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Dippel, Horst (2003) Conventions in comparative constitutional law. Research Paper in Law 4/2003. UNSPECIFIED.

Hanf, Dominik (2003) Talking with the “pouvoir constituant” in times of constitutional reform: The European Court of Justice on Private Applicants’ Access to Justice. Research Paper in Law 3/2003. UNSPECIFIED.

Hanf, Dominik and Baumé, Tristan (2003) Vers une clarification de la répartition des compétences entre l'Union et ses Etats Membres? Une analyse du projet d'articles du Presidium de la Convention = Towards a clarification of the distribution of competences between the Union and its Member States? An analysis of the draft articles of the Presidium of the Convention. Research Paper in Law 1/2003. UNSPECIFIED.

Krämer, Ludwig (2003) Access to environmental information in an Open European Society - Directive 2003/4. Research Paper in Law 5/2003. UNSPECIFIED.

Krämer, Ludwig (2003) Überlegungen zu Ressourceneffizienz und Recycling = Reflections on resource efficiency and recycling. Research Paper in Law 6/2003. UNSPECIFIED.

Krämer, Ludwig (2003) The genesis of EC environmental principles. Research Paper in Law 7/2003. UNSPECIFIED.

Tridimas, Takis (2003) The European Court of Justice and the Draft Constitution: A Supreme Court for the Union? Research Paper in Law 8/2003. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2003

Hanf, Dominik (2003) Der Prozess der europäischen Integration in Belgien Voraussetzung und Rahmen der Föderalisiserung eines ehemaligen = Process of European integration in Belgium; Condition and framework of a former [Föderalisiserung]. Research Papers in Law, 2/2003. UNSPECIFIED.


Mamane, David (2004) Reform der EU-Wettbewerbsregeln für Technologietransfer-Verträge: Einfahrt in den sicheren Hafen? = Reform of EU competition rules on technology transfer agreements: entry into the safe harbor? Research Paper in Law 2/2004. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2004

Hanf, Dominik and Dengler, Pablo (2004) Accords d’association = Association Agreements [to develop relations with a third state]. Research Papers in Law, 1/2004. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2004

Bourgeois, Jacques and Baumé, Tristan (2004) Decentralisation of EC Competition Law Enforcement and General Principles of Community Law. Research Papers in Law, 4/2004. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2004

Slater, Donald and Waelbroeck, Denis (2004) Meeting Competition: Why it is not an Abuse under Article 82. Research Papers in Law, 3/2004. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2004

Mehdi, Rostane (2004) Brèves observations sur la consécration constitutionnelle d’un droit de retrait volontaire = Brief comments on the constitutional recognition of the right to withdraw. Research Papers in Law, 5/2004. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2005

Lenaerts, Koen (2005) The Future Organisation of the European Courts. Research Papers in Law, 2/2005. UNSPECIFIED.

Mahncke, Dieter (2005) From Structure to Substance: Has the Constitutional Treaty improved the Chances for a Common Foreign and Security Policy? Research Papers in Law, 6/2005. UNSPECIFIED.

Pelkmans, Jacques (2005) Subsidiarity between Law and Economics. Research Papers in Law, 1/2005. UNSPECIFIED.

Reh, Christine and Scholl, Bruno (2005) The Convention on the Future of Europe: Extended Working Group or Constitutional Assembly? Research Papers in Law, 4/2005. UNSPECIFIED.

Vervaele, John A. E. (2005) European Criminal Law and General Principles of Union Law. Research Papers in Law, 5/2005. UNSPECIFIED.

Vervaele, John A. E. (2005) The Europeanisation of Criminal Law and the Criminal Law Dimension of European Integration. Research Papers in Law, 3/2005. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2006

Hanf, Dominik (2006) Le développement de la citoyenneté de l’Union européenne = The development of citizenship in the European Union. Research Papers in Law, 1/2006. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2006

Hanf, Dominik (2006) Réformes institutionnelles sans révision du traité? = Institutional reforms without treaty revision? Research Paper in Law 3/2006. UNSPECIFIED.

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis and Do, Thien Uyen (2006) The Case Law of the ECJ concerning the Free Provision of Services : 2000 - 2005. Research Papers in Law, 2/2006. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2006

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2006) The EU essential facilities doctrine. Research Papers in Law, 6/2006. UNSPECIFIED.

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2006) Why the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) is bad for you: a letter to the EU. Research Papers in Law, 5/2006. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2006

Colomo, Pablo Ibáñez (2006) Saving the Monopsony: Exclusivity, Innovation and Market Power in the Media Sector. Research Papers in Law, 7/2006. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2007

Colomo, Pablo Ibáñez (2007) The Italian Merck Case. Research Papers in Law, 1/2007. UNSPECIFIED.

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2007) With or without you...judging politically in the field of Area of Freedom, Security and Justice? Research Papers in Law, 3/2007. UNSPECIFIED.

Maher, Imelda (2007) Exploitative Abuses: Which Competition Policy, Which Public Policy? Research Papers in Law, 2/2007. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2007

Negrinotti, Matteo Pierangelo (2007) The AstraZeneca Case. Research Papers in Law, 4/2007. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2007

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2007) Que reste-t-il de la directive sur les services? = What remains of the Services Directive? Research Papers in Law, 5/2007. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2007

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2007) Legal Aspects in Establishing the Internal Market for services. Research Papers in Law, 6/2007. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2007

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2007) Current Problems of Social Europe. Research Papers in Law, 7/2007. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2008

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2008) Casual but Smart: The Court’s new clothes in the Area of Freedom Security and Justice (AFSJ) after the Lisbon Treaty. Research Papers in Law, 2/2008. UNSPECIFIED.

Krämer, Ludwig (2008) Environmental judgements by the Court of Justice and their duration. Research Papers in Law, 4/2008. UNSPECIFIED.

Tridimas, Takis and Gutiérrez-Fons, José A. (2008) EU Law, International Law and Economic Sanctions against Terrorism: The Judiciary in Distress? Research Papers in Law, 3/2008. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2008

Slater, Donald and Thomas, Sébastien and Waelbroeck, Denis (2008) Competition law proceedings before the European Commission and the right to a fair trial: no need for reform? Research Papers in Law, 5/2008. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2009

Govaere, Inge (2009) The importance of International Developments in the case-law of the European Court of Justice: Kadi and the autonomy of the EC legal order. Research Papers in Law, 1/2009. UNSPECIFIED.

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2009) Le principe de reconnaissance mutuelle dans la libre prestation de services = The principle of mutual recognition in the free provision of services. Research Papers in Law 2/2009. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2010

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2010) Liberalising trade in services: creating new migration opportunities? Research Paper in Law, 1/2010. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2010

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis and Stergiou, Hélène (2010) Public Procurement Law and Health care: From Theory to Practice. Research Paper in Law, 2/2010. UNSPECIFIED.


Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2011) The concept of 'economic activity' in the EU treaty: from ideological dead-ends to workable judicial concepts. Research Paper in Law 06/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2011

Tuominen, Nicoleta (2011) Patenting Strategies of the EU Pharmaceutical Industry -Crossroad between Patent Law and Competition Policy. Research Papers in Law, 1/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2011

Hanf, Dominik (2011) The ENP in the light of the new “neighbourhood clause” (Article 8 TEU). Research Papers in Law, 2/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2011

Bryska, Slawomir (2011) In-house lawyers of NRAs may not represent their clients before the European Court of Justice: A case note on UKE (2011). Research Papers in Law, 3/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

Fromont, Ann and Verdure, Christophe (2011) La consécration du critère de l’« accès au marché » au sein de la libre circulation des marchandises: mythe ou réalité? = Consecration of the criterion of "market access" in the free movement of goods: myth or reality? Research Papers in Law, 04/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2011

Schicho, Luca (2011) Legal privilege for in-house lawyers in the light of AKZO: a matter of law or policy? Research Papers in Law, 05/2011. UNSPECIFIED.

April 2012

Lenaerts, Koen (2012) The European Court of Justice and process-oriented review. Research Paper in Law, 01/2012. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2012

Schicho, Luca (2012) Member State BITS after the Treaty of Lisbon: solid foundation or first victims of EU investment policy? Research Paper in Law, 02/2012. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2012

Calliess, Christian (2012) The future of the Eurozone and the role of the German Constitutional Court. Research Papers in Law, 05/2012. UNSPECIFIED.

Czuczai, Jeno (2012) The autonomy of the EU legal order and the law-making activities of international organizations. Some examples regarding the Council most recent practice. Research Papers in Law 03/2012. UNSPECIFIED.

Smulders, Ben and Eisele, Katarina (2012) Reflections on the institutional balance, the Community Method and the interplay between jurisdictions after Lisbon. Research Papers in Law, 04/2012. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2013

Arestis, George (2013) Fundamental rights in the EU: three years after Lisbon, the Luxembourg perspective. Research Paper in Law (Cooperative Research Paper) 02/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2013) La justification des atteintes aux libertés de circulation : cadre méthodologique et spécificités matérielles = Justification of attacks on freedom of movement: methodological framework and specific hardware. Research Paper in Law 01/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

March 2013

Nicolaou, George (2013) The Strasbourg View on the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Research Paper in Law (Cooperative Research Paper) 03/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

April 2013

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2013) Authorisations under EU internal market rules. Research Paper in Law, 05/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

Sentenac, Jean (2013) L’autorisation inconditionnelle en phase II de l’imperfection du règlement 139/2004 = Unconditional approval in Phase II of the problems of Regulation 139/2004. Research Paper in Law 04/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2013

Pérez, Pablo González (2013) Le contrôle européen des concentrations et les leçons à tirer de la crise financière et économique = European merger control and the lessons of the financial and economic crisis. Research Papers in Law, 06/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2013

Bobek, Michal and Kosař, David (2013) Global Solutions, Local Damages: A Critical Study in Judicial Councils in Central and Eastern Europe. Research Paper in Law 07/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

December 2013

Lo Schiavo, Gianni (2013) The Judicial ‘Bail Out’ of the European Stability Mechanism: Comment on the Pringle Case. Research Paper in Law 09/2013. UNSPECIFIED.

de Zárate Catón, Pablo González (2013) Disclosure of Leniency Materials: A Bridge between Public and Private Enforcement of Antitrust Law. Research Paper in Law 08/2013, December. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2014

Wessel, Ramses A. and Blockmans, Steven. (2014) The Legal Status and Influence of Decisions of International Organizations and other Bodies in the European Union. College of Europe Research Paper in Law 01/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2014

Bobek, Michal (2014) The Court of Justice of the European Union. College of Europe Research Paper in Law 02/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2014

Bobek, Michal (2014) Judicial Selection, Lay Participation, and Judicial Culture in the Czech Republic: A Study in a Central European (Non)Transformation. College of Europe Research Paper in Law 03/2014. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2015

Allemand, Frédéric (2015) La Banque centrale européenne et la nouvelle gouvernance économique européenne: le défi de l’intégration différenciée = The European Central Bank and the new European economic governance: the challenge of differential integration. Research Paper in Law 01/2015. UNSPECIFIED.

July 2016

Govaere, Inge (2016) TTIP and Dispute Settlement: Potential Consequences for the Autonomous EU Legal Order. Research Paper in Law 01/2016. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2016

Davies, Gareth (2016) Migrant Union Citizens and Social Assistance: Trying to Be Reasonable About Self-Sufficiency. Research Paper in Law 02/2016. UNSPECIFIED.

October 2016

de Diego Martín, Miguel Ángel (2016) Net Neutrality: Smart Cables or Dumb Pipes? An overview on the regulatory debate about how to govern the network. Research Paper in Law 03/2016. UNSPECIFIED.

November 2016

Govaere, Inge (2016) To Give or to Grab: The Principle of Full, Crippled and Split Conferral of Powers Post-Lisbon. Research Paper in Law 04/2016. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2017

Hatzopoulos, Vassilis (2017) From Economic Crisis to Identity Crisis: The Spoliation of EU and National Citizenships. Research Paper in Law 01 / 2017. UNSPECIFIED.

August 2018

Delhomme, Vincent (2018) Between Market Integration and Public Health: The Paradoxical EU Competence to Regulate Tobacco Consumption. Research Paper in Law 01/2018. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2018

Govaere, Inge (2018) Interconnecting Legal Systems and the Autonomous EU Legal Order: A Balloon Dynamic. Research Paper in Law 02/2018. UNSPECIFIED.

February 2019

Nemitz, Paul and Ehm, Frithjof (2019) Strengthening Democracy in Europe and its Resilience against Autocracy: Daring more Democracy and a European Democracy Charter. Research Paper in Law 01/2019. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2019

Davio, Victor (2019) L’âge du feu: réflexions relatives à l’avènement d’un pouvoir d’initiative législative direct du Parlement européen = The age of fire: reflections relating to the advent of a legislative initiative direct from the European Parliament. College of Europe Research Paper in Law 02/2019. UNSPECIFIED.

December 2019

Govaere, Inge (2019) ‘Facultative’ and ‘Functional Mixity’ in light of the Principle of Partial and Imperfect Conferral. College of Europe Research Paper in Law 03/2019. UNSPECIFIED.

May 2020

Mahfoudh, Haykel Ben (2020) Réflexions sur la plainte déposée devant la CPI pour crimes contre l'humanité et de génocide pour développement d'armes de guerre biologique par la République populaire de Chine. Research Papers in Law 1/2020. UNSPECIFIED.

Renda, Andrea (2020) Single Market 2.0: the European Union as a Platform. Research Papers in Law 2/2020. UNSPECIFIED.

June 2020

Govaere, Inge (2020) ‘Ceci n’est pas .. Cassis de Dijon’: Some Reflections on its Triple Regulatory Impact. Research Papers in Law 4/2020. UNSPECIFIED.

September 2020

Challet, Celia (2020) Reflections on Judicial Review of EU Sanctions Following the Crisis in Ukraine by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Research Papers in Law 4/2020. UNSPECIFIED.

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