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Geißler, Katja and Nita, Florin (2006) Case Study: Deutsche Bahn AG. Deutsche Bahn on the Fast Track to Fight Corruption. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Geißler, Katja and Nita, Florin (2006) Case Study: WestLB. Sustainability Management at the WestLB. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2006

Lexis, Ulrike and Hassel, Anke (2006) Case Study: Deutsche Telekom and "Schools Online" (SaN). Connecting German Schools to the internet. UNSPECIFIED.


Blazejewski, Susanne and Dorow, Wolfgang (2007) Corporate Cultures in Global Interaction: A Management Guide. UNSPECIFIED.

Hekman, Björn (2007) Attitudes of young people toward entrepreneurship. Youth Entrepreneurship Barometer 2007. Results of a representative survey of young people and teachers in Germany. UNSPECIFIED.


Basedau, Matthias and Brusis, Martin and Croissant, Aurel and Donner, Sabine and Hartmann, Hauke and Hillenbrand, Olaf and Kuzmits, Bernd and Schmidt, Siegmar and Schumacher, Tobias and Theiry, Peter (2008) Bertelsmann Transformation Index 2009: Political Management in International Comparison. UNSPECIFIED.

Carrera, Sergio (2008) Benchmarking Integration in the EU. Analyzing the debate on integration indicators and moving it forward. 2008. UNSPECIFIED.

Köppel, Petra and Sohm, Stefanie (2008) Corporate Cultures in Global Interaction: People, Strategies, and Success. UNSPECIFIED.


Aydin, Mustafa and Triantaphyllou, Dimitrios (2010) A 2020 Vision for the Black Sea Region: A Report by the Commission on the Black Sea. UNSPECIFIED.

Moss, Peter and Urban, Mathias (2010) Democracy and Experimentation: two fundamental values for education. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.


Glosserman, Brad and Walkenhorst, Peter and Xu, Ting (2011) Concert or Cacophony? In Search of a New International Order. Report on the Trilateral Practitioners Workshop “Creative Destruction: Toward an Effective International System”, Berlin, July 7-8, 2011. UNSPECIFIED.


Arpe, Jan (2012) Globalization and its Complexity: Challenges to Economic Policy. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Böhmer, Michael and Limbers, Jan and Schmutz, Sabrina and Weisser, Johannes (2012) Maastricht 2.0: Eine neue Finanzregel für Europa = Maastricht 2.0: A new financial rule for Europe. UNSPECIFIED.

Böhmer, Michael and Limbers, Jan and Weiß, Johann (2012) Wachstumswirkungen eines Euro-Ausstiegs Welche Effekte hätte ein Euro-Ausstieg Griechenlands, Portugals, Spaniens oder Italiens auf Wachstum und Beschäftigung in Deutschland, Europa und der Welt? = Effects on growth effects from an exit from the euro. What effects would an exit from the euro of Greece, Portugal, Spain or Italy have on growth and employment in Germany, Europe and the world? UNSPECIFIED.

Gradl, Christina and Knobloch, Claudia and Peters, Anna (2012) A Strategy for the Commons: Business-driven Networks for Collective Action and Policy Dialogue. The Example of Global Compact Local Networks. UNSPECIFIED.

Nolting, Hans-Dieter and Zich, Karsten and Deckenach, Bernd and Lottmann, Kathrin and Klemperer, David and Grote Westerick, Marion and Schwenk, Uwe (2012) Healthcare Fact Check: Regional Variations in German Healthcare. UNSPECIFIED.

Xu, Ting and Petersen, Thieß and Wang, Tianlong (2012) Cash in Hand: Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. and Germany. 2012. UNSPECIFIED.


Bassford, Matthew and Brune, Sophie-Charlotte and Gilbert, Jame and Helnemann, Friedrich and Misch, Florian and Moessinger, Marc-Daniel and Osterloh, Steffen and Weiss, Stefani (2013) The European Added Value of EU Spending: Can the EU Help its Member States to Save Money? Exploratory Study. UNSPECIFIED.

Böhmer, Michael and Limbers, Jan and Weiß, Johann (2013) Vorteile Deutschlands durch die Währungsunion. Szenarienrechnungen bis zum Jahr 2025 = Benefits for Germany of the monetary union. Scenario calculations up to 2025. UNSPECIFIED.

Calliess, Christian and Beichelt, Timm (2013) The Europeanization of the Bundestag: From Observer to Player? Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Dragolov, Georgi and Ignácz, Zsófia and Lorenz, Jan and Delhey, Jan and Boehnke, Klaus (2013) Social Cohesion Radar Measuring Common Ground: An international Comparison of Social Cohesion Methods Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Euler, Dieter (2013) Germany's dual vocational training system: a model for other countries? UNSPECIFIED.

Felbermayr, Gabriel and Heid, Benedikt and Lehwald, Sybille (2013) Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Who benefits from a free trade deal? Part 1: Macroeconomic effects. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Felbermayr, Gabriel and Lehwald, Sybille and Schoof, Ulrich and Ronge, Mirko (2013) States, Branches of Industry and Education Levels. Who will Benefit in Germany from a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)? Final Report, Part 2: Microeconomic Effects in Germany. UNSPECIFIED.

Funcke, Antje and Menne, Sarah (2013) Strengthening Families – Enhancing Education Opportunities. UNSPECIFIED.

George, Samuel (2013) Surviving a Debt Crisis: Five Lessons for Europe from Latin America. UNSPECIFIED.

Naegele, Laura and Thode, Eric and Dhéret, Claire (2013) Second Career Labour Markets. Assessing Challenges - Advancing Policies. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Thompson, Spencer (2013) States of Uncertainty: Youth Unemployment in Europe. Report. UNSPECIFIED.


Bastos, Viviane Marie and Esche, Andreas and Flores, Renato and George, Samuel and Gonçalves, Antonio Carlos Porto and Petersen, Thieß and Rausch, Thomas (2014) Brazil and Germany: A 21st-Century Relationship. Opportunities in Trade, Investment and Finance. UNSPECIFIED.

Benford, Jake and Birnbaum, Jeremy and Dombrowski, Kathrin (2014) Social Impact Investing: Financing Social Change. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Bock-Famulla, Kathrin (2014) A German example on how to promote equality by monitoring the ECEC system. 4th Meeting of the Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years June 30th–July 2nd, 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands. UNSPECIFIED.

Bock-Famulla, Kathrin and Lange, Jens (2014) State by State: Monitoring Early Childhood Education Systems 2013. Creating Transparency – Strengthening Governance. UNSPECIFIED.

Böhmer, Michael and Weisser, Johannes and Hoch, Markus and Schneidenbach, Tina (2014) Globalization report 2014. Who benefits most from globalization? UNSPECIFIED.

Enderlein, Henrik and Fritz-Vannahme, Joachim and Haas, Jörg (2014) Repair and Prepare: Strengthening Europe's Economies after the Crisis. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Felbermayr, Gabriel and Baumgarten, Daniel and Lehwald, Sybille (2014) Increasing Wage Inequality in Germany: What Role Does Global Trade Play? UNSPECIFIED.

George, Samuel (2014) The Pacific Pumas (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile): An Emerging Model for Emerging Markets. UNSPECIFIED.

Hanelt, Christian-Peter and Schöler, Gabriele (2014) Towards a New European Neighbourhood Policy: Impulses for discussion. European Neighbourhood Conference Berlin, November 26/27, 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

Lenze, Anne and Darmstadt, Hochschule (2014) Alleinerziehende unter Druck. Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen, finanzielle Lage und Reformbedarf = Single parents under pressure. Legal framework, financial situation and need for reform. UNSPECIFIED.

Mehrotra, Santosh and Raman, Ravi and Kumra, Neha and Kalaiyarasan, . and Röß, Daniela (2014) Vocational Education and Training Reform in India: Business Needs in India and Lessons to be Learned from Germany. Working paper. UNSPECIFIED.

Riess, Birgit and Bachmann, Günther (2014) Guideline for the German Sustainability Code. Guidance for SMEs. UNSPECIFIED.

Schraad-Tischler, Daniel and Azahaf, Najim (2014) Policy Performance and Governance Capacities in the OECD and EU. Sustainable Governance Indicators 2014. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Schraad-Tischler, Daniel and Azahaf, Najim (2014) Policy Performance and Governance Capacities in the OECD and EU. Sustainable Governance Indicators 2018. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Schwarzwälder, Joscha and Thode, Eric (2014) Harnessing European Labour Mobility: Scenario analysis and policy recommendations. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

von Görtz, Regina and Janssen, Karl (2014) Analyses and concepts from the “Liveable Community” programme. Research element to “Leave No Child Behind!”. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2014

Jurczyk, Karin and Klinkhardt, Josefine (2014) Father, Mother, Child? Eight Trends in Family Life for Policymakers to Keep in Mind. Summary. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2014

Fritz-Vannahme, Joachim (2014) Setting the Scene: Assessing Opportunities and Threats of the European Neighbourhood. UNSPECIFIED.


Aichele, Rahel and Felbermayr, Gabriel (2015) Costs and benefits of a United Kingdom exit from the European Union. Bertelsmann studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Bartsch, Bernhard and Hellkötter, Katja and Menant, Magali (2015) More than a market: How German companies are growing roots in Chinese society. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Begg, Iain and Mushövel, Fabian and Niblett, Robin (2015) The Welfare State in Europe: Visions for Reform. Vision Europe Summit. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Felbermayr, Gabriel and Aichele, Rahel (2015) How to make TTIP inclusive for all? Potential economic impacts of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on developing countries. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Fritz-Vannahme, Joachim and Schöler, Gabriele (2015) The EU neighborhood in shambles: Some recommendations for a new European neighbourhood strategy. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Hagermann, Steffen and Nathanson, Roby (2015) Germany and Israel Today: United by the Past, Divided by the Present? UNSPECIFIED.

Hanelt, Christian-Peter (2015) Syria in its fifth year of civil war: Overview, analysis and thoughts on resolving the conflict. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Hanelt, Christian-Peter (2015) Tunisia's transformation - Cooperating with the neighbours: Europe, North Africa and the GCC. July 2015 Strategy paper.Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Kucharczyk, Jacek and Łada, Agnieszka and Schöler, Gabriele and Wenerski, Łukasz (2015) Close Together or Far Apart? Poles, Germans and Russians on the Russia-Ukraine Crisis. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Kucharczyk, Jacek and Łada, Agnieszka and Wenerski, Łukasz (2015) Ukrainians look to the West - policy assessment and expectations. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Kösemen, Orkan (2015) Implementing Migration Policy Reform: An Outline for Germany. UNSPECIFIED.

Renkamp, Anna (2015) Paving the Path for Citizen Participation in Infrastructure Projects. Einwurf Future of Democracy 1/2015. UNSPECIFIED.

Riedel, Henrik (2015) Developing Successful Sustainability Strategies: Strategies for a Sustainable Future in Germany, Europe and Worldwide. UNSPECIFIED.

Stokes, Bruce and Cuddington, Danielle and Devlin, Kat and Keegan, Michael and Parker, Bridget and Schwarzer, Steve and Smith, Bethany and Zainulbhai, Hani and Carle, Jill and Deane, Claudia and Drake, Bruce and Kent, David and Poushter, Jacob and Simmons, Katie and Wike, Richard (2015) Germany and the United States: Reliable Allies. But Disagreement on Russia, Global Leadership and Trade. UNSPECIFIED.

de Vries, Catherine and Hoffmann, Isabell (2015) What Do the People Want? Opinions, Moods and Preferences of European Citizens. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2015

Weber, Christiana and Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm and Demirtas, Cihan (2015) Scaling Social Impact in Europe: Quantitative Analysis of National and Transnational Scaling Strategies of 358 Social Enterprises. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2015

auf dem Brinke, Anna and Gnath, Katharina and Haas, Jörg (2015) Growth and Euro Area Stability: The Double Dividend of a Deepened European Single Market for Services. Bertelsmann Stiftung Background Note 26 June 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2015

Arpe, Jan and Milio, Simona and Stuchlik, Andrej (2015) Social Policy Reforms in the EU: A Cross-national Comparison. Social Inclusion Monitor Europe (SIM) – Reform Barometer. Pilot Study. UNSPECIFIED.


Mayer, Matthias M. and Mehregani, Mehrdad (2016) Beyond Crisis Management: The Path Towards an Effective, Pro-active and Fair European Refugee Policy. Bertelsmann Study. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2017

Weiss, Stefani and Heinemann, Friedrich and Berger, Melissa and Harendt, Christoph and Moessinger, Marc-Daniel and Schwab, Thomas (2017) How Europe can deliver: Optimising the division of competences among the EU and its member states. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2017

Holtkamp, Bernhard and Iyer, Anandi (2017) Industry 4.0: The Future of Indo-German Industrial Collaboration. UNSPECIFIED.

Meyer-Hamme, Alexa and Thies, Lars and Meierkord, Anja (2017) An Incomplete Recovery: Youth Unemployment in Europe 2008 – 2016. UNSPECIFIED.

December 2017

Hoekman, Bernard and Schuman, Robert (2017) Bolstering Global Trade: Governance A Work Program for the WTO presented by the High-Level Board of Experts on the Future of Global Trade Governance. UNSPECIFIED.


Bachmann, Ronald and Cim, Merve and Green, Colin (2018) Long-run Patterns of Labour Market Polarisation: Evidence from German Micro Data. UNSPECIFIED.

Basedow, Robert (2018) Strengthening the World Trade Organization – Critical Demands for Imperative Success: Identifying Politically Viable Options for Incremental Reform. UNSPECIFIED.

Dolls, Mathias (2018) An Unemployment Re-Insurance Scheme for the Eurozone? Stabilizing and Redistributive Effects: Summary of the study. UNSPECIFIED.

McDougall, Robert (2018) Revitalizing the WTO: Settling Trade Disputes in a Turbulent Multipolar World. UNSPECIFIED.

Naess-Schmidt, Sigurd and Jensen, Jonas Bjarke (2018) Subsidiarity and Proportionality in the Single Market: An EU fit for inclusive growth. UNSPECIFIED.

Unzicker, Kai (2018) Social Cohesion in Germany 2017. Bertelsmann Stiftung Study. English Summary. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2018

Beirens, Hanne (2018) Cracked Foundation, Uncertain Future: Structural weaknesses in the Common European Asylum System. UNSPECIFIED.

Wolter, Stefan and Joho, Eva (2018) Apprenticeship training in England: a cost-effective model for firms? UNSPECIFIED.

May 2018

Spohn, Ulrike and Unzicker, Kai and Vopel, Stephan (2018) Learning from the World: Good Practices in Navigating Cultural Diversity. Bertelsmann Stiftung Study 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Stahl-Rolf, Silke and Holtmannspoetter, Dirk and Hutapea, Luciana and Mecks, Elisa and Pfaff, Daniel and von Proff, Sidonia (2018) The Diversity Factor: How Cultural Diversity Impacts Innovations in Germany. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2018

Hillmann, Felicitas and Alpermann, Hendrijke (2018) Cities and Cultural Diversity: Facts – Positions – Strategies. BertelsmannStiftung Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2018

Bauer, Michael W. and Jilge, Wilfried and Koch, Christian and Meister, Stefan and Möller, Almut and Tabatabai, Adnan and Yalcin, Erdal (2018) Antagonisms in the EU’s neighbourhood The EU, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia struggle for influence in their common neighbourhood. Bertelsmann Stiftung Strategies for the EU neighbourhood #1. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2018


Diebold, Céline and Hierlemann, Dominik (2018) Citizens’ Consultations on Europe: French Citizens’ Panel October 25 to 27, 2018, Paris Review report. UNSPECIFIED.

Vergne, Antoine (2018) Citizens’ Participation Using Sortition: A practical guide to using random selection to guarantee diverse democratic participation. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2018

Muehleman, Samuel and Wolter, Stefan and Joho, Eva (2018) Apprenticeship training in Italy: a cost-effective model for firms? UNSPECIFIED.


Barslund, Mikkel and Lücke, Matthias and Ruhs, Martin (2019) Rethinking EU migration and asylum policies: Managing immigration jointly with countries of origin and transit. Stiftung MEDAM Assessment Report on Asylum and Migration Policies in Europe 2019 Mercator Dialogue on Asylum and Migration (MEDAM). UNSPECIFIED.

Bunk, Bettina and Schwarz, Thomas and Roose, Jochen and Riedel, Henrik (2019) Stuttgart – a Livable City: The global Agenda 2030 at a local level Baseline study depicting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNSPECIFIED.

Gnath, Katharina and Grosse-Rueschkamp, Benjamin and Kastrop, Christian and Ponattu , Dominic and Rocholl, Jörg and Wortmann, Marcus (2019) Financial market integration in the EU: A practical inventory of benefits and hurdles in the Single Market. UNSPECIFIED.

Saul, John Ralston (2019) How to make social cohesion work. Bertelsmann Stiftung Speech 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Schmidt, Sylvia and Ständer, Philipp (2019) How are you doing, Europe? Mapping social imbalances in the EU. UNSPECIFIED.

Wenerski , Lukasz and Korniychuk, Andriy and Kliuzhev, Oleksandr (2019) An uneasy reality: Donor support for IDPs in Ukraine Łukasz Wenerski, Andriy Korniychuk, Oleksandr Kliuzhev (cooperation). UNSPECIFIED.

January 2019

Renkamp, Anna (2019) Evaluation Of The Cross-Border EU Citizens’ Dialogue on December 6, 2018 in Passau. UNSPECIFIED.

Spielkamp, Matthias (2019) Automating Society: Taking Stock of Automated Decision-Making in the EU. BertelsmannStiftung Studies 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2019

Alboth, Anna and Burmeister, Hanno and Marsilli, Lorenzo and Omnes, Ophelie and Tsomou, Margarita (2019) Young Europeans ́ Forum 2019 “Building Bridges for Social Cohesion”. UNSPECIFIED.

Sachs, J. and Schmidt-Traub, G. and Kroll, C. and Lafortune, G. and Fuller, G. (2019) Transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Includes the SDG Index and Dashboards. Sustainable Development Report 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2019

Petersen, Thieß and Steiner, Falk (2019) The Bigger Picture How globalization, digitalization and demographic change challenge the world. Bertelsmann Stiftung MegatrendBrief September 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2019

Debuysere, Loes and Blockmans, Steven (2019) Europe ́s Coherence Gap in External Crisis and Conflict Management The EU’s Integrated Approach between Political Rhetoric and Institutional Practice. November 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Dhawan, Piyush and Beckmann, Janpeter (2019) Monitor Sustainable Municipalities Report 2019 Key topic Circular Economy. Bertelsmann Stiftung Study 4 November 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

December 2019

Gick, Markus and Jensen, Torsten and Nagar, Yair and Salgado, Daniel and Egbringhoff, Andrea and Krings, Bennett (2019) German and Israeli Innovation: The Best of Two Worlds. UNSPECIFIED.

Kaniovski, Serguei and Url, Thomas (2019) Macroeconomic Consequences of Ageing and Directed Technological Change. BertelsmannStiftung Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Muehleman, Samuel and Wolter, Stefan (2019) The economics of apprenticeship training: Seven lessons learned from cost-benefit surveys and simulations. UNSPECIFIED.


Jungbluth, Cora and Coka, Daniela Arregui (2020) Conference Report The 16th Asia Europe Economic Forum. EU-Asia trade and investment connectivity. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2020

Beirens, Hanne (2020) Chasing Efficiency Can operational changes fix European asylum systems? Bertelsmann Stiftung Migration Policy Institute Europe March 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

Cameron, Aliénor and Claeys, Grégory and Demertzis, Maria (2020) 5. FACING THE LOWER BOUND: WHAT WILL THE ECB DO IN THE NEXT RECESSION? Bruegel Study 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2020

Wagner, Ben and Ferro, Carolina (2020) Governance of Digitalization in Europe A contribution to the Exploration Shaping Digital Policy - Towards a Fair Digital Society? BertelsmannStiftung Study. UNSPECIFIED.

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