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Schnyder , Melissa (2007) (EU) friends: NGO cooperation and involvement across multi-level policy processes. IES Working Paper 1/2007. [Working Paper]

February 2007

Devuyst, Youri (2007) American Attitudes on European Political Integration — The Nixon-Kissinger Legacy. IES WORKING PAPER 2/2007. [Working Paper]

January 2008

Lewis, Richard (2008) New Europeans, New Identities; Reflections on Europe’s Dilemma. IES WORKING PAPER 1/2008. [Working Paper]

February 2008

Lamensch, Marie (2008) Swiss Banking Secrecy; The Erosion of an Institution. IES WORKING PAPER 2/2008. [Working Paper]

March 2008

Balciunaite, Viktorija (2008) The WTO and Female Labor Rights in Developing Countries. IES WORKING PAPER 3/2008. [Working Paper]

April 2008

Van Rompuy, Ben (2008) The Standard of Proof in EC Merger Control-Conclusions from the Sony BMG Saga. IES WORKING PAPER 4/2008. [Working Paper]

May 2008

Mattelaer, Alexander (2008) The Strategic Planning of EU Military Operations - The Case of EUFOR TCHAD / RCA. IES WORKING PAPER 5/2008. [Working Paper]

January 2009

Donders, Karen (2009) State Aid and Public Service Broadcasting How Future-proof is the Remit of Public Broadcasting Organisations? IES WORKING PAPER 1/2009. [Working Paper]

February 2009

Brzezińska, Agata (2009) Gender Equality in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice. IES WORKING PAPER 2/2009. [Working Paper]

March 2009

Gouritin, Armelle (2009) Testing limited environmental liability against human rights requirements. IES WORKING PAPER 3/2009. [Working Paper]

January 2010

Slocum-Bradley, Nikki and Bradley, Andrew (2010) Is the EU’s Governance ‘Good’?: An assessment of EU governance in its partnership with ACP States. IES WORKING PAPER 1/2010. [Working Paper]

February 2010

Slocum-Bradley, Nikki (2010) Identity Construction in Europe: A Discursive Approach. IES WORKING PAPER 2/2010. [Working Paper]

March 2010

Herwig, Alexia (2010) GATS and the Social Regulation of Services. IES WORKING PAPER 3/2010. [Working Paper]

April 2010

Matthijs, Herman (2010) The Budget of the European Union. IES WORKING PAPER 4/2010. [Working Paper]

May 2010

Charalampous, Matthaios (2010) From a European to a common security and defence policy. IES WORKING PAPER 5/2010. [Working Paper]


Curtis, K. Amber and Jupille, Joseph (2011) It's Not the Economy, Stupid? Analyzing Icelandic Support for EU Membership. [Working Paper] (Submitted)

January 2011

Wedekind, Gerben Kristian (2011) The relief of Vienna in vain. Assessing the Implications of Turkish EU-membership for Council of Ministers’ Decision-making. IES WORKING PAPER 1/2011. [Working Paper]

February 2011

Padurariu, Amelia (2011) The European Commission and International Trade Negotiations: A Principal-Agent Approach. IES WORKING PAPER 2/2011. [Working Paper]

March 2011

Stomel, Alan (2011) Answering the Call of the European Court of Justice in Eurofoods a Proposed Package of Due Process Rights with a View Toward the 2012 Revision of the European Insolvency Regulation. IES WORKING PAPER 3/2011. [Working Paper]

April 2011

Guerin, Selen Sarisoy (2011) Law and Foreign Direct Investment. IES WORKING PAPER 4/2011. [Working Paper]

January 2012

Ünüvar, Güne (2012) Dispute Settlement Alternatives in Future EU BITS. IES WORKING PAPER 1/2012. [Working Paper]

January 2013

Fiott, Daniel and Prizeman, Katherine (2013) The Arms Trade Treaty and the Control of Dual-Use Goods and Technologies. IES WORKING PAPER 1/2013. [Working Paper]

February 2013

Rabitz, Florian (2013) Coalitions, Power and Institutional Change in Global Patent Politics. IES WORKING PAPER 2/2013. [Working Paper]

March 2013

Mulle, Emmanuel Dalle and Wedekind, Inge and Depoorter, Thomas and Maltby, Tomas and Sattich, Thomas (2013) EU Enlargement: Lessons from, and Prospects for. IES WORKING PAPER 3/2013. [Working Paper]

April 2013

Pearson, Gosia (2013) Linking Policy and Practice:The Case of EU-UNICEF Cooperation on the Rights of the Child in Third Countries. IES WORKING PAPER 4/2013. [Working Paper]

May 2013

Miglietti, Marta (2013) The New EU Criminal Law Competence in Action: The Proposal for a Directive on Criminal Sanctions for Insider Dealing and Market Manipulation. IES WORKING PAPER 5/2013. [Working Paper]

July 2013

Toscano, Federica (2013) The Second Phase of the Common European Asylum System: A Step Forward in the Protection of Asylum Seekers? IES WORKING PAPER 7/2013. [Working Paper]

August 2013

Hidalgo, Jorge Torres (2013) The Regulatory Framework of Export Restrictions in WTO Law and Regional Free Trade Agreements. IES WORKING PAPER 8/2013. [Working Paper]

April 2017

Trobbiani, Riccardo (2017) EU Cultural Diplomacy in the MENA region: a qualitative mapping of initiatives promoting regional cooperation. IES Working Paper Issue 2017/2 • April 2017. [Working Paper]

June 2017

Nohra, Fouad (2017) The Arab Representation of European Democratic Values and the Influence of Euro-Arab Relations. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2017/4 • June 2017. [Working Paper]

Senocak, Naciye Selin (2017) The Axiology of EU Cultural Diplomacy in Muslim Majority Countries. The Paradox of Turkey. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2017/3 • June 2017. [Working Paper]

July 2017

Senocak, Naciye Selin (2017) Cultural Integration of Muslims in Europe: Prevention of Cultural Misunderstanding and Radicalism. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2017/5 • July 2017. [Working Paper]

September 2017

Boers, Elke (2017) Exploring the Impact of the EU’s Promotion of Regional and Inter-regional Processes in the Black Sea Region through Science Diplomacy. EL-CSID Working paper Issue 2017/7 • September 2017. [Working Paper]

Nicolas Rüffin, Nicolas Rüffin and Schreiterer, Ulrich (2017) Case Study. Science and technology agreements in the toolbox of science diplomacy: Effective instruments or insignificant add-ons? EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2017/6 • September 2017. [Working Paper]

Selleslaghs, Joren (2017) EU-Latin American Science Diplomacy. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2017/8 • September 2017. [Working Paper]

February 2018

Valenza, Domenico (2018) Assessing the Effectiveness of the EU’s and Russia’s Cultural Diplomacy towards Central Asia. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/9 • February 2018. [Working Paper]

April 2018

Gehrt, Daniel (2018) Innovation diplomacy caught between the two opposing logics of cooperation and competition: Case study on EU-China S&T cooperation in the field of solar PV. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/15 • April 2018. [Working Paper]

Hatzenberger, Antoine (2018) Case study report The view of the EU cultural and science diplomacy from Egypt. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/12 • April 2018. [Working Paper]

Hatzenberger, Antoine (2018) Case study report The view of the EU cultural and science diplomacy from Tunisia. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/13 • April 2018. [Working Paper]

Penca, Jerneja (2018) The rhetoric of “science diplomacy": Innovation for the EU's scientific cooperation? EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/16 • April 2018. [Working Paper]

Senocak, Naciye Selin (2018) Case study report The perception of the EU cultural and science diplomacy in Turkey. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/14 • April 2018. [Working Paper]

May 2018

Higgott, Richard (2018) Towards the Private Provision of a Public Good: Exploring the role of Higher Education as an instrument of European cultural and science diplomacy with reference to Africa. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/17 • May 2018. [Working Paper]

July 2018

Šime, Zane (2018) Council of the Baltic Sea States: The Role of a Sustainable and Prosperous Region in Bringing Science Diplomacy Forward. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/19 • July 2018. [Working Paper]

August 2018

Sánchez, Begoña (2018) New horizons shaping science, technology and innovation diplomacy: the case of Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/20 • August 2018. [Working Paper]

October 2018

Browning, Christopher S. (2018) Nation Branding and Policy transfer: Insights from Norden. EL-CSID Working Paper Issue 2018/22 • October 2018. [Working Paper]

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