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Agur, Itai and Demertzis, Maria (2018) Will macroprudential policy counteract monetary policy’s effects on financial stability? Bruegel Working Paper Issue 01 / 2018. [Working Paper]

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De Groen, Willem Pieter (2016) The EBA EU-wide Stress Test 2016: Deciphering the black box. CEPS Policy Brief No. 346, August 2016. [Policy Paper]

De Groen, Willem Pieter (2016) A closer look at Banca Monte dei Paschi: Living on the edge. CEPS Policy Brief No. 345, July 2016. [Policy Paper]

De Groen, Willem Pieter and Alcidi, Cinzia and Skok, Aleš Berk and Lončarski, Igor and Oliinyk, Inna and Musmeci, Roberto and Di Salvo, Mattia (2020) Feasibility Study for the creation of a CMU Equity Market Index Family. CEPS Project Report 20 JUL 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

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Demertzis, Maria and Wolff, Guntram B. (2018) The economic potential and risks of crypto assets: is a regulatory framework needed? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚14 | September 2018. [Policy Paper]

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FALLESEN, Ida-Maria Weirsøe (2015) The Challenges of the EU Banking Union - will it succeed in dealing with the next financial crisis? Bruges European Economic Policy Briefings 36/2015. [Policy Paper]

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