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UNSPECIFIED (2019) Competitiveness of corporate sourcing of renewable energy. Part 2 of the Study on the competitiveness of the renewable energy sector. Final report. ENER/C2/2016-501, 28 June 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Akgüç, Mehtap and Beblavý, Miroslav and Simonelli, Felice (2018) Low-Cost Airlines: Bringing the EU closer together. CEPS Research Report, 15 May 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Alcidi, Cinzia and Gros, Daniel (2017) How to strengthen the European Semester? CEPS Research Report No. 2017/15, December 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Alcidi, Cinzia. and Gros, Daniel. and Núñez Ferrer, Jorge and Rinaldi, David (2017) The Instruments providing Macro-Financial Support to EU Member States. CEPS Research Report No 2017/06, March 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Amariei, Cosmina (2017) Creating Long-Term Value in Europe's Capital Markets: Opportunities and constraints. 1st Interim Report of the CEPS-ECMI Task Force on Asset Allocation in Europe. CEPS Research Report, November 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Anderson, Robert and Barslund, Mikkel and Bonisch, Markus and Cebulla, Andreas and Dubois, Hans and Fechter, Charlotte and Gollner, Tobias and Hudson-Sharp, Nathan and Klotz, Johannes and Naegele, Gerd and Peterbauer, Jakob and Sesselmeier, Werner and Stauning Prewett, Jacob Gareth and Stoger, Eduard and Stokes, Lucy and Thirion, Gilles and Vargas, Oscar and Walker, Alan and Wilkinson, David (2019) Policies for an Ageing Workforce Work-life balance, working conditions and equal opportunities 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Author, No (2019) Options and national discretions under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive and their treatment in the context of a European Deposit Insurance Scheme. Final Report November 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Author, No (2017) Reconstructing the Union - Report of the 2017 CEPS Ideas Lab. CEPS Report, 12 May 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Authors, None. (2019) Study on the accounting regime of limited liability micro companies. FINAL STUDY. CEPS Research Report May 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Barci, Giovanni and Gros, Daniel and Núñez Ferrer, Jorge (2020) Towards a new MFF New priorities and their impact on Italy. CEPS Research Paper 20 February 2020. [Policy Paper]

Beblavý, Miroslav (2017) Feasibility and added value of a European Unemployment benefits scheme. CEPS Research Report. Series > Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels) > CEPS Research Reports . UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-94-6138-576-5

Beblavý, Miroslav and Lenaerts, Karolien and Maselli, Ilaria (2017) Design of a European Unemployment Benefit Scheme. CEPS Research Report No 2017/04, February 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Beblavý , Miroslav and Lenaerts, Karolien (2017) Stabilising the European Economic and Monetary Union: What to expect from a common unemployment benefits scheme? CEPS Research Report No 2017/02, February 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Behrens, Arno and Rizos, Vasileios (2017) The Interplay between the Circular Economy and the European Semester: An assessment. CEPS Research Report No. 2017/16, December 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Benedetto, Giacomo. and Rinaldi, David and Aden, Hartmut (2017) Transparency and Oversight of the Council’s Budget: Council executive powers. CEPS Research Report No. 2017/11, July 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Blackman, Colin and Forge, Simon (2017) Data Flows – Future Scenarios. CEPS Research Report, November 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Carrera, Sergio and El Qadim , Nora and Fullerton , Maryellen and Garcés-Mascareñas , Blanca and Kneebone , Susan York and López Sala , Ana and Luk , Ngo Chun and Vosyliūtė, Lina (2018) Offshoring Asylum and Migration in Australia, Spain, Tunisia and the US: Lessons learned and feasibility for the EU. CEPS Research Reports, September 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Carrera, Sergio and Guild, Elspeth and Vosyliūtė, Lina and Bárd, Petra (2017) Towards a Comprehensive EU Protection System for Minorities. CEPS Research Report, September 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Carrera, Sergio and Rostas, Iulius and Vosyliūtė , Lina (2017) Combating Institutional Anti-Gypsyism: Responses and promising practices in the EU and selected Member States. CEPS Research Report No 2017/08, May 2017 Friday, 19 May 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Catuti, Mihnea and Egenhofer, Christian and Elkerbout, Milan (2019) The future of gas in Europe: Review of recent studies on the future of gas. CEPS Research Report No. 2019/03, August 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Drabik, Eleanor and Rizos, Vasileios (2018) Prospects for electric vehicle batteries in a circular economy. CEPS Research Report No 2018/05, July 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Echikson, William and Knodt, Olivia (2018) Germany’s NetzDG: A key test for combatting online hate. CEPS Research Reports No. 2018/09, November 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Egenhofer, Christian. and Drabik, Eleanor and Alessi, Monica and Rizos, Vasileios (2018) Stakeholders’ Views on the Ecodesign Directive. An assessment of the successes and shortcomings. CEPS Research Report No. 2018/02, March 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Giuffrida, Fabio (2017) The European public prosecutor's office: king without kingdom? CEPS Research Report No. 2017/03, February 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Gros, Daniel. (2017) Towards a More Resilient Global Economy. CEPS Report, 12 May 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Guild, Elspeth and Costello, Cathryn and Moreno-Lax, Violeta (2017) Implementation of the 2015 Council Decisions establishing provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Italy and of Greece. Study. PE 583 132. CEPS Research Report, March 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Guild, Elspeth and Grant, Stephanie (2017) What role for the EU in the UN negotiations on a Global Compact on Migration? CEPS Research Report No 2017/05, March 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Hu, Weinian (2020) Compulsory licensing and access to future Covid-19 vaccines. CEPS Research Report 31 Jul 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

Hu, Weinian (2018) Reciprocity and Mutual Benefits: EU-China cooperation on and protection of geographical indications. CEPS Research Reports No. 2018/04, June 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Kilhoffer, Zachary and Beblavý, Miroslav and Lenaerts, Karolien (2018) Blame it on my youth! Policy recommendations for re-evaluating and reducing youth unemployment. CEPS Research Report No. 2018/01, January 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Kilhoffer, Zachary and Lenaerts, Karolien and Beblavý , Miroslav (2017) The Platform Economy and Industrial Relations. Applying the old framework to the new reality. CEPS Research Report No. 2017/12, August 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Kostanyan, Hrant and Giragosian, Richard (2017) EU-Armenian Relations: Charting a fresh course. CEPS Research Report No. 2017/14, November 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Lechtenfeld, Robin and Thomadakis, Apostolos (2017) Recent Developments in European Capital Markets – Key findings from the 2017 ECMI Statistical Package. CEPS Research Report No. 2017/12, December 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

No, Author (2019) DIGITISING AGRIFOOD Pathways and Challenges. November 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Núñez Ferrer, Jorge and Musmeci, Roberto (2019) Beyond public debt. The Hidden Rapid Erosion of EU Government Balance Sheets is a Financial Threat to Society How to stop it. CEPS Commentary, March 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Núñez Ferrer, Jorge and Simonelli, Felice and Renda, Andrea. and Di Salvo, Mattia and Zarra, Antonella and Bosc, Romain and Bouyon, Sylvain and Rinaldi, David (2018) Mid-term evaluation of the Hercule III programme. CEPS Research Report, February 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Oliinyk, Inna and Echikson, William (2018) Europe’s Payments Revolution. Stimulating Payments Innovation while Protecting Consumer Privacy. CEPS Research Report No. 2018/06, September 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Renda, Andrea (2018) The legal framework to address “fake news”: possible policy actions at the EU level. CEPS Research Report, 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

Renda, Andrea and Simonelli, Felice (2019) Study supporting the interim evaluation of the innovation principle. Final Report November 2019. UNSPECIFIED.

Renda, Andrea. (2017) Introducing EU Reduction Targets on Regulatory Costs: A Feasibility Study. CEPS Research Report No 2017/10 July 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Renda, Andrea. (2017) Reforming E-communications services: a critical assessment. In-depth analysis. CEPS Research Report, February 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Rinaldi, David and Núñez Ferrer, Jorge (2017) The European Fund for Strategic Investments as a New Type of Budgetary Instrument. CEPS Research Report No 2017/07, April 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Shenglin Ben, Shenglin Ben and Romain Bosc, Romain Bosc and Jinpu Jiao, Jinpu Jiao and Wenwei Li , Wenwei Li and Felice Simonelli , Felice Simonelli and Ruidong Zhang , Ruidong Zhang (2017) Digital Infrastructure: Overcoming the digital divide in China and the European Union. CEPS Research Report, November 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Stefan, Marco (2017) Migration versus Mobility in EU External Action towards Asia: A closer look at EU relations with China, India, the Philippines and Thailand. CEPS Research Report No. 2017/01, 27 January 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Van Camp, Stefan and Bouyon, Sylvain and Zarra, Antonella (2017) Introduction of a lifespan guarantee in the proposed online sales and digital content directives. Impact assessment of substantial amendments. Final Study. CEPS Study, October 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

Van der Loo, Guillaume and Hahn, Michael (2020) EU Trade and Investment Policy since the Treaty of Lisbon: Achievements and future priorities. CEPS Research Paper 11 Oct 2020. UNSPECIFIED.

Vasileios Rizos, Vasileios Rizos and Katja Tuokko, Katja Tuokko and Arno Behrens, Arno Behrens (2017) The Circular Economy: A review of definitions, processes and impacts. CEPS Research Report No 2017/8, April 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

de Groen , Willem Pieter and Kilhoffer , Zachary and Musmeci , Roberto (2018) The Future of EU ATM Markets. Impacts of digitalisation and pricing policies on business models. CEPS Research Report, October 2018. UNSPECIFIED.

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