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Audland, Christopher. (1982) Statement [on nuclear energy and safeguards] by Christopher Audland [Commissioner for Energy] at the IAEA General Conference. Vienna, 22 September 1982. [EU Speech]


Brunner, Guido. (1978) Extracts from a speech by Energy Commissioner Guido Brunner to the European Management Forum. Brussels, 6 April 1978. [EU Speech]


Caprioglio, Pietro. (1962) Allocution de M. Pietro Caprioglio, directeur scientifique de l'etablissement de Petten, du Centre Commun de recherches Euratom parler des reacteurs a gaz a haute temperature dans les programmes d'Euratom. Bruxelles, 27-28 novembre 1962 - Address by Mr. Pietro Caprioglio, Scientific Director of the Petten Institute, the Euratom Joint Research Center, discussing gas reactors at high temperature in the programs of the Euratom. Brussels, 27-28 November 1962. [EU Speech]


de Groote, Paul. (1963) Address by Mr. Paul de Groote, Member of the Euratom Commission, to the Conference of Industrial Managers. Amsterdam, 26-27 September 1963. [EU Speech]

De Groote, Paul (1959) Conference faite par M. le Commissaire De Groote a la Societe royale belge del electriciens a l'occasion de son 75eme anniversaire. Bruxelles, 17 novembre 1959 = Lecture [on nuclear energy] by Commissioner De Groote [Euratom] to the Royal Belgian Society of Electricians on the occasion of the Society's 75th anniversary. Brussels, 17 November 1959. [EU Speech]

de Groote, Paul. (1964) Discours introductif de M. de Groote a la table ronde syndicale. Stresa. 20 mai 1964 = Introductory speech by Mr. Paul de Groote [Member of Euratom] at a labour round table. Stresa, 20 May 1964. [EU Speech]

de Groote, Paul and Jaquet, Gerard. (1961) Euratom au service de l'Europe par Paul de Groote, membre de la Communaute europeenne de l'energie atomique = Euratom in the service of Europe. Article by Paul de Groote, Member of Euratom Commission. Courrier socialiste europeen, 1/1961, pp. 2-4, 25 mars 1961. [EU Commission - Working Document]


Finet, Paul and Hirsch, Etienne and Hallstein, Walter. (1959) Interview of Three European Community Presidents, President Paul Finet [High Authority of the ECSC], President Etienne Hirsch [Commission of Euratom], and President Walter Hallstein [Commission of the European Economic Community]. National Press Club. Washington DC, 11 June 1959. [EU Speech]


Gueron, J. (1965) Conditions for the development of advanced-type reactors within the European Community. Speech by Prof. Dr. J. Gueron, General Director, Research and Training, Euratom, at the 2nd Euratom Congress. Frankfurt, September 29-October 1 1965. [EU Speech]

Gibrat, Robert. (1959) The Euratom-U.S.A.Treaty: The Obstacles. Remarks prepared by Mr. Robert GIBRAT, President-General Manager INDATOM. Paris, 8 April 1959. [EU Speech]

Guillaumot, R., el al (1993) Evaluation of the Community's Research Programme on decommissioning of nuclear installations. (Cost-shared research 1989-1993). EUR 15329 EN. Research evaluation report No. 58. Science and Technology Policy Series. [EU Commission - Working Document]


Hirsch, Etienne (1959) Remarks by Etienne Hirsch, President of the Commission of the European Atomic Energy Community, at the National Press Club Luncheon. Washington, DC, 11 June 1959. Includes French version. [EU Speech]

Hirsch, Etienne. (1960) Speech [on the 3rd General Report] delivered to the European Parliament by Mr. Etienne Hirsch, President of the Euratom Commission. Strasbourg, May 1960. [EU Speech]

Hellwig, Fritz. (1968) The challenge of nuclear power in Europe. Address by Mr. Hellwig [Vice-President of the Commission] at the Atomic Industrial Forum Annual Conference. 10-14 November 1968. Washington DC, 14 November 1968. Speech read by Mr. Michaels. [EU Speech]


Krekeler, Heinz L. (1959) Euratom and the regional problem of atomic energy. Draft speech to be delivered at the Bologna Center of the School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University by Dr. Heinz L. Krekeler, Member of the Commission of the European Atomic Energy Community. Bologna, 16 March 1959. [EU Speech]


Margulies, Robert. (1965) Speech [on work performed by the European Atomic Energy Community in connection with the application of nuclear techniques in the Associated African and Malagasy States] delivered by Mr. Robert Margulies, Member of the Commission of the European Atomic Energy Community, to the Parliamentary Conference of the Association between the European Economic Community and the Associated African and Malagasy States. Rome, 9 December 1965. [EU Speech]


Oboussier, Felix. (1974) Statement [on nuclear energy and fuel] by Felix Oboussier, Director General of the Euratom Supply Agency of the European Communities, at the hearings on uranium enrichment before the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy of the U.S. Congress. Washington D.C., 16 July 1974. [EU Speech]


Recht, Mr. (1965) Le risque nucleaire. Allocution prononcee par le Dr. Recht, Directeur general de la direction generale protection sanitaire de l'Euratom au rotary club de Milan-Centre. Milan, 19 January 1965 = Nuclear risk. Speech by Dr. Recht, General Director of Health Protection of Euratom, to the rotary club of Milan-Center. Milan, 19 January 1965. [EU Speech]

Regul, Rudolf. (1958) The atom and Europe's energy gap. Speech by Dr. Rudolf Regul, Economic Division, High Authority, European Coal and Steel Community. 16 April 1958. [EU Speech]


Sassen, E.M.J.A. (1961) Address by Mr. E.M.J.A. Sassen, Member of the Commission of the European Atomic Energy Community, at Europe House. London, 16 March 1961. [EU Speech]

Sassen, E.M.J.A. (1965) The development of and prospects for nuclear energy. Address by His Excellency Mr. E.M.J.A. Sassen, Member of the Euratom Commission, to the Energy Conference organized by the European Movement. Haarlem, 16 September 1965. [EU Speech]


Vankerckhoven, P. (1999) Decommissioning of nuclear installations in the European Union. Supporting document for the preparation of an EC communication on the subject of decommissioning nuclear installations in the EU. EUR 18860 EN. [EU Commission - Working Document]

von Geldern, Eduard. (1965) A European assessment of muclear and conventional fuel costs. Address by Eduard R. von Geldern, Director-General for Industry and Economics at the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), at the Annual Conference of the Atomic Industrial Forum. Washington DC, 15 November 1965. [EU Speech]

von Geldern, Eduard. (1963) Industrial developments in the European Atomic Energy Community. Address by Eduard R. von Geldern, Director-General for Industry and Economics at the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), at the Annual Conference of the Atomic Industrial Forum. New York City, 21 November 1963. [EU Speech]


Williams, Leonard. (1978) Energy requirements and nuclear power in europe. Address by Leonard Williams, Director-General for Energy to the 18th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Association. Ottawa, 12 June 1978. [EU Speech]

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