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July 2002

Pelczynska-Nalecz, Katarzyna (2002) Siedem mitow na temat Kaliningradu = Seven Myths About Kaliningrad. Point of View, July 2002. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2002

Menkiszak, Marek (2002) The Pro-Western Turn in Russia's Foreign Policy: Causes, Consequences and Prospects. OSW Point of View, September 2002. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2003

Nowacka, Dorota and Zygmunt, Izabela (2003) Ukraine, Another point of view. OSW Point of View (Unspecified), February 2003. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Pelczynska-Nalecz, Katarzyna and Duleba, Alexander and Poti, Laszlo and Votapek, Vladimir (2003) Eastern Policy of the EU: the Visegrad Countries' Perspective. OSW Point of View, February 2003. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2003

Sadowski, Rafal and Wierzbowska-Miazga, Agata and Wołowski, Paweł (2003) Belarus-Russia: Whither Integration? OSW Point of View (unspecified), May 2003. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

June 2003

Bukalska, Patrycja (2003) A new Visegrad Group in the new European Union - possibilities and opportunities for development. OSW Point of View, June 2003. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2003

Pelczynska-Nalecz, Katarzyna (2003) The Enlarged European Union and its Eastern Neighbours: Problems and Solutions. OSW Point of View, October 2003. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2005

Loskot, Agata (2005) Security of Russian gas supplies to the EU - the question of infrastrucutral connections. OSW Point of View, February 2005. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2005

Górska, Anna (2005) Dokàd zmierzasz, Ukraino? What Future for Ukraine? Point of View No. 11, June 2005. UNSPECIFIED.

Pelczynska-Nalecz, Katarzyna (2005) The ENP in practice - the European Union's policy towards Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova one year after the publication of the Strategy Paper. OSW Point of View, June 2005. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2006

Pelczynska-Nalecz, Katarzyna (2006) Counter-reforms in times of prosperity. OSW Point of View, September 2006. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

January 2007

Falkowski, Maciej (2007) Chechnya: Between a Caucasian Jihad and ‘hidden’ separatism. OSW Point of View, January 2007. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

February 2007

Wisniewska, Iwona (2007) The invisible hand... of the Kremlin. Capitalism 'a la russe'. OSW Point of View, February 2007. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

May 2008

Bartuzi, Wojciech and Strachota, Krzysztof (2008) Reintegration or Reconquest? Georgia's policy towards Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the context of the internal and international situation. OSW Point of View, May 2008. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

June 2008

Kaczmarski, Marcin (2008) An Asian alternative? Russia's chances of making Asia an alternative to relations with the West. OSW Point of View, June 2008. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2008

Jarosiewicz, Aleksandra and Falkowski, Maciej (2008) The Great Game around Turkmenistan. OSW Point of View, August 2008. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

August 2009

Zalewski, Krzysztof Marcin (2009) The Berlin Republic. Evolution of Germany's politics of memory and German patriotism. OSW Point of View, August 2009. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2009

Rogoza, Jadwiga (2009) 'The power gained, we will never surrender': Russian ruling elite versus the succession and economic crisis. OSW Point of View (Policy Brief), October 2009. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

November 2009

Eberhardt, Adam (2009) The Revolution that never was. Five years of 'Orange' Ukraine. OSW Point of View (Policy Brief), November 2009. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

January 2010

Strachota, Krzysztof and Falkowski, Maciej (2010) Jihad vs The New Great Game: Paradoxes of militant Islamic threats in Central Asia. OSW Point of View (Policy Brief), January 2010. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

March 2010

Loskot-Strachota, Agata and Antas, Lukasz (2010) Nord Stream on the liberalising EU gas market. OSW Point of View, March 2010. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2010

Kwiatkowska-Drozdz, Anna (2010) It's not (only) about Erika Steinbach. Three myths in the German discourse on the resettlements. OSW Point of View, August 2010. UNSPECIFIED.


Down, Ian and Wilson, Carole J. (2011) Age and Attitudes: Where's the Action? Life-Cycle and Cohort Effects on Support for "Europe". [Conference Proceedings] (Submitted)

April 2011

Kaczmarski, Marcin (2011) The fragile ‘reset’. The balance sheet and the prospects for changes in Russian-US relations. OSW Point of View (Policy Brief), April 2011. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

November 2011

Eberhardt, Adam (2011) The Paradoxes of Moldovan Sports. An insight into the nature of the Transnistrian conflict. OSW Point of View, November 2011. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Rogoza, Jadwiga (2011) In Putin’s Shadow: Dmitry Medvedev’s presidency. OSW Point of View, November 2011. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

May 2012

Gotkowska, Justyna (2012) Bundeswehr 3.0: The political, military and social dimensions of the reform of the German armed forces. OSW Point of View Number 28, May 2012. UNSPECIFIED.

Jaroszewicz, Marta (2012) Making the impossible possible: the prospects for visa-free movement between the EU and its eastern partners. OSW Point of View Number 27, May 2012. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2012

Matusiak, Marek (2012) Georgian dilemmas. Between a strong state and democracy. Point of View No. 29, July 2012. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2013

Kaczmarski, Marcin (2013) The bear watches the dragon. The Russian debate on China. OSW Point of View Number 31, February 2013. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

Strachota, Krzysztof (2013) Turkey and the Kurdish problem; new approaches in the face of the Middle East crises. Point of View No. 30, February 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2013

Matuszak, Sławomir and Sarna, Arkadiusz (2013) From stabilisation to stagnation. Viktor Yanukovych's reforms. OSW Point of View Number 32, March 2013. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

April 2013

Gotkowska, Justyna (2013) Sitting on the fence: Swedish defence policy and the Baltic Sea region. OSW Point of View Number 33, April 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2013

Wierzbowska-Miazga, Agata (2013) Support as a means of subordination. Russia's policy on Belarus. OSW Point of View Number 34, May 2013. UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw.

July 2013

Sadowski, Rafat (2013) Partnership in times of crisis: challenges for the Eastern European countries' integration with Europe. OSW Point of View Number 36, July 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2013

Ananicz, Szymon (2013) The sultans of swing: Turkey's stance on integration with the European Union. OSW Point of View Number 37, November 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2014

Gotkowska, Justyna (2014) Norway and the Bear. Norwegian defence policy- lessons for the Baltic Sea region. OSW Point of View Number 38, January 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2014

Kwiatkowska-Drozdz, Anna (2014) Germany on Russia. Yes to links, no to rapprochement. OSW Point of View Number 39, March 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

Olszanski, Tadeusz A. (2014) Unity stronger than divisions. Ukraine's internal diversity. OSW Point of View Number 40, March 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

April 2014

Sadecki, Andrzej (2014) In a state of necessity. How has Orban changed Hungary. OSW Point of View Number 41, April 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2014

Darczewska, Jolanta (2014) The anatomy of Russian information warfare. The Crimean operation, a case study. OSW Point of View Number 42, May 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2014

Falkowski, Maciej (2014) On the periphery of global jihad. The North Caucasus: the illusion of stabilisation. OSW Point of View Number 45, November 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

Rodkiewicz , Witold (2014) The turn to the East. The flawed diversification of Russian foreign policy. OSW Point of View Number 44, November 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

December 2014

Dąborowski, Tomasz (2014) Breaking the boundaries. The transformation of Central European gas markets. OSW Point of View Number 46, December 2014. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2015

Gotkowska, Justyna (2015) A weak link? Germany in the Euro-Atlantic security system. OSW Point of View Number 47, January 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2015

Rodkiewicz, Witold and Rogoza, Jadwiga (2015) Potemkin conservatism. An ideological tool of the Kremlin. OSW Point of View 48, February 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

April 2015

Ananicz, Szymon (2015) Alone in virtue. The "New Turkish" ideology in Turkey's foreign policy. OSW Point of View Number 49, April 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2015

Darczewska, Jolanta (2015) The devil is in the details. Information warfare in the light of Russia's military doctrine. OSW Point of View 50, May 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

Matusiak, Marek (2015) The great leap. Turkey under Erdogan. OSW Point of View 51, 27 May 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2015

Falkowski, Maciej (2015) Ramzanistan. Russia's Chechen Problem. OSW POINT OF VIEW Number 54, 2015-08-25. UNSPECIFIED.

Strachota, Krzysztof (2015) The Middle East in the shadow of the Islamic State. OSW Point of View Number 52, August 2015. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2015

Menkiszak, Marek (2015) Late Putin. The end of growth, the end of stability. OSW POINT OF VIEW #55, 2015-10-05. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2015

Darczewska, Jolanta and Żochowski, Piotr (2015) Russophobia in the Kremlin’s strategy. A weapon of mass destruction. OSW POINT OF VIEW #56, 2015-11-02. UNSPECIFIED.

Jarosiewicz, Aleksandra (2015) The Southern Gas Corridor. The Azerbaijani-Turkish project becomes part of the game between Russia and the EU. OSW POINT OF VIEW 53, 2015-08-20. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2016

Falkowski, Maciej (2016) Georgian drift. The crisis of Georgia's way westwards. OSW POINT OF VIEW 57, 2016-02-22. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2016

Jarosiewicz, Aleksandra (2016) Perestroika – the Nazarbayev way. Crisis and reforms in Kazakhstan. OSW Point of View Number 58 June 2016. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2016

Konończuk, Wojciech (2016) Keystone of the system. Old and new oligarchs in Ukraine. OSW Point of View 59 2016-08-18. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2016

Kaczmarski, Marcin (2016) Silk globalisation. China’s vision of international order. OSW POINT OF VIEW 60 2016-10-10. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2016

Górecki, Wojciech (2016) The peninsula as an island. Crimea in its third year since annexation. OSW POINT OF VIEW No. 61, November 2016. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2017

Menkiszak, Marek (2017) Russia’s best enemy. Russian policy towards the United States in Putin’s era. OSW Point of View Number 62, February 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

April 2017

Jakóbowski, Jakub (2017) The drifting of China’s reforms. Economic policy during Xi Jinping’s first term. OSW Point of View 63 April 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2017

Darczewska, Jolanta and Żochowski, Piotr (2017) Active measures. Russia’s key export. OSW Point of View 64, June 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2017

Olszański, Tadeusz A. (2017) The great decommunisation. Ukraine’s wartime historical policy. OSW Point of View 66 (65?) September 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2017

Chudziak, Mateusz (2017) The coup as a founding myth. The ideological pillars of the New Turkey. OSW Point of View Number 66 October 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2017

Domańska, Maria (2017) Conflict-dependent Russia. The domestic determinants of the Kremlin's anti-western policy. OSW Point of View 67, November 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

December 2017

Darczewska, Jolanta (2017) Putin’s Cossacks. Just folklore – or business and politics? OSW Point of View Number 68 December 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2018

Gotkowska, Justyna (2018) The trouble with PESCO. The mirages of European defence. POINT OF VIEW 69, February 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2018

Darczewska, Jolanta (2018) Defenders of the besieged fortress. Notes on the historical legitimization of Russia’s special service. OSW Point of View 70, August 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2018

Wisniewska, Iwona (2018) Priceless friendship. The Kremlin’s support for Vladimir Putin’s cronies. OSW Point of View 71, November 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

December 2018

Rodkiewicz, Witold (2018) China’s Junior Partner: Russia’s Korean policy. OSW Point of View Number 72, December 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Rodkiewicz, Witold (2018) China’s junior partner. Russia’s Korean policy. OSW Point of View 72 December 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2019

Darczewska, Jolanta (2019) Between overt disinformation and covert practice: The Russian special services’ game. Point of View Number 73, March 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2019

Debiec, Krysztof and Groszkowski, Jakub (2019) Frustration and hope: Slovakia after Kuciak’s murder. OSW Point of View Number 75, July 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2019

Menkiszak, Marek (2019) A strategic continuation, a tactical change Russia’s European security policy. OSW Point of View 76, October 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2020

Darczewska, Jolanta (2020) Rosgvardiya: A special-purpose force. Point of View 2020-05-14. UNSPECIFIED.

Popławski, Konrad (2020) At a crossroads: crisis in the German automotive industry. Point of View 2020-05-18. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2020

Sadecki, Andrzej (2020) The long shadow of the Treaty of Trianon Hungary's struggles with the past. Point of View 2020-06-01. UNSPECIFIED.

January 2021

Gotkowska, Justyna (2021) Sweden’s security: The long way towards total defence. OSW Point of View Number 81 Warsaw January 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2021

Menkiszak, Marek (2021) Tell me more: Russia on Macron’s détente initiatives. OSW Point of View Number 83 Warsaw March 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2021

Kwiatkowska, Anna (2021) Cinderella became the Empress: How Merkel has changed Germany. OSW Point of View Number 85 June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

Matusiak, Marek (2021) The ‘Russian street’: The place and significance of immigrants from the former USSR in Israel. OSW Point of View Number 84 June 2021. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2021

Seroka, Mateusz (2021) Assisted assertiveness: Changes in Bulgaria’s policy towards Russia. OSW Point of View 2021-08-31. UNSPECIFIED.

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