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April 1994

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December 1996

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March 2003

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April 2003

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July 2003

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May 2004

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August 2004

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May 2005

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September 2005

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May 2007

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July 2007

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October 2007

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April 2008

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September 2008

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October 2008

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April 2009

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June 2009

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July 2009

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September 2010

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December 2010

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January 2011

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February 2011

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August 2011

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October 2011

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November 2011

Incerti, Marco (2011) What's wrong with technocrats? CEPS Commentary, 15 November 2011. [Policy Paper]

December 2011

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December 2012

Blizkovsky, Petr (2012) Student's cross-perception of the economic crises in the European Union and in Southeast Asia. EU Centre in Singapore Working Paper No. 11, December 2012. [Working Paper]

January 2014

Kononczuk, Wojciech and Olszanski, Tadeusz A. (2014) What do the Maidan protests tell us about Ukraine? Diagnosis and prospects for Ukrainian politics. OSW Commentary No. 125, 22.01.2014. [Policy Paper]

March 2014

Olszanski, Tadeusz A. (2014) Unity stronger than divisions. Ukraine's internal diversity. OSW Point of View Number 40, March 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2014

Guiso, Luigi and Sapienza, Paola and Zingales, Luigi (2014) ‘Monnet’s Error?’. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 83/2014 November 2014. [Discussion Paper]


Eliasson, Leif Johan (2015) The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Interest groups and public opinion. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Grande, Edgar and Hutter, Swen (2015) Authority transfer or membership conflict? Explaining politicization of European integration in public debates on major integration steps. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

de Vries, Catherine and Hoffmann, Isabell (2015) What Do the People Want? Opinions, Moods and Preferences of European Citizens. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2015

Haverland, Markus and de Ruiter, Minou and Van de Walle, Steven (2015) Producing salience or keeping silence? An exploration of topics and non-topics of Special Eurobarometers. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 88/2015 February 2015. [Discussion Paper]

December 2015

Farina, Francesco and Tamborini, Roberto (2015) Europe's Great Divide. A geo-economic-political map. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 101/2015 December 2015. [Discussion Paper]

June 2016

de Vries, Catherine and Hoffmann, Isabell (2016) Keep calm and carry on. What Europeans think about a possible Brexit. Bertelsmann eupinion #2016/2. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2017

de Vries, Catherine and Hoffman, Isabell (2017) Supportive but wary. How Europeans feel about the EU 60 years after the Treaty of Rome. eupinions #2017/1. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2017

Mattelaer, Alexander (2017) Integration vs. contestation: Belgian perspectives on the future of Europe. Egmont Commentary, 30 June 2017. [Policy Paper]


Hierlemann, Dominik and Huesmann, Christian (2018) European Citizens’ Panel on the future of Europe Bertelsmann Stiftung Evaluation Report. UNSPECIFIED.

de Vries, Catherine and Hoffmann, Isabell (2018) The Power of the Past How Nostalgia Shapes European Public Opinion. eupinions #2018/2. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2018

de Vries, Catherine and Hoffmann, Isabell (2018) Cold Love eupinions Brief | January 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2018

Diebold, Céline and Hierlemann, Dominik (2018) Citizens’ Consultations on Europe: French Citizens’ Panel October 25 to 27, 2018, Paris Review report. UNSPECIFIED.


de Vries,, Catherine E. and Hoffmann, Isabell (2019) Great expectations The New European Commission, its Ambition and European Public Opinion. eupinions 2019/2. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2019

Grzymek, Viktoria and Puntschuh, Michael (2019) What Europe Knows and Thinks About Algorithms Results of a Representative Survey. Bertelsmann Stiftung eupinions February 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

de Vries, Catherine E and Hoffmann, Isabell (2019) We’ll be fine. How People in the EU27 View Brexit. eupinions brief | February 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

de Vries,, Catherine E. and Hoffmann, Isabell (2019) Je t’aime. Moi non plus = I love you. Neither do I. eupinions brief | February 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2019

Schmidt, Sylvia and Wortmann, Marcus (2019) Local infrastructure and economic opportunities: What do Europeans think about their neighbourhood? Bertelsmann Policy Brief. [Policy Paper]

January 2020

de Vries,, Catherine E. and Hoffmann, Isabell (2020) Hello, Goodbye. Bertelsmann Stiftung eupinions brief | January 2020. [Policy Paper]

February 2020

Darvas, Zsolt (2020) RESISTING DEGLOBALISATION: THE CASE OF EUROPE. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 1 3 February 2020. [Working Paper]

May 2020

Vehrkamp, Robert and Bischoff, Lars (2020) A Return of Trust? Future of Democracy 01.2020 May 2020. [Policy Paper]

July 2020

McGinnity, Frances and Creighton, Mathew and Fahey, Éamonn (2020) Hidden versus revealed attitudes: A list experiment on support for minorities in Ireland. ESRI Report July 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2021

OSW, Team (2021) Belarusians on Poland, Russia and themselves. OSW Commentary Number 373 29.01.2021. [Policy Paper]

August 2021

Kłysiński, Kamil (2021) Protest suspended – Belarusian society one year after the presidential elections. OSW Commentary Number 401 3.08.2021. [Policy Paper]

September 2021

Stratulat, Corina and Greubel, Johannes (2021) “Una casa para todos”: Observations from the first European Citizens’ Panel of the Conference on the Future of Europe. EPC Report 24/09/2021. [Policy Paper]

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