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January 2014

Pascouau, Yves (2014) The future of the area of freedom, security and justice. Addressing mobility, protection and effectiveness in the long run. EPC Discussion Paper, 23 January 2014. [Discussion Paper]

Stratulat, Corina and Emmanouilidis, Janis A. and Fischer, Thomas and Piedrafita, Sonia (2014) Legitimising EU Policymaking: What Role for National Parliaments? EPC Discussion Paper, 28 January 2014. [Discussion Paper]

March 2014

Dhéret, Claire (2014) Sharing the same vision – The cornerstone of a new industrial policy for Europe. EPC Discussion Paper, 20 March 2014. [Discussion Paper]

September 2014

Schneider, Jan David and Zuleeg, Fabian and Emmanouilidis, Janis A. (2014) Policy recommendations for the new European Commission: priorities for stabilising EMU. EPC Discussion Paper, 30 September 2014. [Discussion Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2014) Scotland and the EU: What impact of the potential in-out UK referendum on the independence debate?1 EPC Discussion Paper, 4 September 2014. [Discussion Paper]

March 2015

Dhéret, Claire (2015) Fostering social cohesion: the missing link in the EU's exit strategy from the crisis. EPC Discussion Paper, 31 March 2015. [Discussion Paper]

Schneider, Jan David (2015) Growth for Europe – Is the Juncker Plan the answer? EPC Discussion Paper, 20 March 2015. [Discussion Paper]

September 2015

Duff, Andrew (2015) How to deal with Europe’s British problem. EPC Discussion Paper, 11 September 2015. [Discussion Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2015) Can the eurozone’s economic governance combine political accountability, legitimacy and effectiveness? EPC Discussion Paper, 1 September 2015. [Discussion Paper]


Dionigi, Maja Kluger and Martens, Hans (2016) The EU Transparency Register: on the right path, but not quite there yet. EPC Discussion Paper, 15 December 2016. [Discussion Paper]

January 2016

Duff, Andrew (2016) The Protocol of Frankfurt: a new treaty for the eurozone. EPC Discussion Paper, 12 January 2016. [Discussion Paper]

February 2016

Colasanti, Fabio (2016) Financial assistance to Greece: Three programmes. EPC Discussion Paper, 26 February 2016. [Discussion Paper]

April 2016

Dhéret, Claire and Ghimi, Andreia (2016) The revision of the Posted Workers Directive: towards a sufficient policy adjustment? EPC Discussion Paper, 20 April 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Ghimis, Andreia and Goebbels, Robert and Guillaume, Sylvie and Heinze, Aleksej and Hokovský, Radko and Malkoutzis, Nick and Pascouau, Yves (2016) MIGRATION PANORAMA. Schengen in the spotlight: a Europe with or without borders? APRIL 2016 (First edition). [Discussion Paper]

May 2016

Ando, László and Hess, Regula (2016) Automatic Fiscal Stabiliser: Make it happen! EPC Discussion Paper, 2 May 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Bratsiotis, George and Cobham, David and Bofinger, Peter and Burda, Michael C. and Demetriades, Panicos O. and Feld, Lars P. and Granville, Brigitte and Hayo, Bernd and Neumeier, Florian and Mélitz, Jacques and Wyplosz, Charles and Zuleeg, Fabian (2016) German macro: how it's different and why that matters. EPC Discussion Paper, May 2016. [Discussion Paper]

June 2016

Berton, Beatrice and Ekman, Alice and Schmidt, Juliane and Selleslaghs, Joren and Stang, Gerald and Van Langenhove, Luk (2016) The EU Global Strategy: going beyond effective multilateralism? EPC Discussion Paper, June 2016. [Discussion Paper]

July 2016

Grevi, Giovanni (2016) A Global Strategy for a soul-searching European Union. EPC Discussion Paper, 13 July 2016. [Discussion Paper]

October 2016

Paul, Amanda and Sammut, Dennis (2016) Nagorno-Karabakh: Is it time to bring peacekeeping and confidence building back on the agenda? EPC Discussion Paper, 29 September 2016. [Discussion Paper]

December 2016

Grevi, Giovanni (2016) Lost in transition? US foreign policy from Obama to Trump. EPC Discussion Paper, 2 December 2016. [Discussion Paper]

January 2017

Duff, Andrew (2017) After Schulz: the election of the new president of the European Parliament. EPC Discussion Paper, 9 January 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2017) How Europe sees Brexit. EPC Discussion Paper, 24 January 2017. [Discussion Paper]

February 2017

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit and Europe: a new entente. EPC Discussion Paper, 23 February 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: the launch of Article 50. EPC Discussion Paper, 9 February 2017. [Discussion Paper]

March 2017

Chomicz, Ewa (2017) EU budget post-Brexit. Confronting reality, exploring viable solutions. EPC Discussion Paper, 7 March 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: how to manage the talks and the transition. EPC Discussion Paper, 27 March 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Emmanouilidis, Janis A. and Fabbri, Francesca and Rittelmeyer, Yann-Sven and Schout, Adriaan and Stratulat, Corina and Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) The 2017 elections across Europe: facts, expectations and consequences. European democracy: baptism by vote or by fire? EPC Discussion Paper, 14 March 2017. [Discussion Paper]

April 2017

Doherty, Brian and Lang, John Temple. and McCrudden, Christopher and McGowan, Lee and Phinnemor, David and Schiek, Dagmar (2017) Northern Ireland and Brexit: the European Economic Area option. EPC Discussion Paper, 7 April 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: après May, le déluge. EPC Discussion Paper, 12 April 2017. [Discussion Paper]

May 2017

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: time for Plan B. EPC Discussion Paper, 31 May 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2017) The rise of post-national democracy: Macron, Brexit and the electoral reform of the European Parliament. EPC Discussion Paper 10 May 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Franklin, Paula (2017) Sustainable Development Goal on Health (SDG3): The opportunity to make EU health a priority. EPC Discussion Paper, 18 May 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Funk, Marco and Mc Namara, Frank and Pardo, Romain and Rose, Norma (2017) Tackling irregular migration through development-a flawed approach? EPC Discussion paper, 22 May 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian and Bruguière, Jean-Michel and Tasheva, Iva and Dumont, Frédéric (2017) Rewarding quality journalism or distorting the Digital Single Market? The case for and against neighbouring rights for press publishers. EPC Discussion Paper, 29 May 2017. [Discussion Paper]

June 2017

Dessus, Zephyr and Merja, Albana and Stratulat , Corina and Rexha, Albana (2017) Kosovo's EU candidate status: a goal within reach? EPC Discussion Paper, 28 June 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Grevi, Giovanni (2017) Trump's America: the ordinary superpower. EPC Discussion Paper, 13 June 2017. [Discussion Paper]

July 2017

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: No ordinary third country. EPC Discussion Paper, 6 July 2017. [Discussion Paper]

September 2017

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: dealing with withdrawal symptoms. EPC Discussion Paper, 5 September 2017. [Discussion Paper]

October 2017

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: Sufficient Unto the Day. EPC Discussion Paper 3 October 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Hedberg, Annika (2017) Germany's energy transition: making it deliver. EPC Discussion Paper, 9 October 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Ivan, Paul (2017) The Juncker Commission past midterm: Does the new setup work? EPC Discussion Paper, 18 October 2017. [Discussion Paper]

November 2017

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: Terra Nova to explore together. EPC Discussion Paper, 7 November 2017. [Discussion Paper]

December 2017

Duff, Andrew (2017) Brexit: Launching Satellite Britain. EPC Discussion Paper, 5 December 2017. [Discussion Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) Brexit: Towards a deep and comprehensive partnership? EPC Discussion Paper, 5 December 2017. [Discussion Paper]

January 2018

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: What if Britain changes its mind? EPC Discussion Paper, 18 January 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Stratulat, Corina and Rittelmeyer, Yann-Sven and Butcher, Paul (2018) En Marche l’Europe? A strategy to implement democratic conventions. EPC Discussion Paper, 11 January 2018. [Discussion Paper]

March 2018

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: Half In, Half Out or Right Out? EPC Discussion Paper, 6 March 2018. [Discussion Paper]

May 2018

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: What Theresa May's White Paper must do. EPC Discussion Paper, 16 May 2018. [Discussion Paper]

June 2018

Bamberg, Katharina (2018) The EU Resettlement Framework: From a humanitarian pathway to a migration management tool? EPC Discussion Paper 26 June 2018. [Discussion Paper]

De Somer, Marie (2018) Dublin and Schengen: A tale of two cities. EPC Discussion Paper, 15 June 2018. [Discussion Paper]

July 2018

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: Last call. EPC Discussion Paper, 4 July 2018. [Discussion Paper]

August 2018

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: Beyond the transition. EPC Discussion Paper, 21 August 2018. [Discussion Paper]

September 2018

Lock, Tobias and Zuleeg, Fabian (2018) Extending the transition period. EPC Discussion Paper, 28 September 2018. [Discussion Paper]

October 2018

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: When the music has to stop. EPC Discussion Paper, 9 October 2018. [Discussion Paper]

December 2018

Duff, Andrew (2018) Brexit: From revelation to re-accession. EPC Discussion Paper, 4 December 2018. [Discussion Paper]

January 2019

Butcher, Paul (2019) Disinformation and democracy: The home front in the information war. EPC Discussion Paper, 30 January 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2019) Brexit: How the Political Declaration can rescue the Withdrawal Agreement. EPC Discussion Paper, 3 January 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2019) One step forward, two steps back: Towards no deal by default or design. EPC Discussion Paper, 28 January 2019. [Discussion Paper]

February 2019

Dhéret, Claire and Diez, Olivia Sundberg (2019) Integrating refugees into the labour market: How can the EU better support employers? EPC Discussion Paper, 21 February 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2019) Brexit: The Compromise. EPC Discussion Paper, 14 February 2019. [Discussion Paper]

March 2019

Ivan, Paul (2019) Responding to cyberattacks: Prospects for the EU Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox. EPC Discussion paper, 18 March 2019. [Discussion Paper]

April 2019

Darvas, Zsolt (2019) Brexit: Losing control. EPC Discussion Paper, 24 April 2019. [Discussion Paper]

July 2019

Grevi, Giovanni (2019) Strategic autonomy for European choices: The key to Europe’s shaping power. EPC Discussion Paper 19 July 2019. [Discussion Paper]

August 2019

Bjerkem, Johan and Harbour, Malcolm (2019) Making the Single Market work: Launching a 2022 masterplan for Europe. EPC Discussion Paper 28 August 2019. [Discussion Paper]

Duff, Andrew (2019) The political reform agenda of Ursula von der Leyen. EPC Discussion Paper 30 August 2019. [Discussion Paper]

September 2019

Duff, Andrew (2019) Brexit: How was it for you? EPC Discussion Paper 17 September 2019. [Discussion Paper]

October 2019

Diez, Olivia Sundberg (2019) Diminishing safeguards, increasing returns: Non-refoulement gaps in the EU return and readmission system. EPC Discussion Paper, 4 October 2019. [Discussion Paper]

December 2019

Bamberg, Katharina (2019) Moving beyond the ‘crisis’: Recommendations for the European Commission’s communication on migration. EPC Discussion Paper, 9 DECEMBER 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Fóris, György (2019) Poisoned heritage for the new Commission: The rule of law question. EPC Discussion Paper, 10 December 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2020

Duff, Andrew (2020) Brexit: Getting it done. EPC Discussion paper 9 JANUARY 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2020

Duff, Andrew (2020) Setting the bounds of the European Union. EPC Discussion Paper 10 March 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

April 2020

Emmanouilidis, Janis A. and Zuleeg, Fabian (2020) COVID-19: Lessons from the ‘euro crisis’. EPC Discussion Paper 16 April 2020. [Discussion Paper]

Grevi, Giovanni (2020) Europe's path of strategic recovery: Brace, empower and engage. EPC Discussion Paper 21 April 2020. [Discussion Paper]

Neidhardt, Alberto-Horst and Diez, Olivia Sundberg (2020) The upcoming New Pact on Migration and Asylum: Will it be up to the challenge? EPC Discussion Paper 29 April 2020. [Discussion Paper]

Van Rompey, Herman (2020) COVID-19: a turning point for the EU? EPC Discussion Paper 16 April 2020. [Discussion Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2020) The economic impact of COVID-19 on the EU: From the frying pan into the fire. EPC Discussion Paper 23 April 2020. [Discussion Paper]

April 2021

Pilati, Marta (2021) National Recovery and Resilience Plans: Empowering the green and digital transitions? EPC Discussion Paper April 2021. [Policy Paper]

May 2021

Stratulat, Corina and Butcher, Paul (2021) Balkan youth speaks up about digital issues: Lessons for the Conference on the Future of Europe. EPC Discussion Paper May 2021. [Policy Paper]

June 2021

Van der Loo, Guillaume (2021) Lost in translation? The Comprehensive Agreement on Investment and EU–China trade relations. EPC Discussion Paper June 2021. [Policy Paper]

September 2021

Acosta, Diego (2021) After Brexit: Could bilateral agreements facilitate the free movement of persons? EPC Discussion Paper 07/09/2021. [Discussion Paper]

Riekeles, Georg (2021) The von der Leyen Commission: Time to reset, regroup and get things done. EPC Discussion Paper 13/09/2021. [Discussion Paper]

Sipka, Stefan (2021) Towards circular e-waste management: How can digitalisation help? EPC Discussion Paper 30/09/2021. [Discussion Paper]

November 2021

Hedberg, Annika (2021) The European Green Deal: How to turn ambition into action. EPC Discussion Paper 04 November 2021. [Discussion Paper]

Hedberg, Annika and Sipka, Stefan (2021) Building a circular economy: The role of information transfer. EPC Discussion Paper 17 November 2021. [Discussion Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Acheson, Ian (2021) Hiding in plain sight? Disguised compliance by terrorist offenders. EPC Discussion Paper 09 November 2021. [Discussion Paper]

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