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Abate-Daga, G. and Amato, I. and Grappiolo, G. (1970) Nuclear Fuel with Burnable Poison. Part 1: Gd2O3 microspheres preparation from the sol-gel method. EUR 4550. [EU Other]

Abate-Daga, G. and Amato, I. and Grappiolo, G. (1970) Nuclear Fuel with Burnable Poison. Part 2. Preparation and out-of-pile evaluation of Gd2 O3 poisoned UO2 pellets. EUR 4551. [EU Other]

Adiletta, G. and Benatti, N. and Guidotti, R. and Paoletti Gualandi, M. and Peroni, P. and Bresesti, A.M. and Bresesti, M. and D'Adamo, D. (1974) Investigations on Radioactive Fission Product Correlations: Gamma Spectrometry Measurements on Spent Fuel Assemblies of the Garigliano Reactor. EUR 5289. [EU Other]

Agazzi, A. and Forti, G. and Vincenti, E. (1966) Costanza - Cylindrical, A Cylindrical One Dimensional Dynamics Code for Liquid-Cooled Multi-Channel Nuclear Reactors. EUR 3171. [EU Other]

Ahmed, N. and Coppola, M. and Knitter, H.-H. (1970) Measurements of Neutron Elastic Scattering from Carbon in the Energy Region of 0.50 to 2.00 MeV. EUR 4538. [EU Other]

Alia, P. and Cravarolo, L. and Hassid, A. and Pedrocchi, E. (1968) Phase and Velocity Distribution in Two-Phase Adiabatic Annular Dispersed Flow. EUR 3759. [EU Other]

Amesz, J. (1966) Conversion of Leak Flow-Rates for various Fluids and Different Pressure Conditions. EUR 2982. [EU Other]

Amyot, L. (1968) Anisotropic Collision Probabilities in General Cylindrical Geometry. EUR 3937. [EU Other]

Amyot, L. (1966) Reactor Cell Parameters in Multigroup Collision Probability Theory. EUR 3075. [EU Other]

Amyot, L. and Benoist, P. (1966) First Flight Collision Probabilities in Pin Clusters and Rod Lattices. EUR 2751. [EU Other]

Amyot, L. and Casini, G. and Cuniberti, R. and Daolio, C. (1969) PINOCCHIO A Computer Program for Cell Reactivity Calculations. EUR 4231. [EU Other]

Ancarani, A. (1965) Simulation of Pu-239 Fueled Cores by Means of Pu-239 - U-235 Fueled Cores in Fast Critical Assemblies. EUR 2474. [EU Other]

Angeletti, L.M. and Bartscher, W.J. and Rebizant, J. (1971) Gravimetric Determination of the Sum of Uranium and Plutonium in Products of the Uranium-Plutonium-Carbide Fabrication. EUR 4719. [EU Other]

Anzani, A. and Benco, A. and de Bortoli, M. and Dominici, G. and Gaglione, P. and Gandino, G. and Malvicini, A. (1963) Misure di radioattività ambientale ISPRA 1961. EUR 223. = Measures of environmental radioactivity ISPRA 1961. EUR 223. [EU Other]

Anzani, A. and Malvicini, A. and Salvini, M. (1962) Nuova strumentazione per misure di fisica sanitaria = New instrumentation for the measurement of health physics. EUR 14.i. [EU Commission - Working Document]

Appiano, S. and Castagna, M. and Ferro, A. and Montalenti, G. and Rossi, A.A. and Rossi, F.S. and Rossi, M. and Soardo, G.P. (1967) Influence of Nitrogen in Iron and Steel Under Fast Neutron Irradiation. EUR 3321. [EU Other]

Aranovitch, E. and Labarre, E. and Reynen, J. (1965) Etudes des Perturbation Circonferentielles et Axiales de Temperature Dans Une Gaine Cylindrique d'Element Combustible (Methodes Mathematique et Rheoanalogique). EUR 2480. = Studies of Circumferential and Axial Perturbations of Temperature in a Cylindrical Sheath of Combustible Element (Mathematical and Rheoanalogical Methods). EUR 2480. [EU Other]

Aranovitch, E. and Van Asselt, D. (1972) Rapid Depressurization of a Thermal Insulation System for High Temperature Gas Reactors. EUR 4880. [EU Other]

Argentesi, F. and Di Cola, G. and Verheyden, N. (1973) Biosystems Modeling A Preliminary Biblographic Survey. EUR 4966. [EU Other]

Arhan, R. (1970) SORA Dynamics and Control System Studies Using Mean-Value Neutron Kinetics Equations. EUR 4408. [EU Other]

Ariemma, A. and Belelli, U. and Paoletti Gualandi, M. and Rosa, I. and Sani, L. and Zaffiro, B. (1972) Plutonium Recycle in ENEL's Light Water Reactors. EUR 4794. [EU Other]

Ariemma, A. and Bellia, G. and Calabresi, F. and Gualtieri, G. and Lesnoni la Parola, G. and Marzullo, T. and Paoletti Gualandi, M. and Zeffiro, B. (1969) The Determination of Intrinsic Reactivity Variations of the Latina Reactor. Final Report. EUR 4234. [EU Other]

Ariemma, A. and Bramati, L. and Cammarota, U. and Galliani, M. and Gibello, A. and Lesnoni, G. and Mirone, M. and Paoletti Gualandi, M. and Peroni, P. and Vandenbroeck, H. and Zaffiro, B. (1970) Open-Vessel Experiments on Plutonium Prototype Elements in the Garigliano Reactor. EUR 4475. [EU Other]

Ariemma, A. and Bramati, L. and Galliani, M. and Paoletti Gualandi, M. and Zaffiro, B. and Cricchio, A. and Koch, L. (1971) Experimental and Theoretical Determination of Burnup and Heavy Isotope Content in a Fuel Assembly Irradiated in the Garigliano Boiling Water Reactor. EUR 4638. [EU Other]

Armand, Louis and Etzel, Franz and Giordani, Francesco (1957) Un objectif pour Euratom = A target for Euratom. [EU Other]

Armand, Louis and Etzel, Franz and Giordani, Francesco (1957) A target for Euratom. [EU Other]

Arrighi, J. and Mustacchi, C. and Zanella, S. (1966) Fuel-Clad Contact Conductance. EUR 3155. [EU Other]

Asaoka, T. (1971) Analysis of Critical Experiments on the SORA Mockup by the SN Method. EUR 4676. [EU Other]

Asaoka, T. (1971) JN-METD1 A Fortran-IV Programme for Solving Neutron Transport Problems with Isotropic Scattering in Bare Spheres and Homogeneous Slabs by the jN Method. EUR 4601. [EU Other]

Asaoka, T. (1966) Neutron Transport in a Spherical Reactor, A Study in the Application of the jN Approximation of the Multiple Collision Method. EUR 2627. [EU Other]

Asaoka, T. (1967) The jN Method for Neutron Transport Problems in a Homogeneous Slab. EUR 3620. [EU Other]

Asaoka, T. and Caglioti Bonanni, E. (1972) JN-METD2 A Fortran-IV Programme for Solving Neutron Transport Problems with Isotropic Scattering in Multilayer Slabs by the jN Method. EUR 4839. [EU Other]

Azoeuf, P. and Guillon, A. and Lefevre, J. (1967) Méthodes Analytiques Mises au Point dans le Cadre de la Récupération des Produits de Fission. Première partie: Analyse de solutions de produits de fission. EUR 3480. = Analytical Methods Developed in the Framework of Fission Product Recovery. Part 1: Analysis of fission product solutions. EUR 3480. [EU Other]


Baborsky, E. and Endrizzi, A. (1970) TURBINA A Code for Predicting the Performance of Power Plants Operating with Superheated or Saturated Steam Cycles. EUR 4524. [EU Other]

Bachmann, H. and Huschke, H. and Kiefhaber, E. and Krieg, B. and Kusters, H. and Metzenroth, M. and Siep, I. and Wagner, K. and Woll, D. (1967) The Group Cross-Section Set KFK-SNEAK. Preparation and Results. EUR 3672. [EU Other]

Baetsle, L.H. and de Laguna, W. and Souffriau, J. (1968) Remedial Actions in Case of Groundwater Contamination of Sandy Aquifers (1966) Final Report. EUR 4095. [EU Other]

Baier, J. and Bairiot, H. and Vangeel, J. and van Sinay, R. (1974) Irradiation of Plutoniun Fuelled Coated Particles in FRJ 2. EUR 5066. [EU Other]

Balner, H. (1971) Investigations on Bone Marrow Transplantation in Irradiated Animals. Final Report. EUR 4663. [EU Other]

Balz, W. and Bona, C. and Decressin, A. and D'Hoof, H. and Lafontaine, F. and Noailly, J. (1969) Orgel Dynamics. EUR 4254. [EU Other]

Balz, W. and Bona, C. and Gecchelin, S. (1969) HDP 2 - A Digital Program Calculation the Surfaces and the Efficiencies of a Heat Exchanger Coupled with a Turbine at Nominal Power and at Part Load. Part I: Description of the code version HD 2 calculating the nominal power characteristics. EUR 4252. [EU Other]

Balz, W. and Chambaud, B. and Realini, GC. and Tauch, P. (1969) Orientation Study on the Economic Potential of an Orgel Power Plant Equipped with a G-30 Fuel Element. EUR 4251. [EU Other]

Bambynek, W. (1965) Zum Zerfall des 241Am — Die Intensität der Konversionselektronen des 26,4 keV- und des 33,2 keV-Übergang im 237Np. EUR 2632. = On the decay of 241Am — Intensity of conversion electrons in 26.4 keV and 33.2 keV passages in 217Np. EUR 2632. [EU Other]

Barleon, L. and Bayer, A. and Bohme, R. and Bohnel, K. and Burkart, K. and Chou, J.C. and Engelmann, P. and Fieg, G. and Habermann, F.W.A. and Kuhn, D. and Mayer, W. and Metzenroth, M. and Raberain, A. and Seufert, H. and Stegemann, D. and van Velze, P.L. and Walze, H. and Werle, H. and Wintzer, D. (1967) Physics Investigations of a 670 l Steam Cooled Fast Reactor System in SNEAK, Assembly 3A-1. EUR 3671. [EU Other]

Barleon, L. and Bohme, R. and Bohnel, K. and Edelmann, M. and Engelmann, P. and Fleg, G. and Habermann, F.W.A. and Kuhn, D. and Mayer, W. and Seifritz, W. and Stegemann, D. and van Velze, P.L. and Walze, H. and Werle, H. (1967) Comparison of Measurements in SNEAK-1 and ZPR 3-41. EUR 3670. [EU Other]

Barleon, L. and Brückner, Chr. and Burkhart, K. and Fieg, G. and Kuhn, D. and Kußmaul, G. and Meister, H. and Seufert, H. and Stegemann, D. and Werle, H. (1967) Untersuchungen an den Ladungen 3 und 4 des Schnell-Thermischen Argonaut-Reaktors STARK. EUR 3701. = Studies on the charges 3 and 4 of the quick-thermal Argonaut reactor STARK. EUR 3701. [EU Other]

Bartscher, W.J. (1968) Coulometrische Bestimmung des Wassgehaltes von Uran-Plutoniumoxid und Uranoxid. EUR 4050. = Coulometric determination of the water context of uranium-plutonium oxide and uranium oxide. EUR 4050. [EU Other]

Basile, D. and Volta, G. (1969) Metodi statistici parametrici e non parametrici per la stima dell'affidamento di componenti meccanici. EUR 4282. = Parametric and non-parametric statistical methods for estimating the reliability of mechanical components. EUR 4282. [EU Other]

Basile, D. and Volta, G. (1970) Statistical Parametric and Non-Parametric Methods of Determining the Reliability of Mechanical Components. EUR 4282. [EU Other]

Batti, R. and Arnoux, B. and Lamy, G. and Masse, R. (1974) Thin Layer and Gas-Chromatographic Analysis of Alveolar Lipids in Silicotic Rats. EUR 5123. [EU Other]

Battista, G.P. and Valenziani, S. (1968) Neutron Flux Distributions During First Operating Cycle of Trino Vercellese Reactor. EUR 3932. [EU Other]

Baudouin, M.F. and Scoppa, P. (1974) Accumulation and Retention of Chromium-51 By Fresh Water Zooplankton. EUR 5160. [EU Other]

Baudouin, M.F. and Scoppa, P. (1974) Calculated Distribution of the Chemical Species of Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, and Lead in 16 Lakes of Northern Italy. EUR 5052. [EU Other]

Baumgärtel, G. and Ochsenfeld, W. and Schmieder, H. (1967) Die Verteilung der Metallnitrate im System Pu(N03)4-U02(N03)-HN03/TBP-Dodecan. EUR 3707. = The distribution of the metal nitrates in the system Pu (N03) 4-U02 (N03) -HN03 / TBP-dodecane. EUR 3707. [EU Other]

Baumgärtner, F. and Ochsenfeld, W. and Roth, B. and Finsterwalder, L. (1967) Das Verhalten hoher Plutoniumkonzentrationen im Purex-Prozeß und die Entwicklung schneller Extraktoren zur Wiederaufarbeitung von Kernbrennstoffen. EUR 3683. = The behavior of high plutonium concentrations in the Purex process and the development of fast extractors for the reprocessing of nuclear fuels. EUR 3683. [EU Other]

Baur, K. (1967) Absorberwirksamkeit in leichtwassermoderierten Reaktoren. EUR 3615. = Absorber efficiency in light water moderated reactors. EUR 3615. [EU Other]

Beaudet, C. and Horlait, J. and Marcq, A. and Belpaire, G. (1962) Synthèse de Produits de Référence Apparentés Aux Polyphénols. EUR 31. = Synthesis of Reference Products Related to Polyphenols. EUR 31. [EU Other]

Becken, O. and Wirtz, H. (1966) Electro-Schlacke-Schweissen von Reaktorstählen. EUR 2367. = Electroslag welds in reactor steels. EUR 2367. [EU Other]

Becker, H. and Cronkite, E.P. and Fliender, T.M. and Messner, H. and Stodtmeister, R. (1968) Osteomyelofibrose in Ratten nach letaler Ganzkörperbestrahlung und Tranfusion allogener Knochenmarkzellen. EUR 4043. = Osteomyelofibrosis in rats after lethal wholebody irradiation and transfusion of allogenic bone marrow cells. EUR 4043. [EU Other]

Becker, W. (1966) Methode für die Auswahl der Trägerfrequenzen im DATRAC-System (DATRAC: Datenübertragung über Kabel) EUR 2969. = Method for the choice of carrier-frequences in the DATRAC system (Datrac: DAta TRAnsmission via Cable). EUR 2969. [EU Other]

Becker, W. (1965) Multiplex-Messeinrichtung zur Erfassung mehrerer Messdaten über ein Einziges Kabel (z.B. einadriges Koaxkabel) bei Verwendung nur passiver Bauelemente (R, L, C) zur Messwertwandlung auf der Eingangsseite des Kabels. EUR 2421. = Multiplex measuring set-up for registering several measuring date via a single cable (e.g. one-wire coaxial cable) by utilizing only passive components (R, L, C) for measure and conversion on the intake side of the cable. EUR 2421. [EU Other]

Becker, W. (1967) Studie einer generellen technischen Lösung des Datenübertragungsproblems in einem Kernforschungszentrum. EUR 3470. = Study on a general technical solution for a data-transmission problem in a nuclear research center. EUR 3470. [EU Other]

Beghi, G. (1968) Gamma Phase Uranium-Molybdenum Fuel Alloys. EUR 4053. [EU Other]

Beghi, G. (1972) Hydrogen as an Energy Vector: New Future Prospects for Applications of Nuclear Energy. EUR 4838. [EU Other]

Beghi, G. and Dejace, J. and Ciborra, B. and Massaro, C. (1974) Hydrogen, Oxygen and Natural Gas by Pipelines: Comparative Transport Costs. EUR 5103. [EU Other]

Behringer, F. A. (1963) Der DOCA-Maschinenpark. EUR 191. = The DOCA Machine Park. EUR 191. [EU Other]

Behringer, F.A. (1965) Schaltprobleme bei nichtnumerischen anwendungen des lochstreifen-lochkarten umwandlers IBM 047. EUR 2237. = Switching problems with non-numerical applications of the punch-card punch card converter IBM 047. EUR 2237. [EU Other]

Beißwenger, H. and Blank, H. and van den Boorn, H. and Geithoff, D. and Häfele, W. and Kämpf, H. and Karsten, G. and Kummerer, K. and Laue, H.J. and Leistikow, S. (1967) Die Entwicklung von Brennelementen schneller Brutreaktoren. EUR 3713. = The development of fast breeder reactors fuel elements. EUR 3713. [EU Other]

Belitz, H.J. and Kugler, E. (1965) Crowbar-und-Power-Crowbar-Schaltungen und ihre Berechnung. EUR 2550. = Crowbar and power crowbar switches and their calculation. EUR 2550. [EU Other]

Benedict, U. (1968) Techniken zur Untersuchung plutoniumhaltiger Proben Mittels Röntgenbeugung. EUR 3897. = Techniques for studying plutonium samples by means of X-ray diffraction. EUR 3897. [EU Other]

Benedict, U. and Huet, J.J. (1964) Untersuchungen in der Zirkoniumecke der Systeme Zirkonium-Niob-Vanadium. EUR 1317. = Investigations in the zirconium corner of the zirconium-niobium-vanadium system. EUR 1317. [EU Other]

Benedict, U. and Sari, C. (1970) Studies on the Ternary Systems UO2-U3O8-PuO2. EUR 4136. [EU Other]

Benedig, D. (1967) Experimentelle Untersuchungen zum Fliessverhalten eines Kugelhaufens im Hinblick auf den Brennelemntkreislauf im Core eines Kugelhaufenreaktors. EUR 3284. = Experimental studies on the creep behaviour of a pile of spheres with regard to fuel element circulation in the core of a pebbled reactor. EUR 3284. [EU Other]

Benoit, R. and De Blust, E. and Isabella, L. and Mandl, V. and Melandrone, G. (1966) Electronic Instruments for Radiation Detectors and Control Systems. EUR 3063. [EU Other]

Beonio-Brocchieri, F. and Diana, E. (1966) Studies of 240Pu Resonance Absorption in Heterogeneous Systems. EUR 3151. [EU Other]

Berge, J.-Ph. (1966) Influences of Surface Treatment on Various Types of Stainless Steels Corrosion. EUR 2891. [EU Other]

Berlin, A. and Forcheri, S. and Langevin, B. and Wagner, V. (1966) Isothermal Transport Processes in Molten Salts Binary Systems. EUR 2954. [EU Other]

Bernede, M. and Stanchi, L. (1973) Acquisition and Processing of Neutron Flux Data for Reactivity Evaluation. EUR 5007. [EU Other]

Bernhard, H. and Lieser, K.H. (1971) Isotopengeneratoren Neuentwicklungen, Weiterentwikcklung und Prufung Handelsublicher Generatoren (Abschlussbericht uber die Forschungsarbeiten in der Periode vom 1. Oktober 1966 bis 30. September 1969). EUR 4619. = Isotope Generators New developments, further development and testing of commercial generators (final report on the research work in the period from October 1, 1966 to September 30, 1969). EUR 4619. [EU Other]

Bernhard, M. (1969) Studies on the Radioactive Contamination of the Sea. Annual Report 1967. EUR 4244. [EU Other]

Bernhard, M. (1972) Studies on the Radioactive Contamination of the Sea. Annual Report 1971. EUR 4865. [EU Other]

Bernstein, H. H. (1963) Anleitung zur Programmierung des Flexowriters. EUR 195. = Introduction for programming a Flexowriter. EUR 195. [EU Other]

Bernstein, H. H. (1963) Eine Schaltung zur Speicherung von Ziffern auf dem Streifen-Karten-Umwandler IBM 047. EUR 263. = A circuit for saving numbers on the stripe cards converter IBM 047. EUR 263. [EU Other]

Bernstein, H. H. (1963) Lochstreifenschreibmaschinen auf dem europäischen Markt und ihre Brauchbarkeit für die Dokumentation. EUR 234. = Tape typewriters in the European market and their usefulness for documentation. EUR 234. [EU Other]

Bernstein, H. H. (1963) Richtlinien zum Aufbau von Literaturkarteien im Hinblick auf ihre Eingabe in elektronische Datenverarbeitungssysteme. EUR 232. = Guidelines for the structure of literature indexes in regards to their entry into electronic data processing systems. EUR 232. [EU Other]

Bernstein, H. H. (1963) Write without program: Ein Verfahren zur Gewinnung von Maschinenlochkarten aus nicht-programmierten Lochstreifen. EUR 264. = Write without program: A process for the production of machine punch cards from non-programmed punch tape. EUR 264. [EU Other]

Bernstein, H.-H. (1967) Computer Aided Typesetting and Phototypesetting. A Permuted Title Index, Author Index and Bibliography. EUR 3661. [EU Other]

Bernstein, H.H. and Petri, H. (1964) Ein mechanisches Verfahren zur Herstellung selektiver Listen mit Hilfe der Lochstreifentechnik. EUR 1686. = A mechanical process for the preparation of selective lists using the punched tape technology. EUR 1686. [EU Other]

Bertolini, G. and Cappellani, F. and Fumagalli, W. and Henuset, M. and Restelli, G. (1965) Lithium Drifted Semiconductor Detectors in Nuclear Spectroscopy. EUR 2580. [EU Other]

Bettendroffer, E. and Eder, J. (1974) A Digital System for Speed and Phase Control of Phased Neutron Chopper Arrays. EUR 5112. [EU Other]

Bettendroffer, E. and Sorel, F. (1974) Smart Data Station. EUR 5142. [EU Other]

Beyens-Henry, M.-Th. (1966) Characteristics of Fast Neutron Power Reactors. EUR 2766. [EU Other]

Biagini, C. and Brancadoro, P. and Siciliano, A. (1969) Studies on Chromosome Aberrations of Leukocytes in Humans Exposed to Radiation for Medical Purposes. Final Report. EUR 4245. [EU Other]

Biasi, L. and Clerici, G.C. and Garriba, S. and Sala, R. and Tozzi, A. (1967) A New Correlation for Round Duct and Uniform Heating-Comparison with World Data. EUR 3376. [EU Other]

Biasi, L. and Clerici, G.C. and Sala, R. and Tozzi, A. (1968) Studies on Film Thickness and Velocity Distribution of Two-Phase Annular Flow. EUR 3765. [EU Other]

Bickel, W. and Engelmann, P. and Walze, H. and Wittek, G. (1967) Operational Characteristics and Related Design Features of SNEAK. EUR 3676. [EU Other]

Bielig, H.-J. and Schmidt, H.-L. and Rohns, G. and Klinger, E. (1966) Emissionsspektrographische Untersuchungen an Planktonproben bekannter biologischer Zussamensetzung. EUR 2771. = Investigations by emission spectrography on plankton samples of known biological composition. EUR 2771. [EU Other]

Biggio, M. (1968) Calculating the Critical Velocities of a "Chopper". EUR 3883. [EU Other]

Bignami, A. and Coceva, C. and Simonini, R. (1974) Montecarlo Calculations for the Moderator of the Pulsed Neutron Target of the Geel Linac. EUR 5157. [EU Other]

Bindler, L. and Leenders, L. and Van den Broeck, H. (1972) Experimental and Theoretical Physics Work on Plutonium Enriched LWR's Lattices. EUR 4434. [EU Other]

Birkhoff, G. and Bondar, L. (1972) Computerized System for the Application of Fission Neutron Correlation Techniques in Nuclear Safeguards. EUR 4799. [EU Other]

Birkhoff, G. and Bondar, L. and Coppo, N. (1972) Variable Dead Time Neutron Counter for Tamper Resistant Measurements of Spontaneous Fission Neutrons. EUR 4801. [EU Other]

Birkhoff, G. and Bondar, L. and Hage, W. and Ley, J. (1972) Pulsed Source Experiments with Heavy Water Moderated Natural Uranium Lattices in Expo and Eco. EUR 4861. [EU Other]

Birkhoff, G. and Bondar, L. and Ley, J. (1972) Determination of the U 235, Pu 239 and Pu 240 Contents in Mixed Fissile Materials by Means of Active and Passive Neutron Techniques. EUR 4778. [EU Other]

Blaesser, G. (1974) Propagation of Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation in the Atmosphere. EUR 5170. [EU Other]

Blaesser, G. (1972) Theory of Bands and Dynamical Scattering of Particles by Large Crystals. EUR 4769. [EU Other]

Blaesser, G. and Peretti, J. and Toth, G. (1969) Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons by Localized Vibrations of Interstitial Hydrogen in Metal Lattices Case of Vanadium Lattice. EUR 4216. [EU Other]

Blanchard, G. and Crutzen, S. and Farfaletti-Casali, F. (1973) Thermal Insulating System for Gas Reactor Concrete Pressure Vessels. EUR 5027. [EU Other]

Blank, H. (1967) A Comparison of the Pu-O System with the Rare Earth Oxide Systems Ce-O, Pr-O and Tb-O. EUR 3563. [EU Other]

Blank, H. (1963) Die direkte Durchstrahlung von keramischen Einkristallen im Elektronenmikroskop. EUR 164. = The direct irradiation of ceramic monocrystals in electron microscopy. EUR 164. [EU Other]

Bock, E. (1967) Bibliography on Semiconductor Detectors. A compilation of selected literature abstracts as guide to recently public available R. & D. publications in semiconductor radiation detector techniques covering the period 1963-1967. EUR 3630. [EU Other]

Boerman, D.J. and Bonnet, P. and Imarisio, G.C. and Barigozzi, F. and Brera, C. and Quinto, A. (1973) Sviluppo e studio di quattro nuove leghe di zirconio. EUR 5025. = Development and study of four new zirconium alloys. EUR 5025. [EU Other]

Boerman, D.J. and Grin, M. and Veaux, M. (1969) Mechanical Properties of Al-Al2O3 Composites. Part I: SAP-ISML. EUR 4074. [EU Other]

Boerman, D.J. and Grin, M. and Veaux, M. (1969) Mechanical Properties of Al-Al2O3 Composites. Part II: Frittoxal. EUR 4074. [EU Other]

Boeuf, A. and Macke, E. and Tassan, S. (1970) Investigation on Reactivity values of Pu-U Rod Clusters by an Oscillation Method. EUR 4486. [EU Other]

Boeuf, A. and Tassan, S. (1966) Experimental Investigation of the U238 Resonance Neutron Capture Integral of Uranium Carbide Clustered Fuel Elements Containing Moderating Coolants. EUR 3152. [EU Other]

Bohm, E. (1968) Investigation on Nuclear "Core Journals". EUR 3887. [EU Other]

Bollini, G. (1967) Statistica pluriennale delle osservazioni meteorologiche ad ISPRA (1959-1966). EUR 3569. = Multi-year Meteorological observation statistics at ISPRA (1959-1966). EUR 3569. [EU Other]

Bona, C. (1967) An APACHE "Subroutine" for Generating Pade's Circuits. EUR 3559. [EU Other]

Bona, C. and d'Hoop, H. (1968) Dynamique d'une centrale Orgel 250MW utilisant des echangeurs a circulation forcee (Benson). EUR 4092. = Dynamics of a 250MW Orgel pant using forced circulation exchangers (Benson). EUR 4092. [EU Other]

Bonalumi, R. and Palazzi, F. and Pierini, G. (1968) The "Procella" Method for Heavy Water Lattices. EUR 3921. [EU Other]

Bonomo, M. and Colella, R. (1967) Elastic Neutron Diffraction Analysis of a Powder Sample of UC. EUR 3655. [EU Other]

Borloo, E. and Crutzen, S. (1974) Ultrasonic Signature. EUR 5108. [EU Other]

Born, J.H. (1967) Neubildung markierter Moleküle bei der Uranspaltung. EUR 3282. = Formation of labelled compounds under neutron radiation. EUR 3282. [EU Other]

Bottcher, W. and Decressin, A. and Lafontaine, F. (1968) ERUPT A two-dimensional, two-energy group fuel management programme for the IBM-360 computer. EUR 4203. [EU Other]

Bottcher, W. and Schmidt, E. and de Haan, W. and Hardt, F. and Ligou, J. and Tauch , P. and Veilhan, G. (1969) REFLOS A Code for the Refined Evaluation of Fuel Loading Schemes. EUR 4250. [EU Other]

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