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Bajczuk, Rafał (2017) The unfinished reform. An assessment of the energy transformation in Germany during the rule of the Grand Coalition 2013-2017. OSW Studies 69 November 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Balcer, Adam and Kaczmarski, Marcin and Stanislawski, Wojciech (2008) Kosowo - przed ostatecznym rozwiazaniem. Proces uregulowania statusu miedzynarodowego = uwarunkowania polityczne i historyczne perspektywy rozwoju sytuacji. Prace OSW 2008. Kosovo before the final decision. Regulation Kosovo's international status - historical and political conditions and prospects for future developments. OSW Study 27/2008. UNSPECIFIED.

Biernacka, Paulina (2005) Review of the Economic Development in the Western Balkan States. OSW STUDIES No. 19, 2005-08-10. UNSPECIFIED.

Bogusz, Michał (2020) Nine dashes: Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea. OSW Studies 2020-07-29. UNSPECIFIED.

Całus, Kamil (2015) In the shadow of history. Romanian-Moldovan relations. OSW Studies 53, September 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

Całus, Kamil (2016) The unfinished state. 25 years of independent Moldova. OSW STUDIES 59 2016-12-14. UNSPECIFIED.

Chawryło (Jarzyńska), Katarzyna (2016) The altar and the throne alliance. The Russian Orthodox Church vs. the government in Russia. OSW STUDIES 54, 2016-01-04. UNSPECIFIED.

Cichocki, Bartosz and Sadowski, Rafal and Hyndle, Joanna and Kutysz, Mirnya (2004) Wschodnia granica zewnetrzna rozszerzonej Unii Europejskiej. Wspolpraca transgraniczna na nowej granicy wshodniej Unii Europejskiej. Rosyjskojezyczni na Lotwie i w Estonii. Prace OSW 14/2004. The Eastern external border of the enlarge European Union. Cross-border co-operation at the new Eastern border of the European Union. Russian-speakers in Latvia and Estonia. OSW Study 14/2004. UNSPECIFIED.

Darczewska, Jolanta (2016) Russia's armed forces on the information war front. Strategic documents. OSW STUDIES 57 2016-06-27. UNSPECIFIED.

Domańska, Maria (2017) Crisis in Russia. The degradation of the model of economic governance. OSW Studies 61, February 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

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Falkowski, Maciej and Lang, Józef (2014) Hostages to Moscow, clients of Beijing. Security in Central Asia as the role of the West diminishes. OSW Study 10/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

Falkowski, Maciej and Marszewski, Mariusz (2010) The 'tribal areas' of the Caucasus: The North Caucasus - an enclave of 'alien civilisation' within the Russian Federation. OSW Study 34/2010. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Falkowski, Maciej and Rogoża, Jadwiga (2004) North Caucasus: the Russian Gordian knot. The key problems and conflicts in the region and the effect thereof on the future of Russia; Putin after re-election: The Kremlin's policy in Vladimir Putin's second term. OSW Study 16/2004. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Frymark, Kamil (2019) The Free State of Bavaria: The end of the CSU’s sovereign duchy? OSW Studies Number 77, April 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Gniazdowski, Mateusz and Strazay i zespol, Tomas and Osica, Olaf (2011) Strategia unii europejskiej dla regionu dunaju. Implikacje dla Polski i Grupy Wyszehradzkiej. Prace OSW 37/2011. = European Union Strategy for the Danube region. Implications for the Polish and the Visegrad Group. OSW Study 37/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

Gorecki, Wojciech (2014) Ever further from Moscow. Russia's stance on Central Asia. OSW Study 48/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

Gorecki, Wojciech (2014) No change in the Russian Caucasus. The Winter Olympics amid a local war. OSW Study 47/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

Hyndle-Hussein, Joanna and Kardaś, Szymon and Kłysiński, Kamil (2018) Troublesome Investment. The Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant in Astravyets. OSW Studies 74, July 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Jakóbowski, Jakub and Popławski, Konrad and Kaczmarski, Marcin (2018) The Silk Railroad. The EU-China rail connections: background, actors, interests. OSW Studies Number 72, February 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Jarosiewicz, Aleksandra and Strachota, Krzysztof and Wolowska, Anna and Matusiak, Marek (2013) China vs. Central Asia. The achievements of the past two decades. OSW Study 45/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

Kaczmarski, Marcin (2009) Rosyjski rewizjonizm wobec zachodu. Prace OSW 33/2009. = Russia's revisionist policy towards the west. OSW Study 33/2009. UNSPECIFIED.

Kaczmarski, Marcin (2016) An essential partner in the background. Europe in China's policy during the rule of Xi Jinping. OSW STUDIES 56 2016. UNSPECIFIED.

Kardas, Szymon (2014) The tug of war. Russia's response to changes on the European gas market. OSW Study 50/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

Kardaś, Szymon (2017) At crossroads. Current problems of Russia’s gas sector. OSW Studies Number 63 March 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Kardaś, Szymon (2018) Neither super-rich, nor bankrupt. Gazprom’s financial condition. OSW Studies 76 [79?], October 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Kardaś, Szymon (2017) A region with special needs. The Russian Far East in Moscow’s policy. OSW Studies 65 June 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Kardaś, Szymon (2016) The twilight of the oil Eldorado. How the activity of Russian oil companies on the EU market has evolved. OSW Studies 55, April 2016. UNSPECIFIED.

Konieczna, Joanna (2005) The Orange Revolution in Ukraine: An attempt to understand the reasons. OSW Study 18/2005. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Kononczuk, Wojciech (2008) Trudny "Sojusznik" Bialorus w polityce Rosji. Prace OSW 2008. = Difficult "ally." Belarus in Russia's foreign policy. OSW Study 28/2008. UNSPECIFIED.

Konończuk, Wojciech (2007) The Failure of Integration: The CIS and other international organisations in the post-Soviet era, 1991-2006. OSW Study 26/2007. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Konończuk, Wojciech (2012) Russia's best ally: The situation of the Russian oil sector and forecast for its future. OSW Study 39/2012. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Konończuk, Wojciech (2006) The 'Yukos affair', its motives and implications. OSW Study 25/2006. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

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Kłysinski, Kamil and Żochowski, Piotr (2016) The End Of The Myth of a brotherly Belarus? Russian soft power in Belarus after 2014: the background and its manifestations. OSW STUDIES 58 November 2016. UNSPECIFIED.

Loskot, Agata (2005) Turcja - korytarz transzytowy dla surocow energetycznych do UE? Prace OSW 17/2005. = Turkey - an energy transit corridor to the EU? OSW Study 17/2005. UNSPECIFIED.

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Menkiszak, Marek (2006) Rosja wobec Unii Europejskiej: kryzys „strategicznego partnerstwa.” Prace OSW 22/2006. = Russia vs. the European Union: a “strategic partnership” crisis. OSW Study 22/2006. UNSPECIFIED.

Menkiszak, Marek and Cichocki, Bartosz and Pelczynska-Nalcez, Katarzyna and Wilk, Andrzej (2001) Rok Putina. Obwod kaliningradzki w kontekscie rozszerzenia Unii Europejskiej. Prace OSW 2/2001. = Putin's Year. The Kaliningrad Oblast in the context of EU enlargement. OSW Study 2/2001. UNSPECIFIED.

Menkiszak, Marek and Hyndle, Joanna and Kutysz, Miryna (2002) Stosunki Rosja-NATO przed i po 11 wrzesnia. Dazenia Litwy, Lotwy i Estonii do integracji z NATO i UE a stosunki tych krajow z Rosja. Prace OSW 4/2002. = Relations between Russia and NATO before and after the 11th of September. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia's aspirations to integrate with NATO and the EU in the context of these countries' relations with Russia. OSW Study 4/2002. UNSPECIFIED.

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Pelczynska-Nalecz, Katarzyna (2011) Integration or imitation? EU policy towards its Eastern neighbours. OSW Study 36/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

Popławski, Konrad (2015) Germany's stance on the TTIP. Background, interests and concerns. OSW Studies 52, March 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

Rodkiewicz, Witold (2009) Od demokracji "wirtualnej" ku europejskiej: Geneze i konsekwencje przelomu politycznego w Moldawii. Prace OSW 32/2009. = From "virtual" to European democracy - the origins and consequences of the political breakthrough in Moldova. OSW Study 32/2009. UNSPECIFIED.

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Szymański, Piotr (2018) With Russia right across the border. Finland’s security policy. OSW Studies 73 May 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Szymański, Piotr (2017) The multi-speed Baltic States. Reinforcing the defence capabilities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. OSW STUDIES 68 August 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Tekieli, Stanislaw and Stanislawski, Wojciech and Balcer, Adam (2003) Bosnia i Hercegowina wobec pytania o tozsamosc. Kosowo - kewstia ostatecznego statusu. Prace OSW 10/2003 = Bosnia and Herzegovina: facing the question of identity. Kosovo - the question of final status. OSW Study 10/2003. UNSPECIFIED.

Tekieli, Stanislaw and Wrobel, Jacek and Balcer, Adam (2004) Europejska prespektywa Balkanow Zachodnich. Unia Europejska a Moldawia. Relacje Turcji z Unia Europejska. Prace OSW 13/2004 = European prospects of the Western Balkans. The European Union and Moldova. Relations between Turkey and the European Union. OSW Study 13/2004. UNSPECIFIED.

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Zazilska-Florczuk, Marta and Ciechanowicz, Artur (2011) One country, two societies? Germany twenty years after reunification. OSW Study 35/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

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