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Lieber, Robert J. (2004) The European Union and the United States: Threats, Interests and Values. ACES Cases No 2004.1. UNSPECIFIED.


Dixon, Kwame. (2005) Sketches of Spain: Race, Justice and the Struggle for Human Rights. ACES Cases No 2005.1. UNSPECIFIED.

Lusane, Clarence. (2005) Policing Race and Terrorism in the UK: Closing the Racial Justice Gap. ACES Cases No 2005.2. UNSPECIFIED.


Fahrholz, Christian H. and Schneider, Gerald (2006) Your Worlds are in my Wallet! The Impact of EU Summits on the Euro-Dollar Exchange Rate. ACES Cases No. 2006.1. UNSPECIFIED.

Jacoby, Wade. (2006) Side Payments Over Solidarity: Financing the Poor Cousins in Germany and the EU. ACES Cases No 2006.2. UNSPECIFIED.

Sergi, Bruno S. (2006) Central and Peripheral Regions in Europe: Can Tax Competition Attract Foreign Direct Investment Forever? ACES Cases No. 2006.3. UNSPECIFIED.


Dettke, Dieter. (2007) Economic and Political Challenges of Energy Sustainability: EU and German Renewable Energy Policies. ACES Cases No. 2007.1. UNSPECIFIED.

Palazuelos-Martinez, Manuel. (2007) Understanding the Rationale of the Stability and Growth Pact. ACES Cases No. 2007.2. UNSPECIFIED.

Sadeh, Tal. (2007) Policies Adjusting to EMU: Idiosyncrasy and Democratic Institutions. ACES Cases No. 2007.3. UNSPECIFIED.


Eglene, Ophelia (2008) British business and the Euro. ACES Cases No. 2008.2. UNSPECIFIED.

Freier, Maximilian (2008) Political economy of the Agenda 2010 reforms: How Gerhard Schröder overcame the "blocked republic". ACES Cases No. 2008.3. UNSPECIFIED.

Lee, Jim and Crowley, Patrick M. (2008) Does All Fit One Size? An evaluation of the ECB policy response to changing economic conditions in the Euro area member states. ACES Cases No. 2008.1. UNSPECIFIED.


Boyle, Nigel and Schünemann, Wolf J. (2009) The Malleable Politics of Welfare-to-Work Reform: Germany's "Hartz" activation compared with Dutch, British and Irish cases. ACES Cases No. 2009.1. UNSPECIFIED.

Crowley, Patrick M. (2009) One money with several cycles? Evaluation of European business cycles using cluster analysis. ACES Cases No. 2009.3. UNSPECIFIED.


Crowley, Patrick M. and Schultz, Aaron P. (2010) Measuring the intermittent synchronicity of macroeconomic growth in Europe. ACES Cases No. 2010.1. UNSPECIFIED.

Jenson, Jane (2010) Ideas and Policy: The European Union considers social policy futures. ACES Cases No. 2010.2. UNSPECIFIED.

Serdarevic, Asja (2010) European Union and its member states as a collective actor in WTO decision-making process. ACES Cases No. 2010.3. UNSPECIFIED.


Kemmerling, Achim (2011) From Convergence to Diffusion: The EU's influence on national tax systems. ACES Cases No. 2011.2. UNSPECIFIED.

Schelkle, Waltraud and Mabbett, Deborah (2011) Hegemony Without Stability: The fiscal and political vulnerabilities of monetary union. ACES Cases No. 2011.2. UNSPECIFIED.


Daly, Mary (2012) EU Social Policy: Developments in the field and insights for the study of social policy. ACES Cases No. 2012.1. UNSPECIFIED.

Kimakova, Alena (2012) The Euro blame game and its implications for policy and financial markets. ACES Cases No. 2012.2. UNSPECIFIED.

Wendler, Frank (2012) Debating the European debt crisis: Government leadership, party ideology and supranational integration as focal points of parliamentary debates in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom. ACES Cases No. 2012.3. UNSPECIFIED.


Gerba, Eddie and Schelkle, Waltraud (2013) The finance-welfare state nexus. ACES Cases No. 2013.1. UNSPECIFIED.

Kelemen, R. Daniel and Teo, Terence K. (2013) Focal points and fiscal discipline. ACES Cases No. 2013.2. UNSPECIFIED.

Matthijs, Matthias M. (2013) The Eurozone crisis and the erosion of democratic legitimacy: Lessons from the gold standard. ACES Cases No. 2013.3. UNSPECIFIED.


Blythe, Mark (2014) The sovereign debt crisis that isn't: Or, How to turn a lending crisis into a spending crisis and pocket the spread. ACES Cases No. 2014.1. UNSPECIFIED.

Guimarães, Maria Helena and Egan, Michelle (2014) Tackling barriers to trade in the Single Market. ACES Cases No. 2014.2. UNSPECIFIED.

Jacoby, Wade (2014) Germany and the Eurocrisis: The timing of politics and the politics of timing. ACES Cases No. 2014.3. UNSPECIFIED.

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