. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Tschekassin, Olga (2015) Poor and under pressure: the social impact of Europe's fiscal consolidation. Bruegel Policy Contribution, Issue 2015/04, March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Darvas, Zsolt and Vihriälä , Erkki (2013) Does the European Semester deliver the right policy advice? Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/12, 20 September 2013. [Policy Paper]

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Demertzis, Maria and Wolff, Guntram B. (2016) What are the prerequisites for a euro-area fiscal capacity? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚14 | 2016. [Policy Paper]

Demertzis, Maria and Wolff, Guntram B. (2016) What impact does the ECB’s quantitative easing policy have on bank profitability? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue No. 20 | 2016. [Policy Paper]

Demertzis, Maria and Wolff, Guntram B. (2016) The effectiveness of the European Central Bank’s Asset Purchase Programme. Bruegel Policy Contribution issue 2016 10 June 2016. [Policy Paper]

Dewatripont, Mathias and Nguyen, Gregory and Praet, Petr and Sapir, Andre. (2010) The role of state aid control in improving bank resolution in Europe. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2010/04, May 10. [Policy Paper]

Dewatripont, Mathias and van Pottelsberghe, Bruno and Sapir, Andre and Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2010) Boosting innovation in Europe. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2010/06, 28 June 2010. [Policy Paper]


Gandrud, Christopher and Hallerberg, Mark. (2017) How not to create zombie banks: lessons for Italy from Japan. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚6 | 2017. [Policy Paper]

Gandrud, Christopher and Hallerberg, Mark. (2014) Supervisory transparency in the European banking union. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2014/01, 3 January 2004. [Policy Paper]

Gandrud, Christopher and Hallerberg, Mark. (2013) Who decides? Resolving failed banks in a European framework. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/16, 29 November 2013. [Policy Paper]

García-Herrero, Alicia and Xu, Jianwei (2016) What consequences would a post-Brexit China-UK trade deal have for the EU? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚18 | 2016. [Policy Paper]

Grajek, Michal (2012) ICT for growth: a targeted approach. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/10, June 2012. [Policy Paper]


Hüttl, Pia and Schoenmaker, Dirk (2016) Fiscal capacity to support large banks. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚17 | 2016. [Policy Paper]

Hüttl, Pia and Schoenmaker, Dirk (2016) Should the ‘outs’ join the European banking union? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2016/03 February 2016. [Policy Paper]

Hüttl, Pia and Wilson, Karen E. and Wolff, Guntram B. (2015) The growing intergenerational divide in Europe. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2015/17, November 2015. [Policy Paper]


Kalcik, Robert and Wolff, Guntram B. (2017) Is Brexit an opportunity to reform the European Parliament? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚2 | 2017, 27 January 2017. [Policy Paper]

Karmakar, Suparna (2013) Life after Bali: renewing the world trade negotiating agenda. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/17, December 2013. [Policy Paper]

Karmakar, Suparna (2013) Prospects for regulatory convergence under TTIP. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/15, October 2013. [Policy Paper]


Lehmann, Alexander (2017) Carving out legacy assets: a successful tool for bank restructuring? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚9 | 2017. [Policy Paper]

Loskot-Strachota, Agata and Zachmann, Georg. (2014) Rebalancing the EU-Russia-Ukraine gas relationship. Bruegel Policy Contribution ISSUE 2014/15, DECEMBER 2014. [Policy Paper]


Marcus, J. Scott and Petropoulos, Georgios (2016) E-commerce in Europe: parcel delivery prices in a digital single market. Bruegel Policy Contribution ISSUE 2016/09 May 2016. [Policy Paper]

Mariniello, Mario (2013) The Dragon awakes: Is Chinese competition policy a cause for concern? Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/14, 22 October 2013. [Policy Paper]

Mariniello, Mario and Neven, Damien and Padilla, Jorge (2015) Antitrust, regulatory capture and economic integration. Bruegel Policy Contribution ISSUE 2015/11, JULY 2015. [Policy Paper]

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Merler, Silvia and Pisani-Ferry, Jean (2012) Sudden stops in the euro area. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/06, March 2012. [Policy Paper]

Merler, Silvia and Pisani-Ferry, Jean (2012) Who's afraid of sovereign bonds? Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/02, February 2012. [Policy Paper]

Merler, Silvia and Wolff, Guntram B. (2013) Ending uncertainty: recapitalisation under European Central Bank supervision. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/18, 17 December 2013. [Policy Paper]

Mourlon-Druol, Emmanuel (2015) The UK's EU Vote: The 1975 Precedent and Today's Negotiations. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2015/08, June 2015. [Policy Paper]


O‘Neill, Jim and Terzi, Alessio (2014) The twenty-first century needs a better G20 and a new G7+. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2014/13, 14 November 2014. [Policy Paper]


Papadia, Francesco (2013) Central bank cooperation during the great recession. Bruegel Policy Contribution. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2013/08, 20 June 2013. [Policy Paper]

Petropoulos, Georgios (2017) An economic review of the collaborative economy. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚5 | 2017. [Policy Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean (2012) The Euro crisis and the new impossible trinity. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/01, January 2012. [Policy Paper]

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Pisani-Ferry, Jean (2012) The known unknowns and the unknown unknowns of the EMU. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2012/18, October 2012. [Policy Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Santos, Indhira. (2009) Reshaping the global economy. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2009/04, March 2009. [Policy Paper]

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Pisani-Ferry, Jean. (2009) The G20 is not just a G7 with extra chairs. Bruegel Policy Contribution 2009/10, September 2009. [Policy Paper]

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Schoenmaker, Dirk (2016) The impact of the legal and operational structures of euro-area banks on their resolvability. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚23 | 2016. [Policy Paper]


Tagliapietra, Simone and Zachmann, Georg (2015) Designing a New EU-Turkey Strategic Gas Partnership. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2015/10 July 2015. [Policy Paper]

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