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Amiya-Nakada, Ryosuke. (2015) Lightening of Citizenship and its Implication for Social Policy: 'Social Security Lite' in the Making? [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Andreangeli, Arianna (2015) Access to (almost) all areas: the implications of greater trade cooperation between the US and the EU for health care services in the Union Member States—the case of the NHS in England and Wales and Scotland. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)


Babarinde, Olufemi (2015) Implications of the Proposed EU-U.S. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership for EU-Sub-Sahara Africa Relations. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Ban, Carolyn (2015) Lasting Effects of the Kinnock Reforms? The Case of Staff Appraisals. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Baroncelli, Stefania and Rosini, Monica and Farneti, Roberto (2015) Constitutional principles and ethno-regional parties. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Barta, Zsófia (2015) Mañana: The societal origins of delayed fiscal adjustment. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Barta, Zsófia and Schelke, Waltraud (2015) At Cross‐Purposes: Commercial Versus Technocratic Governance of Sovereign Debt in the EU. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bastiaens, Ida and Postnikov, Evgeny (2015) Greening Up: The Effects of Environmental Standards in EU and US Trade Agreements. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Behr, Hatmut and Stivachtis, Yannis A. (2015) European Union: An Empire in New Clothes? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Belot, Céline and Van Ingelgom, Virginie (2015) “Europe is our future”: Measuring support for European integration as a tridimensional temporal process. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Ben Cheikh, Nidhaleddine and Rault, Christophe (2015) Recent estimates of exchange rate pass-through to import prices in the euro area. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bes, Bart Joachim (2015) Following the Crowd or Developing a Thicker Skin? Assessing the impact of politicization on the attitudes of Commission officials. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Beyers, Jan and Dür, Andreas and Wonka, Arndt (2015) Conceptualizing and Measuring the Political Salience of EU Legislative Processes. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bindi, Federiga and Eliassen, Kjell A. and Moses, Jonathan and Wiberg, Matti and Falkner, Gerda and Muravska, Tatjana and Justaert, Arnout and Van Den Brande, Karoline and Delreux, Tom and Drieskens, Edith and Nachev, Ivan and Garaski, Salla and Jorgensen, Knud Erik and Manners, Ian and Costa, Olivier and Borzel, Tanja and Heinze, Torben and Contogeorgis, George and Chryssochoou, Dmitris N. and Ocsko, Edina and Giusti, Serena and Dijkstra, Hylke and Vink, Maarten and Marino, Marit Sjovaag and Bergmann, Erikur and Pisarska, Katarzyna and Vila Maior, Paulo and Ramos, Claudia T. and Angelescu, Irina and Ollora, Izea and Sitter, Nick and Dunphy, Sarah and Laursen, Finn and Roy, Joaquim and Strelkov, Alexander and Entin, Mark and Barabanov, Oleg and Zeff, Eleanor and Shaw, Kelly B. and Andrews, Davis (2011) Analyzing European Union Politics. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Birchfield, Vicki L. and Harris, Geoffrey (2015) European Parliamentary Elections: Global Lessons from a Regional Political Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Birchfield, Vicki L. and Hayes, Jarrod (2015) Economics as norms contestation: the construction of crisis response in the transatlantic space. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bonilla Saus, Javier and Isern, Pedro (2015) Economic Crisis, Spontaneous Orders and the European Project. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Borzel, Tanja A. (2015) Theorizing Regionalism: Cooperation, Integration, and Governance. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Borzel, Tanja A. and Stapel, Sören (2015) Mapping Governance Transfer by 12 Regional Organizations: A Global Script in Regional Colors. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Brack, Nathalie (2015) “Opposing Europe inside the European Parliament: Which strategies for Eurosceptic MEPs?”. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bressanelli, Edoardo and Chelotti, Nicola (2015) Legislating in the shadow of the European Council: Empowering or silencing the European Parliament? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bruszt, Laszlo and Langbein, Julia (2015) Development by Stealth: The governance of economic integration in European Union’s Eastern peripheries. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bug, Mathias (2015) Empirical Bases for Decision Making in Home Affairs – is there anything more than national differences in the EU!? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bugaric, Bojan (2015) Austerity Union and the Transformation of Europe. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Buonanno, Laurie and Dudek, Carolyn Marie (2015) Opposition to the TTIP in the EU and the US: Implications for the EU’s “democratic deficit”. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bursens, Peter and Hogenauer, Anna-Lena (2015) Regional parliaments: Effective Actors in the EU multilevel parliamentary system? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Caldentey del Pozo, Pedro and Casas-Grangea, Angel M. (2015) Security as a Pillar of the European Union’s Cooperation for Development in Central America. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Carbone, Maurizio (2015) Ambition with credibility: explaining (variation of) EU effectiveness in international development negotiations. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Caruso, Daniela and Geneve, Joanna (2015) Trade and History: The Case of EU-Algeria Relations. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Caune, Hélène (2015) Portuguese Employment Policy in Times of Crisis: The Increasing Polarisation of Portuguese Trade Unions. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Chang, Michele (2015) The Rising Power of the ECB: The Case of the Single Supervisory Mechanism. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Chaudhary, Tarum (2015) The EU and NATO: Cyber-Security Partners or Divergent Actors? An Exercise in Framework Development. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Clark, Nicholas and Curtis, K. Amber (2015) Elucidating EU Engagement: Rethinking Dimensions of Supranational Participation. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Cleeton, David L. (2015) Global Value Chains and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Costa, Olivier (2015) The State of EU studies in France. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Cross, Mai’a K. Davis (2015) Crisis & Catharsis in EU Integration. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Crowley, Patrick and Trombley, Christopher (2015) Macroeconomic Synchronization and Monetary Unions: Is the Euro Area more Synchronous than other Monetary Unions and are Monetary Unions more Synchronous than non-Monetary Unions? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


D'Imperio, Paolo (2015) Risk Sharing towards the European Fiscal Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Damay, Ludivine and Mercenier, Heidi (2015) Fixing the EU Democratic Deficit: An Instrumental View of Citizenship? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dangerfield, Martin (2015) Economic Relations Between Visegrad Group Countries and Russia: How Much Has Changed? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Daniel, William T. (2015) Protect This House? Transnational Party Group Influence on Candidate Selection to the European Parliament. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Daniel, William T. (2015) Rational Parties, Radical Voters? Fringe Party Recruitment Strategies at the National & European Levels. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Davies, Gareth (2015) Democracy and Legitimacy in the Shadow of Purposive Competence. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

De Bruycker, Iskander and Beyers, Jan (2015) When politics makes strange bedfellows: Why do NGOs and business interests coalesce in EU legislative politics? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dee, Megan (2015) Pragmatic power Europe: Responding to an emerging multipolar world. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Della Sala, Vincent (2015) Not So Different After All?: The EU and Myths of Exceptionalism. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Delreux, Tom and Keukeleire, Stephan (2015) Division of labour and specialization in EU foreign policy-making. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dewar, Robert (2015) Cyber-Lisbon? The Impact of the Treaty of Lisbon on European Union Cybersecurity Policy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Diaz Romero, Leocadia (2015) Democracy, New Media and Anti-­‐Establishment Party Politics in the aftermath of the Financial Crisis: Especial Consideration of the Spanish Case. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dimitrova, Antoaneta (2015) What can the EU do to promote rule of law in members and neighbours? Lessons from Bulgaria and Romania. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dimitrova, Antoaneta and Kortenska, Elitsa (2015) Understanding Enlargement: discourses in six countries. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Donnelly, Shawn (2015) The European Central Bank as a Policy Entrepreneur within Banking Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dubin, Ken and Hopkin, Jonathan (2015) Policy-­Making in Hard Times: The Case of Southern European Labour Reforms. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dunoff, Jeffrey L. and Pollack, Mark A. (2015) International Judicial Dissent: Causes and Consequences. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dursun-Ozkanca, Oya (2015) The European Union in the Balkans: Strategic Partners or Competitors? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Duyulmus, Cem Utku and van den Berg, Axel (2015) Single Parent Families and Poverty in Continental Welfare States: Examining Dutch Policy Responses to New Social Risks. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Dye, Daniel T. (2015) Interpreting Euroskepticism(s): The Anti-Establishment Parties of the 2014 Euro Elections and their Challenge to Integration. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

den Heijer, Maarten (2015) How the Frontex Sea Borders Regulation avoids the hot potatoes. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Egeberg, Morten and Trondal, Jarle (2015) Why Strong Coordination at One Level of Government is Incompatible with Strong Coordination Across Levels: The case of the European Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Eliasson, Leif Johan (2015) Options and possibilities in TTIP: two sectors and the mother of controversial issues. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Eliasson, Leif Johan (2015) The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Interest groups and public opinion. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Elman, R. Amy (2015) Sidestepping Lethal Antisemitism – The EU's Response in the Aftermath of Terror. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Everson, Michelle (2015) Banking on Union: EU governance between risk and uncertainty. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Fabbrini, Sergio (2015) Executive Power in the European Union: The Implications of the Euro Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Fogarty, Edward A, (2015) Decoupling is in the Eye of the Beholder? European Parliament Voting and Perceptions of Economic Indivisibility in Europe. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Frankowski, Pawel (2015) Labor standards and external promotion of European norms. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Friedman, Yoav (2015) The Bologna Process and the EHEA – A New European Normative Regime? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Fuller, Gregory W. (2015) Household Finance in Contemporary Capitalism: Facts in Search of Theory. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Garcia-Duran, Patricia and Millet, Montserrat (2015) Efficient bilateralism? The TTIP from an EU Trade Policy perspective. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Gehring, Thomas and Urbanski, Kevin and Oberthür, Sebastian (2015) Beyond Intergovernmental Coordination: EU Corporate Foreign Policy Action and the Crisis over Ukraine. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Genna, Gaspare M. and Justwan, Florian (2015) Public Perceptions of the European Power Hierarchy and Support for a Common Foreign and Security Policy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Genschel, Philipp and Jachtenfuchs, Markus (2015) Research Agenda: The European integration of core state powers. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Genschel, Philipp and Lierse, Hanna and Schmidtke, Henning and Seelkopf, Laura and Traub, Stefan and Yang, Hongyan (2015) Tax competition and inequality. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Givens, Terri E. (2015) The Racialization of Security: Ethnic Minorities in Europe, International Relations and Comparative Politics. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Goodliffe, Gabriel (2015) The European Debt Crisis in France and Germany through the Lens of the 1930s: A Polanyian Reading. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Goyer, Michel and Glatzer, Miguel and Valdivielso del Real, Rocio (2015) Asymmetric Governance and the Transformation of Employment Relations in the Eurozone: The Contingent Influence of the Ideas of Policy-Makers. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Graeber, John (2015) Mobility and Citizenship in the Shadow of the Euro Crisis: Explaining New Trends in Immigration and Naturalization across Europe. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Grande, Edgar and Hutter, Swen (2015) Authority transfer or membership conflict? Explaining politicization of European integration in public debates on major integration steps. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Gravey, Viviane and Jordan, Andy (2015) Dismantling the Acquis? Twenty Years of Environmental Policy Reform in the European Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Gsir, Sonia (2014) Civic Participation and Integration: A country of origin perspective. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Gstöhl, Sieglinde (2015) The Contestation of Values in the European Neighbourhood Policy: Challenges of Capacity, Consistency and Competition. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Harmut, Aden (2015) The Evolving Role of Courts for the European Multi-level Security Setting. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Harris, Geoffrey (2015) The extreme right in contemporary Europe- a sign of the times or an enemy within the gates? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hartmann, Christof and Striebinger, Kai (2015) Writing the Script? ECOWAS’ Military Intervention Mechanism. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hartnell, Helen E. (2015) A Bird's Eye View of the EU's Civil Justice Policy Field: Discursive and Institutional Dimensions. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hartnell, Helen E. (2015) 'Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters' (EUstitia): The Politics of Civil Justice under the EU's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ). [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hassel, Anke and Knudsen, Jette Steen and Wagner, Bettina (2015) Labor Migration in the European Union: De-institutionalization or Re-institutionalization of Social Protection? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Haukkala, Hiski (2015) What Went Wrong and What Right for the EU in Ukraine? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hefftler, Claudia (2015) An ever closer inter-parliamentary network? National parliaments' priorities in inter-parliamentary cooperation in the EU. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Heiduk, Felix (2015) Externalizing the EU's Justice and Home Affairs to Southeast Asia: Prospects and Limitations. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hensler, Deborah R. (2015) Can Private Class Actions Enforce Economic Regulations? Do They? Should They? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Henökl, Thomas (2015) Political accountability in the EU’s foreign and security policy: How, by whom and for what can the EU’s High Representative on Foreign Affairs and the European External Action Service be held to account? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Heron, Tony and Quaglia, Lucia (2015) The New Political Economy of Transatlantic Economic Cooperation: Divergent Preferences, Regime Complexity and the Changing Distribution of Global Economic Power. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hoerner, Julian M. (2015) Resolutions of National Parliaments in EU affairs: The Crucial Role of Issue Entrepreneurs. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hofmann, Andreas (2015) No longer gatekeeper: Why the European Commission provides access to justice for civil society organisations. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Howarth, David and Quaglia, Lucia (2015) The Political Economy of the Single Supervisory Mechanism: Squaring the ‘Inconsistent Quartet’. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Howorth, Jolyon (2015) Strategy-Less in a World Of Power Transition. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Hubner, Kurt (2015) German Economic Governance and the Eurozone: Misguided Leadership? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Isiksel, Turkuler (2015) Functional constitutionalism in the European Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)



Jacoby, Wade (2015) The Politics of the Eurozone Crisis: Two Puzzles Behind the German Consensus. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Jenichen, Anne (2015) Human rights vs. security? The EU’s secular international identity from a transatlantic perspective. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Joerges, Christian (2015) Between Jürgen Habermas and Carl Schmitt: Flaws, old and new, in the project of European integration. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Jones, Jason (2015) Transportation funding in the EU: An instrumental variables approach to measure the fiscal multiplier. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Joseph, Joseph S. (2015) The European Union as a New Context and Challenge for the Triangle of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Kadidlo, Lukas (2015) Fiscal Federalism: Eurozone Budget and Its Stabilization function. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Kelemen, R. David and Pavone, Tommaso (2015) Mapping European Law. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Keukeleire, Stephan and Fonck, Daan and Keuleers, Floor (2015) The study of the EU as an international actor: Bringing the outside back in. Examples from EU-China relations. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Kim, Youngwan and Jensen, Christian (2015) The Institutional Foundations Of European Union Foreign Aid Policy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Konig, Thomas and Marbach, Moritz and Osnabrugge, Moritz (2015) The Emergence of the European Integration Dimension in National Party Systems, 1945-2010. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Kreppel, Amie (2015) Ideology in the EU’s Second Chamber: A New Understanding of the Character and Impact of the Council on EU Policy Making. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Kroll, Daniela A. (2015) When it comes to money, does the European Council decide? - The Influence of the European Council in the Negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Frameworks of the European Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Kubicek, Paul (2015) Dancing with the Devil: Explaining the European Union’s Engagement with Ukraine under Viktor Yanukovych. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Kuboyama, Ryo (2015) The Step by Step Change to Selective Migration Policy―The Case of German Labor Migration Policy in Last Decade. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Lehmann, Wilhelm (2015) Partisan politics and electoral procedure at the European level: The implications of the Spitzenkandidaten for the development of European parliamentarism. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Lindstadt, Rene and Proksch, Sven-Oliver and Slapin, Jonathan B. (2015) Assessing the Measurement of Policy Positions in Expert Surveys. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Luhman, Meghan (2015) “Benefit Tourism” and Migration Policy in the U.K.: The Construction of Policy Narratives. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Lynggaard, Kennet (2015) The Pan-European Union Interpretation of Symbols and Myths. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Mabbett, Deborah (2015) The Minimum Wage in Germany: What Brought the State In? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

MacFarlane, S. Neil and Menon, Anand (2015) Of Wealth and Weakness: The EU and its Eastern Neighborhood. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Maggi, Eva-Maria (2015) Stopping at the front door: How EU policy needs domestic actors to make a difference in the MENA. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Magni, Gabrielle (2015) Can Anger Demobilize? The Political Effects of Anger about the Economic Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

March, Luke (2015) Opposing Neo-liberal Europe? The Left TNPs and their Groups in the European Parliament. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Marziliano, Amanda (2015) Tolerating Europe: An Experimental Pre-Test. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Marzinotto, Benedicta (2015) Social Models under Economic and Monetary Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Matthijs, Matthias (2015) The Eurozone’s ‘Winner-Take-All’ Political Economy: Institutional Choices, Policy Drift, and Diverging Patterns of Inequality. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

McMahon, Richard (2015) Civilisational narratives in European Studies debates on EU enlargement. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

McNamara, Frank (2015) Control and Responsibility in European Union Migration Law and Policy – A study of Externalisation and Privatisation. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Merand, Frederic (2015) The Decline of the European Union: Insights from Historical Sociology. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Miettinen, Samuli and Kettunen, Merita (2015) Travaux to the Treaties: Treasures or trivia? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Molles, Elitsa (2015) Identity, Policy, and the Political Incorporation of Immigrants in Dublin and Madrid. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Mosser, Michael W. (2015) The EU and the OSCE: Partners or Rivals in the European Security Architecture? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Nelsen, Brent F. and Guth, James L. (2015) Protestant Apocalyptic Narratives and the European Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Neuhold, Christine (2015) Trans-­national bureaucratic networks in the EU. The role of parliamentary officials in inter-­‐parliamentary coordination and control. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Newman, Abraham and Posner, Elliot (2015) “Putting the EU in Its Place: Policy Strategies and the Global Regulatory Context”. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Newman, Abraham and Posner, Elliot (2015) Transnational Feedbacks, Soft Law, and Preferences in Global Financial Regulation. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Nicolaidis, Kalypso and Onar, Nora Fisher (2015) Our Virgin Birth or the Reinventions of Europe. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Novak, Tamas (2015) The Prospects of Economic Interaction between CEE EU Member States and LAC countries. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Novotna, Tereza (2015) The European Union and the United States: A Long Walk to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

no, author (2015) Beneath the Veil of Hope: The effects of EU signaling on foreign investors’ sensitivity to corruption before and after EU membership. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

no, author (2015) EU normative power and the Iranian nuclear program. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


O'Neill, Maria (2015) Trafficking in Human Beings: an EU and UK legal challenge. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Obholzer, Lukas and Kaeding, Michael (2015) Representatives of whom? Party group coordinators in the European Parliament. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Oktay, Sibel and Jolly, Seth (2015) TIME TO RECONSIDER? THE CHAOS IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND TURKISH SUPPORT FOR THE EU. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Olsen, Gorm Rye (2015) Providing security in a liberal world order: The only tool left for European Union in Africa? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Otero-Iglesias, Miguel (2015) Germany and Political Union in Europe: Nothing moves without France. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Pahre, Robert and Radziszewski, Elizabeth and Scalera, Jamie E. (2015) Euroskeptic Voting in European and National Elections: A Coalition Theory of European Voting. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Pardo, Sharon and Gordon, Neve (2015) The European Union and Israel’s Occupation: Using Technical Customs Rules as Instruments of Foreign Policy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Perez, Lauren K. and Scherpereel, John A. (2015) The Effects of Ministerial Turnover on the Vertical Articulation of Power in the Council of the EU. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Peterson, John (2015) THE JUNCKER COMMISSION: An Early Assessment. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Posner, Elliot and Veron, Nicolas (2015) The End of EU Financial Regulatory Internationalism? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Postnikov, Evgeny (2015) EU TRADE POLICY AND CIVIL SOCIETY: DIFFERENT CHANNELS, SAME SUCCESS? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Radulova, Elissaveta and Spendzharova, Aneta and Versluis, Esther and Flothe, Linda (2015) Crisis as a Window of Opportunity for Regulatory Shifts and Institutional Reform: Insights from Policy Framing in European Financial Sector Regulation. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Redei, Lorinc and Romanyshyn, Iulian (2015) The EU’s Invisible Diplomacy: The European Parliament’s External Action in the Lead-Up to the Ukraine Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Reslow, Natasja (2015) Implementation dynamics in EU ‘Mobility’ Partnerships. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Ringe, Nils and van Thomme, Jack and Wilson, Steven L. (2015) Policy Influence and Reelection in the European Parliament. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Risse, Thomas (2015) The Diffusion of Regionalism, Regional Institutions, Regional Governance. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Roederer-Rynning, Christilla and Greenwood, Justin (2015) A living legislature: The EP as an ordinary legislator. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Romano, Milena (2015) The EU As a Crisis Manager: A Comparison Between Georgia and Ukraine. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Rossi, Lucia Serena (2015) Free Movement of Those Having Sufficient Resources not to become a Burden on the “Social Assistance System of the Host State”. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Rosskopf, Stefanie (2015) Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), Germany and the Transatlantic Relationship. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Royo, Sebastian (2015) After Austerity. Lessons from the Spanish Experience. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Santos Vara, Juan and Sanchez-Tabernero, Soledad R. (2015) In Deep Water: Towards a Greater Commitment for Human Rights in Sea Operations Coordinated by FRONTEX? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Santos Vara, Juan and Sanchez-Tabernero, Soledad R. (2015) Transatlantic Transfer of Personal Data: Rebuilding Trust in EU-US Data Relations? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Schafer, David (2015) Explaining the Creation of the EU Banking Union: The stability culture, the vicious circle, and the limits of power and interests. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Schelkle, Waltraud (2015) Risk sharing between member states through migration as a social right. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Schild, Joachim (2015) Leading together or opposing each other? Germany, France and the European banking union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Schilde, Kaija and Anderson, Stephanie and Garner, Andrew (2015) A More Martial Europe? Permissive Consensus or Robust Support for CSDP. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Schilde, Kaija and Wieluns, Lenka (2015) European Defense Budget Cuts, Defense Posture, and Reform. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Schimmelfennig, Frank (2015) Oxford Handbook of Comparative Regionalism, Chapter 10. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Schmidt, Vivien A. (2015) Forgotten Democratic Legitimacy: “Governing by the Rules” and “Ruling by the Numbers”. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Selin, Henrik and VanDeveer, Stacy D. (2015) EU Environmental Policy Making and Implementation: Changing Processes and Mixed Outcomes. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Senden, Linda and Scott, Colin (2015) New Perspectives on the Interplay between Hard Law and Soft Law in Europe and Beyond. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Senninger, Roman (2015) Bringing Europe into Question - A Longitudinal Study of Domestic Legislators' Questioning Behaviour in EU Affairs. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Simao, Licinia (2015) The Eastern Partnership’s contribution to security in Europe: bringing the political back in? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Slominski, Peter (2015) Agency Governance in the AFSJ: How EU Agencies interact in EU Border Management. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Smith, Andy (2015) The Politics of EU Economic Policymaking: Values, Institutions and Social Outcomes. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Smith, Michael E. (2015) The New Intergovernmentalism and Experiential Learning in the CSDP. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Steingass, Sebastian (2015) The EU’s Role in Development Cooperation: Promoting Aid Harmonisation in Times of Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Steurs, Lies and Van Belle, Sara (2015) The Global Health policies of the EU and its Member States: a common vision? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Suzuki, Hitoshi (2015) From Backdoor-Opening To Concluding “Real” Free Trade Agreements? : Japan’s Free Trade Policy Towards The US, The EU And Latin American Countries. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Szalavetz, Andrea (2015) Policy support to commercialization and Europe’s ‘commercialization gap’. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Szent-Ivanyi, Balazs and Lightfoot, Simon (2015) Central and Eastern European transition experience in EU development policy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Tacea, Angela (2015) Towards more security? Defending the national interests: the involvement of the national parliaments in the reform of the Schengen Agreements. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Tonra, Ben (2015) Irish Diplomacy in Time of Crisis and the Evolution of a ‘European’ diplomatic service. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Toral, Pablo (2015) Latin America-European Union Trade and Investment Relations after the Financial Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Trondal, Jarle and Bauer, Michael W. (2015) Conceptualizing the European Multilevel Administrative Order Capturing variation in the European administrative system. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Tsarouhas, Dimitris and Ladi, Stella (2015) The EU in the World: Public Procurement Policy and the EU-WTO relationship. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Unterreiner, Anne (2015) Corridor Report on the United Kingdom The immigration, emigration and diaspora policies’ effects on integration: Chinese and Indian Migrants in the UK. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


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Vail, Mark I. (2015) From Paradox to Missed Opportunities: French Statist Liberalism and the Euro Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

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