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Thorn, Gaston. (1981) Address [on EC-US relations, the Atlantic Alliance, and East-West relations] by Mr. Gaston Thorn, President of the Commission of the European Communities, at the Dialogue Congress Western Europe-USA. Alpbach, 21 June 1981. [EU Speech]

Dankert, Pieter. (1983) Address [on EU-US relations] to the American-European Community Association (AECA) New York chapter by Mr. Pieter Dankert, President of the European Parliament. New York, 31 October, 1983. [EU Speech]

Harmel, Pierre. (1968) Allocution prononcee par M. Pierre Harmel, Ministre des affaires etrangeres, devant l'organisation des journalistes europeens. A Val Duchesse, 3 octobre 1968 = Speech by Mr. Pierre Harmel, [Belgian] Minister of Foreign Affairs, before an organization of European journalists. A Val Duchesse, 3 October 1968. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1981) ...And Greece makes ten. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 223, January- February 1981. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Burden sharing. Europe: Magazine of the European Union No. 374, March 1998. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1958) Council Decision of 31 March 1958 drawing up a list of products to which Article 223(I)b applies. 255/58, 31 March 1958 and Written Question E-132/01, 4 May 2001. [EU Council of the EU Document]

UNSPECIFIED (2010) Council position on the adoption of a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EC) No 1905/2006 establishing a financing instrument for development cooperation (original Commission proposal 'BAM amendments',COM(2010)102). Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament pursuant to Article 294(6) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. COM (2010) 787 final, 13 December 2010. [EU Commission - COM Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1991) Creating a new world order. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 304, March 1991. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1971) Currency crisis strains solidarity. European Community. No. 146, June 1971. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1995) Defending Europe: should America still play a role? Europe: Magazine of the European Union No. 351, November 1995. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1964) EEC Council takes steps toward Community unity. Ministers discuss executive merger and strengthening Parliament. Bulletin from the European Community. No. 70, April 1964. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1978) EMU: a bird for Europe? European Community No. 209, September-October 1978. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1988) Environment: E.C. urges new rules. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 282, October 1988. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1987) Europe and the Persian Gulf. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 271, November 1987. [EU Other]

Dahrendorf, Ralf. (1973) Europe and the United States: the uneasy partnership. Address by Professor Ralf Dahrendorf, Member of the Commission of the European Communities, to the Rotary Club of New York. New York, 7 June 1973. [EU Speech]

Fontaine, Pascal. (1998) Europe in 10 points. 3rd Edition. European Documentation 1998. [EU Commission - Brochure]

Fontaine, Pascal. (1992) Europe in ten lessons. European Documentation 1992. [EU Commission - Brochure]

Fontaine, Pascal. (1995) Europe in ten points. 2nd Edition. European Documentation 1995. [EU Commission - Brochure]

UNSPECIFIED (1987) Europe seeks autonomy in space. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 272, December 1987. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (2002) European media giant: an American bestseller. Europe: Magazine of the European Union No. 416, May 2002. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1982) GATT: weathering the storm. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 234, November- December 1982. [EU Other]

Richard, Ivor. (1983) Internal and external threats facing the Community. Extracts of a speech by Mr. Ivor Richard, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Education. Cardiff, 21 October 1983. [EU Speech]

Spinelli, Altiero. (1961) Intervention [on the Atlantic Alliance] of Altiero Spinelli at the Bologna Conference. Bologna, April 1961. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (2009) Millennium Development Goals — Impact of the financial crisis on developing countries. Commission staff working document accompanying the communication on supporting developing countries in coping with the crisis. SEC (2009) 445 final, 8 April 2009. [EU Commission - SEC Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1991) Post-Cold-War era dawns on Europe. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 303, January-February 1991. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1992) Proposal for a Council Decision authorizing the Member States to negotiate and conclude a convention concerning matters which fall within the sphere of competence of the Community. SEC (92) 1363 final, 14 July 1992. [EU Commission - SEC Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1987) Public hearing on security policy in Europe. Situation and prospects. Brussels, 18-19 December 1985. [EU European Parliament Document]

Langer, Alexander (1993) Report by the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security on developments in East-West relations in Europe and their impact on European security. Session Documents A3-108/93, 24 March 1993. [EU European Parliament Document]

Gladwyn, Lord (1975) Report drawn up on behalf of the Political Affairs Committee on the effects of a European foreign policy on defence questions. Working Documents 1974-1975, Document 429/74, 13 January 1975. [EU European Parliament Document]

Haagerup, N. (1982) Report drawn up on behalf of the Political Affairs Committee on European Political Cooperation and European Security. Working Documents 1982-83, 1-946/82. December 1982. [EU European Parliament Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1977) Room at the top: Springtime for summits. European Community No. 201, May-June 1977. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1985) Security and Armaments: The Role of the European Parliament in Relation to the Work of the European Community and European Political Cooperation. Research and Documentation Papers, Political Series No. 9. [EU European Parliament Document]

Brandt, Willy. (1971) Speech [on the Atlantic Alliance] by the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Herr Willy Brandt, before the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Washington, 15 June 1971. [EU Speech]

Monnet, Jean. (1964) Speech by Monsieur Jean Monnet before the European Congress of the German Parliamentary Social-Democratic Party. Bad-Godesberg, 25 February 1964. Includes French version. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1980) Sweeping Detente under the Afghan? Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 218, March- April 1980. [EU Other]

Burckel, Mr. (1976) Western Europe policy toward Mediterranean problems. Assembly of Western European Union Document 719, 8 November 1976. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1983) Will NATO deploy the new missiles? Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 236, March- April 1983. [EU Other]

Jenkins, Roy. (1976) World change and world security. Speech by Roy Jenkins, President Designate of the European Commission, delivered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bicentennial Lecture Series. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 16 December 1976. [EU Speech]

UNSPECIFIED (1996) The fight against anti personnel landmines (APL): proposals for an integrated and coordinated approach. Commission staff working paper. SEC (96) 2035 final, 5 November 1996. [EU Commission - SEC Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1988) The future of Europe. The Courier No. 107, January/February 1988. [EU Commission - Working Document]

UNSPECIFIED (1979) A vote for Europe. Europe: Magazine of the European Community No. 214, July-August 1979. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1976) A vote in time saves nine. European Community No. 196, August-September 1976. [EU Other]

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