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November 2005

Sapir, Andre. (2005) Globalization and the Reform of European Social Models. Bruegel policy brief 2005/01, November 2005. [Policy Paper]

December 2005

Ahearne, Alan and Von Hagen, Jurgen. (2005) Global Current Account Imbalances: How to Manage the Risk for Europe. Bruegel policy brief 2005/02, December 2005. [Policy Paper]

February 2006

Ahearne, Alan and Pisani-Ferry, Jean. (2006) The Euro: Only for the Agile. Bruegel policy brief 2006/01, February 2006. [Policy Paper]

March 2006

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre. (2006) Last Exit to Lisbon. Bruegel Policy Brief 2006/02, March 2006. [Policy Paper]

April 2006

von Weizsacker, Jakob. (2006) Welcome to Europe. Bruegel policy brief 2006/03, April 2006. [Policy Paper]

June 2006

Veron, Nicolas. (2006) Farewell National Champions. Bruegel policy brief 2006/04, June 2006. [Policy Paper]

October 2006

Aghion, Philippe (2006) A Primer on Innovation and Growth. Bruegel policy brief 2006/06, October 2006. [Policy Paper]

Delgado, Juan. (2006) Single Market Trails Home Bias. Bruegel policy brief 2006/05, October 2006. [Policy Paper]

December 2006

Ahearne, Alan and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre and Veron, Nicolas. (2006) Global Governance: An Agenda for Europe. Bruegel policy brief 2006/07, December 2006. [Policy Paper]

February 2007

Wasmer, Etienne and von Weizsacker, Jakob (2007) A Better Globablisation Fund. Bruegel policy brief 2007/01, February 2007. [Policy Paper]

March 2007

Ahearne, Alan and Cline, William R. and Lee, Kyung Tae and Park, Yung Chul and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Williamson, John. (2007) Global Imbalances: Time for Action. Bruegel policy brief 2007/02, March 2007. [Policy Paper]

August 2007

Veron, Nicolas (2007) Is Europe Ready for a Major Banking Crisis? Bruegel policy brief 2007/03, August 2007. [Policy Paper]

September 2007

Aghion, Phillipe and Dewatripont, Mathias and Hoxby, Caroline and Mas-Colell, Andreu and Sapir, Andre. (2007) Why Reform Europe's Universities? Bruegel policy brief 2007/04, September 2007. [Policy Paper]

November 2007

Delgado, Juan. (2007) Why Europe is Not Carbon Competitive. Bruegel policy brief 2007/05, November 2007. [Policy Paper]

January 2008

Philippon, Thomas and Veron, Nicolas. (2008) Financing Europe's Fast Movers. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/01, January 2008. [Policy Paper]

February 2008

Santos, Indhira. (2008) Is Structural Spending on a Solid Foundation? Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/02, February 2008. [Policy Paper]

van Pottelsberghe, Bruno. (2008) Europe's R&D: Missing the Wrong Targets? Bruegel policy brief 2008/03, February 2003. [Policy Paper]

June 2008

Ahearne, Alan and Delgado, Juan and von Weizsacker, Jakob. (2008) A Tale of Two Countries. Bruegel policy brief 2008/04, June 2008. [Policy Paper]

July 2008

Santos, Indhira and Delgado, Juan. (2008) The new food equation: do EU policies add up? Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/06. [Policy Paper]

von Weizsäcker, Jakob. (2008) Strait is the gate - Europe's Immigration Priorities. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/05, July 2008. [Policy Paper]

September 2008

Marin, Dalia. (2008) The New Corporation in Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/07, September 2008. [Policy Paper]

November 2008

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre and von Weizsacker, Jacob. (2008) A European recovery programme. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/09, November 2008. [Policy Paper]

Veron, Nicolas and Hendrik-Roller, Lars. (2008) Safe and sound: an EU approach to sovereign investment. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/08, November 2008. [Policy Paper]

December 2008

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Darvas, Zsolt. (2008) Avoiding a new European divide. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/10, December 2008. [Policy Paper]

March 2009

Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2009) A lifeline for Europe's young radical innovators. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/01, March 2009. [Policy Paper]

April 2009

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and van Pottelsberghe, Bruno. (2009) Handle with care! Post-crisis growth in the EU. Bruegel Policy brief 2009/02, April 2009. [Policy Paper]

May 2009

Bénassy-Quéré, Agnès and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and He, Fan and Masahiro Kawai, Masahiro Kawai and Vines, David and Park, Yung Chul (2009) The G-20 in the aftermath of the crisis: a Euro-Asian view. Bruegel Policy Brief, 24 March 2009. [Policy Paper]

June 2009

Posen, Adam and Véron, Nicolas. (2009) A solution for Europe's banking problem. Bruegel Policy Brief No. 2009/03, 12 June 2009. [Policy Paper]

July 2009

Santos, Indhira and Neheider, Susanne. (2009) A better process for a better budget. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/04, July 2009. [Policy Paper]

October 2009

Schinasi, Gary. (2009) More than one step to financial stability. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/06, October 28, 2009. [Policy Paper]

von Hagen, Jürgen and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and von Weizsäcker, Jakob. (2009) A European Exit Strategy. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/05, 15 October 2009. [Policy Paper]

November 2009

Aghion, Philippe and Hemous, David and Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2009) No green growth without innovation. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/07, November 2009. [Policy Paper]

March 2010

Pisani-Ferry, Jean. and Sapir, Andre and Marzinotto, Benedicta. (2010) Two crises, two responses. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/01, March 2010. [Policy Paper]

van Pottelsberghe, Bruno. (2010) Europe should stop taxing innovation. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/02, March 2010. [Policy Paper]

May 2010

Delpla, Jacques and von Weizsacker, Jakob. (2010) The Blue Bond Proposal. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/03, May 2010. [Policy Paper]

June 2010

Bugamelli, Matteo and Ottaviano, Gianmarco and Schivardi, Fabiano and Barba Navaretti, Giorgio. (2010) The global operations of European firms. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/05, 18 June 2010. [Policy Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. (2010) Power to the people of Europe of Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/04, 7 June 2010. [Policy Paper]

August 2010

Rottier, Stephane and Veron, Nicolas. (2010) Not all financial regulation is global. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/07, August 2010. [Policy Paper]

Veugelers, Reinhilde and Cincera, Michele. (2010) Europe's missing yollies. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/06, August 2010. [Policy Paper]

January 2011

Georg, Zachmann. (2011) Is European climate policy the new CAP? Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/01, January 2011. [Policy Paper]

February 2011

Darvas, Zsolt and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre. (2011) A comprehensive approach to the euro-area debt crisis. Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/02, February 2011. [Policy Paper]

April 2011

Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2011) A G2 for science? Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/03, April 2011. [Policy Paper]

June 2011

Aghion, Philippe and Boulanger, Julian and Cohen, Elie. (2011) Rethinking industrial policy. Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/04, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

July 2011

Véron, Nicolas. (2011) Keeping the promise of global accounting standards. Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/05, July 2011. [Policy Paper]

November 2011

Marzinotto, Benedicta and Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2011) What kind of fiscal union? Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/06, November 2011. [Policy Paper]

March 2012

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2012) The messy rebuilding of Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief 2012/01, March 2012. [Policy Paper]

September 2012

Marzinotto, Benedicta. and Sapir, André (2012) Fiscal rules: timing is everything. Bruegel Policy Brief 2012/02, September 2012. [Policy Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Wolff, Guntram B. (2012) The fiscal implications of a banking union. Bruegel Policy Brief 2012/02, September 2012. [Policy Paper]

November 2012

Hallerberg, Mark. and Marzinotto, Benedicta and Wolff, Guntram B. (2012) On the effectiveness and legitimacy of EU economic policies. Bruegel Policy Brief 2012/04, 9 November 2012. [Policy Paper]

February 2013

Mariniello, Mario (2013) Standard-setting abuse: the case for antitrust control. Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/01, February 2013. [Policy Paper]

April 2013

Darvas, Zsolt and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Wolff, Guntram B. (2013) Europe's growth problem (and what to do about it). Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/03, April 2013. [Policy Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. (2013) You'd better bet on the ETS. Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/02, April 2013. [Policy Paper]

May 2013

Mariniello , Mario (2013) Do European Union fines deter price-fixing? Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/04, May 2013. [Policy Paper]

September 2013

Schwarzer, Daniela and Wolff, Guntram B. (2013) Memo to Merkel: Post-election Germany and Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/05, 24 September 2013. [Policy Paper]

December 2013

Horn, Henrik and Sapir, André (2013) Can border carbon taxes fit into the global trade regime? Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/06, 9 December 2013. [Policy Paper]

January 2014

Mariniello, Mario (2014) Commitments or prohibition? The EU antitrust dilemma. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/01, 31 January 2014. [Policy Paper]

March 2014

Münz, Rainer (2014) The global race for talent: Europe's migration challenge. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/02, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

April 2014

Darvas, Zsolt and Wolff, Guntram B. (2014) Europe's social problem and its implications for economic growth. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/03, 1 April 2014. [Policy Paper]

July 2014

Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2014) The Great Transformation: Memo to the Incoming EU Presidents. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/04, July 2014. [Policy Paper]

September 2014

Claeys, Grégory and Darvas, Zsolt and Wolff, Guntram B. (2014) Benefits and drawbacks of European Unemployment Insurance. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/06, September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. (2014) Elements of Europe's energy union. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/05, September 2014. [Policy Paper]

February 2015

Wolff, Guntram B. and Sapir, André (2015) Euro-area governance: what to reform and how to do it. Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/01 February 2015. [Policy Paper]

August 2015

Zachmann, Georg. (2015) Making low-carbon technology support smarter. Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/02, 18 August 2015. [Policy Paper]

September 2015

Wolff, Guntram B. and Zachmann, Georg. (2015) European climate finance: securing the best return. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2015/03, 11 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

December 2015

Hallerberg, Mark. and Gandrud, Christopher and Copelovitch, Mark (2015) Financial regulatory transparency: new data and implications for EU policy. Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/20, December 2015. [Policy Paper]

Schoenmaker, Dirk and Zachmann, Georg. (2015) Can a global climate risk pool help the most vulnerable countries? Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/04 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

January 2016

Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2016) One market, two monies: the European Union and the United Kingdom. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 2016/01 January 2016. [Policy Paper]

April 2016

Schoenmaker, Dirk and van Tilburg, Rens (2016) Financial risks and opportunities in the time of climate change. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2016/02 APRIL 2016. [Policy Paper]

Tagliapietra, Simone and Zachmann, Georg. (2016) Energy across the Mediterranean: a call for realism. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2016/03 APRIL 2016. [Policy Paper]

July 2016

Tertrais, Bruno (2016) An Italian job: the need for collective wage bargaining reform. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2016/11 - JULY 2016. [Policy Paper]

December 2016

Schoenmaker, Dirk (2016) European insurance union and how to get there. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 4 / December 2016. [Policy Paper]

February 2017

Demertzis, Maria and Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2017) Europe in a new world order. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2 | FEBRUARY 2017. [Policy Paper]

Sapir, André and Schoenmaker, Dirk and Véron, Nicolas. (2017) Making the best of Brexit for the EU27 financial system. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 1 / February 2017. [Policy Paper]

March 2017

Zachmann, Georg. (2017) Carbon buyers' club: international emissions trading beyond Paris. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 3 | MARCH 2017. [Policy Paper]

October 2017

Sapir, André and Schoenmaker, Dirk (2017) The time is right for a European Monetary Fund. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 4 | OCTOBER 2017. [Policy Paper]

November 2017

Tagliapietra, Simone (2017) Beyond coal: facilitating the transition in Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 5 | NOVEMBER 2017. [Policy Paper]

December 2017

Wolff, Guntram B. (2017) Beyond the Juncker and Schäuble visions of euro-area governance. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 6 | NOVEMBER 2017. [Policy Paper]

March 2018

Darvas, Zsolt and Wolff, Guntram B. (2018) Rethinking the European Union’s post-Brexit budget priorities. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 1 | MARCH 2018. [Policy Paper]

April 2018

Tagliapietra, Simone and Zachmann, Georg. (2018) Addressing Europe’s failure to clean up the transport sector. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2 | APRIL 2018. [Policy Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. and Marcu, Andrei (2018) Developing the EU long term climate strategy. Bruegel Policy paper, 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2018

Demertzis, Maria and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, André and Wieser, Thomas and Wolff, Guntram B. (2018) One size does not fit all: European integration by differentiation. Bruegel POLICY BRIEF ISSUE 3 | SEPTEMBER 2018. [Policy Paper]

October 2018

Tagliapietra, Simone (2018) The Euro-Mediterranean energy relationship: a fresh perspective. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 4 | OCTOBER 2018. [Policy Paper]

July 2019

Claeys, Grégory and Demertzis, Maria and Papadia, Francesco (2019) PREPARING FOR UNCERTAINTY Memo to the president of the European Central Bank. Bruegel Policy Brief. [Policy Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Wolff, Guntram B. (2019) THE THREATS TO THE EUROPEAN UNION’S ECONOMIC SOVEREIGNTY Memo to the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Bruegel Policy Brief. [Policy Paper]

September 2019


May 2020

Anderson, Julia and Tagliapietra, Simone and Wolff, Guntram B. (2020) Rebooting Europe: a framework for a post COVID-19 economic recovery. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 1 | MAY 2020. [Policy Paper]


Boltz, Walter and Borchardt, Klaus-Dieter and Deschuyteneer, Thierry and Hancher, Leigh and Lévêque, François and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and McWilliams, Ben and Ockenfels, Axel and Tagliapietra, Simone and Zachmann, Georg (2022) How to make the EU Energy Platform an effective emergency tool. Policy Contribution Issue n˚10/22 | June 2022. [Policy Paper]

June 2022

Lenaerts, Klaas and Tagliapietra, Simone and Wolff, Guntram B. (2022) How can the European Union adapt to climate change? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚11/22 | June 2022. [Policy Paper]

July 2022

Darvas, Zsolt (2022) Legal options for a green golden rule in the European Union’s fiscal framework. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚13/22 | July 2022. [Policy Paper]

February 2024

Demertzis , Maria and Moffat , Luca and Lusardi , Annamaria and Lopez, Juan (2024) The state of financial knowledge in the European Union. Policy Brief Issue 04/24, February 2024. [Policy Paper]

March 2024

Darvas , Zsolt and Dabrowski , Marek and Grabbe , Heather and Moffat, Lucca and Sapir , André and Zachmann , Georg (2024) Ukraine’s path to European Union membership and its long-term implications. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 05/24, March 2024. [Policy Paper]

Saint-Amans , Pascal (2024) Broader border taxes: a new option for European Union budget resources. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 06/24, March 2024. [Policy Paper]

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