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Policy Paper

Amariei, Cosmina (2020) Strengthening the EU policy framework for retail investors. ECMI Commentary No 70 22 Oct 2020. [Policy Paper]

Amariei, Cosmina and Valiante, Diego (2014) The OTC derivatives markets after financial reforms. CEPS ECMI Commentary No. 36, May 2014. [Policy Paper]

Casey, Jean-Pierre and Gottlieb, Charles. (2005) Corporate bond issuance picks up as interest rates set to rise. ECMI Commentary No. 1, 7 December 2005. [Policy Paper]

Casey, Jean-Pierre and Gottlieb, Charles. (2006) How Asia's reserve accumulation might affect the euro. ECMI Commentary No. 4, 13 February 2006. [Policy Paper]

Casey, Jean-Pierre and Gottlieb, Charles. (2006) Spring market volatility: More than just white noise? ECMI Commentary No. 8, 26 July 2006. [Policy Paper]

Casey, Jean-Pierre. (2006) After the Financial Services Action Plan: A Repeat of the post-1992 Blues? ECMI Commentary No. 6, 20 April 2006. [Policy Paper]

Casey, Jean-Pierre. (2006) Time for a risk-based approach to UCITS. ECMI Commentary No. 10, 5 October 2006. [Policy Paper]

Cinquegrana, Piero. (2008) Are Skyrocketing Oil Prices justified by Fundamentals? CEPS ECMI Commentary #18, 15 July 2008. [Policy Paper]

Cinquegrana, Piero. (2008) Commodity Derivatives Markets: Regulators' leap in the dark? CEPS ECMI Commentaries No. 19, 29 August 2008. [Policy Paper]

Cinquegrana, Piero. (2009) Short Selling: A known unknown. ECMI Commentary No. 23, 29 May 2009. [Policy Paper]

De Grauwe, Paul. (2009) Why should we believe the market this time? ECMI Commentary No. 22, 23 February 2009. [Policy Paper]

De Manuel Aramendia, Mirzha J. (2010) Third country rules for alternative investments: passport flexibility comes at a price. ECMI Commentary No. 27/16 December 2010. [Policy Paper]

De Manuel Aramendia, Mirzha J. (2012) Will the PRIPs' KID live up to its promise to protect investors? ECMI Commentary No. 33, 6 July 2012. [Policy Paper]

De Manuel Aramendia, Mirzha J. and Valiante, Diego. (2010) Where does Europe stand on the regulation of alternative investments? ECMI Commentary No. 26/27 September 2010. [Policy Paper]

Demarigny, Fabrice and Lannoo, Karel (2018) Navigating the minefield of the ESA review. ECMI Commentary No. 49 / 27 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

Gottlieb, Charles. (2005) The European covered bond market: Too big to ignore. ECMI Commentary No. 2, 23 December 2006. [Policy Paper]

Gottlieb, Charles. (2006) Housing market: The finance side of the story. ECMI Commentary No. 5, 17 March 2006. [Policy Paper]

Gottlieb, Charles. (2006) Iceland: Big lessons from a small country? ECMI Commentary No. 7, 31 May 2006. [Policy Paper]

Gottlieb, Charles. (2006) Will yield spreads remain tight in Europe's capital markets? ECMI Commentary No. 3, 17 January 2006. [Policy Paper]

Infelise, Federico and Valiante, Diego. (2013) Why a more accurate EU definition of SMEs matters. ECMI Commentary No. 35, 15 November 2013. [Policy Paper]

Khatchaturyan, Arman. (2006) Trapped in delusions: democracy, fairness and one-share-one-vote. ECMI Commentary No. 11, 18 December 2006. [Policy Paper]

Lamandini, Marco (2018) Recovery and Resolution of CCPs: Obsessing over regulatory symmetry? ECMI Commentary No. 56, 9 August 2018. [Policy Paper]

Lamandini, Marco (2018) A supervisory architecture fit for CMU: Aiming at a moving target? ECMI Commentary No. 55, 9 August 2018. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel and Hansen, Jesper Lau and Thomadakis, Apostolos (2021) Are European listed corporations short-termist? ECMI Commentary No. 71 07 Jan 2021. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2017) At last, a Pan-European Pension Product! ECMI Commentary No. 45/4 August 2017. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2009) Bringing hedge funds into the regulatory mainstream. ECMI Commentary No. 24, 23 June 2009. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2008) Credit Rating Agencies: Scapegoat or free-riders? CEPS ECMI Commentaries No. 20, 9 October 2008. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2015) Detailed CMU Action Plan, but more (ambition) is required. ECMI Commentary No. 39/2 October 2015 Friday, 2 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2007) The ECB should not monopolise securities settlement. ECMI Commentary No. 12, 16 January 2007. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2016) Eliminating the cost of non-Europe in capital markets. ECMI Commentary No. 43, 2 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2008) Financial supervision is not well served by half-baked solutions. CEPS ECMI Commentary, 9 January 2008. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2018) Funds, fees and performance. ECMI Commentary No. 54 2 July 2018. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2009) Good banks, bad banks and the like. ECMI Commentary No. 21, 11 February 2009. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2011) MiFID 2.0 unveiled. ECMI Commentary No. 30, 4 November 2011. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2019) MiFID II is working. CEPS ECMI Commentaries no 59 | February 2019. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2018) MiFID II will profoundly affect the portfolio management business. ECMI Commentary No. 47/24 January 2018. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2016) More Union for the EU’s IPO Market. ECMI Commentary No. 41/23 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2018) The PEPP could become the new UCITS. CEPS ECMI Commentary no 57 | September 2018. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2018) A Proportional Prudential Regime for Investment Firms. ECMI Commentary, No. 53 / 2 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2006) So no C&S directive, but an ECB run settlement system? ECMI Commentary No. 9, 8 August 2006. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2018) Spotify’s US listing highlights Europe’s failings. ECMI Commentary No. 51 / 3 April 2018. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. (2018) The fight over clearing euro derivatives. ECMI Commentary No. 50 / 15 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Lannoo, Karel. and Pollack, Allen and Stæhr, Ole (2015) Keep capital markets union simple. ECMI Commentary No. 38/July 2015. [Policy Paper]

Persaud, Avinash. (2009) Macro-Prudential Regulation. ECMI Commentary No. 25, 4 August 2009. [Policy Paper]

Ringe, Wolf-Georg and Ruof, Christopher (2019) Keeping up with Innovation: Designing a European Sandbox for Fintech. CEPS ECMI Commentary no 58 | January 2019. [Policy Paper]

Thomadakis, Apostolos (2017) Developing EU Capital Markets for SMEs: Mission impossible? ECMI Commentary No. 46 / 4 September 2017. [Policy Paper]

Thomadakis, Apostolos (2018) The European ETF Market: What can be done better? ECMI Commentary No. 53 / 24 April 2018. [Policy Paper]

Thomadakis, Apostolos (2017) How close are we to a Capital Markets Union? ECMI Commentary No. 44 / 17 March 2017. [Policy Paper]

Thomadakis, Apostolos (2022) Shortening the settlement cycle: Why Europe should not wait too long to introduce T+1. ECMI Commentary no 77 | January 2022. [Policy Paper]

Thomadakis, Apostolos (2016) Towards a better European securitisation market. ECMI Commentary No. 42/3 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Valiante, Diego (2012) The Euro Prisoner's Dilemma. ECMI Commentary No. 32, February 2012. [Policy Paper]

Valiante, Diego. (2011) Commodity price formation in boom-and-bust cycles. ECMI Commentary No. 29/June 2011. [Policy Paper]

Valiante, Diego. (2015) Light and shadows in Europe’s new Action Plan for Capital Markets Union. ECMI Commentary No. 40/5 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Valiante, Diego. (2011) The gloomy scenario of Italy’s default. ECMI Commentary No. 31, December 2011. [Policy Paper]

de Manuel, Mirzha (2013) Implementing the AIFMD: Success or failure? ECMI Commentary No. 34, 28 March 2013. [Policy Paper]

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