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January 2014

Ahtonen, Annika (2014) The 2030 framework on climate and energy - Getting Europe on the right track? EPC Commentary, 30 January 2014. [Policy Paper]

Ghimis, Andreia and Lazarowicz, Alex and Pascouau, Yves (2014) Stigmatisation of EU mobile citizens: a ticking time bomb for the European project. EPC Commentary, 24 January 2014. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2014) Freedom of religion in Turkey - The Alevi issue. EPC Commentary, 24 January 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2014) A New Deal for growth and jobs in the Eurozone revisited. EPC Commentary, 27 January 2014. [Policy Paper]

February 2014

Paul, Amanda and Filipchuk, Vasyl (2014) Ukraine in deadlock - What next? EPC Commentary, 12 February 2014. [Policy Paper]

March 2014

Ahtonen, Annika (2014) Russian belligerence and Europe's energy security. EPC Commentary, 19 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Ivan, Paul (2014) EU's sanctions against Russia - The need for clear goals (Comments on the 20-21 March Council). EPC Commentary, 21 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2014) Turkey votes: Part I - The storm before the election. EPC Commentary, 26 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2014) A more effective structure for the Commission. EPC Commentary, 7 March 2014. [Policy Paper]

April 2014

Balfour, Rosa (2014) Will Crimea herald a new post-Cold War era world? EPC Commentary, 7 April 2014. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2014) Ukraine on the edge. EPC Commentary, 24 April 2014. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2014) Turkey votes: Part II - Erdoğan reloaded. EPC Commentary, 3 April 2014. [Policy Paper]

May 2014

Zuleeg, Fabian (2014) Britain outside Europe? Fewer EU concessions to UK post-Brexit. EPC Commentary, 12 May 2014. [Policy Paper]

June 2014

Frontini, Andrea (2014) The European Union Maritime Security Strategy: sailing uncharted waters? EPC Commentary, 26 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Ghinea, Cristian (2014) Integrating Ukraine and Moldova in EU's energy security plans. EPC Commentary, 23 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Pascouau, Yves (2014) The European Council's strategic guidelines and immigration: can the EU be bold and innovative? EPC Commentary, 25 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2014) Ukraine – Trying to build a future beyond the past. EPC Commentary, 2 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2014) Reflections on the 26-27 June European Council Summit. EPC Commentary, 27 June 2014. [Policy Paper]

July 2014

Paul, Amanda (2014) Turkey votes: Part III - President Erdoğan - A foregone conclusion? EPC Commentary, 10 July 2014. [Policy Paper]

September 2014

Dhéret, Claire (2014) Opportunities and challenges in the area of employment, social affairs, skills and labour mobility. EPC Commentary, 30 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Hedberg, Annika (2014) Better use of resources is the means to growth, prosperity and welfare - but will the EU jump on the opportunity? EPC Commentary, 25 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Hedberg, Annika (2014) Energy and climate - What is the new European Commission thinking? EPC Commentary, 30 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Hedberg, Annika (2014) Value of health - too often ignored and forgotten by EU policy-makers? EPC Commentary, 29 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Pardo, Romain (2014) The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: A long hard road to multilateralism? EPC Commentary, 26 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2014) Why the EU must reengage with Turkey. EPC Commentary, 29 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Stratulat, Corina (2014) EU enlargement to the Balkans: will the leopard change its spots? EPC Commentary, 29 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2014) Beyond individuals: a more effective structure for the Commission. EPC Commentary, 9 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2014) Brexit or not? Time for the EU to move. EPC Commentary, 8 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2014) The benefits of Union? EPC Commentary, 19 September 2014. [Policy Paper]

October 2014

Toderiță , Alexandra (2014) Ending the cat-and-mouse embargos game. Making use of EU funds to steer West the Moldovan agriculture exports. EPC Commentary, 30 October 2014. [Policy Paper]

January 2015

Ghimis, Andreia (2015) Unconfirmed but still feared: the tidal wave of Bulgarians and Romanians one year later. EPC Commentary, 15 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

Hedberg, Annika (2015) Europe’s energy security – is the Energy Union the answer? EPC Commentary. [Policy Paper]

Pascouau, Yves (2015) Historical choices after the massacres in Paris. EPC Commentary, 14 January 2015. [Policy Paper]

March 2015

Frontini, Andrea (2015) ‘Bibi strikes back’. Israeli elections in a transforming domestic and international landscape. EPC Commentary, 26 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Frontini, Andrea (2015) Federalist rhetoric or political tactics? The what, where, who, when and why of Juncker’s call for a common European army. EPC Commentary, 12 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Giuli , Marco (2015) The Energy Union: what is in a name? EPC Commentary, 18 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Marty, Olivier (2015) Progress on the “Juncker Plan” continues – but are Member States behind it? EPC Commentary, 18 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Murat Seyrek, Demir (2015) Internet “Freedom” in Turkey. EPC Commentary, 2 March 2015. [Policy Paper]

April 2015

Całus, Kamil (2015) An appropriated state? Moldova’s uncertain prospects for modernisation. OSW COMMENTARY 168, 22.04.2015,. [Policy Paper]

May 2015

Paul, Amanda (2015) The Eastern Partnership Riga Summit should not be a non-event. EPC Commentary, 20 May 2015. [Policy Paper]

Vitorino, António and Pascouau, Yves (2015) The EU's migrant strategy: a welcome new impetus. EPC Commentary, 19 May 2015. [Policy Paper]

June 2015

Frontini, Andrea (2015) Ensuring the EU’s future as a security provider Five recommendations for the June European Council’s session on CSDP. EPC Commentary, 23 June 2015. [Policy Paper]

Pascouau, Yves (2015) Solidarity and asylum seekers: member states agreed to disagree. EPC Commentary, 29 June 2015. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2015) Turkey’s 7 June parliamentary elections – Part I. A pivotal moment for Turkey’s future. EPC Commentary, 3 June 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian and Emmanouilidis, Janis A. (2015) Post-Summit Commentary – Greece on the brink. EPC Commentary, 29 June 2015. [Policy Paper]

July 2015

Giuli , Marco (2015) Nord Stream expansion: what does it mean for Europe? EPC Commentary, 2 July 2015. [Policy Paper]

Mamedov, Eldar and Paul, Amanda (2015) EU-Iran relations post-Vienna: the way forward. EPC Commentary, 16 July 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian and Emmanouilidis, Janis A. (2015) A Greek tragedy in the making. EPC Commentary, 6 July 2015. [Policy Paper]

September 2015

Ghimis, Andreia (2015) The refugee crisis: Schengen’s slippery slope. EPC Commentary, 22 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

Harbour, Malcolm and Zuleeg, Fabian (2015) Strengthening the beating heart of the European economy. EPC Commentary, 29 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

Pascouau, Yves (2015) Heads buried in the sand: member states block solutions to the refugee crisis. EPC Commentary, 15 September 2015. [Policy Paper]

October 2015

Pascouau, Yves (2015) The October 2015 European Council and migration: no news, good news? EPC Commentary, 19 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Hedberg, Annika (2015) Nord Stream II – Another test for EU unity. EPC Commentary, 9 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2015) Turkey’s new election: War or peace? EPC Commentary, 30 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2015) A Common Refugee Integration Fund. EPC Commentary, 15 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

November 2015

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2015) The AKP rebooted – What next for Turkey? EPC Commentary, 30 October 2015. [Policy Paper]

Schmidt, Juliane (2015) Seeing the bigger picture: The refugee crisis and the link to CFSP. EPC Commentary, 16 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2015) Don't let them win. EPC Commentary, 24 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2015) The UK renegotiation from an EU perspective: the dog that hasn’t yet barked? EPC Commentary, 20 November 2015. [Policy Paper]

December 2015

Giuli , Marco (2015) End of an energy honeymoon: what’s next for Russia-Turkey energy relations? EPC Commentary, 7 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

Hedberg, Annika (2015) Nord Stream II-testing EU and credibility. EPC Commentary, 16 December 2015. [Policy Paper]

February 2016

Giuli , Marco (2016) The energy security package: significant overhaul or business as usual? EPC Commentary, 24 February 2016. [Policy Paper]

Kirişci, Kemal. (2016) Europe's refugee/migrant crisis: can 'illiberal' Turkey save 'liberal Europe' while helping Syrian refugees? EPC Policy Brief, 19 February 2016. [Policy Paper]

Ujvar, Balazs (2016) Green Diplomacy Network – What is in a name? EPC Commentary, 29 February 2016. [Policy Paper]

March 2016

Pascouau, Yves (2016) EU-Turkey Summit on the refugee crisis Law and (dis)order? EPC Commentary, 21 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2016) Turkey makes a mockery of Europe's claim to uphold democratic values. EPC Commentary, 16 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2016) Turkey makes a mockery of Europe’s claim to uphold democratic values. EPC Commentary, 16 March 2016. [Policy Paper]

April 2016

Frontini, Andrea and Mocker, Susanna (2016) Cutting the Gordian knot? Assessing the outcomes of the March EU-India Summit. EPC Commentary, 8 April 2016. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Sammut, Dennis (2016) The EU cannot remain a passive observer of the Karabakh conflict. EPC Commentary, 7 April 2016. [Policy Paper]

May 2016

Bonomi, Matteo (2016) Vučić’s plebiscite almost slipped on arithmetics. EPC Commentary, 29 April 2016. [Policy Paper]

Frontini, Andrea (2016) A historic reminder, an ever-present dilemma? - Assessing Brexit’s potential consequences for European security. EPC Commentary, 18 May 2016. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2016) EU visa-liberalisation for Turks: just around the corner? EPC Commentary, 3 May 2016. [Policy Paper]

June 2016

Emmanouilidis, Janis A. and Zuleeg, Fabian (2016) Brexit: a new beginning for the EU or the beginning of the end? EPC Commentary, 24 June 2016. [Policy Paper]

Fabbri, Francesca and Frontini, Andrea (2016) Diplomatic parade or last struggle against fatalism? - Making sense of the Paris ministerial meeting on the Middle East Peace Process. EPC Commentary, 16 June 2016. [Policy Paper]

Grevi, Giovanni (2016) Europe: a question of survival. EPC Commentary, 27 June 2016. [Policy Paper]

Schmidt, Juliane (2016) Europe and the refugees: a crisis of values. EPC Commentary, June 20 2016. [Policy Paper]

Tsuruoka, Michito (2016) Europe’s potential in addressing maritime security in Asia: a Japanese view. EPC Commentary, 29 June 2016. [Policy Paper]

July 2016

Ivan, Paul (2016) The EU after Brexit, Russia and the countries in-between. EPC Commentary, 22 July 2016. [Policy Paper]

Marocchi, Tania (2016) The need to re-engage Europe's youth. EPC Commentary, 18 July 2016. [Policy Paper]

Martens, Hans (2016) Europe cannot afford people in bad health - Economics of health and care as a guide for investments. EPC Commentary, 4 July 2016. [Policy Paper]

Sammut, Dennis (2016) Georgia and the EU – maintaining the momentum. EPC Commentary, 1 July 2016. [Policy Paper]

Stratulat, Corina (2016) To be or not to be an EU member state – A question for the Balkan aspirants as well? EPC Commentary, 13 July 2016. [Policy Paper]

Whitman, Richard G. (2016) Soft or hard Brexit? EPC Commentary, 15 July 2016. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2016) Exit from Brexit? Not likely but uncertainty prevails. EPC Commentary, 12 July 2016. [Policy Paper]

September 2016

Giuli , Marco (2016) Turkish Stream back on the agenda? EPC Commentary, 1 September 2016. [Policy Paper]

Marocchi, Tania (2016) Russian Parliamentary Elections 2016: A lifeline is needed for the non-systemic opposition. EPC Commentary, 23 September 2016. [Policy Paper]

November 2016

Duff, Andrew (2016) After Brexit: learning to be good neighbours. EPC Commentary, 18 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Frontini, Andrea (2016) Another perfect storm for European defence – but can the Union really make strength? EPC Commentary, 23 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Grevi, Giovanni (2016) The insurgency takes Washington. EPC Commentary, 9 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Huguenot-Noël, Robin and Zuleeg, Fabian (2016) Rethinking the EU’s investment strategy: EFSI 2.0 needs a Social Pillar to address economic insecurity. EPC Commentary 15 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Ivan, Paul (2016) What to expect from the new president of Moldova. EPC Commentary 14 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Pascouau, Yves (2016) EU migration policies after the US elections: pushing the limits? EPC Commentary 15 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2016) What kind of Brexit? EPC Commentary, 4 November 2016. [Policy Paper]

December 2016

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2016) The EU cannot afford to just ‘muddle through’ on Turkey. EPC Commentary, 8 December 2016. [Policy Paper]

January 2017

Giuli , Marco (2017) The market design proposal: the journey has only begun. EPC Commentary, 19 January 2017. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2017) Cyprus negotiations (part I) - Heading into the end game? EPC Commentary, 9 January 2017. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2017) Constitutional changes in Turkey: A presidential system or the president’s system? EPC Commentary, 24 January 2017. [Policy Paper]

March 2017

Funk, Marco (2017) European Parliament mid-term election: what impact on migration policy? EPC Commentary, 16 March 2017. [Policy Paper]

McNamara, Frank (2017) Ulster says ‘Remain’. Brexit and the Northern Irish election result. EPC Commentary, 10 March 2017. [Policy Paper]

McNamara, Frank and Pascouau, Yves (2017) EU external migration policy: In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king. EPC Commentary, 6 February 2017. [Policy Paper]

Stratulat, Corina (2017) The Romanian protests: democratic progress or a ride on a rocking horse? EPC Commentary, 27 February 2017. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) What kind of divorce: a clean, hard Brexit or a messy, confrontational Brexfast? EPC Commentary, 9 March 2017. [Policy Paper]

April 2017

Giuli , Marco (2017) Brexiting the Energy Union: what do the negotiation positions imply? EPC Commentary, 19 April 2017. [Policy Paper]

Rittelmeyer, Yann-Sven (2017) Germany and the next French president: in search of the best partner. EPC Commentary, 20 April 2017. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) The UK’s general election: Mandate for a softer Brexit or preparation for going over the cliff edge? EPC Commentary, 18 April 2017. [Policy Paper]

May 2017

Huguenot-Noël, Robin (2017) The French presidential election: an (E)U-turn in the making? EPC Commentary, 4 May 2017. [Policy Paper]

June 2017

Frontini, Andrea (2017) The ‘Macron effect’ on European defence: En Marche, at last? EPC Commentary, 1 June 2017. [Policy Paper]

Pascouau, Yves (2017) An Australian ‘model’ for the EU’s migration crisis? EPC Commentary, 2 June 2017. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2017) Crans-Montana - A ‘now or never’ moment for a Cyprus settlement? EPC Commentary, 26 June 2017. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) Uncertainty in the UK. EPC Commentary, 9 June 2017. [Policy Paper]

July 2017

Giuli , Marco (2017) Trump’s gas doctrine: What does it mean for the EU? EPC Commentary, 26 July 2017. [Policy Paper]

Hunter, Alison (2017) Smart specialisation: championing the EU’s economic growth and investment agenda? EPC Commentary, 20 July 2017. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) Reality bites: the Brexit negotiations seen from the other side of the Channel. EPC Commentary, 24 July 2017. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) Why the EU will have an industrial policy - but not necessarily a good one. EPC Commentary, 18 July 2017. [Policy Paper]

September 2017

Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) Theresa May's Florence speech: much ado about nothing. EPC Commentary, 22 September 2017. [Policy Paper]

October 2017

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2017) The EU should not turn its back on Turkey. EPC Commentary, 17 October 2017. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2017) Better safe than sorry: Time to prepare for a 'no deal scenario'. EPC Commentary, October 2017. [Policy Paper]

November 2017

De Somer, Maria (2017) Preserving or Strengthening Schengen? EPC Commentary, 10 November 2017. [Policy Paper]

Dhéret, Claire (2017) European social rights need more than a proclamation: Recommendations for an ambitious social summit. EPC Commentary, 15 November 2017. [Policy Paper]

Rashish, Peter S. (2017) US trade policy in the age of Trump: What role for Europe in the “New Nationalism”? EPC Commentary, 13 November 2017. [Policy Paper]

December 2017

Fabbri, Francesca (2017) The European External Investment Plan in the Southern Neighbourhood: how to make it work. EPC Commentary, 7 December 2017. [Policy Paper]

January 2018

Paul, Amanda (2018) Ukraine should double down on reform in 2018. Why tough love from international partners and pressure from Ukrainian society is necessary. EPC Commentary, 17 January 2018. [Policy Paper]

February 2018

Zuleeg, Fabian (2018) Squaring the MFF circle: How match funding can deliver the EU’s new priorities. EPC Commentary, 23 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

March 2018

Dhéret, Claire (2018) European Pillar of Social Rights: Member states must shoulder the responsibility of delivery. EPC Commentary, 16 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Huguenot-Noël, Robin and Andor, László (2018) Balancing Openness and Protection: How can the EU budget help? EPC Commentary, 14 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

Rappold, Julian (2018) Germany's comeback: Worth the wait? EPC Commentary, 26 March 2018. [Policy Paper]

April 2018

Pardo, Romain (2018) How the Circular Economy can benefit from the Digital Revolution. EPC Commentary 11 April 2018. [Policy Paper]

May 2018

Guagliardo, Simona (2018) The missing link in the EU’s plan on digital health: citizens’ empowerment and endorsement. EPC Commentary 8 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Hedberg, Annika (2018) The next EU budget: firmly rooted in the past? EPC Commentary 7 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Ivan, Paul (2018) The US and the EU need a stronger dialogue on Russia sanctions. EPC Commentary, 2 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Sammut, Dennis (2018) Armenia’s “Velvet Revolution”: Time is Pashinyan’s worst enemy. EPC Commentary, 30 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda and Seyrek, Demir Murat (2018) Turkey votes: Snap elections – Turkey at yet another crossroads. EPC Commentary, 15 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2018) Pie in the sky and the death of 'cakeism': towards the brink in EU-UK negotiations. EPC Commentary, 3 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

June 2018

Stratulat, Corina (2018) Enlargement to the Balkans: Playing hardball or playing with fire? EPC Commentary 27 June 2018. [Policy Paper]

Zuleeg, Fabian (2018) Brexit: Stumbling over the backstop? EPC Commentary 6 June 2018. [Policy Paper]

July 2018

Zuleeg, Fabian (2018) UK business should play for extra time in the Brexit negotiations. EPC Commentary, 25 July 2018. [Policy Paper]

December 2018

Bjerkem, Johan and Harbour, Malcolm (2018) An EU New Year’s resolution: Keep boosting the Single Market. EPC Commentary, 7 December 2018. [Policy Paper]

Paul, Amanda (2018) The Sea of Azov should not become a Russian lake. EPC Commentary, 5 December 2018. [Policy Paper]



September 2019

Butcher, Paul and Stratulat, Corina (2019) The European Citizens’ Consultations deserve pride of place at von der Leyen’s Conference. Commentary 5 September 2019. [Policy Paper]

March 2020

Dennis Sammut, Dennis Sammut (2020) The impact of COVID-19 on the EU’s neighbourhood: The South Caucasus. EPC COMMENTARY 23/03/2020. [Policy Paper]

Verhofstadt, Guy (2020) The Union and COVID-19: Is there a future after failure? EPC COMMENTARY 25/03/2020. [Policy Paper]

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