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Boldt, G. and Horion, P. and Camerlynck, G. and Mengoni, L. and Kayser, A. and De Gaay Fortman, W.F. (1968) Die gerichtsbarkeit in arbeitssachen und in sachen der sozialen sicherheit in den ländern der Europäischen Gemeinschaft = Jurisdiction in work matters and matters of social security in the countries of the European Community. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Boldt, Gerhard and Horion, Paul and Camerlynck, Guillaume and Mengoni, Luigi and Kayser, Armand and De Gaay Fortman, W.F. (1968) La juridiction du travail et la juridiction de la sécurité sociale dans les pays de la Communauté Européenne. Situation au 1 janvier 1968 = The jurisdiction of work and the jurisdiction of social security in the countries of the European Communities. Situation at 1 January 1968. Labor Law Collection. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Bonnet, Rene (1979) Practical handbook of social security for employed persons and their families moving within the Community. Revised as at 1 February 1979. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Banotti, Mary (1985) Report tabled by the Committee on Social Affairs and Employment on the proposal from the Commission of the European Communities to the Council (COM(84)710 final - Doc.2-1377/84) for a draft recommendation on social security for volunteer development workers. Working Documents 1985-86, Document A 2-2/85, 26 March 1985. [EU European Parliament Document]


Coppini, A. and Laina, G. (1985) Schemas for the construction of an "Auxiliary Econometric Model" for the social security system. Economic Papers No. 37, June 1985. II/223/84-EN. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Coppini, Mario Alberto (1980) Social security expenditure and demographic factors in the countries of the European Community 1965 - 1995. Studies: Social Policy Series. [EU Commission - Working Document]


Doublet, M. and Dupeyroux, M. and Jantz, Kurt and Lagasse, Andre and Viot, Mme. and Bertinelli, Dott. Luca Scoti and Kayser, M. and Beyssel, M. and Ledeboer, L.V. and Van de Ven, A. C. M. (1962) Etude sur la physionomie actuelle de la securite sociale dans les pays de la C.E.E. = Study on the current pattern of social security in countries of the EEC. Studies: Social Policy Series No. 3, 1962. [EU Commission - Working Document]


Franco, D. and Munzi, T. (1997) Ageing and fiscal policies in the European Union. Preliminary draft. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Franco, Daniele (1995) Pension liabilities - Their use and misuse in the assessment of fiscal policies. Economic Papers No. 110, May 1995. [EU Commission - Working Document]


Hallstein, Walter. (1962) Address by Professor Dr. Walter Hallstein, President of the Commission of the European Economic Community, delivered at the opening of the European Conference on Social Security. Brussels, 10 December 1962. Includes French version. [EU Speech]


Jorens, Yves (2010) Fifty years of social security coordination: Past — Present — Future. Report of the conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the European coordination of social security. Prague, 7-8 May 2009. [EU Commission - Working Document]


Levi Sandri, Lionello. (1964) Address [on social security] by M. Lionello Levi Sandri, Vice-President of the EEC Commission, President of the Social Affairs Group, before the XVth General Assembly of the International Social Security Association. 1964. [EU Speech]

Levi Sandri, Lionello. (1962) Discours du Professeur Lionello Levi Sandri, membre de la Commission de la Communaute economique europeenne. Seance inaugurale, Conference europeenne sur la Securite sociale. Bruxelles, 10-15 decembre 1962 = Speech by Professor Lionello Levi Sandri, Member of the Commission of the European Economic Community. Inaugural meeting, European Conference on Social Security. Brussels, 10-15 December 1962. [EU Speech]


Rey, Jean (1967) Rey outlines new program. Highlights of Jean Rey's address to the European Parliament. European Community. No. 106, October 1967. [EU Other]

Ribas, Jacques Jean (1965) Social security in the European Community. Community Topics 18, May 1965. [EU Commission - Brochure]


Schaus, Lambert. (1962) Les problemes de la securite sociale dans les transports. Allocution de Monsieur Lambert Schaus, membre de la Commission de la Communaute economique europeenne a l'occasion de la Conference europeenne sur la securite sociale. Bruxelles, 10 decembre 1962 = The problems of social security in transport. Speech by Mr. Lambert Schaus, Member of the Commission of the European Economic Community, on the occasion of the European conference on social security. Brussels, 10 December 1962. [EU Speech]

Schaus, Lambert. (1963) Social problems in transport. Address by M. Lambert Schaus, Member of the Commission of the European Economic Community, at the opening meeting of the Round Table Conference on Social Policy in Transport. Brussels, 10 December 1963. [EU Speech]


Van Langendonck, J. (1986) Privatisation et sécurité sociale. Rapport pour la Commission des Communautés Européennes = Privatization and social security. Report for the Commission of the European Communities. V/142/87-FR. [EU Commission - Working Document]

von , Gellhorn and Masyn, M. and Bonnet, M. and Sneevliet, M. (1972) The effects of the reduction of manpower in the mining industry on mining social security systems and pension systems in particular. Studies: Social Policy Series 23, 1972. [EU Commission - Working Document]

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