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June 2011

Keller-Noëllet, Jacques (2011) POLITIQUE AGRICOLE COMMUNE 2020: UN ETAT DES LIEUX - Common Agriculture Policy 2000: Inventory. European Policy Brief No. 1, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

Missiroli, Antonio (2011) A little discourse on method(s). European Policy Brief No. 2, June 2011. [Policy Paper]

September 2011

Heremans, Tinne (2011) ‘Optimal’ versus ‘Maximal’ Public Access to Documents: a Brief Note on EU Case Law. European Policy Brief No. 4, September 2011. [Policy Paper]

Verhelst, Stijn (2011) Linking Cohesion Policy to European Economic Governance: an Idea Up for Improvement. European Policy Brief No. 3, September 2011. [Policy Paper]

December 2011

d'Oultremont, Clémentine (2011) The CAP post-2013: more equitable, green and market-oriented? Based on the seminar held by Egmont on the 25th of November. European Policy Brief No. 5, December 2011. [Policy Paper]

January 2012

Verhelst, Stijn (2012) How EU Fiscal Norms Will Become a Safety Net for the Failure of National Golden Rules. European Policy Brief No. 6, January 2012. [Policy Paper]

February 2012

Bertoncini, Yves (2012) The politics of the “EMU governance”. European Policy Brief No. 7, February 2012. [Policy Paper]

May 2012

Andoura, Sami and d'Oultremont, Clémentine (2012) Energy Transition by 2050: A Multifaceted Challenge for Europe. European Policy Brief No. 8, May 2012. [Policy Paper]

June 2012

Bosch, Xavier Vanden and Verhelst, Stijn (2012) A briefing on Eurobonds. European Policy Brief No. 10, June 2012. [Policy Paper]

Bosch, Xavier Vanden and Verhelst, Stijn (2012) An election too far ? Four scenarios for Greece after the elections. European Policy Brief No. 9, June 2012. [Policy Paper]

Voorde, Willem Van de (2012) Some reflections on the results and the working methods of the Belgian EU-Presidency in 2010. European Policy Brief No. 11, June 2012. [Policy Paper]

October 2012

Verhelst, Stijn (2012) Banking Union: are the EMU design mistakes being repeated? European Policy Brief No. 12, October 2012. [Policy Paper]

November 2012

Tokarski, Paweł and Verhelst, Stijn (2012) Macroeconomic Conditionality in Cohesion Policy: Added Value or Unnecessary Burden? European Policy Brief No. 13, November 2012. [Policy Paper]

January 2013

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2013) A case for adjusting fiscal consolidation in the eurozone. European Policy Brief No. 14, January 2013. [Policy Paper]

May 2013

Verhelst, Stijn (2013) Don’t complicate it even further: Macroeconomic Conditionality as a Substitute for new Structural Reform Contracts. European Policy Brief No. 15, May 2013. [Policy Paper]

September 2013

Verhelst, Stijn (2013) What if the Next Financial Crisis Hits the Banking Union? A Call for an “If All Else Fails” Clause. European Policy Brief No. 16, September 2013. [Policy Paper]

November 2013

Keuleneer, Eric De (2013) Banks at the Service of the Economy? European Policy Brief No. 17, November 2013. [Policy Paper]

December 2013

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2013) Contractual arrangements: the overlooked step towards a fiscal union. European Policy Brief No. 18, December 2013. [Policy Paper]

February 2014

Schoutheete, Philippe de (2014) Institutional Reform in the EU. European Policy Brief No. 19, February 2014. [Policy Paper]

March 2014

Balleix, Corinne (2014) From Lampedusa to the Post-Stockholm Programme: Difficult European solidarity in the field of migration. European Policy Brief No. 24, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2014) The Belgian parliaments and EU affairs: the reasons behind their limited involvement. European Policy Brief No. 28, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2014) Is the EMU ready for future shocks? An overview of available backstops. European Policy Brief No. 20, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

De Ruyt, Jean (2014) Who is leading the European Union?. European Policy Briefs No. 33, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Landaburu, Eneko (2014) The Role of the European Union in the World. European Policy Brief No. 22, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Mattelaer, Alexander and Severs, Eline (2014) A Crisis of Democratic Legitimacy? It’s about Legitimation, Stupid! European Policy Brief No. 21, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Ruyt, Jean De (2014) Who is leading the European Union? European Policy Brief No. 33, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

The Egmont, Institute (2014) The European Parliament: it has to do with you. European Policy Brief No. 25, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Theys, Michel (2014) Twenty-eight national elections for a Parliament in constant evolution. European Policy Brief No. 26, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Vandenbroucke, Frank (2014) The Case for a European Social Union. European Policy Brief No. 23, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

Verhelst, Stijn and Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2014) What Future for the Eurozone? Combining Discipline, Solidarity and Institutional Reforms. European Policy Brief No. 27, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

d’Oultremont, Clémentine (2014) Re-designing the European Climate and Energy policies post-2020. European Policy Brief No. 29, March 2014. [Policy Paper]

April 2014

Secondat, Charles and Goossens, P.J. and Roterod, Daisy (2014) The German Constitutional Court’s decision about the European Central Bank’s OMT [Outright Monetary Transactions] mechanism: A masterpiece of judicial arrogance. European Policy Briefs No. 30, April 2014. [Policy Paper]

Willermain, Fabian (2014) European elections: from ‘second-order’ elections to ‘first-order supranational’ elections, How can a ‘first-order supranational’ European election be created? European Policy Brief No. 34, April 2014. [Policy Paper]

July 2014

Verhelst, Stijn (2014) A Eurozone Subcommittee in the European Parliament: High hopes, low results? European Policy Brief No. 31, July 2014. [Policy Paper]

October 2014

Bosch, Xavier Vanden (2014) The European Semester in Belgium: A state of play. European Policy Brief No. 32, October 2014. [Policy Paper]

March 2015

Koch, François (2015) Turkish Stream and its implications for the EU. European Policy Brief No. 34, March 2015. [Policy Paper]

April 2015

Willermain, Fabian (2015) European elections: from ‘second-order’ elections to ‘first-order supranational’ elections: How can a ‘first-order supranational’ European election be created?. European Policy Brief No. 35, April 2015. [Policy Paper]

August 2015

Heine, Sophie (2015) Prostitution as a Human Right: an Oxymoron. European Policy Briefs No. 36, August 2015. [Policy Paper]

September 2015

Polner, Gergely and Ryan, John (2015) Capital Markets Union: A Work in Progress: Quick and high impact measures for the Capital Markets Union. European Policy Brief No. 37, September 2015. [Policy Paper]

d’Oultremont, Clémentine and Martin, Anna (2015) The Migration Crisis: A Stress Test for European Values. European Policy Brief No. 38, September 2015. [Policy Paper]

October 2015

Willermain, Fabian and Cioriciu, Anca (2015) The Better Regulation Package: Creating better regulations, but for what kind of EU politics?. European Policy Brief No. 39, October 2015. [Policy Paper]

December 2015

Heine, Sophie (2015) The EU approach to Gender: Limitations and Alternatives. European Policy Brief No. 40, December 2015. [Policy Paper]

January 2016

Heine, Sophie (2016) How can we enhance our security without damaging our liberty? For a Progressive and European Rehabilitation of Sovereignty. European Policy Brief No. 41, January 2016. [Policy Paper]

March 2016

Heine, Sophie (2016) The Rise of Single Motherhood in the EU: Analysis and Propositions. European Policy Brief No. 42, March 2016. [Policy Paper]

June 2016

Najy, Cenni and Breidlid, Jacqueline (2016) Plan B after Brexit – What Britain can expect negotiating a Swiss-type arrangement with the EU. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 44, June 2016. [Policy Paper]

October 2016

Willerman, Fabian and Genard, Quentin (2016) The Juncker Plan 2.0 : the Belgian view. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 45, October 2016. [Policy Paper]

November 2016

Ryan, John (2016) Forgotten lessons for the Eurozone. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 43, May 2016. [Policy Paper]

March 2017

Tubakovic, Tamara (2017) A Dublin IV recast: A new and improved system? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 46, March 2017. [Policy Paper]

Willermain, Fabian and Cioriciu (Puie), Anca (2017) How to make the most of the EU’s financial potential? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 47, March 2017. [Policy Paper]

February 2018

De Ruyt, Jean (2018) Is there an escape from ‘Ever Closer Union’? European Policy Brief No. 49 February 2018. [Policy Paper]

May 2018

Hoogmartens, Jan (2018) Between Rome and Sibiu: A Trajectory for the New European Narrative. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 50 May 2018. [Policy Paper]

June 2018

Evita Armouti, Evita Armouti and Marie De Somer, Marie De Somer and Femke Gremmelprez , Femke Gremmelprez and Phedon Nicolaides, Phedon Nicolaides and Basile Ridard, Basile Ridard and Peter Van Elsuwege, Peter Van Elsuwege and Johan Verbeke, Johan Verbeke and Jan Wouters , Jan Wouters (2018) Exploring the Boundaries of Conditionality in the EU. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 51 June 2018. [Policy Paper]

September 2018

Ridard, Basile (2018) More room for European agencies in the EU decision-making process? Egmont European Policy Briefs No. 52 September 2018. [Policy Paper]

December 2018

Mattelaer, Alexander (2018) Endorsing Brexit or Preparing for ‘No Deal’? A Belgian Perspective. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 53, November 2018. [Policy Paper]

February 2019

De Ruyt, Jean (2019) American sanctions and European sovereignty. Egmont European Policy Brief No.54. [Policy Paper]

April 2019

Mattelaer, Alexander (2019) Fostering Belgo-German Connectivity in the Heart of Europe. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 55. [Policy Paper]

September 2019

Cloos, Jim (2019) Spitzenkandidaten: A debate about power and about the future development of the EU. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 56 | September 2019. [Policy Paper]

November 2019

Colli, Francesca (2019) The EU-Mercosur agreement: towards integrated climate policy? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 57 November 2019. [Policy Paper]

December 2019

Mattelaer, Alexander (2019) The 2019 UK General Election: Towards a Brexit Catharsis? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 58 December 2019. [Policy Paper]

March 2020

Biscop, Sven (2020) Trump, the Middle East, and North Africa: Just Leave Things to the Proxies? Egmont Security Policy Brief No. 125 March 2020. [Policy Paper]

Colli, Francesca (2020) The EU’s Just Transition: three challenges and how to overcome them. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 59 March 2020. [Policy Paper]

April 2020

Gehrke, Tobias (2020) Beyond corona: getting EU economic security right. Egmont European Security Brief No. 127 April 2020. [Policy Paper]

May 2020

Blondeel, Mathieu (2020) COVID-19 and the Climate – Energy Nexus. European Policy Brief No.61 May 2020. [Policy Paper]

Colli, Francesca (2020) The end of ‘business as usual’? COVID-19 and the European Green Deal. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 60 May 2020. [Policy Paper]

July 2020

Bodson, Benjamin (2020) Rethinking EU institutions’ rules of procedure after COVID-19. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 62 July 2020. [Policy Paper]

September 2020

Dobler, Camille (2020) From words to deeds: Upholding the rule of law in the CEE region. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 63 September 2020. [Policy Paper]

October 2020

Bodson, Benjamin (2020) What can the EU expect from the new Belgian government? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 64 October 2020. [Policy Paper]

November 2020

Petri, Franziska (2020) Revisiting EU climate and energy diplomacy: A starting point for Green Deal diplomacy? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 65 November 2020. [Policy Paper]

December 2020

Muraille, Marcel (2020) From emergency remote learning to a new digital education action plan: an EU attempt to mainstream equality into education. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 66 December 2020. [Policy Paper]

March 2021

De Brouwer, Jean-Louis and Rodiere, Edouard (2021) Towards cutting-edge European humanitarian leadership. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 67 March 2021. [Policy Paper]

April 2021

Colli, Francesca (2021) A transition for the citizens? Ensuring public participation in the European Green Deal. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 68 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

Roux, François (2021) The external representation of the EU: A simple matter of protocol? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 69 April 2021. [Policy Paper]

May 2021

De Ruyt, Jean (2021) Secondary sanctions and multilateralism – the way ahead. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 70 May 2021. [Policy Paper]

June 2021

Cloos, Jim (2021) A new start for EU-US relations? Egmont European Policy Brief No. 71 1 June 2021. [Policy Paper]

September 2021

Muraille, Marcel (2021) A revised European Semester under centralised management: the risk of overlooking social policy. Egmont European Policy Brief No. 72 September 2021. [Policy Paper]

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