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Duffy, David and Fitz Gerald, John and Kearney, Ide (2005) Rising House Prices in an Open Labour Market. ESRI WP166, June 2005. [Working Paper]

November 2009

Dani, Marco (2009) Economic and social conflicts, integration and constitutionalism in contemporary Europe. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 13/2009 November 2009. [Discussion Paper]

November 2014

Guiso, Luigi and Sapienza, Paola and Zingales, Luigi (2014) ‘Monnet’s Error?’. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 83/2014 November 2014. [Discussion Paper]

December 2014

Crescenzi, Riccardo and Giua, Mara (2014) The EU Cohesion policy in context: regional growth and the influence of agricultural and rural development policies. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 85/2014 December 2014. [Discussion Paper]

January 2015

D’Errico, Marco and Macchiarelli, Corrado and Serafini, Roberta (2015) Differently unequal Zooming-in on the distributional dimensions of the crisis in euro area countries. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 86/2015 January 2015. [Discussion Paper]

February 2015

Haverland, Markus and de Ruiter, Minou and Van de Walle, Steven (2015) Producing salience or keeping silence? An exploration of topics and non-topics of Special Eurobarometers. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 88/2015 February 2015. [Discussion Paper]

Johnston, Alison and Regan, Aidan (2015) Taming Global Finance in an Age of Capital? Wage-Setting Institutions' Mitigating Effects on Housing Bubbles. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 87/2015 February 2015. [Discussion Paper]

March 2015

Cesaroni, Tatiana and De Santis, Roberta (2015) Current account “Core-periphery dualism” in the EMU. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 90/2015 March 2015. [Discussion Paper]

Glendinning, Simon (2015) Varieties of Neoliberalism. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 89/2015 March 2015. [Discussion Paper]

April 2015

Bojar, Abel (2015) Biting the Hand that Feeds: Reconsidering Partisanship in an Age of Permanent Austerity. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 91/2015 April 2015. [Discussion Paper]

May 2015

Burger, Anna S. (2015) Extreme working hours in Western Europe and North America: A new aspect of polarization. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 92/2015 May 2015. [Discussion Paper]

Crescenzi, Riccardo and Pietrobelli, Carlo and Rabellotti, Roberta (2015) Location Strategies of Multinationals from Emerging Countries in the EU Regions. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 93/2015 May 2015. [Discussion Paper]

June 2015

Costa-i-Font, Joan and Kossarova, Lucia (2015) Anthropometric Dividends of Czechoslovakia’s Break Up. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 95/2015 June 2015. [Discussion Paper]

Wratil, Christopher (2015) Democratic Responsiveness in the European Union: the Case of the Council. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 94/2015 June 2015. [Discussion Paper]

July 2015

Ascani, Andrea and Crescenzi, Riccardo and Iammarino, Simona (2015) Economic Institutions and the Location Strategies of European Multinationals in their Geographical Neighbourhood. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 97/2015 July 2015. [Discussion Paper]

Borrell-Porta, Mireia (2015) Do family values shape the pace of return to work after childbirth? LEQS Discussion Paper No. 96/2015 July 2015. [Discussion Paper]

September 2015

Costa-Font, Joan and Cowell, Frank (2015) European Identity and Redistributive Preferences. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 98/2015 September 2015. [Discussion Paper]

October 2015

Durazzi, Niccolo (2015) Inclusive unions in a dualised labour market? The challenge of organising labour market policy and social protection for labour market outsiders. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 99/2015 October 2015. [Discussion Paper]

November 2015

De Santis, Roberta and Jona Lasinio, Cecilia (2015) Environmental Policies, Innovation and Productivity in the EU. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 100/2015 November 2015. [Discussion Paper]

December 2015

Farina, Francesco and Tamborini, Roberto (2015) Europe's Great Divide. A geo-economic-political map. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 101/2015 December 2015. [Discussion Paper]

January 2016

Bojar, Abel (2016) The Electoral Advantage of the Left in Times of Fiscal Adjustment. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 103/2016 January 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Westlake, Martin (2016) Chronicle of an Election Foretold: The Longer-Term Trends leading to the ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ procedure and the Election of Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission President. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 102/2016 January 2016. [Discussion Paper]

February 2016

Louri, Helen and Migiakis, Petros M. (2016) Bank Lending Margins in the Euro Area: The Effects of Financial Fragmentation and ECB Policies. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 105/2016 February 2016. [Discussion Paper]

March 2016

Monastiriotis, Vassilis and Borke Tunali, Cigdem (2016) The Sustainability of External Imbalances in the European Periphery. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 106/2016 March 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Vlandas, Tim (2016) The impact of the elderly on inflation rates in developed countries. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 107/2016 March 2016. [Discussion Paper]

April 2016

De Grauwe, Paul and Ji, Yuemei and Steinbach, Armin (2016) The EU debt crisis: Testing and revisiting conventional legal doctrine. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 108/2016 April 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Luca, Davide (2016) Do bureaucracies enhance or constrain policy effectiveness? Evidence from Turkey’s central management of public investment. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 109/2016 April 2016. [Discussion Paper]

May 2016

Marzinotto, Benedicta (2016) Income Inequality and Macroeconomic Imbalances under EMU. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 110/2016 May 2016. [Discussion Paper]

June 2016

Bilgel, Fırat and Can Karahasan, Burhan (2016) Thirty Years of Conflict and Economic Growth in Turkey: A Synthetic Control Approach. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 112/2016 June 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Kochenov, Dimitry (2016) EU Citizenship and Withdrawals from the Union: How Inevitable Is the Radical Downgrading of Rights? LEQS Discussion Paper No. 111/2016 June 2016. [Discussion Paper]

July 2016

Costa-Font, Joan and Turati, Gilberto (2016) Regional Health Care Decentralization in Unitary States: Equal Spending, Equal Satisfaction? LEQS Discussion Paper No. 113/2016 July 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Gelepithis, Margarita (2016) Rethinking the paradox of redistribution: how private insurance and means testing can lead to universalizing reform. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 114/2016 July 2016. [Discussion Paper]

September 2016

Campos, Nauro F. and Macchiarelli, Corrado (2016) Core and Periphery in the European Monetary Union: Bayoumi and Eichengreen 25 Years Later. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 116/2016 September 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Foresti, Pasquale and Napolitano, Oreste (2016) On the Stock Markets’ Reactions to Taxation and Public Expenditure. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 115/2016 September 2016. [Discussion Paper]

October 2016

Crescenzi, Riccardo and Iammarino, Simona (2016) Global Investments and Regional Development Trajectories: the Missing Links. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 118/2016 October 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Teasdale, Anthony (2016) The Fouchet Plan: De Gaulle’s Intergovernmental Design for Europe. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 117/2016 October 2016. [Discussion Paper]

November 2016

Avlijas, Sonja (2016) Vicious and virtuous cycles of female labour force participation in post-socialist Eastern Europe. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 119/2016 November 2016. [Discussion Paper]

Di Cataldo, Marco (2016) Gaining and losing EU Objective 1 funds: Regional development in Britain and the prospect of Brexit. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 120/2016 November 2016. [Discussion Paper]

December 2016

Coulter, Steve (2016) Signalling Moderation: UK Trade Unions, ‘New Labour’ and the Single Currency. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 121/2016 December 2016. [Discussion Paper]

February 2017

Saka, Orkun (2017) Domestic banks as lightning rods? Home bias during the Eurozone crisis. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 122/2017 February 2017. [Discussion Paper]

August 2017

Iordanoglou, Chrysafis and Matsaganis, Manos (2017) Why Grexit cannot save Greece (but staying in the Euro area might). LEQS Discussion Paper No. 123/2017 August 2017. [Discussion Paper]

September 2017

Bohle, Dorothee (2017) Mortgaging Europe’s periphery. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 124/2017 September 2017. [Discussion Paper]

October 2017

White, Jonathan (2017) Building ‘Implicit Partnerships’? Financial Long Term Care Entitlements in Europe. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 125/2017 October 2017. [Discussion Paper]

November 2017

White, Jonathan (2017) Between Rules and Discretion: Thoughts on Ordo-Liberalism. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 126/2017 November 2017. [Discussion Paper]

December 2017

Hancké, Bob and Vlandas, Tim (2017) The Politics of Disinflation. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 127/2017 December 2017. [Discussion Paper]


Bojar, Abel (2018) With a Little Help from My Friends: Ministerial Alignment and Public Spending Composition in Parliamentary Democracies. LEQS Paper No. 133/2018 April 2018. [Discussion Paper]

February 2018

Carlsson, Ulrika (2018) The Perennial Thirty Years’ War. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 129/2018 February 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Costa-Font, Joan and Perdikis, Laurie (2018) Varieties of Health Care Devolution: “Systems or Federacies”? LEQS Discussion Paper No. 130/2018 February 2018. [Discussion Paper]

March 2018

Campos, Nauro F. and Macchiarelli, Corrado (2018) Symmetry and Convergence in Monetary Unions. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 131/2018 March 2018. [Discussion Paper]

Voss, Dustin (2018) The Political Economy of European Populism: Labour Market Dualisation and Protest Voting in Germany and Spain. LEQS Discussion Paper No. 132/2018 March 2018. [Discussion Paper]

February 2019

Avlijas, Sonja (2019) The dynamism of the new economy: Non-standard employment and access to social security in EU-28. LEQS Paper No. 141/2019 February 2019. [Discussion Paper]

December 2019

Laliotis, Ioannis and Moscelli, Guiseppe (2019) Summertime and the drivin’ is easy? Daylight Saving Time and vehicle accidents. LEQS Paper No. 150/2019 December 2019. [Discussion Paper]

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