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Alcidi, Cinzia and Postica, Doina and Shamsfakhr, Farzaneh and Pieter De Groen, Willem (2022) Analysis of Developments in EU Capital Flows in the Global Context (2021): Rise and fall after the COVID-19 outbreak. CEPS External Contribution February 2022. UNSPECIFIED.

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Böhmer, Michael and Limbers, Jan and Weiß, Johann (2012) Wachstumswirkungen eines Euro-Ausstiegs Welche Effekte hätte ein Euro-Ausstieg Griechenlands, Portugals, Spaniens oder Italiens auf Wachstum und Beschäftigung in Deutschland, Europa und der Welt? = Effects on growth effects from an exit from the euro. What effects would an exit from the euro of Greece, Portugal, Spain or Italy have on growth and employment in Germany, Europe and the world? UNSPECIFIED.

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Cronin, David and McQuinn, Kieran (2020) Fiscal policy and growth forecasts in the EU: Are official forecasters still misestimating fiscal multipliers? ESRI Working Paper 682 November 2020. [Working Paper]

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Grevi, Giovanni (2020) Europe's path of strategic recovery: Brace, empower and engage. EPC Discussion Paper 21 April 2020. [Discussion Paper]

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Kuespert, Theresa and Redeker, Nils (2020) Taking a closer look: How to improve the design of the Solvency Support Instrument. Bertelsmann Policy Paper IPolicy PaperThe Solvency Support Instrument (SSI) is central to the European Commis-sion’s proposal to mitigate economic damage of the pandemic. It would use part of the money raised under the Recovery Instrument to provide equity support to struggling firms. It could become a powerful tool for the recovery. However, in its current form, the instrument risks provid-ing free lunch bailouts for owners and private investors without ensuring that public support secures jobs, avoids market concentration, and puts firms on a growth path more conducive with the EU’s broader industrial policy goals. To remedy these shortcomings, the instrument needs clear political criteria for equity support and better political control. Bertelsmann Policy Paper, 14 July 2020. [Policy Paper]

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