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EU Commission - Working Document

UNSPECIFIED (2008) Health and Consumer Voice March/2008. [EU Commission - Working Document]

UNSPECIFIED (2008) Health and Consumer Voice November/2008. [EU Commission - Working Document]

EU European Council

UNSPECIFIED (1981) Draft European Act. German-Italian Initiative submitted to the European Council 26-27 November 1981. Bulletin of the European Communities, No. 11/1981, pp. 87-91. [EU European Council]

EU Other

UNSPECIFIED (1975) The ACP/EEC Convention of Lome: tariff preferences. Notice No. 825, June 1975. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1985) European Council: Prime Minister's Statement. British Information Services Policy Statements 44/85, 12 December 1985. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1982) European Political Cooperation. Factsheet Denmark 12/82, Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1979) European elections June 7-10, 1979. Published by the Embassy of France, Washington DC in cooperation with the Member States of the European Community. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1976) Fisheries policy. British Information Services Policy Background 15/76 revised. 9 November 1976. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (2000) IGC: Reform for enlargement. The British approach to the European Union Intergovernmental Conference 2000. Cm 4595. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1959) Progress report on the new French community. French Affairs No. 79, January 1959. [EU Other]

UNSPECIFIED (1966) The ten proposals submitted by France on January 17, 1966 and the timetable proposed by France on January 18, 1966 at the meetings of the Foreign Ministers of the Six in Luxembourg. French Affairs No. 187, 19 January 1966. [EU Other]

EU Related

UNSPECIFIED (1982) The Atlantic Alliance In Its Fourth Decade: Speech by Herr Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel, Houston, on 21 July 1982, before members of the German-American Chamber of Commerce, the Houston Chamber of Commerce, the Houston Committee on Foreign Relations, the Houston World Trade Association, the Institute of International Education and the Port of Houston Authority. German Information Center: Statements & Speeches, Vol. V/No. 16. 26 July 1982. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1981) The Atlantic Alliance: Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister, in London on January 29, 1981. British Information Services Policy Statement 3/81, 30 January 1981. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1973) The Atlantic Relationship; and Détente: Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, in London on October 3, 1973. British Information Services Policy Statement 59/73, 5 October 1973. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1981) Development policy today: Challenges and how to meet them. Bulletin 1, 5 March 1981. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1977) Implementation of the Second EEC Directive on Company Law. An explanatory and consultative note. London, 1977. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1973) Munich diplomatic conference for the setting up a European system for the grant of patents 1973 (Munich, 10 September to 6 October 1973). Comments on the preparatory documents published by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1972) Munich diplomatic conference for the setting up a European system for the grant of patents 1973 (Munich, 10 September to 6 October 1973). Preparatory documents drawn up by the Inter-Governmental Conference for the setting up of a European System for the Grant of Patents and published by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1981) Mutual Trust Based on Close Trans-Atlantic Ties. Bulletin No. 4. Bonn, 5 June 1981. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1983) President Carstens' Official Visit to the United States. Bulletin No. 5. Bonn, 13 December 1983. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1977) President of Council of Foreign Ministers addressing European Parliament. United Kingdom Presidency of the Council of the European Communities - Policy Statements, 21 April 1977. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1976) Summary of remarks by the Honorable Sir Peter Ramsbotham, Ambassador to the US from Great Britain, before the Mid-Atlantic Club of Washington, meeting at the Conference Center of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, 14 April 1976. 14 April 1976. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1978) Third report of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on development policy. The Bulletin, No. 1/Vol. 5, 1 March 1978. [EU Related]

UNSPECIFIED (1983) Yes to Deployment and to Further Negotiations. Bulletin No. 6. Bonn, 20 December 1983. [EU Related]

Colombo, Emilio. (1982) Address by His Excellency Emilio Colombo, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy: "The Current State of European American Relations". Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, 18 February 1982. [EU Related]

Steger , Ulrich (1982) Where are we drifting apart? A Re-examination of US-European Relations from an Economic Point of View. Speech by Dr. Ulrich Steger, Deputy-Chairman of the SPD-Parliamentarian Working Council for Economic Affairs. April 1982. [EU Related]

EU Speech

UNSPECIFIED (1966) Press conference of President Charles de Gaulle, 21 February 1966. [EU Speech]

Brandt, Willy. (1970) Address [on German-EU-US relations] by Chancellor [of West Germany] Willy Brandt, National Press Club. Washington DC, 10 April 1970. [EU Speech]

Brandt, Willy. (1968) Speech [on nuclear proliferation] by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Willy Brandt, to the United Nations Conference of Non-Nuclear Weapon states. Geneva, 30 September 1968. [EU Speech]

Brandt, Willy. (1971) Speech [on the Atlantic Alliance] by the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Herr Willy Brandt, before the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Washington, 15 June 1971. [EU Speech]

Brown, George (1967) British application to join European Communities. Statement by the Rt. Hon. George Brown, M.P., Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, at the meeting of the Council of the Western European Union. The Hague, July 4, 1967. [EU Speech]

Chalfont, Lord (1967) Speech by Lord Chalfont at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Association of European Journalists. Brussels, 9 October 1967. [EU Speech]

Colling, Emile. (1958) Discours de Monsieur le Ministre de l'agriculture de Luxembourg, Dr. Emile Colling. Conference agricole des etats membres de la Communaute economique europeenne. Stresa, 4 juillet 1958 = Speech of Dr. Emile Colling, Minister of Agriculture of Luxembourg. Agriculture conference of the Member States of the European Economic Community. Stresa, 4 July 1958. [EU Speech]

Couve de Murville, Maurice (1967) Statement by M. Maurice Couve de Murville, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the requests for membership in the Common Market made over the ORTF on October 24, 1967 Official Statements No. 151, October 25, 1967. [EU Speech]

Couve de Murville, Maurice. (1965) Address delivered by M. Maurice Couve de Murville, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the occasion of the budgetary debates in the National Assembly on Wednesday, October 20, 1965. Speeches & Press Conferences No. 234, 20 October 1965. [EU Speech]

Erhard, Ludwig. (1967) The European Economic Community with a view toward the future. Speech by Dr. Ludwig Erhard [former Chancellor of West Germany]. 17 July 1967. [EU Speech]

Erhard, Ludwig. (1965) Un nouvel objectif social: la societe faconnee. Discours par chancellor federal Ludwig Erhard au congres du Parti chretien-democrate. Dusseldorf, 31 mars 1965=A new social objective: the managed society. Speech by Federal Chancellor [West Germany] Ludwig Erhard to the congress of the Christian-Democratic Party. Dusseldorf, 31 March 1965. [EU Speech]

Ferrari-Aggradi, Mario. (1958) Conference agricole des etats membres de la Communaute economique europeenne. Discours de M. Mario Ferrari-Aggradi, Ministre de l'agriculture de la Republique italienne. Stresa, 4 juillet 1958 = Agricultural conference of the Member States of the European Economic Community. Speech by Mr. Mario Ferrari-Aggradi, Minister of Agriculture of Italy. Stresa, 4 July 1958. [EU Speech]

Fitzgerald, Garret (1975) Irish foreign policy within the context of the EEC. Text of address given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Garret FitzGerald T.D., to the Royal Irish Academy. 10 November 1975. [EU Speech]

Grant, Ian. (1985) Address by Ian Grant, President of the National Farmers' Union of Scotland, and Chairman of C.O.P.A Cereals Committee. U.S. speaking tour, 11-15th November 1985. [EU Speech]

Harmel, Pierre. (1968) Allocution prononcee par M. Pierre Harmel, Ministre des affaires etrangeres, devant l'organisation des journalistes europeens. A Val Duchesse, 3 octobre 1968 = Speech by Mr. Pierre Harmel, [Belgian] Minister of Foreign Affairs, before an organization of European journalists. A Val Duchesse, 3 October 1968. [EU Speech]

Harmel, Pierre. (1971) Speech by Mr. Pierre Harmel, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belgium in the Belgian Senate, during the Second Part of the Seventeenth Ordinary Session of the WEU Assembly. Brussels, 1 December 1971. [EU Speech]

Heath, Edward (1962) Statement by the Rt. Honourable Edward Heath, M.P., Lord Privy Seal, Leader of the United Kingdom Delegation at the meeting in Brussels on July 3, 1962, between the Member Governments of the European Atomic Energy Community and Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. [EU Speech]

Kiang, Li. (1978) Ceremony of signing of the trade agreement between the People's Republic of China and the EEC. Speech by Li Kiang, Minister for External Trade of the People's Republic of China. Brussels, 3 April 1978. [EU Speech]

Luns, Joseph. (1966) Déclaration faite par M. Luns, Ministre des Affaires Etrangères, sur les résultats de la Conférence de Luxembourg, devant la Deuxième Chambre des Pays Bas le 1er février 1966 = Declaration made by Mr. Luns, Minister of Foreign Affairs, before the Second Chamber of The Netherlands on the results of the Luxembourg Conference on 1 February 1966. [EU Speech]

Mara, Ratu Sir K.K.T. (1977) Address by the President of the ACP-EEC Council, Ratu Sit KKT Mara, Prime Minister of Fiji. Suva, Fiji, 15 April 1977. [EU Speech]

O' Cleireacain, Seamus C.M. (1985) European unemployment: the macro policy dilemma in the 1980s. Paper presented by Seamus C.M. O'Cleireacain, SUNY, Purchase and Institute on Western Europe, Columbia University. Fifth International Conference of Europeanists. Washington DC, 18-20 October 1985. [EU Speech]

Papaligouras, Panayotis. (1976) Declaration faite par M. Panayotis Papaligouras, Ministre de la coordination du gouvernement Hellenique lors de l'ouverture des negociations pour l'adhesion de la Grece aux Communautes europeennes. Bruxelles, 27 juillet 1976 = Speech by Panayotis Papaligouras, Minister of the Greek government, at the opening of accession negotiations between Greece and the European Communities. Brussels, 27 July 1976. [EU Speech]

Peyrefitte, Alain. (1965) Statement read by M. Alain Peyrefitte, French Minister of Information, at the close of the French Council of Ministers' meeting held on July 1, 1965. French Affairs No. 180, 1 July 1965. [EU Speech]

Pisani, Edgard. (1962) Declaration de Monsieur Edgard Pisani, Ministre de l'agriculture de la Republique francaise, sur les problemes concernant une organisation mondiale des marches agricoles. Bruxelles, 29 juin 1962 = Statement by Edgar Pisani, Minister of Agriculture of France, on the problems concerning a world organization of agricultural markets. Brussels, 29 June 1962. [EU Speech]

Pompidou, Georges. (1965) Statement on the Common Market from the address of French Premier Georges Pompidou made over French radio and television on Thursday evening, October 14, 1965. Ambassade de France, Speeches and Press Conferences No. 232, October 14, 1965. [EU Speech]

Preiffer, Alois. (1985) Statement [on the economic situation and employment] by Mr. Alois Pfeiffer [Member of the Commission] at the OECD meeting of Council at ministerial level. 12 April 1985. [EU Speech]

Rey, Jean. (1956) L'Experience belge et l'unification economique de l'Europe. Extrait d'une intervention de M. Jean Rey, ministre belge des Affaires economiques, au cours de la Conference internationale de la Ligue europeenne de Cooperation economique sur le Marche commun. Bruxelles, 20 juin 1956 = The Belgian experience and the economic integration of Europe. Extract of a speech by Mr. Jean Rey, Belgian Minister for Economic Affairs, at the international conference of the European League for Economic Cooperation on the Common Market. Brussels, 20 june 1956. [EU Speech]

Saragat, Giuseppe. (1967) Discours du President de la Republique italienne M. Giuseppe Saragat a l'occasion du Xeme anniversaire de la signature des Traites de Rome. Capitole, 29 mai 1967 = Speech by President of the Italian Republic, Mr. Giuseppe Saragat, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Capitole, 29 May 1967. [EU Speech]

Schuman, Robert. (1950) Declaration [on French proposal to place coal and steel under "higher authority"] by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman. Paris, 9 May 1950. [EU Speech]

Werner, Pierre. (1959) Allocution prononcee par M. Werner, President du Governement luxembourgeois, au diner offert par le Gouvernement grand-ducal a la Haute autorite. 27 octobre, 1959 = Remarks by Mr. Pierre Werner, President of the Luxembourg Government, at the dinner hosted by the Grand Duchy Government for the High Authority [of the ECSC]. 27 October 1959. [EU Speech]

Wigny, Pierre. (1962) Europe in the making. Address by Pierre Wigny, former Foreign Minister of Belgium. European days, Seattle World's Fair. Seattle, 24 September 1962. [EU Speech]

Wilson, Harold (1967) Statement by the Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, before the House of Commons, 2 May 1967. [EU Speech]

de Gaulle, Charles (1964) Press Conference by President de Gaulle, Paris, 14 January 1963. Reproduced from WEU, Political Union of Europe, pp. 85-89. [EU Speech]

de Gaulle, Charles. (1965) Address by General Charles de Gaulle, President of the French Republic, broadcast over French radio and television on Thursday, November 4, 1965. Ambassade de France, French Affairs No. 183, 4 November 1965. [EU Speech]

de Gaulle, Charles. (1965) Twelfth press conference held by General de Gaulle as President of the Fifth Republic in Paris at the Elysee Palace on September 9, 1965. Speeches & Press Conferences No. 228, 9 September 1965. [EU Speech]

van Elslande, Renaat (1974) Conference de presse de M. Renaat van Elslande, ministre des affaires etrangeres. Bruxelles, 29 janvier 1974 = Press conference by Mr. Renaat van Elslande, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Brussels, 29 January 1974. [EU Speech]

van der Veen, Jaap. (1985) Address [on US and EC agricultural problems] by Mr. Jaap van der Veen, President of the Christian Farmers' and Growers' Union and Vice-President of the 3 Central Farmers Organizations in the Netherlands. U.S. Speaking Tour. 28 October - 1 November 1985. [EU Speech]

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