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Amiya-Nakada, Ryosuke. (2015) Lightening of Citizenship and its Implication for Social Policy: 'Social Security Lite' in the Making? [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Andreangeli, Arianna (2015) Access to (almost) all areas: the implications of greater trade cooperation between the US and the EU for health care services in the Union Member States—the case of the NHS in England and Wales and Scotland. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)


Babarinde, Olufemi (2015) Implications of the Proposed EU-U.S. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership for EU-Sub-Sahara Africa Relations. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Ban, Carolyn (2015) Lasting Effects of the Kinnock Reforms? The Case of Staff Appraisals. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Baroncelli, Stefania and Rosini, Monica and Farneti, Roberto (2015) Constitutional principles and ethno-regional parties. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Barta, Zsófia (2015) Mañana: The societal origins of delayed fiscal adjustment. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Barta, Zsófia and Schelke, Waltraud (2015) At Cross‐Purposes: Commercial Versus Technocratic Governance of Sovereign Debt in the EU. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bastiaens, Ida and Postnikov, Evgeny (2015) Greening Up: The Effects of Environmental Standards in EU and US Trade Agreements. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Behr, Hatmut and Stivachtis, Yannis A. (2015) European Union: An Empire in New Clothes? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Belot, Céline and Van Ingelgom, Virginie (2015) “Europe is our future”: Measuring support for European integration as a tridimensional temporal process. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Ben Cheikh, Nidhaleddine and Rault, Christophe (2015) Recent estimates of exchange rate pass-through to import prices in the euro area. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Beyers, Jan and Dür, Andreas and Wonka, Arndt (2015) Conceptualizing and Measuring the Political Salience of EU Legislative Processes. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bindi, Federiga and Eliassen, Kjell A. and Moses, Jonathan and Wiberg, Matti and Falkner, Gerda and Muravska, Tatjana and Justaert, Arnout and Van Den Brande, Karoline and Delreux, Tom and Drieskens, Edith and Nachev, Ivan and Garaski, Salla and Jorgensen, Knud Erik and Manners, Ian and Costa, Olivier and Borzel, Tanja and Heinze, Torben and Contogeorgis, George and Chryssochoou, Dmitris N. and Ocsko, Edina and Giusti, Serena and Dijkstra, Hylke and Vink, Maarten and Marino, Marit Sjovaag and Bergmann, Erikur and Pisarska, Katarzyna and Vila Maior, Paulo and Ramos, Claudia T. and Angelescu, Irina and Ollora, Izea and Sitter, Nick and Dunphy, Sarah and Laursen, Finn and Roy, Joaquim and Strelkov, Alexander and Entin, Mark and Barabanov, Oleg and Zeff, Eleanor and Shaw, Kelly B. and Andrews, Davis (2011) Analyzing European Union Politics. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Birchfield, Vicki L. and Harris, Geoffrey (2015) European Parliamentary Elections: Global Lessons from a Regional Political Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Borzel, Tanja A. (2015) Theorizing Regionalism: Cooperation, Integration, and Governance. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Brack, Nathalie (2015) “Opposing Europe inside the European Parliament: Which strategies for Eurosceptic MEPs?”. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bressanelli, Edoardo and Chelotti, Nicola (2015) Legislating in the shadow of the European Council: Empowering or silencing the European Parliament? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Bug, Mathias (2015) Empirical Bases for Decision Making in Home Affairs – is there anything more than national differences in the EU!? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Buonanno, Laurie and Dudek, Carolyn Marie (2015) Opposition to the TTIP in the EU and the US: Implications for the EU’s “democratic deficit”. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Costa, Olivier (2015) The State of EU studies in France. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Damay, Ludivine and Mercenier, Heidi (2015) Fixing the EU Democratic Deficit: An Instrumental View of Citizenship? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Dimitrova, Antoaneta (2015) What can the EU do to promote rule of law in members and neighbours? Lessons from Bulgaria and Romania. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Duyulmus, Cem Utku and van den Berg, Axel (2015) Single Parent Families and Poverty in Continental Welfare States: Examining Dutch Policy Responses to New Social Risks. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)


Eliasson, Leif Johan (2015) The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Interest groups and public opinion. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Goodliffe, Gabriel (2015) The European Debt Crisis in France and Germany through the Lens of the 1930s: A Polanyian Reading. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Harmut, Aden (2015) The Evolving Role of Courts for the European Multi-level Security Setting. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

Haukkala, Hiski (2015) What Went Wrong and What Right for the EU in Ukraine? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Joseph, Joseph S. (2015) The European Union as a New Context and Challenge for the Triangle of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Kelemen, R. David and Pavone, Tommaso (2015) Mapping European Law. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)


Mabbett, Deborah (2015) The Minimum Wage in Germany: What Brought the State In? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Marzinotto, Benedicta (2015) Social Models under Economic and Monetary Union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Neuhold, Christine (2015) Trans-­national bureaucratic networks in the EU. The role of parliamentary officials in inter-­‐parliamentary coordination and control. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

no, author (2015) EU normative power and the Iranian nuclear program. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Otero-Iglesias, Miguel (2015) Germany and Political Union in Europe: Nothing moves without France. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Pardo, Sharon and Gordon, Neve (2015) The European Union and Israel’s Occupation: Using Technical Customs Rules as Instruments of Foreign Policy. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Rosskopf, Stefanie (2015) Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), Germany and the Transatlantic Relationship. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Schafer, David (2015) Explaining the Creation of the EU Banking Union: The stability culture, the vicious circle, and the limits of power and interests. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Schild, Joachim (2015) Leading together or opposing each other? Germany, France and the European banking union. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Steingass, Sebastian (2015) The EU’s Role in Development Cooperation: Promoting Aid Harmonisation in Times of Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Steurs, Lies and Van Belle, Sara (2015) The Global Health policies of the EU and its Member States: a common vision? [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Suzuki, Hitoshi (2015) From Backdoor-Opening To Concluding “Real” Free Trade Agreements? : Japan’s Free Trade Policy Towards The US, The EU And Latin American Countries. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Tacea, Angela (2015) Towards more security? Defending the national interests: the involvement of the national parliaments in the reform of the Schengen Agreements. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Tonra, Ben (2015) Irish Diplomacy in Time of Crisis and the Evolution of a ‘European’ diplomatic service. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Toral, Pablo (2015) Latin America-European Union Trade and Investment Relations after the Financial Crisis. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Van Den Brink, Martijn (2015) EU Citizenship, Federalism and the Three Different Faces of Reverse Discrimination. [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)


Werner, Benjamin (2015) Why is the Court of Justice of the European Union accepted? Three mechanisms of opposition abatement. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Wessels, Wolfgang (2015) The European Council as a crisis driven ‘gouvernement économique’. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Wessels, Wolfgang (2015) The Evolution of the European Council. Periods of Generations of Leaders. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Winn, Neil (2015) Beyond Strategic Culture? Grand Strategy, the European Union and Security Cooperation. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Wonka, Arndt and De Bruycker, Iskander and De Bievre, Dirk and Braun, Caelesta and Beyers, Jan (2015) The scope and patterns of mobilization and conflict in EU interest group politics. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

Wunsch, Natasha (2015) Coming full circle: Differential empowerment in the EU accession process. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


Young, Alisdair R. (2015) TTIP as 21st Century Trade Politics. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)


İrepoğlu Carreras, Yasemin (2015) Federalism, Governance and Inequality: A Comparative Study in Europe and the Case of Germany. [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

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