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Alpan, Başak (2011) "Europe-as-hegemony" and discourses in Turkey after 1999: Dialogue with the Europeanisation literature. [Conference Proceedings]

Barta, Zsófia (2011) When is debt a menace? The economic and political aspects of debt sustainability. [Conference Proceedings]

Bartkowska, Monika and Tiemann, Guido (2011) The Economy and the Vote in EP Elections. A Comparative and Dynamic Perspective. [Conference Proceedings]

Battaglia, Lauren E. (2011) Drug Reformulation Regulatory Gaming in Pharmaceuticals: Enforcement & Innovation Implications. [Conference Proceedings]

Bauer, Michael W. and Studinger, Philipp (2011) European Regions' relationship with the EU seen from below- Re-visiting the subnational mobilization thesis. [Conference Proceedings]

Berkhout, Joost and Carroll, Brendan and Lowery, David and Toshkov, Dimiter (2011) Timing is Everything? Organized Interests and the Timing of Legislative Activity. [Conference Proceedings]

Blauberger, Michael. (2011) With Luxembourg in Mind...The Remaking of National Policies in the Face of ECJ Jurisprudence. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Borras, Susana and Radaelli, Claudio M. (2011) The Politics of Governance Architectures: Creation, Change and Effects of the EU Lisbon Strategy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bouris, Dimitris (2011) The European Union's Role in the Palestinian Territory: State-building through Security Sector Reform? [Conference Proceedings]

Bouvet, Florence. and King, Sharmila (2011) Interest Rate Setting at the ECB Following the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises, in Real-Time. [Conference Proceedings]

Brown, Scott A.W. (2011) The EU as an International Actor: Lessons from the China Arms Embargo Debate. [Conference Proceedings]

Busuioc, Madalina (2011) European Agencies and Their Boards: Too Much Board, Too Little Monitoring. [Conference Proceedings]

Börzel, Tanja A. and van Hullen, Vera. (2011) Good Governance and Bad Neighbours. The End of Transformative Power Europe? [Conference Proceedings]

Carafa, Luigi (2011) The Mediterranean Solar Plan through the Prism of External Governance. [Conference Proceedings]

Chalmers, Damian and Chaves, Mariana (2011) The Variable Influences and Dynamics of Judicial Integration in the Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Chatzopoulou, Sevie (2011) The EU food regulatory policy making: Indirect effects on the food chain governance. [Conference Proceedings]

Clark, Nick and Hellwig, Timothy (2011) Information Effects and Mass Support for EU Policy Control. [Conference Proceedings]

Constantelos, John and Diven, Polly J. (2011) Public Confidence in the EU: A Multivariate Analysis of the World Values Survey's Fifth Wave. [Conference Proceedings]

Copeland, Paul and ter Haar, Beryl (2011) The (In)Effectiveness of the European Employment Strategy. [Conference Proceedings]

Cormack Patton, Sarah J. (2011) The Determinants of Migration Under the Freedom of Movement: Lessons from the European Union. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Cram, Laura (2011) Does the EU Need a Navel? Implicit and Explicit Identification with the European Union. [Conference Proceedings]

Crossley-Frolick, Katy A. and Dursun-Ozkanca, Oya (2011) Transitional Justice and Security Sector Reform: The Role of the EU and other Multilateral Institutions in Building Kosovo's Police Force. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Crowley, Patrick M. and Schultz, Aaron (2011) Is Economic Growth Synchronicity Higher in Europe than Elsewhere? [Conference Proceedings]

Cruickshank, Neil (2011) New Perspectives on European Citizenship: Roma and Minority Rights. [Conference Proceedings]

Curtis, K. Amber and Jupille, Joseph (2011) It's Not the Economy, Stupid? Analyzing Icelandic Support for EU Membership. [Working Paper] (Submitted)

Cyrus, Teresa L. (2011) Cultural Proximity and Bilateral Trade in the European Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

De Wilde, Pieter (2011) Competitive Representative Claimsmaking: Party Politicians and Institutional Factors in the Case of EU Budget Negotiations. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Dib, Laura (2011) Securing EU neighborhood - an ideational approach to EU-neighborhood relations. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dossi, Samuele (2011) When Europe encounters urban governance: Policy Types, Actor Games and Mechanisms of cites Europeanization. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Down, Ian and Wilson, Carole J. (2011) Age and Attitudes: Where's the Action? Life-Cycle and Cohort Effects on Support for "Europe". [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dunne, Niamh (2011) Margin Squeeze: Theory, Practice, Policy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Eckert, Sandra (2011) The Policy Effects of Multilevel Regulation in Europe. Insights from the Energy and Postal Sector. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Eriksen, Erik O. and Fossum, John Erik (2011) Representation through deliberation-The European case. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Faleg, Giovanni (2011) Evolution through learning? Epistemic communities and the emergence of Security Sector Reform (SSR) in European security cooperation. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Fontan, Clement (2011) Sailing in time of crisis: The European Central Bank's journey towards the European Systemic Risk Board. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Garibay, Monsterrat Gonzalez and Adriaensen, Johan (2011) The illusion of choice: the European Union and the trade-labour linkage. [Conference Proceedings]

Gattermann, Katjana (2011) A SWIFT change after Lisbon? The European Parliament's salience in the media. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Georgiev, Vihar (2011) Commission on the Loose? Delegated Lawmaking and Comitology after Lisbon. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Giurcanu, Magda (2011) Europe at Stake during First European Parliament Elections Organized in an Enlarged Europe. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Grenade, Wendy C. (2011) "Regionalism and Sub-regionalism in the Caribbean: Challenges and Prospects" Any Insights from the European Union? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Gulbrandsen, Christer (2011) A tale of two transportation practices: International maritime legislation in a national administration. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Submitted)

Hansen, Peo and Jonsson, Stefan (2011) Building Eurafrica: Reviving Colonialism through European Integration, 1920-1960. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hebel, Kai and Lenz, Tobias (2011) External Triggers and Identity Formation: Cold War Crossroads in the Evolution of European foreign policy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hodson, Dermot (2011) The Paradox of EMU's External Representation: The Case of the G20 and the IMF. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Jolly, Seth and Oktay, Sibel (2011) Explaining Turkish Party and Public Support for the EU. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Jupille, Joseph and Jolliff, Brandy (2011) Regionalism in the World Polity. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Kaeding, Michael and Hardacre, Alan (2011) The European Parliament and the Future of Comitology after Lisbon: Lessons to be drawn from the Regulatory Procedure with Scrutiny for Delegated Acts. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Klemenčič, Manja (2011) Europeanisation of the "European Student Movement". [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Klemenčič, Manja (2011) Formal Intergovernmental Alliances in the European Union: Disappearing or Still Alive? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Kluver, Heike (2011) Informational lobbying in the European Union: Explaining information supply to the European Commission. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Lehmann, Wilhelm (2011) Towards a more representative European democracy: the role of reformed electoral procedures. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Lenz, Tobias (2011) Spurred Emulation: The EU and Regional Integration in Mercosur and SADC. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Littlepage, Kelley (2011) Transnational Judicial Dialogue and Evolving Jurisprudence in the Process of European Legal Integration. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Lynggaard, Kennet (2011) Causality in Europeanization Research: A Discursive Institutional Analytical Strategy. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Maas, Wilhelm (2011) Fundamental Rights and Reverse Discrimination. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

MacKenzie, Alex (2011) A US Driven Security Agenda? EU Actorness in Counter-terrorism Co-operation with the US. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Matthijs, Matthias M. (2011) Germany's Role in Crafting a Solution to the 2010 EMU Sovereign Debt Crisis: Persuading with Power or the Power of Persuasion? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Maxfield, Sylvia (2011) Lessons from the History of Over-the-Counter Derivatives Regulation. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Mayoral, Juan A. (2011) "Government Contained?" Explaining Spanish Supreme Court's decisions on EU law. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Meunier, Sophie (2011) The dog that did not bark: Anti-Americanism and the financial crisis. [Conference Proceedings]

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