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EU Commission - COM Document

UNSPECIFIED (1977) Commission report on the establishment of a European Foundation. Sent to the European Council on 17 November 1977. COM (77) 600 final, 17 November 1977. Bulletin of the European Communities, Supplement 5/77. [EU Commission - COM Document]

UNSPECIFIED (2001) Communication of the Commission on conflict prevention. COM (2001) 211 final, 11 April 2001. [EU Commission - COM Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1993) EC support to the Middle East peace process. Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. COM (93) 458 final, 29 September 1993. [EU Commission - COM Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1999) Proposal for a Council Regulation concerning a ban on the supply to Indonesia of farm equpiment which might be used for internal repression or terrorism. COM (99) 460 final, 6 October 1999. [EU Commission - COM Document]

EU Commission - Press Notice

UNSPECIFIED (1982) Agriculture and Foreign Policy. Address by Claude Villain, Director General for Agriculture of the Commission of the European Communities, University of Minnesota, 30 April 1982. European Community News No. 10/1982, 30 April 1982. [EU Commission - Press Notice]

UNSPECIFIED (1979) Community foreign policy in energy supply. Information Memo P-10/79, February 1979. [EU Commission - Press Notice]

UNSPECIFIED (1992) EC envoy calls for global partnership. European Community News No. 17/92, 1 May 1992. [EU Commission - Press Notice]

UNSPECIFIED (1991) EC foreign policy leaders to meet Secretary Baker. European Community News No. 22/91, 27 June 1991. [EU Commission - Press Notice]

UNSPECIFIED (1977) Report on the creation of a European Foundation. Information Memo P-108/77, November 1977. [EU Commission - Press Notice]

EU Commission - SEC Document

UNSPECIFIED (1978) European Foundation. Commission services' working document. SEC (78) 1930 final, 8 May 1978. [EU Commission - SEC Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1996) The European Union and the issue of conflicts in Africa: peace-building, conflict prevention and beyond. SEC (96) 332 final, 6 March 1996. [EU Commission - SEC Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1973) Renforcement de la representation exterieur dans certains pay tiers (Communication de la Commission au Conseil) = Reinforcement of external representation in certain third countries (Communication from the Commission to the Council). SEC (73) 2055 final, 25 June 1973. [EU Commission - SEC Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1982) Representation exterieure (Document mis au point suite aux décisions prises par la Commission le 29 septembre 1982 - doc. COM (82) PV 662, point XVI) = External representation (Document developed following the decisions taken by the Commission September 29, 1982 - Doc. COM (82) PV 662, paragraph XVI). SEC (82) 1487 final, 4 November 1982. [EU Commission - SEC Document]

EU Commission - Working Document

LeGras, G. (2000) Contribution to the GAC [General Affairs Council] orientation debate on external action of the EU - Guidelines for strengthening operational co-ordination between the Community, represented by the Commission, and the Member States in the field of External assistance. [EU Commission - Working Document]

de Oliveira e Sousa, Jorge (1966) Note à l'attention des Chefs de délégation de la Commission. Objet : projet d'orientations concernant la coopération entre les missions des Etats membres et les Délégations de la Commission dans les pays tiers et au sein des organisations internationales = Note to Heads of Delegation of the Commission. Subject: Draft guidelines for cooperation between the missions of the Member States and the Commission Delegations in third countries and in international organizations, 6 September 1966. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Pierini, Marc. (1983) Towards a "European Foreign Policy"? Paper by Marc Pierini, Delegation of the European Commission, Washington DC. October 1983. [EU Commission - Working Document]

EU European Parliament Document

UNSPECIFIED (1974) Oral questions pursuant to Rule 47a of the Rules of Procedure for Question Time on 13 November 1974. Working Documents 1974-75, Document 343/74, 11 November 1974. [EU European Parliament Document]

Langer, Alexander (1993) Report by the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security on developments in East-West relations in Europe and their impact on European security. Session Documents A3-108/93, 24 March 1993. [EU European Parliament Document]

Gladwyn, Lord (1975) Report drawn up on behalf of the Political Affairs Committee on the effects of a European foreign policy on defence questions. Working Documents 1974-1975, Document 429/74, 13 January 1975. [EU European Parliament Document]

Romeos, G. (1992) Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security on disarmament, energy and development. Session Documents 1992, Document A3-0370/92, 19 November 1992. [EU European Parliament Document]

Bertens, Jan Willem (1993) Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security on the protection of the rights of journalists on dangerous missions. Session Documents 1993, Document A3-0257/93, 23 September 1993. [EU European Parliament Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1969) Selected research papers No. 1, 1969. [EU European Parliament Document]

EU Other

UNSPECIFIED (1978) EMU: a bird for Europe? European Community No. 209, September-October 1978. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1989) Fashion: the industry goes global. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 287, June 1989. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1980) Sweeping Detente under the Afghan? Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 218, March- April 1980. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1981) Who gets my vote? French election. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 224, March- April 1981. [EU Other]

EU Speech

Rey, Jean. (1969) Address [financing the CAP, enlargement, the German-French relationship, monetary problems, and political union] by President [of Commission] Rey to the General Assembly of the Association of European Journalists. Bordeaux, 12 September 1969. [EU Speech]

Thorn, Gaston. (1981) Address [on EC-US relations, the Atlantic Alliance, and East-West relations] by Mr. Gaston Thorn, President of the Commission of the European Communities, at the Dialogue Congress Western Europe-USA. Alpbach, 21 June 1981. [EU Speech]

Richard, Ivor. (1982) The Atlantic Alliance-a fractured relationship: Question mark. Speech to the Council on Foreign Relations of Washington DC by Mr. Ivor Richard, Member of the Commission of the European Communities. Washington DC, 30 March 1982. [EU Speech]

Tugendhat, Christopher. (1982) Britain and Europe: Lessons for the eighties. Speech by Christopher Tugendhat, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities, to the Manchester Literary Philosophical Society. Manchester, 25 February 1982. [EU Speech]

Thorn, Gaston (1980) Discours du President en exercise du Conseil, M. Gaston Thorn, devant la XXXVeme Assemblee generale des Nations unies. New York, 23 septembre 1980=Speech by President of the Council, Mr. Gaston Thorn, to the 35th United Nations General Assembly. New York, 23 September, 1980. [EU Speech]

Haferkamp, Wilhelm. (1984) EC-US relations: conflict and cohesion in global foreign policy - A panorama of views. Introduction by Wilhelm Haferkamp, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities, at the Eight Annual Conference of European and American Journalists. Knokke, 6 April 1984. [EU Speech]

de Courcy Ling, John. (1985) European Community policy towards Africa - especially Southern Africa. Speech by Mr. John De Courcy Ling, Member of the European Parliament, at a luncheon of the Society for International Development. Washington DC, 16 September 1985. [EU Speech]

Monnet, Jean. (1966) European institutions and the organization of peace. Speech by M. Jean Monnet on receiving the Robert Schuman Prize at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat. Bonn, 6 December 1966. [EU Speech]

Richard, Ivor. (1983) Internal and external threats facing the Community. Extracts of a speech by Mr. Ivor Richard, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Education. Cardiff, 21 October 1983. [EU Speech]

Mozer, Alfred. (1965) A New Ploughshare for Europe. Speech [on agricultural policy and other topics] by Alfred Mozer, Head of Cabinet, EEC Commission. 7 January 1965. [EU Speech]

Mansholt, Sicco. (1968) Perspectives europeennes. Resume du discours prononce par M. S.L. Mansholt, Vice-President de la Commission europeenne, au congres du Mouvement europeen aux Pays-Bas. Rotterdam, 21 septembre 1968 = European prospects. Summary of a speech by Mr. Mansholt, Vice-President of the European Commission, to the congress of the European Movement of The Netherlands. Rotterdam, 21 September 1968. Information Memo P-52/68. [EU Speech]

Dahrendorf, Ralf. (1971) Possibilities and limits of a European Communities foreign policy. Speech by Professor Ralf Dahrendorf, Member of the Commission of the European Communities, to the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Auswartige Politik. Bonn, 25 January 1971. Full texts in English and French. Summaries in English, French and German. Information Memo P-2/71, January 1971. [EU Speech]

Soames, Christopher. (1973) Speech [on role of the Community in the world] by Sir Christopher Soames, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities, at the Overseas Bankers Club. London, 5 February 1973. Includes French version. [EU Speech]

Harmel, Pierre. (1971) Speech by Mr. Pierre Harmel, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belgium in the Belgian Senate, during the Second Part of the Seventeenth Ordinary Session of the WEU Assembly. Brussels, 1 December 1971. [EU Speech]

Haramboupolous, Yannis. (1983) Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Mr. Yannis Haramboupolous, on behalf of the European Community, and its ten member states, in the general debate of the 38th session of the United Nations General Assembly. New York, 27 September 1983. [EU Speech]

de Kergorlay, Roland. (1982) The United States and Western Europe - Frictions among friends. Speech by Roland de Kergorlay, Head of the Delegation of the Commission of the European Community, at Lotos Club. New York, 10 February 1982. [EU Speech]

de Kergorlay, Roland. (1982) The United States and the European Community: Economic relations at a watershed. Speech by Roland de Kergorlay, Head of the Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities, before The World Affairs Council. San Francisco, 20 April 1982. [EU Speech]

de Kergorlay, Roland. (1982) Western Europe's economic policy - Is it compatible with U.S. basic interests? Speech by Roland de Kergorlay [Head of the Delegation of the European Community]. New York, 28 February 1982. [EU Speech]

Richard, Ivor. (1982) The dilemma of inter-dependence - Economic and security interests of the Western partners. Speech by Mr. Ivor Richard, Member of the Commission of the European Communities, at the Annual Seminar of the Mid-Atlantic Club. Arden House. New York, 26 February 1982. [EU Speech]

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