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November 2005

Sapir, Andre. (2005) Globalization and the Reform of European Social Models. Bruegel policy brief 2005/01, November 2005. [Policy Paper]

December 2005

Ahearne, Alan and Von Hagen, Jurgen. (2005) Global Current Account Imbalances: How to Manage the Risk for Europe. Bruegel policy brief 2005/02, December 2005. [Policy Paper]

February 2006

Ahearne, Alan and Pisani-Ferry, Jean. (2006) The Euro: Only for the Agile. Bruegel policy brief 2006/01, February 2006. [Policy Paper]

March 2006

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre. (2006) Last Exit to Lisbon. Bruegel Policy Brief 2006/02, March 2006. [Policy Paper]

April 2006

von Weizsacker, Jakob. (2006) Welcome to Europe. Bruegel policy brief 2006/03, April 2006. [Policy Paper]

June 2006

Veron, Nicolas. (2006) Farewell National Champions. Bruegel policy brief 2006/04, June 2006. [Policy Paper]

October 2006

Aghion, Philippe (2006) A Primer on Innovation and Growth. Bruegel policy brief 2006/06, October 2006. [Policy Paper]

Delgado, Juan. (2006) Single Market Trails Home Bias. Bruegel policy brief 2006/05, October 2006. [Policy Paper]

December 2006

Ahearne, Alan and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre and Veron, Nicolas. (2006) Global Governance: An Agenda for Europe. Bruegel policy brief 2006/07, December 2006. [Policy Paper]

February 2007

Wasmer, Etienne and von Weizsacker, Jakob (2007) A Better Globablisation Fund. Bruegel policy brief 2007/01, February 2007. [Policy Paper]

March 2007

Ahearne, Alan and Cline, William R. and Lee, Kyung Tae and Park, Yung Chul and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Williamson, John. (2007) Global Imbalances: Time for Action. Bruegel policy brief 2007/02, March 2007. [Policy Paper]

August 2007

Veron, Nicolas (2007) Is Europe Ready for a Major Banking Crisis? Bruegel policy brief 2007/03, August 2007. [Policy Paper]

September 2007

Aghion, Phillipe and Dewatripont, Mathias and Hoxby, Caroline and Mas-Colell, Andreu and Sapir, Andre. (2007) Why Reform Europe's Universities? Bruegel policy brief 2007/04, September 2007. [Policy Paper]

November 2007

Delgado, Juan. (2007) Why Europe is Not Carbon Competitive. Bruegel policy brief 2007/05, November 2007. [Policy Paper]

January 2008

Philippon, Thomas and Veron, Nicolas. (2008) Financing Europe's Fast Movers. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/01, January 2008. [Policy Paper]

February 2008

Santos, Indhira. (2008) Is Structural Spending on a Solid Foundation? Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/02, February 2008. [Policy Paper]

van Pottelsberghe, Bruno. (2008) Europe's R&D: Missing the Wrong Targets? Bruegel policy brief 2008/03, February 2003. [Policy Paper]

June 2008

Ahearne, Alan and Delgado, Juan and von Weizsacker, Jakob. (2008) A Tale of Two Countries. Bruegel policy brief 2008/04, June 2008. [Policy Paper]

July 2008

Santos, Indhira and Delgado, Juan. (2008) The new food equation: do EU policies add up? Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/06. [Policy Paper]

von Weizsäcker, Jakob. (2008) Strait is the gate - Europe's Immigration Priorities. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/05, July 2008. [Policy Paper]

September 2008

Marin, Dalia. (2008) The New Corporation in Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/07, September 2008. [Policy Paper]

November 2008

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre and von Weizsacker, Jacob. (2008) A European recovery programme. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/09, November 2008. [Policy Paper]

Veron, Nicolas and Hendrik-Roller, Lars. (2008) Safe and sound: an EU approach to sovereign investment. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/08, November 2008. [Policy Paper]

December 2008

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Darvas, Zsolt. (2008) Avoiding a new European divide. Bruegel Policy Brief 2008/10, December 2008. [Policy Paper]

March 2009

Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2009) A lifeline for Europe's young radical innovators. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/01, March 2009. [Policy Paper]

April 2009

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and van Pottelsberghe, Bruno. (2009) Handle with care! Post-crisis growth in the EU. Bruegel Policy brief 2009/02, April 2009. [Policy Paper]

May 2009

Bénassy-Quéré, Agnès and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and He, Fan and Masahiro Kawai, Masahiro Kawai and Vines, David and Park, Yung Chul (2009) The G-20 in the aftermath of the crisis: a Euro-Asian view. Bruegel Policy Brief, 24 March 2009. [Policy Paper]

June 2009

Posen, Adam and Véron, Nicolas. (2009) A solution for Europe's banking problem. Bruegel Policy Brief No. 2009/03, 12 June 2009. [Policy Paper]

July 2009

Santos, Indhira and Neheider, Susanne. (2009) A better process for a better budget. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/04, July 2009. [Policy Paper]

October 2009

Schinasi, Gary. (2009) More than one step to financial stability. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/06, October 28, 2009. [Policy Paper]

von Hagen, Jürgen and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and von Weizsäcker, Jakob. (2009) A European Exit Strategy. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/05, 15 October 2009. [Policy Paper]

November 2009

Aghion, Philippe and Hemous, David and Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2009) No green growth without innovation. Bruegel Policy Brief 2009/07, November 2009. [Policy Paper]

March 2010

Pisani-Ferry, Jean. and Sapir, Andre and Marzinotto, Benedicta. (2010) Two crises, two responses. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/01, March 2010. [Policy Paper]

van Pottelsberghe, Bruno. (2010) Europe should stop taxing innovation. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/02, March 2010. [Policy Paper]

May 2010

Delpla, Jacques and von Weizsacker, Jakob. (2010) The Blue Bond Proposal. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/03, May 2010. [Policy Paper]

June 2010

Bugamelli, Matteo and Ottaviano, Gianmarco and Schivardi, Fabiano and Barba Navaretti, Giorgio. (2010) The global operations of European firms. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/05, 18 June 2010. [Policy Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. (2010) Power to the people of Europe of Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/04, 7 June 2010. [Policy Paper]

August 2010

Rottier, Stephane and Veron, Nicolas. (2010) Not all financial regulation is global. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/07, August 2010. [Policy Paper]

Veugelers, Reinhilde and Cincera, Michele. (2010) Europe's missing yollies. Bruegel Policy Brief 2010/06, August 2010. [Policy Paper]

January 2011

Georg, Zachmann. (2011) Is European climate policy the new CAP? Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/01, January 2011. [Policy Paper]

February 2011

Darvas, Zsolt and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, Andre. (2011) A comprehensive approach to the euro-area debt crisis. Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/02, February 2011. [Policy Paper]

April 2011

Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2011) A G2 for science? Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/03, April 2011. [Policy Paper]

June 2011

Aghion, Philippe and Boulanger, Julian and Cohen, Elie. (2011) Rethinking industrial policy. Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/04, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

July 2011

Véron, Nicolas. (2011) Keeping the promise of global accounting standards. Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/05, July 2011. [Policy Paper]

November 2011

Marzinotto, Benedicta and Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2011) What kind of fiscal union? Bruegel Policy Brief 2011/06, November 2011. [Policy Paper]

March 2012

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2012) The messy rebuilding of Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief 2012/01, March 2012. [Policy Paper]

September 2012

Marzinotto, Benedicta. and Sapir, André (2012) Fiscal rules: timing is everything. Bruegel Policy Brief 2012/02, September 2012. [Policy Paper]

Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Wolff, Guntram B. (2012) The fiscal implications of a banking union. Bruegel Policy Brief 2012/02, September 2012. [Policy Paper]

November 2012

Hallerberg, Mark. and Marzinotto, Benedicta and Wolff, Guntram B. (2012) On the effectiveness and legitimacy of EU economic policies. Bruegel Policy Brief 2012/04, 9 November 2012. [Policy Paper]

February 2013

Mariniello, Mario (2013) Standard-setting abuse: the case for antitrust control. Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/01, February 2013. [Policy Paper]

April 2013

Darvas, Zsolt and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Wolff, Guntram B. (2013) Europe's growth problem (and what to do about it). Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/03, April 2013. [Policy Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. (2013) You'd better bet on the ETS. Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/02, April 2013. [Policy Paper]

May 2013

Mariniello , Mario (2013) Do European Union fines deter price-fixing? Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/04, May 2013. [Policy Paper]

September 2013

Schwarzer, Daniela and Wolff, Guntram B. (2013) Memo to Merkel: Post-election Germany and Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/05, 24 September 2013. [Policy Paper]

December 2013

Horn, Henrik and Sapir, André (2013) Can border carbon taxes fit into the global trade regime? Bruegel Policy Brief 2013/06, 9 December 2013. [Policy Paper]

January 2014

Mariniello, Mario (2014) Commitments or prohibition? The EU antitrust dilemma. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/01, 31 January 2014. [Policy Paper]

March 2014

Münz, Rainer (2014) The global race for talent: Europe's migration challenge. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/02, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

April 2014

Darvas, Zsolt and Wolff, Guntram B. (2014) Europe's social problem and its implications for economic growth. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/03, 1 April 2014. [Policy Paper]

July 2014

Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2014) The Great Transformation: Memo to the Incoming EU Presidents. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/04, July 2014. [Policy Paper]

September 2014

Claeys, Grégory and Darvas, Zsolt and Wolff, Guntram B. (2014) Benefits and drawbacks of European Unemployment Insurance. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/06, September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. (2014) Elements of Europe's energy union. Bruegel Policy Brief 2014/05, September 2014. [Policy Paper]

February 2015

Wolff, Guntram B. and Sapir, André (2015) Euro-area governance: what to reform and how to do it. Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/01 February 2015. [Policy Paper]

August 2015

Zachmann, Georg. (2015) Making low-carbon technology support smarter. Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/02, 18 August 2015. [Policy Paper]

September 2015

Wolff, Guntram B. and Zachmann, Georg. (2015) European climate finance: securing the best return. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2015/03, 11 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

December 2015

Hallerberg, Mark. and Gandrud, Christopher and Copelovitch, Mark (2015) Financial regulatory transparency: new data and implications for EU policy. Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/20, December 2015. [Policy Paper]

Schoenmaker, Dirk and Zachmann, Georg. (2015) Can a global climate risk pool help the most vulnerable countries? Bruegel Policy Brief 2015/04 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

January 2016

Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2016) One market, two monies: the European Union and the United Kingdom. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 2016/01 January 2016. [Policy Paper]

April 2016

Schoenmaker, Dirk and van Tilburg, Rens (2016) Financial risks and opportunities in the time of climate change. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2016/02 APRIL 2016. [Policy Paper]

Tagliapietra, Simone and Zachmann, Georg. (2016) Energy across the Mediterranean: a call for realism. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2016/03 APRIL 2016. [Policy Paper]

July 2016

Tertrais, Bruno (2016) An Italian job: the need for collective wage bargaining reform. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2016/11 - JULY 2016. [Policy Paper]

December 2016

Schoenmaker, Dirk (2016) European insurance union and how to get there. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 4 / December 2016. [Policy Paper]

February 2017

Demertzis, Maria and Sapir, André and Wolff, Guntram B. (2017) Europe in a new world order. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2 | FEBRUARY 2017. [Policy Paper]

Sapir, André and Schoenmaker, Dirk and Véron, Nicolas. (2017) Making the best of Brexit for the EU27 financial system. Bruegel Policy Brief Issue 1 / February 2017. [Policy Paper]

March 2017

Zachmann, Georg. (2017) Carbon buyers' club: international emissions trading beyond Paris. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 3 | MARCH 2017. [Policy Paper]

October 2017

Sapir, André and Schoenmaker, Dirk (2017) The time is right for a European Monetary Fund. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 4 | OCTOBER 2017. [Policy Paper]

November 2017

Tagliapietra, Simone (2017) Beyond coal: facilitating the transition in Europe. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 5 | NOVEMBER 2017. [Policy Paper]

December 2017

Wolff, Guntram B. (2017) Beyond the Juncker and Schäuble visions of euro-area governance. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 6 | NOVEMBER 2017. [Policy Paper]

March 2018

Darvas, Zsolt and Wolff, Guntram B. (2018) Rethinking the European Union’s post-Brexit budget priorities. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 1 | MARCH 2018. [Policy Paper]

April 2018

Tagliapietra, Simone and Zachmann, Georg. (2018) Addressing Europe’s failure to clean up the transport sector. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 2 | APRIL 2018. [Policy Paper]

Zachmann, Georg. and Marcu, Andrei (2018) Developing the EU long term climate strategy. Policy paper. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2018

Demertzis, Maria and Pisani-Ferry, Jean and Sapir, André and Wieser, Thomas and Wolff, Guntram B. (2018) One size does not fit all: European integration by differentiation. Bruegel POLICY BRIEF ISSUE 3 | SEPTEMBER 2018. [Policy Paper]

October 2018

Tagliapietra, Simone (2018) The Euro-Mediterranean energy relationship: a fresh perspective. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 4 | OCTOBER 2018. [Policy Paper]

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