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December 1993

Brubaker, Rogers (1993) National Minorities, Nationalizing States, and External National Homelands in the New Europe. Notes toward a Relational Analysis. Institute of Advanced Studies Political Science Series, 11 December 1993. [Policy Paper]


Allen, David. (1997) "Reuniting Europe or establishing new divides? The European Union, the states of Eastern and Central Europe, and the states of the former Soviet Union". In: UNSPECIFIED, Seattle, WA. (Unpublished)


Laumulin, Murat T. (1999) Die EU als Modell für die zentralasiatische Integration? = The EU as a Model for Central Asian Integration? ZEI Discussion Papers: 1999, C 29. [Discussion Paper]

April 2001

Wołowska, Anna and Strachota, Krzysztof and Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, Katarzyna (2001) Russian gas industry - current condition and prospects; New regional 'in-security' system in Central Asia; Caspian oil and gas: the facts at the end of the year 2000. OSW Study 1/2001. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

December 2003

Loskot, Agata and Paszyc, Ewa and Sarna, Arkadiusz and Wisniewska, Iwona and Paczynski, Wojciech (2003) The resource wealth burden - oil and gas sectors in the former USSR. OSW Study 12/2003. UNSPECIFIED.


Emerson, Michael and Verheugen, Günter (2004) The Wider Europe Matrix. CEPS Paperback. January 2004. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9290794690

October 2004

Wołowska, Anna and Strachota, Krzysztof and Zasada, Grzegorz (2004) Kazakhstan: the regional success story; Tajikistan: a trial period; Uzbekistan: the major source of instability in Central Asia? OSW Study 15/2004. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

July 2005

Attina, Fulvio. (2005) Regional security partnership: the concept, model, practice, and a preliminary comparative scheme. JMWP No.58.05, July 2005. [Working Paper]


Mayes, David G., and Korhonen, Vesa. (2007) The CIS - Does the Regional Hegemon Facilitate Monetary Integration? In: UNSPECIFIED, Montreal, Canada. (Unpublished)

March 2007

Melvin, Neil J. (2007) The European Union's Strategic Role in Central Asia. CEPS Policy Brief, No. 128, 28 March 2007. [Policy Paper]

July 2007

Kimmage, Daniel. (2007) Security Challenges in Central Asia: Implications for the EU's Engagement Strategy. CEPS Policy Brief No. 139, 26 July 2007. [Policy Paper]

Zhovtis, Eugheniy. (2007) Democratisation and Human Rights in Central Asia: Problems, Development Prospects and the Role of the International Community. CEPS Policy Brief No. 134, July 2007. [Policy Paper]


Rehman, Scheherazade S. and Dairabayeva, Karlygash S. (2008) Is the "Dubai model" a new paradigm for growth and investment strategies for oil-based economies? Case study: Eurasia. ACES Working Papers No. 8, 2008. [Working Paper]

January 2008

Kassenova, Nargis. (2008) The EU Strategy towards Central Asia: A View from the Region. CEPS Policy Brief No. 148, 16 January 2008. [Policy Paper]

May 2008

Melvin, Neil J. (2008) Engaging Central Asia: The European Union's New Strategy in the Heart of Eurasia. CEPS Paperbacks. May 2008. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . Centre for European Policy Studies. ISBN 9789290797074

October 2008

Emerson, Michael. (2008) The Struggle for a Civilised Wider European Order: Elements for European Security Strategy. CEPS Working Document No. 307, October 2008. [Working Paper]

Fumagalli, Matteo. (2008) The ‘Food-Energy-Water’ Nexus in Central Asia: Regional Implications of and the International Response to the Crises in Tajikistan. EUCAM Policy Brief #2, 8 October 2008. [Policy Paper]

Melvin, Neil and Boonstra, Jos. (2008) The EU Strategy for Central Asia @ Year One. EUCAM Policy Brief No. 1, 8 October 2008. [Policy Paper]

April 2009

Emerson, Michael and Checci, Arianna and Fujiwara, Noriko and Gajdosova, Ludmila and Gavrilis, George and Gnedina, Elena (2009) Synergies vs. Spheres of Influence in the Pan-European Space. Report prepared for the Policy Planning Staff of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. CEPS Paperbacks. April 2009. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . Centre for European Policy Studies. ISBN 9789290798712

July 2009

Denison, Michael. (2009) The EU and Central Asia: Commercialising the Energy Relationship. EUCAM Working Papers No. 2, July 2009. [Working Paper]

Peyrouse, Sébastien (2009) Business and Trade Relationships between the EU and Central Asia. EUCAM Working Papers No. 1, June 2009. [Working Paper]

Pomfret, Richard. (2009) Central Asia and the Global Economic Crisis. EUCAM Policy Brief No. 7, June 2009. [Policy Paper]

Toralieva, Gulnura. (2009) The EU’s Approach to the Development of Mass Media in Central Asia. EUCAM Policy Brief No. 6, 23 July 2009. [Policy Paper]

August 2009

Isaacs, Rico. (2009) The EU’s Rule of Law Initiative in Central Asia. EUCAM Policy Brief No. 9, August 2009. [Policy Paper]

Mirimanova, Natalia. (2009) Water and Energy Disputes of Central Asia: In search of regional solutions? EUCAM Commentaries No. 1, 14 August 2009. [Policy Paper]

September 2009

Laruelle, Marlene. (2009) Russia in Central Asia: Old History, New Challenges? EUCAM Working Paper No. 3, 08 September 2009. [Working Paper]

October 2009

Emerson, Michael and Youngs, Richard and Alieva, Leila and Düzgit, Senem Aydin and Bogomolov, Alexander and Darbouche, Hakim and Giragosian, Richard and Jarabik, Balazs and Kausch, Kristina and Khutsishvili, George and Klitsounova, Elena and Lytvynenko, Alexander and Melvin, Neil J. and Mungiu-Pippidi, Alina and Noutcheva, Gergana and Pešić, Vesna and Popsecu, Nicu and Shehata, Dina and Silicki, Vitali and Wilson, Andrew (2009) Democracy’s Plight in the European Neighbourhood: Struggling transitions and proliferating dynasties. CEPS Paperbacks. October 2009. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9789290799269

Kassenova, Nargis. (2009) The impact of the global economic crisis on Central Asia and its implications for the EU engagement. EUCAP Working Paper No. 5, 21 October 2009. [Working Paper]

Peyrouse, Sebastien. (2009) Central Asia's growing partnership with China. EUCAM Working Paper No. 4, 09 October 2009. [Working Paper]

November 2009

Boonstra, Jos. (2009) The EU Strategy for Central Asia says 'security'. Does this include Security Sector Reform? EUCAM Policy Brief No. 10, 12 November 2009. [Policy Paper]

Emerson, Michael. (2009) From Central Asian Strategy into EurAsian Strategy. CEPS Commentaries, 4 November 2009. [Policy Paper]

Peyrouse, Sebastien. (2009) The multiple paradoxes of the agriculture issue in Central Asia. EUCAM Working Paper No. 6, 27 November 2009. [Working Paper]

Rybakov, Maxim. (2009) Studying Europe in Central Asia: The Case of Kyrgyzstan. EUCAM Commentary No. 5, November 2009. [Policy Paper]

December 2009

Emerson, Michael and Vinokurov, Evgeny. (2009) Optimisation of Central Asian and Eurasian Trans-Continental Land Transport Corridors. EUCAM Working Paper No. 7, 17 December 2009. [Working Paper]

Gavrilis, George. (2009) Beyond the Border Management Programme for Central Asia (BOMCA). EUCAM Policy Brief No. 11, 07 December 2009. [Policy Paper]

Laruelle, Marlene. (2009) The Growing Illiteracy in Central Asia: A Challenge for the EU. EUCAM Commentary No. 6, 7 December 2009. [Policy Paper]

Toralieva, Gulnura. (2009) Destruction of Central Asian Electricity Grid: Causes and Implications. EUCAM Commentary No. 8, 18 December 2009. [Policy Paper]

Walker, Anna. (2009) Central Asia: Going Nuclear. EUCAM Commentary No. 10, 15 December 2009. [Policy Paper]


Grewlich, Klaus. (2010) Pipelines, Drogen, Kampf ums Wasser - greift die EU-Zentralasien-Strategie?: Neues "Great Game" von Afghanistan bis zum Kaspischen Meer? = Pipelines, drugs, struggles for water usage - the EU Central Asia Strategy?: New 'Great Game' for Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea. ZEI Discussion Paper No. 200, 2010. [Discussion Paper]

January 2010

Boonstra, Jos and Hale, Jacqueline. (2010) EU Assistance to Central Asia: Back to the Drawing Board? EUCAM Working Paper No. 8, 25 January 2010. [Working Paper]

Strachota, Krzysztof and Falkowski, Maciej (2010) Jihad vs The New Great Game: Paradoxes of militant Islamic threats in Central Asia. OSW Point of View (Policy Brief), January 2010. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Walker, Anna. (2010) Inclusion on EU Aviation Blacklist Spurs Reform in Central Asia. EUCAM Commentary No. 9, 8 January 2010. [Policy Paper]

February 2010

Emerson, Michael and Boonstra, Jos (2010) Into EurAsia: Monitoring the EU’s Central Asia Strategy - Executive Summary and Recommendations. EUCAM Policy Brief No. 13, February 2010. [Policy Paper]

Emerson, Michael and Boonstra, Jos and Hasanova, Nafisa and Laruelle, Marlene and Peyrouse, Sebastien (2010) Into EurAsia – Monitoring the EU’s Central Asia Strategy. Report of the EUCAM Project. CEPS Paperbacks. February 2010. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Paperbacks . UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9789290799665

Jones, Peter. (2010) The EU-Central Asia Education Initiative. EUCAM Working Paper No. 9, 08 February 2010. [Working Paper]

May 2010

Hodgson, Stephen (2010) Strategic Water Resources in Central Asia: in search of a new international legal order. EUCAM Policy Brief No. 14, May 2010. [Policy Paper]

Veugelers, Reinhilde. (2010) Assessing the potential for knowledge-based development in transition countries. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/01, May 2010. [Working Paper]

June 2010

Massansalvador., Francesc Serra (2010) The process of nation building in Central Asia and its relationship to Russia's regional influence. Jean Monnet/Robert Schuman Paper Series, Vol. 10, No. 5, June 2010. [Working Paper]

September 2010

Gotkowska, Justyna (2010) Niemiecki sieci na wschodzie. Niemiecki soft power w Europie Wschodniej, Azji Centralnej i na Kaukazie Południowym: polityka – administracja – kultura – nauka – społeczenstwo. OSW Raport, wrzesien 2010. = German networks in the east. German soft power in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus policy - administration - culture - science - the society of. CES Report, September 2010. UNSPECIFIED.

December 2010

Darvas, Zsolt. (2010) Beyond the crisis: prospects for emerging Europe. Bruegel Working Paper 2010/06, December 2010. [Working Paper]

April 2011

Axyonova, Vera (2011) The EU-Central Asia Human Rights Dialogues: Making a Difference? EUCAM Policy Brief No. 16, April 2011. [Policy Paper]

Boas, Vanessa (2011) Kazakhstan’s voting enthusiasm. EUCAM Commentary No. 11, April 2011. [Policy Paper]

May 2011

Boonstra, Jos and Denison, Michael (2011) Is the EU-Central Asia Strategy running out of steam? EUCAM Policy Brief No. 17, May 2011. [Policy Paper]

June 2011

Biscop, Sven. and Coelmont, Jo. (2011) Europe deploys towards a civil-military strategy for CSDP. Egmont Paper No. 49, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

Laruelle, Marlène (2011) Central Asian Islamism in the spotlight. EUCAM Commentary No. 13, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

Schuster, Martin (2011) The EU’s Rule of Law Initiative for Central Asia: From Initiative to More Substance? EUCAM Policy Brief No. 18, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

July 2011

Boonstra, Jos and Hale, Jacqueline (2011) EU development ministers discuss approach to Central Asia. EUCAM Commentary No. 16, July 2011. [Policy Paper]

August 2011

Laruelle, Marlène (2011) Involving Central Asia in Afghanistan’s future – what can Europe do? EUCAM Policy Brief No. 20, August 2011. [Policy Paper]

September 2011

Axyonova, Vera (2011) Supporting Civil Society in Central Asia: What Approach for the EU? EUCAM Commentary No. 17, September 2011. [Policy Paper]

October 2011

Boonstra, Jos (2011) Go Gorno-Badakhshan. EUCAM Commentary No. 19, October 2011. [Policy Paper]

Emerson, Michael (2011) East goes right, South goes left. CEPS Commentary, 28 October, 2011. [Policy Paper]

Khandekar, Gauri (2011) Central Asia on New Delhi's Geostrategic Radar. EUCAM Commentary No. 18, October 2011. [Policy Paper]

Peyrouse, Sébastien (2011) Human security in Central Asia: can the EU help out? EUCAM Policy Brief No. 21, October 2011. [Policy Paper]

December 2011

Dufour, Nathan (2011) Thinking Further about EU-Russia Cooperation: Drug Trafficking and Related Issues in Central Asia. EU Diplomacy Paper 09/2011, December 2011. [Working Paper]

January 2012

Aubert, Laurène (2012) The European Union's Policy towards Central Asia and South Caucasus: a Coherent Strategy? Bruges Regional Integration & Global Governance Papers 1/2012. [Working Paper]

April 2012

Umpleby, Stuart A. (2012) Prepared for a Symposium on Country Development at the European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research, Vienna, Austria, April 2012 (Untitled). ACES Working Papers, April 2012. [Working Paper]

August 2012

Karlygash, Dairabayeva (2012) How did Targeted Government Trade Policies Impact the Productivity of Manufacturing Firms in Eastern Europe and Central Asia between 1995 and 2009? ACES Working Papers, 28 August 2012. [Working Paper]

July 2013

Wisniewska, Iwona and Fischer, Ewa and Gorecki, Wojciech and Kardas, Szymon and Menkiszak, Marek and Wierzbowska-Miazga, Agata (2013) Eurasian integration. Russia's attempt at the economic unification of the post-Soviet area. OSW Study 44/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2013

Jarosiewicz, Aleksandra and Strachota, Krzysztof and Wolowska, Anna and Matusiak, Marek (2013) China vs. Central Asia. The achievements of the past two decades. OSW Study 45/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2013

Lang, Jozef (2013) The radical Islamic militants of Central Asia. OSW Report, November 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

April 2014

Gorecki, Wojciech (2014) Ever further from Moscow. Russia's stance on Central Asia. OSW Study 48/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2014

Denis, Benjamin Thibaut (2014) Afghan Opium and the EU: Fighting the War Economy through Development Cooperation. EU Diplomacy Paper No. 4, 2014. [Working Paper]

July 2014

Emerson, Michael (2014) Trade policy issues in the Wider Europe – that led to war and not yet to peace. CEPS Working Document No. 398, July 2014. [Working Paper]

October 2014

Falkowski, Maciej and Lang, Józef (2014) Hostages to Moscow, clients of Beijing. Security in Central Asia as the role of the West diminishes. OSW Study 10/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

25 November 2014

Gartland, Josh (2014) The Border Management Programme in Central Asia: Explaining the European Union's Choice of Implementing Partners. Bruges Regional Integration & Global Governance Papers 3/2014. [Working Paper]

January 2015

Jarosiewicz, Aleksandra and Fischer, Ewa (2015) The Eurasian Economic Union – more political, less economic. OSW Commentary Number 157/20.01.2015. [Policy Paper]

April 2017

Lang, Józef (2017) Central Asia: the crisis of the migration model and its potential impact on the EU. OSW COMMENTARY NUMBER 237 | 25.04.2017. [Policy Paper]

Lang, Józef (2017) Exporting Jihad – Islamic terrorism from Central Asia. OSW COMMENTARY Number 236 / 12.04.2017. [Policy Paper]

May 2017

Batsaikhan, Uuriintuya and Dabrowski, Marek (2017) Central Asia at 25. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚13 | May 2017. [Policy Paper]


Valenza, Domenico (2018) The New EU Strategy for Central Asia: A Case for Cultural Diplomacy. IES Policy Brief No. 6, April 2018 Issue. [Policy Paper]

February 2018

Valenza, Domenico (2018) Assessing the Effectiveness of the EU’s and Russia’s Cultural Diplomacy towards Central Asia. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/9 • February 2018. [Working Paper]

April 2018

Collins, Neil and Bekenova, Kristina and Kagarmanova, Ainur (2018) EL-CSID Policy Brief 5: Health diplomacy of the European Union and its member states in Central Asia. Institute for European Studies Issue 2018/5. [Policy Paper]

Collins, Neil and Bekenova, Kristina and Kagarmanova, Ainur (2018) Health diplomacy of the European Union and its member states in Central Asia. EL-CSID Policy Brief Issue 2018/5 • April 2018. [Working Paper]

August 2020

Mardell, Jacob (2020) China’s footprint in Central Asia, Bertelsmann Policy Brief August 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

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