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Author, No (2013) EUROFRAME - European Forecasting Network. Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2012/2013. February 2013. UNSPECIFIED.


Bassford, Matthew and Brune, Sophie-Charlotte and Gilbert, Jame and Helnemann, Friedrich and Misch, Florian and Moessinger, Marc-Daniel and Osterloh, Steffen and Weiss, Stefani (2013) The European Added Value of EU Spending: Can the EU Help its Member States to Save Money? Exploratory Study. UNSPECIFIED.

Biscop, Sven (2008) De oranje knipperlichten van ons leger. = The orange flashing lights of our army. Egmont Commentary, 15 April 2008. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2005) De verantwoordelijkheid tot bescherming: een argument voor humanitaire interventie. = The responsibility for protection: an argument for humanitarian intervention. Egmont Commentary, 30 September 2005. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2007) Europa moet meer leiderschap tonen. = Europe must show more leadership. Egmont Commentary, 3 April 2007. [Policy Paper]

Biscop, Sven (2009) Hoog tijd voor meer Europa in de Navo. = High time for more Europe in NATO. Egmont Commentary, 5 March 2009. [Policy Paper]

Blockmans, Steven and Gros, Daniel (2019) From a political to a politicised Commission? CEPS Policy Insights No 2019-12/ September 2019. [Policy Paper]


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Chiarello, Andrea (2015) Paper tiger or game-changer? Challenges of and opportunities for EU engagement with the Eurasian Economic Union. Bruges Regional Integration & Global Governance Papers 1/2015. [Working Paper]

Coelmont, Jo (2011) Improvisatie enkel goed voor sensatie: eerst lessen na een week Libië. = Improvisation only good for sensation: first lessons after a week in Libya. Egmont Commentary, 29 March 2011. [Policy Paper]

Coelmont, Jo. (2009) End-state Afghanistan: A European Perspective. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 2, November 2009. [Policy Paper]

Conley, Heather A. (2019) Transatlantic Relations: the Long Holiday from History is Over. CEPOB #6.19, September 2019. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik (2009) Als een bom in Afghanistan. = Like a bomb in Afghanistan. Egmont Commentary, 31 October 2009. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik (2010) De patstelling in het Afghaanse ‘oorlogje’. = The stalemate in the Afghan "war". Egmont Commentary, 15 September 2010. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik (2008) In de voetsporen van de tsaren… of van Bismarck? Rik Coolsaet over Georgië, Rusland en het negentiende-eeuwse Pruisen. = In the footsteps of the Tsars ... or van Bismarck? Rik Coolsaet about Georgia, Russia and nineteenth-century Prussia. Egmont Commentary, 23 August 2008. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik (2009) Obama moet bescheiden zijn. = Obama must be modest. Egmont Commentary, 19 January 2009. [Policy Paper]

Coolsaet, Rik (2010) Terroristen zijn amateurs. = Terrorists are amateurs. Egmont Commentary, 17 February 2010. [Policy Paper]

Corazza, Luisa and Razzolini, Orsola (2014) Who is an Employer? WP CSDLE “Massimo D’Antona”.INT – 110/2014. [Working Paper]


De Loecker, Jan and Fuss, Catherine and Van Biesebroeck, Johannes (2018) Markup and price dynamics: linking micro to macro. National Bank of Belgium, Working Paper No. 357. [Working Paper]

Dehousse, Franklin (2003) D-day voor Europese grondwet. = D-day for European constitution. Egmont Commentary, 6 October 2003. [Policy Paper]


Felbermayr, Gabriel and Aichele, Rahel (2015) How to make TTIP inclusive for all? Potential economic impacts of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on developing countries. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Frymark, Kamil (2019) The shades of German anti-Semitism. OSW Commentary Number 301, 15 May 2019. [Policy Paper]


Gerlach-Kristen, Petra and O'Connell, Brian and O'Toole, Conor (2013) How do banking crises affect aggregate consumption? Evidence from international crisis episodes. ESRI WP464. August 2013. [Working Paper]

Grewlich, Klaus. (2010) Pipelines, Drogen, Kampf ums Wasser - greift die EU-Zentralasien-Strategie?: Neues "Great Game" von Afghanistan bis zum Kaspischen Meer? = Pipelines, drugs, struggles for water usage - the EU Central Asia Strategy?: New 'Great Game' for Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea. ZEI Discussion Paper No. 200, 2010. [Discussion Paper]


Hoebeke, Hans (2008) Het lag nu tenminste niet aan België. EU-troepenmacht was geen wondermiddel geweest. = At least it was not Belgium's fault. EU force had not been a panacea. Egmont Commentary, 4 December 2008. [Policy Paper]


Jakóbowski, Jakub and Bogusz, Michał (2019) A stalemate in the US–China trade negotiations: the tariff war and technology sanctions. OSW Commentary Number 303, 28 May 2019. [Policy Paper]

Jordan, Bertrand R. (1993) An assessment of progress in human genome programmes worldwide (A support study for the evaluation of the EC human genome analysis programme). Research Evaluation Report, EUR 15412 EN. [EU Commission - Working Document]


Kucharczyk, Jacek and Łada, Agnieszka and Wenerski, Łukasz (2015) Ukrainians look to the West - policy assessment and expectations. Bertelsmann Studies. UNSPECIFIED.

Kühnhardt, Ludger (2017) Weltfähig werden. Die Europäische Union nach dem Biedermeier = Becoming world-savvy. The European Union after the Biedermeier. ZEI Discussion Paper C 242/2017. [Discussion Paper]


Larive, Maxime (2014) The Mirage of the State: Why the West has failed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali and Central African Republic? Jean Monnet/Robert Schuman Paper Series Vol. 14 No. 15, July 2014. [Working Paper]

Layte, Richard (2010) Creating a Health Promoting Environment: The Role of Food Access. ESRI Research Bulletin 2011/1/2. UNSPECIFIED.

Lopez-Garcia, Paloma and di Mauro, Filippo (2015) Assessing European competitiveness: The new CompNet micro-based database. National Bank of Belgium Working Paper No. 279. [Working Paper]

Lunn, Pete (2013) Are Consumer Decision-Making Phenomena a Fourth Market Failure?. ESRI WP455. April 2013. [Working Paper]


Mattelaer, Alexander (2018) If the EU is Trump’s Foe, the EU should address Trumpism within Europe. Egmont Commentary, 17 July 2018. [Policy Paper]

Menkiszak, Marek and Jarzyńska, Katarzyna (2011) Russia's Afghan problem: The Russian Federation and the Afghanistan problem since 2001. OSW Study 38/2011. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Mintzes, Joseph (1965) U.S. Policy Interests in Trade Between Eastern European and Common Market Counties. SEVENTH SENIOR SEMINAR IN FOREIGN POLICY. 11 June 1965. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Misir, Timothy and Ji, Jason (2016) The EU in a Nutshell – EU Centre in Singapore’s Guide to European Integration and Institutions. EUC Background Brief. [Policy Paper]

Mullelly, Edward F. (1980) ANOTHER BANNER YEAR FORECAST FOR U.S. EXPORTS TO WEST EUROPE: First-Quarter Economic Activity Stronger Than Anticipated. Business America, 28 July 1980. [EU Related]


Nopens, Patrick (2014) The impact of the withdrawal from Afghanistan on Russia’s security. Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 54, March 2014. [Policy Paper]


Peters, Severin (2010) Strategic Communication for Crisis Management Operations of International Organisations: ISAF Afghanistan and EULEX Kosovo. EU Diplomacy Paper 1/2010, January 2010. [Working Paper]


Renard, Thomas (2009) Afghanistan: Strategic war for Europeans, existential conflict for NATO. Egmont Commentary, 8 September 2009. [Policy Paper]

Ricci, Giancarlo (2014) La retribuzione in tempi di crisi: diritto sociale fondamentale o variabile dipendente? WP CSDLE “Massimo D’Antona”.INT – 113/2014 = Remuneration in times of crisis: fundamental social law or dependent variable? WP CSDLE “Massimo D’Antona”.INT – 113/2014. [Working Paper]

Ridard, Basile (2018) La caisse à outils que tous les citoyens devraient connaître pour participer à la démocratie européenne = The toolbox that all citizens need to participate in European democracy. Egmont Commentary, 24 July 2018. [Policy Paper]


Scheidt, Melanie (2019) The European Union versus External Disinformation Campaigns in the Midst of Information Warfare: Ready for the Battle? College of Europe EU Diplomacy Paper 01/2019. [Working Paper]

Skocpol, Theda (1995) THE TIME IS NEVER RIPE: The Repeated Defeat of Universal Health Insurance in the 20th Century United States. TWENTY SIXTH GEARY LECTURE, 1995. UNSPECIFIED.

Smyth, Emer and McCoy, Selina (2009) Investing in Education: Combating Educational Disadvantage. RESEARCH SERIES NUMBER 6 MAY 2009. UNSPECIFIED.

Struye, Tanguy and Renard, Thomas (2009) Oui, l’Afghanistan est important. Yes, Afghanistan is important. Egmont Commentary, 26 June 2009. [Policy Paper]


Vansteelandt, Stijn and Coppens, François and Reynders, Dries and Vackier, Mario and Van Belle, Laurent (2019) Estimation methods for computing a branch’s total value added from incomplete annual accounting data. National Bank of Belgium, Working Paper No. 371. [Working Paper]

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