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UNSPECIFIED (1971) 1970: a European year. European Community. No. 141, January 1971. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1953) Ad Hoc Assembly instructed to work out a draft treaty setting up a European Political Community, Session of January 1953. Report of the Constitutional Committee. Paris, 20 December 1952. [EU Other]

Borschette, A. (1974) Address [on current situation of EC, and its goal, European Union] by Mr. A. Borschette, Member of the Commission of the European Communities, to the German Group of the International Chamber of Commerce. Frankfurt, 22 March 1974. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1970) After Vacation: Outline of the Council's activities after the August recess. European Community. No. 137, August 1970. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1962) Common market president discusses 'Atlantic partnership' during U.S. visit. Bulletin from the European Community. No. 53, May 1962. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1960) Community's economy still booming. Bulletin from the European Community. No. 43, December 1960. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1981) Draft European Act. German-Italian Initiative submitted to the European Council 26-27 November 1981. Bulletin of the European Communities, No. 11/1981, pp. 87-91. [EU European Council]

UNSPECIFIED (1953) Draft Treaty embodying the Statute of the European Community. Information and official documents of the Constitutional Committee, October 1952 - April 1953. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1964) EEC Commission proposes 1964 agenda. Bulletin from the European Community. No. 69, February-March 1964. [EU Other]

Fontaine, Pascal. (1998) Europe in 10 points. 3rd Edition. European Documentation 1998. [EU Commission - Brochure]

Fontaine, Pascal. (1992) Europe in ten lessons. European Documentation 1992. [EU Commission - Brochure]

Fontaine, Pascal. (1995) Europe in ten points. 2nd Edition. European Documentation 1995. [EU Commission - Brochure]

Borchardt, Klaus-Dieter (1986) European Unification: The Origins and Growth of the European Community. European Documentation 3/1986. [EU Commission - Brochure]

Tindemans, Leo. (1976) European Union. Report by Mr. Leo Tindemans, Prime Minister of Belgium, to the European Council. Bulletin of the European Communities, Supplement 1/76. (commonly called the Tindemans Report). [EU Other]

Soames, Christopher (1976) European Union: Vision and Power. Speech by The Rt. Hon. Sir Christopher Soames, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities, on receiving the Robert Schuman Prize. Bonn, Germany, 8 March 1976. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1979) The European public's attitudes to scientific and technical development. Opinion poll in the countries of the European Community. Commission XII/201/79-EN, February 1979. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Narjes, Karl-Heinz. (1984) Finalite politique et realite economique. Discours de Monsieur Karl-Heinz Narjes, membre de la Commission des Communautes europeennes, devant l'Institut royal des relations internationales. Bruxelles, 23 janvier 1984 = Political finality and economic reality. Speech by Karl-Heinz Narjes, member of the Commission, before the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Brussels, 23 January 1984. [EU Speech]

Andriessen, F.H.J.J. (1984) The Future development of a political European Union. Address given by Mr. F.H.J.J. Andriessen, Member of the Commission of the European Communities to the American-European Community Association. New York, 11 May 1984. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1961) Great Britain seeks Community membership. Negotiations to begin soon - Denmark and Ireland also ask to join. Bulletin from the European Community. No. 49, October 1961. [EU Other]

Deubner, Christian (2000) Harnessing Differentiation in the EU-Flexibility after Amsterdam. Hearings with Parliamentarians and Government Officials in Seven European Capitals. Forward Studies Unit Working Paper, 2000. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Dooge, James. (1984) Interim report By Ad Hoc Committee on Institutional Affairs to the European Council (Dublin, 3-4 December 1984). (Interim Dooge Report). [EU Other]

Monnet, Jean. (1963) Interview with M. Jean Monnet, President of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe, by Corriere Della Sera. Rome, 6 April 1963. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1988) Jean Monnet, A Grand Design for Europe. European Documentation 5/1988. [EU Commission - Brochure]

Hallstein, Walter. (1964) L'interview du Monsieur le President Hallstein par "Die Welt". 15 fevrier 1964=Interview of Mr. Hallstein, President of the Commission, by "The World". 15 February 1964. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1971) L'opinion des Européens sur les aspects régionaux et agricoles du marché commun, l'unification politique de l'Europe et l'information du public. Résultats partiels et provisoires d'une enquête par sondages dans les six pays de la Communauté européenne. European opinion on the regional and agricultural aspects of the Common Market, the political unification of Europe, and public information. Partial and provision results of a survey in the six countries of the European Community. X/897/71-F, December 1971. [EU Commission - Working Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1964) Le dossier de l'Union politique. Recueil de documents = Dossier on political union. Collection of documents. [EU European Parliament Document]

van Naters, van der Goes (1955) Le développement de l'intégration économique de l'Europe. Première section: Analyse des documents = The development of the economic integration of Europe. First section: analysis of documents. July 1955. [EU European Parliament Document]

Hallstein, Walter and Hirsch, Etienne and Finet, Paul. (1959) Meet the Press interviews Dr. Walter Hallstein, President of the Commission of the European Economic Community, Mr. Etienne Hirsch, President of the European Atomic Energy Community, and Mr. Paul Finet, President of the Commission of the European Coal and Steel Community. Washington, DC, 21 June 1959. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1964) Monthly bulletin of European documentation. 6th year, No. 10, October 1964. [EU European Parliament Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1983) Oral Question (0-86/83) with debate pursuant to Rule 42 of the Rules of Procedure by Mr Rumor, on behalf of the Political Affairs Committee to the Council of the European Communities, Subject: Solemn Declaration on European Union. Working Documents 1983-1984, Document 1-958/83, 26 October 1983. [EU European Parliament Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1990) Political Union. Commission opinion of 21 October 1990 on the proposal for amendment of the treaty establishing the European Economic Community with a view to political union. COM 90) 600 final, 21 October 1990. [EU Commission - COM Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1961) Progress and consolidation. A single market starts to take shape - Common policies move forward despite difficulties. Bulletin from the European Community. No. 44, February 1961. [EU Other]

Andriessen, F.H.J.J. (1984) Quelques reflexions sur l'avenir d'une union politique europeenne. Allocution de F.H.J.J. Andriessen, membre de la Commission des Communautes europeennes, a la American and Common Market Club. Bruxelles, 12 janvier 1984 = Some reflections on the future of political union in Europe. Speech by F.H.J.J. Andriessen, member of the Commission, to the American and Common Market Club. Brussels, 12 January 1984. [EU Speech]

Spinelli, Altiero (1975) Rapport politique presente par A. Spinelli au Congres de l'Union des Federalistes Europeens. Bruxelles, le 18 Avril 1975 = Political report presented by A. Spinelli to the Congress of the Union of European Federalists. Brussels, 18 April 1975. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1996) Reinforcing political union and preparing for enlargement. Commission opinion. COM (96) 90 final, 28 February 1996. [EU Commission - COM Document]

Mommersteeg, J.A. (1973) Report drawn up on behalf of the Political Affairs Committee on European political cooperation and unification. Working Document 1973-1974, Document 12/73, 24 May 1973. [EU European Parliament Document]

Croux, L. (1982) Report drawn up on behalf of the Political Affairs Committee on the draft European Act submmitted by the Governments of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Italian Republic. Working Documents 1982-1983, Document 1-1328/82, 4 March 1983. [EU European Parliament Document]

Dooge, James. (1985) Report of the Ad Hoc Committee for Institutional Affairs to the European Council (Brussels, 29--30 March 1985). (commonly called the Dooge Report). [EU Other]

Martin, David. (1990) Report of the Committee on Institutional Affairs on the convening of the Intergovernmental Conferences on Economic and Monetary Union and on Political Union (Doc. C3-0082/90 and C3-0228/90). Session Documents 1990, Document A3-0281/90, 7 November 1990. [EU European Parliament Document]

Biescheuvel, Barend and Dell, Edmund and Marjolin, Robert. (1979) Report on European Institutions. Presented by the Committee of Three to the European Council (October 1979). [EU Other]

Poettering, H.-G. (1991) Report on the outlook for a European security policy. The significance of a European security policy and its institutional implications for European political union. Session Documents A3-0107/91, 29 April 1991. [EU European Parliament Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1983) Solemn Declaration on European Union. European Council, Stuttgart 19 June 1983. Bulletin of the European Communities, No. 6/1983. pp. 24-29. [EU European Council]

Malfatti, Franco Maria. (1971) Summary of address by President [of the Commission] Malfatti during the European Parliament's debate on political union. Strasbourg, 20 October 1971. Includes French version. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1976) Those Mediterranean Affairs. European Community No. 193, March 1976. [EU Other]

Thomson, George. (1976) The Tindemans report and the European future. The Rt. Hon. George Thomson: address to the European Movement, Brussels. 1 March 1976. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1964) Towards Political Union. A selection of documents with a foreword by Mr. Emilio Battista. European Parliament, Political Committee, January 1964. [EU European Parliament Document]

Battista, Emilio (1966) Towards political union. Community Topics 25, November 1966. [EU Commission - Brochure]

UNSPECIFIED (1985) Two-speed Europe. Research and Documentation Papers, Political Series 11, September 1985. [EU European Parliament Document]

Ferrari, Mr. (1994) WEU in the process of European Union - reply to the thirty-ninth annual report of the Council. Assembly of Western European Union Fortieth Ordinary Session (First Part) Document 1417, 10 May 1994. [EU Related]

Hallstein, Walter. (1964) Where the Common Market stands today. Speech by Walter Hallstein, President of the Common Market Commission. 18 June 1964. Community Topics 13. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1981) Who gets my vote? French election. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 224, March- April 1981. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1991) Women in power. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 308, July-August 1991. [EU Other]

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